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Book chapterOmenya, A.; Lubaale, G.; Miruka, C. (2012)
Climate Change and Food Insecurity in Mombasa: Institutional and policy gaps
In: Frayne, B.; Moser, C.; Ziervogel, G. (eds.), Climate Change, Assets and Food Security in Southern African Cities. Abingdon: Earthscan. p. 150-162.

BookSchade, J. (2011)
Human Rights, Climate Change and Climate Policies in Kenya: How climate variability and agrofuel expansion impact on the enjoyment of human rights in the Tana Delta
Bielefeld: COMCA.

Periodical articleKithia, J.; Dowling, R. (2010)
An Integrated City-Level Planning Process to Address the Impacts of Climate Change in Kenya: The case of Mombasa
Abstract presentCities. Volume 27 #6. p. 466-475.

Periodical articleAwuor, C.B.; Orindi, V.A.; Adwera, A.O. (2008)
Climate Change and Coastal Cities: The case of Mombasa, Kenya
Abstract presentEnvironment and Urbanization. Volume 20 #1. p. 231-242.

Periodical articleMcClanahan, T.; Maina, J.; Poet-Soede, L. (2002)
Effects of the 1998 coral mortality event on Kenyan coral reefs and fisheries
Abstract presentAmbio. Volume 31 #7-8. p. 543-550.

Book chapterOgallo, L.A.; Mwangi, R.W. (1996)
Global Climate Change: Implications on low-lying coastal parts of Kenya
In: Wandiga, S.O.; Abuodha, N.L. (eds.), Environment and development in Kenya. Nairobi: National Academy of Sciences. p. 47-62.

Book chapterOyieke, H. (1996)
Kenya Coastal Ecosystems and Global Climate Change
In: Wandiga, S.O.; Abuodha, N.L. (eds.), Environment and Development in Kenya. Nairobi: National Academy of Sciences. p. 1-14.

Book chapterSmaling, E.M.A.; Boxem, H.W. (1987)
Climatic and Agroclimatic Zonation
In: Boxem, H.W.; Meester, T.d.; Smaling, E.M.A. (eds.), Soils of the Kilifi Area, Kenya. Wageningen: Centre for Agricultural Publishing and Documentation (PUDOC). p. 9-19.

BookJaetzold, R.; Schmidt, H. (1983)
Farm Management Handbook of Kenya (Vol.II, Part C): Natural Conditions and Farm Management Information, East Kenya
Nairobi: Ministry of Agriculture.

Periodical articleJaetzold, R. (1978)
Possibilities of Agricultural Settlements in the Northern Coastal Areas of Kenya: An analysis of relevant climatic factors
GeoJournal. Volume 2 #3. p. 225-242.

Periodical articleRamsey, B. (1971)
Surface Winds at Mombasa
Meteorological Magazine. Volume 100. p. 293-301.

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