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Book chapterVoll, J.O. (2000)
The Eastern Sudan, 1822 to the present
In: Levtzion, N.; Pouwels, R.L. (eds.), The history of Islam in Africa. p. 153-167.

Periodical articleVoll, J.O. (1997)
Imperialism, nationalism and missionaries: Lessons from Sudan for the twenty-first century
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. Volume 8 #1. p. 39-52.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1997)
Islam, Islamism, and urbanization in Sudan: Contradictions and complementarities
In: Bonine, M.E. (ed.), Population, poverty, and politics in Middle East cities. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. p. 285-303.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1991)
Fundamentalism in the Sunni Arab world: Egypt and the Sudan
In: Marty, M.E.; Appleby, R.S. (eds.), Fundamentalisms observed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. p. 345-402.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1990)
Northern Muslim perspectives
In: Montville, J.V. (ed.), Conflict and peacemaking in multiethnic societies. Lexington: Lexington Books.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1990)
Islamization in the Sudan and the Iranian revolution
In: Esposito, John L. (ed.), The Iranian revolution: Its global impact. Miami, FL: Florida International University Press.

BookVoll, J.O. (1983)
Islam and stateness in the modern Sudan
Abstract presentMontreal: McGill University, Centre for Developing-Area Studies. 30p.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1983)
The evolution of Islamic fundamentalism in twentieth-century Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Warburg, Gabriel R.; Kupferschmidt, Uri M. (eds.), Islam, nationalism, and radicalism in Egypt and the Sudan. New York, NY: Praeger Publishers. p. 113-142.

Periodical articleVoll, J.O. (1973)
Islam: Its future in the Sudan
Muslim World. Volume 63. p. 280-296.

Book chapterVoll, J.O. (1972)
Mahdis, walis and new men in the Sudan
In: Keddie, N.R. (ed.), Scholars, saints and Sufis: Muslim religious institutions in the Middle East since 1500. Berkeley: University of California Press. p. 367-384.

Dissertation / thesisVoll, J.O. (1969)
A history of the Khatmiyyah tariqa in the Sudan
Ph.D. dissertation. Harvard University. 716p.

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