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BookMeier, P. (2016)
Swahili Port Cities: The architecture of elsewhere
Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Periodical articleBremner, L. (2013)
Towards a Minor Global Architecture at Lamu, Kenya
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 39 #3. p. 397-413.

Periodical articleMzerah, N. (2013)
The Role of Records Managament in Promoting Business Effficiency and Service Delivery at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)
Abstract presentESARBICA Journal. Volume 32. p. 80-90.

BookNjeru, G.N. (2009)
Performance of the Port of Mombasa: An empirical analysis
Discussion Paper No. 101. Nairobi: Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis.

Periodical articleQuinn, R.; Forsythe, W.; Breen, C.; Boland, D.; Lane, P.; Omar, A.L. (2007)
Process-based Models for Port Evolution and Wreck Formation at Mombasa, Kenya
Journal of Archaeological Science. #34. p. 1449-1460.

Periodical articleHoyle, B. (2001)
Lamu: Waterfront revitalization in an East African port-city
Abstract presentCities. Volume 18 #5. p. 297-313.

Book chapterHoyle, B.S. (2000)
Port Development: Growth, competition and revitalization
Abstract presentIn: Hoorweg, J.; Foeken, D.; Obudho, R.A. (eds.), Kenya Coast Handbook: Culture, resources and development in the East African littoral. Hamburg: Lit Verlag. p. 373-390.

Periodical articleHoyle, B. (1999)
Port Concentration, Inter-Port Competition and Revitalization: The case of Mombasa, Kenya
Maritime Policy and Management. Volume 26 #2. p. 161-174.

Periodical articleHoyle, B.S.; Charlier, J.J. (1995)
Inter-Port Competition in Developing Countries: An East African case study
Journal of Transport Geography. Volume 3 #2. p. 87-103.

Conference paperHoyle, B.S. (1992)
Gateways from the Sea: Ports and development in modern Africa
Workshop on Urban and Regional Planning of Mombasa and the Coastal Region of Kenya, Mombasa, May 18-22. Nairobi: Centre for Urban Research.

Conference paperNdua, G. (1992)
The Role of the Port of Mombasa in the Development of the Municipality of Mombasa and its Environs
Workshop on Urban and Regional Planning of Mombasa and the Coastal Region of Kenya, Mombasa, May 18-22. Nairobi: Centre for Urban Research.

BookHoyle, B.S. (1983)
Seaports and Development: The experience of Kenya and Tanzania
London: Gordon and Breach.

Periodical articleHoyle, B.S. (1976)
Port Developments in East Africa, 1965-1975
Annuaire des Pays de l'Océan Indien. Volume 3. p. 175-195.

BookDatoo, B.A. (1975)
Port Development in East Africa: Spatial patterns from the ninth to the sixteenth centuries
Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau.

Periodical articleHoyle, B.S. (1967)
Early Port Development in East Africa: An illustration of the concept of changing port hierarchies
Tijdschrift voor Economische Sociale Geografie. Volume 58. p. 94-102.

BookBuchanan, G. (1920)
Kenya Colony: Economics in relation to port development
Nairobi/Mombasa: The East African Standard.

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