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Periodical articleStewart, Andrew (2023)
See this publicationDefeat at Gallabat: Brigadier Bill Slim's Formative Learning Experience
International Journal of Military History and Historiography. Volume 43 #3. p. 560-581.

Periodical articleBakhit, Mohamed A.G. (2022)
See this publicationSouth Sudanese Refugees in Sudan: A Transition toward a Diaspora Community
Diaspora: a journal of transnational studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 71-84.

Periodical articleDoré, Andréa (2022)
See this publicationLa traducción de una ciudad: copias de Suaquem en la cartografía manuscrita portuguesa del Mar Rojo
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie IV, Historia Moderna. Volume 35. p. 157-180.

Periodical articleHounet, Yazid Ben (2022)
See this publicationL'extension du domaine de la responsabilité. Crime et prix du sang au Soudan
Journal des africanistes. Volume 91 #2. p. 202-221.

Periodical articleIlle, Enrico (2022)
See this publicationBrothers, Arrivals, Refugees: South Sudanese as Subjects of Naming and Reporting Practices in Sudan's Humanitarian Sector
Diaspora: a journal of transnational studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 11-32.

Periodical articlePendle, Naomi Ruth; Gatket, Machar Diu (2022)
See this publication'He Cannot Marry Her': Excluding the Living and Including the Dead in South Sudanese Citizenship in Sudan
Diaspora: a journal of transnational studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 85-102.

Periodical articlePoti, Giorgio (2022)
See this publicationThe League of Nations and the post-Ottoman recolonization of the Nile Valley: The imperial Matryoshka of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1922-1924
Journal of Global History. Volume 17 #2. p. 191-209.

Periodical articlePérez-Houis, Corten (2022)
See this publicationCadre législatif et production de briques rouges à Khartoum (Soudan): entre protection de l'environnement et stratégies d'aménagement des espaces urbains centraux
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 4. p. 197-240.

Periodical articleRobinson, Colin D. (2022)
See this publicationA Generation of Mysteries? Sketching the Threads of the Sudanese Armed Forces' First Quarter Century (c. 1953-1976)
Journal of African Military History. Volume 6 #1. p. 3-32.

Periodical articleSchultz, Ulrike (2022)
See this publicationDon't Call Me a Foreigner: Place Making in Khartoum and Juba between 2006-2018
Diaspora: a journal of transnational studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 53-70.

Dissertation / thesisAbazeed, Abeer R.Y. (2021)
See this publicationIs it one Nile? Civic engagement and hydropolitics in the Eastern Nile Basin: the case of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
Abstract presentPh.D. dissertation (2021-04-21). Leiden: Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University. 297p.

Periodical articleBerridge, Willow (2021)
See this publicationThe 'Civilizational Project' and the southern Sudanese Islamists: between assimilation and exclusion
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 15 #2. p. 214-235.

Periodical articleBrown, Marie Grace (2021)
See this publication'Get along Without It': Negotiating Domesticity in Imperial Sudan
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 49 #2. p. 201-222.

Periodical articleFargher, James A. (2021)
See this publicationBritish Interventionism in the Red Sea Eastern Sudan and Britain's Global Defence Strategy
Abstract presentWar in History. Volume 28 #2. p. 283-300.

Periodical articleFaü, Jean-François (2021)
See this publicationJuifs et judaïsants de l'isthme soudanais Nil-mer Rouge, du Ve au XIIe siècle, au miroir des sources
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 241. p. 83-101.

Periodical articleJemirade, Dele (2021)
See this publicationHumanitarian intervention (HI) and the responsibility to protect (R2P): The United Nations and international security
African Security Review. Volume 30 #1. p. 48-65.

Periodical articleMaines, Emma (2021)
See this publicationA Tale of Two Taphonomies: Assessing the Contribution of Taphonomic Analysis to our Understanding of Neolithic Sudanese Burial Sites using both the Standard Anglophone and Francophone Definitions
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 3. p. 29-67.

Periodical articleMihatsch, Moritz A. (2021)
See this publicationDependence after independence: Sudan's bounded sovereignty 1956-1958
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 15 #2. p. 236-254.

Periodical articlePeacock, A.C.S. (2021)
See this publicationAn Embassy from the Sultan of Darfur to the Sublime Porte in 1791
Islamic Africa. Volume 12 #1. p. 55-91.

Periodical articleTønnessen, Liv; Al-Nagar, Samia (2021)
See this publicationLegal Mobilization to Protect Women against Rape in Islamist Sudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 242. p. 355-376.

Periodical articleAziz, Azza Ahmed Abdel (2020)
See this publicationLiving an Embodied and Narrated Skin Tone: Shifting Power Relations and Social Landscapes in Contemporary Sudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 895-918.

BookBack, Irit (2020)
See this publicationFrom Sudan to South Sudan: IGAD and the Role of Regional Mediation in Africa
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. African Social Studies Series #41. 150p.

Periodical articleBakhit, Mohamed A.G. (2020)
See this publicationShantytowns Identity versus Middle Class Identity: A Reading of the Historical and Geographical Dimension of December 2018-April 2019 Uprising across Khartoum
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 919-941.

Periodical articleCasciarri, Barbara; Franck, Alice; Manfredi, Stefano; Assal, Munzoul (2020)
See this publicationEthnicité, religion, nationalisme: Intersections et ambiguïtés dans un Soudan en mouvement
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 761-778.

Periodical articleCasciarri, Barbara; Manfredi, Stefano (2020)
See this publicationMots et identités de la révolution de Décembre au Soudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 981-988.

