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BookEvers, Sandra; Campbell, Gwyn; Lambek, Michael (eds.) (2013)
Contest for Land in Madagascar: Environment, Ancestors and Development
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. African Social Studies Series #31. 252p.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (2007)
See this publicationSacrifice and the Problem of Beginning: Meditations from Sakalava Mythopraxis
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Volume 13 #1. March. p. 19-38.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (2004)
The Saint, the Sea Monster, and an Invitation to a Diner-Dansant: Ethnographic Reflections on the Edgy Passage-and the Double Edge-of Modernity, Mayotte, 1975-2001
Anthropologica. Volume 46 #1. p. 57-68.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (2004)
Revolted But Not Revolting: Reflections on the Sakalava Division of Labour and Forms of Subjectification
Slavery & Abolition: A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies. Volume 25 #2. August. p. 108-119.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael; Solway, Jacqueline S. (2001)
Just Anger: Scenarios of Indignation in Botswana and Madagascar
Ethnos. Volume 66 #1. March. p. 49-72.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (2001)
The Value of Coins in a Sakalava Polity: Money, Death and Historicity in Mahajanga, Madagascar
Comparative Studies in Society and History. Volume 43 #4. October. p. 735-762.

Book chapterLambek, M.J. (2000)
Localising Islamic performances in Mayotte
In: Parkin, D.J.; Headley, S.C. (eds.), Islamic prayer across the Indian Ocean: Inside and outside the mosque. Richmond: Curzon. p. 63-97.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1998)
See this publicationThe Sakalava Poiesis of History: Realizing the Past through Spirit Possession in Madagascar
American Ethnologist. Volume 25 #2. May. p. 106-127.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael; Walsh, Andrew (1997)
See this publicationThe Imagined Community of the Antankarana: Identity, History and Ritual in Northern Madagascar
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 27 #3. August. p. 308-333.

Conference paperSolway, Jacqueline; Lambek, Michael (1996)
'There Are No More Virgins': Towards the History of an African System of Marriage
Paper presented at the 95th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Asso. (AAA), November 20-24, 1996, San Francisco, California. Arlington, Virginia.

Conference paperLambek, Michael (1993)
Localizing Islamic Performances in Mayotte
Paper presented at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 17-21, 1993, Washington, D.C. Washington, DC.

BookLambek, Michael (1993)
Knowledge and practice in Mayotte: local discourses of Islam, sorcery, and spirit possession
Abstract presentToronto: University of Toronto Press. Anthropological horizons #3. 468p.

Book chapterLambek, Michael (1992)
Like Teeth Biting Tongue: The Proscription and Practice of Spouse Abuse in Mayotte
In: Counts, Dorothy A. and Brown, Judith K and Campbell, Jacquelyn C. (eds.). Sanction and Sanctuary: Cultural Perspectives on the Beating of Wives. Boulder.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1992)
See this publicationTaboo as Cultural Practice among Malagasy Speakers
Man. Volume 27 #2. June. p. 245-266.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1990)
Exchange, Time, and Person in Mayotte: The Structure and Destructuring of a Cultural System
American Anthropologist. Volume 92 #3. p. 647-661.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael J. (1990)
See this publicationThe Practice of Islamic Experts in a Village on Mayotte
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 20 #1. February. p. 20-40.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael J. (1990)
See this publicationCertain Knowledge, Contestable Authority: Power and Practice on the Islamic Periphery
Abstract presentAmerican Ethnologist. Volume 17 #1. February. p. 23-40.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1988)
See this publicationSpirit Possession/Spirit Succession: Aspects of Social Continuity among Malagasy Speakers in Mayotte
American Ethnologist. Volume 15 #4. November. p. 710-731.

Periodical articleLambek, M. (1987)
See this publicationThe ludic side of Islam and its possible fate in Mayotte
Abstract presentOmaly sy anio: revue d'études historiques. #25-26. p. 99-122.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1983)
Virgin Marriage and the Autonomy of Women in Mayotte
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 9 #2. Winter. p. 264-281.

BookLambek, M.J. (1981)
Human spirits: A cultural account of trance in Mayotte
Abstract presentCambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cambridge studies in cultural systems; 6. 219p.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (1980)
See this publicationSpirits and Spouses: Possession as a System of Communication among the Malagasy Speakers of Mayotte
American Ethnologist. Volume 7 #2. May. p. 318-331.

Search: au=0000000109266743
Found: 22 Record 1-22

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