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Dissertation / thesisHillewaert, S.M. (2013)
Between Respect and Desire: On being young, pious and modern in an East African Muslim town
Abstract presentPh.D. thesis. University of Michigan.

Dissertation / thesisMonyoncho, G.O. (2013)
Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas Kenya: A case study of Lamu town
Abstract presentPGD thesis. Nairobi: University of Nairobi, Department of Real Estate and Construction Management.

Periodical articleKiamba, M. (1992)
Emerging Trends in Urban Conservation Planning in Kenya
Review of Rural and Urban Planning in Southern and Eastern Africa (Harare). Volume 1. p. 93-108.

Conference paperKiamba, M. (1992)
Urban Conservation Planning and Implementation: The case of Mombasa old town and Lamu
Workshop on Urban and Regional Planning of Mombasa and the Coastal Region of Kenya, Mombasa, May 18-22. Nairobi: Centre for Urban Research.

BookNMK (1991)
Workshop on the Future of Lamu: Conclusions and recommendations
Lamu: National Museums of Kenya.

Periodical articlePulver, A.; Siravo, F. (1986)
Lamu; A Conservation Plan for Kenya's Oldest Living Town
Kenya Past and Present. #18. p. 17-31.

BookSiravo, F.; Pulver, A. (1986)
Planning Lamu: Conservation in an East African seaport
Nairobi: National Museums of Kenya.

BookEngland, R.; Kruijff, G.J.d.; Soni, P. (1980)
The Pit Latrines of Lamu: 600 years of 'illegal' sanitation
Nairobi: University of Nairobi, Housing Research and Development Unit.

BookMeffert, E.F. (1977)
Mixed Development for Lamu Town

BookGhaidan, U. (1976)
Lamu; A Study in Conservation
Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau.

Periodical articleGhaidan, U. (1975)
Lamu: A case study of the Swahili Town
The Town PLanning Review. Volume 45 #1. p. 84.

BookGhaidan, U. (1975)
Lamu; A Study of the Swahili Town
Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau. p. 94.

Periodical articleGhaidan, U. (1973)
Lamu; A Lesson in Townscape
Architectural Review. Volume 921 #154. p. 321-326.

Periodical articleMartin, E.B. (1973)
Lamu; The Antique Jewel of Kenya
Africana. Volume 5 #1. p. 31-35.

BookGhaidan, U. (1971)
African Heritage: The stone houses of Lamu
Lamu: Lamu Museum.

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