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Periodical articleFleuret, P.; Fleuret, A. (1991)
Social Organization, Resource Management and Child Nutrition in the Taita Hills, Kenya
American Anthropologist. Volume 93 #1. p. 91-114.

Book chapterFleuret, P. (1990)
Patterns of Domestic Energy Utilization in Rural Kenya: An agro-ecological and socio-economic assessment
In: Chaiken, M.S.; Fleuret, A. (eds.), Social Change and Applied Anthropology: Essays in honor of David W. Brokensha. Boulder: Westview Press. p. 262-276.

Periodical articleFleuret, P. (1985)
The Social Organization of Water Control in the Taita Hills, Kenya
American Ethnologist. Volume 12. p. 103-118.

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