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Found: 8 Record 1-8 Search: Segeju - ethnic group

Book chapterWalsh, M. (2014)
The Segeju Complex? Linguistic evidence for the precolonial making of the Mijikenda
In: Gearhart, R. and Giles, L. (eds.), Contesting Identities: The Mijikenda and their neighbors in Kenyan coastal society. Trenton N.J.: Africa World Press. p. 25-51.

Book chapterAllen, J.d.V. (1984)
Shungwaya, the Segeju and Somali history
In: Labahn, T. (ed.), Archaeology and History, Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Somali Studies, 1983. Hamburg: Buske. p. 35-72.

Periodical articleNurse, D. (1982)
Seguju and Daisu: A case study of evidence from oral tradition and comparative linguistics
History in Africa. Volume 9. p. 175-208.

Book chapterDammann, E. (1960)
Zur Uberliefering der Segedju
In: Drost, D. and Konig, W. (eds.), Beitrage zur Volkerforschung: Hans Damm zum 65. Geburtstag. Berlin: Akademie Verlag. p. 91-98.

Periodical articleGray, J.M. (1950)
Portuguese Records Relating to the Wasegeju
Tanganyika Notes and Records. Volume 29. p. 85-96.

Periodical articleBaker, E.C. (1949)
Notes on the History of the Wasegeju
Tanganyika Notes and Records. Volume 27. p. 15-39.

Periodical articleDickson, T.A. (1917)
Notes on the Wa-Segeju
Journal of the East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society. Volume 6 #11. p. 167-168.

Periodical articleStursberg, J. (1895)
Über die Verwandschaft der Wa-Segeju mit den Wa-Pokomo
Zeitschrift für Afrikanische und Ozeanische Sprachen. Volume 1. p. 191.

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