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Conference paperNunow, A.A. (2012)
The Displacement and Dispossession of the Aweer (Boni) community: The Kenya government dilemma on the new port of Lamu
International Conference on Global Land Grabbing, 17-19 October. Ithaca: Cornell University.

BookFaulkner, M.R.J. (2006)
Overtly Muslim, Covertly Boni: Competing calls of religious allegiance on the Kenyan coast
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill.

Book chapterMiddleton, J. (2000)
The Peoples
Abstract presentIn: Hoorweg, J.; Foeken, D.; Obudho, R.A. (eds.), Kenya Coast Handbook: Culture, resources and development in the East African littoral. Hamburg: Lit Verlag. p. 101-114.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1993)
The Past and Present of Hunter-Gatherers in Kenya
Kenya Past and Present. Volume 25. p. 39-45.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1988)
Historical Interrelationships of the Boni with Pastoral Peoples of Somalia and Kenya
Kenya Past and Present. #20. p. 38-45.

Book chapterHeine, B. (1982)
Language and History of the Boni
In: Heine, B. (ed.), Recent German Research on Africa: Language and culture. Tubingen: Institute for Scientific Cooperation. p. 106-114.

Periodical articleHeine, B. (1981)
Some Cultural Evidence on the Early Sam-Speaking People of Eastern Africa
Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika. Volume 3. p. 169-200.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1981)
The Boni; Problems of a Hunting-Gathering People
Africana. Volume 8 #2. p. 23-25.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1980)
Origins of the Hunting Peoples of the Northern East African Coast
Transafrican Journal of History. Volume 9 #1-2. p. 52-69.

Conference paperStiles, D.N. (1980)
Historical Interrelationships of the Boni with Pastoral Peoples of Somalia and Kenya
First International Congress of Somali Studies, Mogadishu, July 6-13.

Book chapterFedders, A. (1979)
Ancient Inhabitants (Boni, Sanye)
In: Fedders, A.; Salvadori, C. (eds.), Peoples and Cultures of Kenya. Nairobi: Transafrica. p. 7-11.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1979)
An Ethnological Study with the Boni, Eastern Kenya
Nyame Akuma. Volume 15. p. 30-34.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1979)
Boni Ethnoarchaeology
Kenya Past and Present. #11. p. 12-17.

Dissertation / thesisHarvey, S. (1978)
Hunting and Gathering as a Strategic Adaptation: The case of the Boni of Lamu District, Kenya
Ph.D. thesis. Boston University.

Periodical articleHeine, B. (1978)
The Sam Languages: A history of Rendille, Boni and Somali
Afroasiatic Linguistics. Volume 6. p. 25-115.

Periodical articleHeine, B. (1977)
Bemerkungen zur Boni-Sprache (Kenia)
Afrika und Übersee. Volume 60. p. 242-295.

Book chapterTucker, A.N. (1969)
Sanye and Boni
In: Greschat, H.J.; Jungraithmayr, H. (eds.), Wort und Religion. Stuttgart: Evangelischer Missionsverlag.

Periodical articlePrins, A.H.J. (1965)
Carved Headrest of the Cushitic Boni: An attempted interpretation
Man. Volume 221. p. 189-190.

Periodical articlePrins, A.H.J. (1963)
The Didemic Diarchic Boni
Man. Volume 93 #2. p. 174-185.

Periodical articlePrins, A.H.J. (1960)
Notes on the Boni, a Tribe of Hunters in Northern Kenya
Bulletin of the International Committee on Urgent Anthropological and Ethnological Research. #3. p. 25-27.

Periodical articleSalkeld, R.E. (1905)
Notes on the Boni Hunters of Jubaland
Man. Volume 5. p. 168-170.

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