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Dissertation / thesisMaurice, S. (2007)
Self-Organization and Cross-Scale Interaction in Integrated Development and Conservation Projects: A comparative study of Honey Care Africa's beekeeping projects in Kakamega District and Kwale District
Master Thesis. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba.

Periodical articleAremo, J.; Donnaberger, L. (1995)
Development Strategies: A case-study of an integrated community based project (Magarini Integrated Rural Development Programme, Kenya)
Journal für Entwicklungspolitik. Volume 11 #2. p. 213-2222.

Book chapterJohansson, S. (1992)
Irrigation and Development in the Tana River Basin
In: Darkoh, M.B.K. (ed.), African River Basins and Dryland Crises. Uppsala: Uppsala University, Dept. of Human and Physical Geography. p. 43-56.

BookMaas, M.; Hekken, N.v. (1991)
Women's Social and Economic Projects: Experiences from Coast Province
Food and Nutrition Studies Programme 37. Nairobi/Leiden: Ministry of Planning and National Development/African Studies Centre.

BookPorter, D.; Allen, B.; Thompson, G. (1991)
Development in Practice: Paved with good intentions
London: Routledge.

Book chapterLittle, P.D. (1990)
Institutional Dynamics and Development in the Tana Basin, Kenya
In: Chaiken, M.S.; Fleuret, A. (eds.), Social Change and Applied Anthropology: Essays in honor of David W. Brokensha. Boulder: Westview Press. p. 215-230.

Book chapterMiller, D.L. (1989)
Northeastern Kenyan Riverine Farmers in Conflict with Colonial Development Strategies
In: Linnebuhr, E. (ed.), Transition and Continuity of Identity in East Africa and Beyond: In memoriam David Miller. Bayreuth: Eckhard Breitinger. p. 353-368.

Book chapterFleuret, A. (1988)
Food Aid and Development in Rural Kenya
In: Brokensha, D.W.; Little, P.D. (eds.), Anthropology of Development and Change in East Africa. Boulder: Westview Press. p. 77-97.

BookKimani, J. (1988)
River Basin Development: Case studies within Tana River basin of Kenya
Binghamton, N.Y.: Clark University.

BookLittle, P.D. (1988)
Comparative Analysis of Institutional Experiences with River Basin Development in Africa: The case of the Tana Basin, Kenya
Binghamton, N.Y.: Institute for Development Anthropology.

Dissertation / thesisOendo, A.W. (1988)
Identity and Adaptation: Social and political factors in health and development among the Digo of Msambweni
Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge University.

Book chapterGazzo, Y. (1985)
Irrigation et Participation Paysanne au Kenya: Exemple du projet de Bura
In: Conac, G.; Savonnet-Guyot, C.; Conac, F. (eds.), Les Politiques de l'Eau en Afrique: Developpement agricole et participation paysanne.. Paris: Economica (Actes du Colloque de la Sorbonne). p. 376-380.

Dissertation / thesisHughes, F.M.R. (1985)
The Tana River Floodplain Forest, Kenya: Ecology and impact upon development
Ph.D. thesis. University of Cambridge.

Periodical articleKelly, H. (1985)
Development Priorities in Arid Areas: Who are the experts?
Abstract presentRural Africana. Volume 21. p. 83-111.

Periodical articleHughes, F.M.R. (1984)
A Comment on the Impact of Development Schemes on the Floodplain Forests of the Tana River in Kenya
Geographical Journal. Volume 150. p. 230-244.

Dissertation / thesisMonson, J. (1984)
Agricultural Change in Taita District, Kenya: The twentieth century
M.A. thesis. University of California and Los Angeles.

BookKenya - Republic of (1982)
Kwale-Kilifi Integrated Development Project, 1984-1988
Nairobi: Ministry of Planning and National Development.

Dissertation / thesisGeist, J.K. (1981)
Coastal Agrarian Underdevelopment and Regional Imbalance in Kenya
Ph.D. thesis. Berkeley: University of California.

Book chapterMarsh, C.W. (1980)
Primates and Economic Development on the Tana River, Kenya: The monkey in the works
In: Furtado, J. (ed.), Tropical Ecology and Development. Kuala Lumpur. p. 373-376.

Periodical articleGatheru, J.K. (1979)
A Review of Agricultural Development in the Coast Province
Kenya Farmer. Volume 25 #31.

Periodical articleParkin, D.J. (1979)
Along the Line of Road: Expanding rural centres in Kenya's Coast Province
Africa. Volume 49 #3. p. 272-282.

Dissertation / thesisGillette, C. (1978)
A Test of the Concept of Backwardness: A case study of Digo society in Kenya
Ph.D. thesis. Ithaca: Cornell University.

Periodical articleMemon, P.A.; Martin, E.B. (1976)
The Kenya Coast: An anomaly in the development of an 'ideal type' colonial spatial system
Kenya Historical Review. Volume 4 #2. p. 187-206.

BookBrowne, D.L.; Achola, O.P. (1975)
The Women's Group Programme in the S.R.D.P. Case Study of the Kwale Area
Working Paper 232. Nairobi: Institute for Development Studies.

Dissertation / thesisSedlak, P.A.S. (1975)
Sociocultural Determinants of Language Maintenance and Language Shift in a Rural Coastal Kenyan Community
Ph.D. thesis. Stanford, Cal.: Stanford University.

BookSimpson, M.C. (1973)
Alternative Strategies for Range Land Development in Kenya
Rural Development Study 2. University of Leeds, Dept. of Agricultural Economics.

BookParkin, D.J. (1972)
Palms, Wine and Witnesses: Public spirit and private gain in an African farming community
London: Intertext. p. 113.

Periodical articleBaarspul, J.A. (1971)
The Tana Irrigation Scheme: An integrated development project
Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 19 #2. p. 76-84.

BookTaylor, D.R.F. (1970)
Development of Central Places in Coast Province, Kenya
Ottawa: Carleton University. p. 378.

BookKenya - Colony and Protectorate (1960)
The Mariakani Milk Scheme
Sessional Paper 12. Nairobi: Government Printer.

Periodical articleRees, A.H. (1959)
Educational Development in a Backward Area
Oversea Education. Volume 31. p. 17-24.

BookPatterson, G.D. (1957)
Report on the Lamu Hinterland
Nairobi: African Land Development Board.

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