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Conference paperNunow, A.A. (2012)
The Displacement and Dispossession of the Aweer (Boni) community: The Kenya government dilemma on the new port of Lamu
International Conference on Global Land Grabbing, 17-19 October. Ithaca: Cornell University.

Periodical articleMcConkey, R.; McErlein, T. (2007)
Mombasa Island: A maritime perspective
Abstract presentInternational Journal of Historical Archaeology. Volume 11 #2. p. 99-121.

BookFavrel-Samreth, M. (2005)
Mombasa, Histoire d'un Port Africain
Nice: France Europe. p. 117.

Periodical articleHoyle, B. (2001)
Urban Renewal in East African Port Cities: Mombasa's old town waterfront
Abstract presentGeoJournal. #53. p. 183-197.

Book chapterHoyle, B.S. (2000)
Port Development: Growth, competition and revitalization
Abstract presentIn: Hoorweg, J.; Foeken, D.; Obudho, R.A. (eds.), Kenya Coast Handbook: Culture, resources and development in the East African littoral. Hamburg: Lit Verlag. p. 373-390.

BookHoyle, B.S. (1997)
Ports, Port Cities and Coastal Zones: Development, interdependence and competition in East Africa
Brussel: Koninklijke Academie voor Overzeese Wetenschappen.

Dissertation / thesisOostveen, K. (1997)
Friend or Foe? Economic attractiveness vs. environmental problems in the Port of Mombasa
M.A. thesis. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam.

Book chapterHoyle, B.S. (1996)
Cityports and Coastal Zones in Contemporary Africa: Mombasa and the Indian Ocean facade of Kenya
In: Hoyle, B.S. (ed.), Cityports, Coastal Zones and Regional Change: International perspectives on planning and management. Chichester: Wiley. p. 159-179.

Book chapterMumba, A. (1994)
Port of Mombasa: Bidding to extend its internal markets
In: Hicks, P. (ed.), Proceedings of the Intermodal Africa 94 Conference. Brenford: Baltic Publishing. p. 30-32.

Periodical articleSabini, M. (1994)
Port and Urban Form: The case of Mombasa, Kenya
African Urban Quarterly. Volume 9 #1-2. p. 109-131.

Conference paperHoyle, B.S. (1992)
Gateways from the Sea: Ports and development in modern Africa
Workshop on Urban and Regional Planning of Mombasa and the Coastal Region of Kenya, Mombasa, May 18-22. Nairobi: Centre for Urban Research.

Periodical articleStiles, D.N. (1992)
The Ports of East Africa, the Comoros and Madagascar: Their place in Indian Ocean trade from 1-1500 AD
Kenya Past and Present. #24. p. 27-36.

Periodical articleHoyle, B.S. (1986)
Transport and Economic Development in the Less-Developed Countries: Some reflections on the seaports of Kenya and Tanzania
GeoJournal. Volume 12 #3. p. 233-242.

Book chapterJanmohamed, K.K. (1986)
The Emergence of Mombasa as the Chief Commercial Centre of East Africa, 1895-1914
In: Liesegang, G.; Pasch, H.; Jones, A. (eds.), Figuring African Trade: Proceedings of the symposium on the quantification and structure of the import and export and long distance trade of Africa in the 19th century, 1800-1913. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer. p. 571-596.

BookChittick, H.N. (1984)
Manda; Excavation at an Island Port on the Kenya Coast
Nairobi: British Institute in Eastern Africa.

BookKenya - Republic of (1977)
Manda Bay Port: Feasibility study of Kenya's second port
Nairobi: Renardet-Sauti/Ministry of Power and Communications.

BookMartin, E.B. (1973)
The History of Malindi: A geographic analysis of an East African coastal town from the Portuguese period to the present
Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau.

Book chapterHoyle, B.S. (1970)
The Emergence of Major Seaports in a Developing Economy: The case of East Africa
In: Hilling, D.; Hoyle, B.S. (eds.), Seaports in Tropical Africa. London. p. 225-245.

Dissertation / thesisDatoo, B.A. (1968)
Selected Phases of the Historical Geography of Major Eastern African Ports
Ph.D. thesis. University of London.

Periodical articleHoyle, B.S. (1968)
East African Seaports: An application of the concept of 'anyport'
Institute of British Geographers Transactions. Volume 44. p. 163-183.

BookHoyle, B.S. (1967)
The Seaports of East Africa
Nairobi: East African Publishing House.

BookKenya - Colony and Protectorate (1959)
Report of a Board of Inquiry Appointed to Inquire into Employment in the Port of Mombasa
Nairobi: Government Printer. p. 25.

BookEast Africa High Commmission (1953)
Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Working of the Port of Mombasa
Nairobi: Government Printer.

Periodical articleCloix, L. (1952)
Plan to Ease Congestion at Port of Mombasa
East Africa and Rhodesia. Volume 28. p. 853-854.

Periodical articleUrquhart, W. (1951)
The Port of Mombasa, with Special Reference to the Construction of Berths 7 and 8
The Dock and Harbour Authority. Volume 31 #363. p. 267-274.

Periodical articleCasalis, G.E.M. (1928)
Mombasa; The Port of Kenya and Uganda
World Today. p. 483-488.

BookImperial Shipping Committee (1926)
Report on the Control and Working of Mombasa (Kilindini) Harbour, Kenya Colony
London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office. p. 26.

BookKenya - Colony and Protectorate (1926)
Port Commission of Inquiry
Nairobi: Government Printer.

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