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Periodical articleSalvadori, C. (2011)
Kikuyu Pioneers at Mpeketoni
Old Africa: Stories from East Africa's past. #36. p. 12-15.

Book chapterHoorweg, J. (2000)
The Experience with Land Settlement
Abstract presentIn: Hoorweg, J. and Foeken, D. and Obudho, R.A. (eds.), Kenya Coast Handbook: Culture, resources and development in the East African littoral. Hamburg: Lit Verlag. p. 309-325.

Periodical articleHoorweg, J. and Foeken, D. and Klaver, W. and Okello, W. and Veerman, W. (1996)
Nutrition in Agricultural Development: Land, settlement in Coast Province, Kenya
Ecology of Food and Nutrition. Volume 35. p. 161-178.

BookAdu, F. and Mukoma, N. (1992)
Final Report on the Nutritional Status of the Squatter Population, Witu Settlement Scheme (WSS), 1992: A baseline survey
Lamu: Ministry of Lands and Housing, Department of Land Adjudication and Settlement (German Assisted Settlement Programme - GASP).

BookHoorweg, J. and Niemeijer, R. and Foeken, D. and Okello, W. and Veerman, W. (1991)
Economic and Nutritional Conditions at Settlement Schemes in Coast Province
Food and Nutrition Studies Programme 36. Nairobi/Leiden: Ministry of Planning and National Development/African Studies Centre.

BookMensing, F. (1991)
Die Chance des Simon K.: Einblicke in ein siedlungsprojekt an der Kenianischen küste
Eschborn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit.

BookPorter, D. and Allen, B. and Thompson, G. (1991)
Development in Practice: Paved with good intentions
London: Routledge.

BookSicks, A. and Kamau, S. (1991)
Witu Settlement Scheme (WSS) Population Census and Socio-Economic Survey Report, 1991
Lamu: Ministry of Lands and Housing, Department of Land Adjudication and Settlement (German Assisted Settlement Programme - GASP).

Periodical articleLedec, G. (1987)
Effects of Kenya's Bura Settlement Project on biological diversity and other conservation concerns
Conservation Biology. Volume 3 #1. p. 247-258.

BookNeunfinger, J. and Schmale, M. and Werner, J. (1987)
The Socio-Economic and Agricultural Production Situation of the Settlers in the Lake Kenyatta Setttlement Scheme
Lamu: GASP.

BookVainio-Mattila, A. (1987)
Bura Fuelwood Project: Domestic fuel economy
Report 13B. Universty of Helsinki, Institute of Development Studies.

Dissertation / thesisLeeuw, W.d. (1985)
Het Bura Irrigatie- en Vestigingsprojekt: Zelfs geen illusie van ontwikkeling. (Een analyse van de voorbereiding, besluitvorming, uitvoering en konsekwenties van een grootschalig irrigatieprojekt in Kenya)
M.Sc. thesis. Amsterdam: Free University.

Book chapterVainio-Mattila, A. (1985)
Socio-Economic Studies on Fuelwood Production in the Bura Settlement Scheme in Eastern Kenya
In: Hjort, A. (ed.), Land Management and Survival. Uppsala: Scandinavian Institute of African Studies. p. 128-137.

BookLedec, G. (1984)
Bura Irrigation Settlement Project: Mid-term evaluation, wildlife and ecology aspects
Washington: World Bank.

BookGaspary, U. (1980)
Coast Settlement Schemes in Kenya

Periodical articleJaetzold, R. (1978)
Possibilities of Agricultural Settlements in the Northern Coastal Areas of Kenya: An analysis of relevant climatic factors
GeoJournal. Volume 2 #3. p. 225-242.

BookMcGowan G. P. & Associates (1978)
Magarini Land, settlement Project, Kilifi District, Coast Province, Kenya. Final Report
Canberra: AIDAB.

BookMunzinger, P. and Deubler, C. and Jätzold, C. and Leitner, D. and Melcher, R. and Mey, U. and Ratnert, G. (1978)
The Hindi-Magogoni Settlement Scheme in Lamu District, Coastal Province of Kenya: Pre-feasibility study
Abstract presentBerlin: Technische Universität Berlin.

Dissertation / thesisPalmer, G.B. (1971)
The Shimba Hills Settlement Scheme: The administration of large-scale innovation in Kenya
Ph.D. thesis. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota.

Periodical articleHumphrey, N. (1938)
The Gede Native Settlement Scheme, Kenya
East African Agricultural Journal. Volume 4. p. 447-450.

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