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Book chapterJanmohamed, K.K. (1986)
The Emergence of Mombasa as the Chief Commercial Centre of East Africa, 1895-1914
In: Liesegang, G.; Pasch, H.; Jones, A. (eds.), Figuring African Trade: Proceedings of the symposium on the quantification and structure of the import and export and long distance trade of Africa in the 19th century, 1800-1913. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer. p. 571-596.

Dissertation / thesisJanmohamed, K.K. (1978)
A History of Mombasa, c.1895-1939: Some aspects of economic and social life in the East African port town during colonial rule
Ph.D. thesis. Evanston: Evanston: Northwestern University.

Book chapterJanmohamed, K.K. (1976)
Ethnicity in an Urban Setting: A case study of Mombasa
In: Ogot, B.A. (ed.), History and Social Change in East Africa (Hadith 6). Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau. p. 186-206.

Book chapterJanmohamed, K.K. (1975)
African Labourers in Mombasa, c.1895-1940
In: Ogot, B.A. (ed.), Economic and Social History of East Africa (Hadith 5). Nairobi: Kenya Literature Bureau. p. 156-176.

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