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BookNurse, D. (2013)
Bajuni Database
Newfoundland: Memorial University.

Periodical articlePouwels, R.L. (2002)
Bibliography of Primary Sources of the Pre-Nineteenth Century East African Coast
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 29. p. 393-411.

Periodical articleNurse, D. (1994)
Historical Texts from the Swahili Coast
Abstract presentAfrikanistische Arbeitspapiere. Volume 37. p. 47-85.

Periodical articleSchaffer, L. (1979)
A Historiographic Appraisal of Kenyan Coastal History
Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies. Volume 9 #2. p. 61-77.

Dissertation / thesisMcKay, W.F. (1975)
A Precolonial History of the Southern Kenya Coast
Ph.D. thesis. Boston University.

Book chapterChittick, H.N. (1971)
The Coast of East Africa
In: Shinnie, P.L. (ed.), The African Iron Age. Oxford: Clarendon Press. p. 108-139.

Book chapterChittick, H.N. (1968)
The Coast before the Arrival of the Portuguese
In: Ogot, B.A. (ed.), Zamani; A Survey of East African History. Nairobi: East African Publishing House. p. 98-111.

Book chapterKirkman, J.S. (1966)
The History of the Coast of East Africa up to 1700
In: Posnansky, M. (ed.), Prelude to East African History. London: Oxford University Press. p. 105-124.

Book chapterGray, J.M. (1963)
Zanzibar and the Coastal Belt
In: Oliver, R.; Mathew, G. (eds.), History of East Africa (Vol.I). Oxford: Clarendon Press. p. 212-251.

Book chapterMathew, G. (1963)
The East African Coast until the Coming of the Portuguese
In: Oliver, R.; Mathew, G. (eds.), History of East Africa (Vol.I). Oxford: Clarendon Press. p. 94-127.

BookFreeman-Grenville, G.S.P. (1962)
The East African Coast: Select documents from the first to the earlier nineteenth century
Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Periodical articleMathew, G. (1956)
The Culture of the East African Coast. In the 17th and 18th Centuries in the Light of Recent Archeological Discoveries
Man. Volume 56. p. 65-68.

BookCoupland, R. (1939)
The Exploitation of East Africa, 1856-1890: The slave trade and the scramble
London: Faber & Faber.

BookCoupland, R. (1938)
East Africa and its Invaders: From the earliest times to the death of Seyyid Sa'id in 1856
Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Periodical articleHuntingford, G.W.B. (1933)
The Azanian Civilization of Kenya
Antiquity. Volume 7. p. 153-165.

BookHollingsworth, L.W. (1929)
A Short History of the East Coast of Africa

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