Periodical articleChoimet, Gabrielle (2020)
See this publicationDe la pertinence de l'utilisation de comparatifs ethnoarchéologiques pour l'étude des structures architecturales antiques. Exemple de la confection des briques au Soudan à l'époque méroïtique
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 1. p. 43-77.

Periodical articleCorrea, Sílvio Marcus de Souza (2020)
See this publicationImagens itinerantes de potentados banidos da África ocidental
Varia Historia. Volume 36 #71. p. 433-471.

Periodical articleDerat, Marie-Laure (2020)
See this publicationL'affaire des mosquées Interactions entre le vizirat fatimide, le patriarcat d'Alexandrie et les royaumes chrétiens d'Éthiopie et de Nubie à la fin du xie siècle
Médiévales. Volume 79. p. 15-36.

Periodical articleDeshayes, Clément (2020)
See this publicationContester la politique identitaire du régime soudanais: Ambivalence des appartenances collectives au sein des mouvements politiques clandestins
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 943-965.

Periodical articleEjami, Abdaljbar A.M.M. (2020)
See this publicationColonial and Postcolonial Legacy of 'Ethnic' and 'Religious' Clashes in Eastern Sudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 973-980.

Periodical articleGout, Philippe (2020)
See this publicationThe International Protection of Refugees: An Insight into the French Asylum Court's Response to the Sudanese Making of Identities
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 873-893.

Periodical articleHassan, Hager Moddathir (2020)
See this publicationThe Dual Identity of White Nile's Seleim Pastoralists between North and South Sudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 967-972.

Periodical articleMedani, Khadidja; Nur, Bakheit M. (2020)
See this publicationL'islamisation de la connaissance et ses institutions dans le monde musulman contemporain: Le cas du Soudan et de l'Université internationale d'Afrique
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 827-849.

Periodical articlePoussier, Anaël (2020)
See this publicationLes représentations identitaires de l'État mahdiste: L'autorité provinciale au Soudan-Est et les tribus bija (1883-1898)
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 851-871.

Periodical articlePoussier, Anaël (2020)
See this publicationLe pouvoir des chiffres: les pratiques comptables de l'autorité mahdiste au Soudan-Est (1883-1891)
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 1. p. 199-272.

Periodical articleSeri-Hersch, Iris (2020)
See this publicationArabization and Islamization in the Making of the Sudanese 'Postcolonial' State (1946-1964): Cultural Representations, Political Strategies and School Practices
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 779-804.

Periodical articleSharkey, Heather J. (2020)
See this publicationReappraising 'The History of Arabic Culture in the Sudan' by the Egyptian Scholar 'Abd al-Majid 'Abidin
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 805-826.

Periodical articleStaro, Francesco; Schlee, Günther (2020)
See this publicationIdentity Politics in Contemporary Ethiopia and Sudan: Francesco Staro Interviews Günther Schlee
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 1005-1013.

Periodical articleVillar Iglesias, José Luís (2020)
See this publicationLos aspectos económicos en la Batalla por el Magreb entre omeyas y fatimíes: el control del acceso al oro del Sudán Occidental
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie III, Historia Medieval. Volume 33. p. 653-676.

Periodical articleYazid, Ben-Hounet (2020)
See this publicationCompenser au Maghreb: Réflexion sur l'évolution et les significations du prix du sang ('diya')
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 181-198.

Periodical articleAbdelrahman, Omer Hassan (2019)
See this publicationThe Development and Management of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) at the University of Khartoum
Cadernos BAD. Volume 1. p. 35-45.

Periodical articleApuuli, Kasaija Phillip (2019)
See this publicationThe 'speculated' intervention of the East African Standby Force (EASF) in the Sudan: Lessons from its failed deployment in Burundi
African Security Review. Volume 28 #3-4. p. 229-244.

Periodical articleDuursma, Allard (2019)
See this publicationHe who pays the piper, calls the tune? Non-African involvement in Sudan's African-led mediation processes
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 13 #3. p. 428-444.

Periodical articleHernando, Almudena; González-Ruibal, Alfredo; Derara-Megenassa, Worku (2019)
See this publicationThe Dats'in: historical experience and cultural identity of an undocumented indigenous group of the Sudanese-Ethiopian borderland
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 13 #3. p. 504-524.

Periodical articleKaag, Mayke; Steel, Griet (2019)
See this publicationTransnational Migrants, Land and New Investment Hubs in African Cities
Built environment. Volume 44 #4. p. 477-492.

Periodical articleLamoureaux, Siri; Sureau, Timm (2019)
See this publicationKnowledge and legitimacy: the fragility of digital mobilisation in Sudan
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 13 #1. p. 35-53.

Periodical articleTsakos, Alexandros (2019)
See this publicationMateriality and Physicality of Medieval Manuscripts from Christian Nubia
Cahiers d'études africaines. #236. p. 967-992.

Periodical articleWozniak, Magdalena M. (2019)
See this publicationÉtudes des peintures murales médiévales soudanaises de 1963 à nos jours - Essai d'historiographie
Abstract presentAfriques. Volume 10.

Periodical articleBromwich, Brendan (2018)
See this publicationPower, contested institutions and land: repoliticising analysis of natural resources and conflict in Darfur
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 12 #1. p. 1-21.

Periodical articleGidron, Yotam (2018)
See this publication'One People, One Struggle': Anya-Nya propaganda and the Israeli Mossad in Southern Sudan, 1969-1971
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 12 #3. p. 428-453.

Periodical articleJansen, Bram J. (2018)
See this publicationHumanitarianism as buffer: Displacement, aid and the politics of belonging in Abyei, Sudan/South Sudan
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 117 #468. p. 370-391.

Periodical articleJaspars, Susanne (2018)
See this publicationThe state, inequality, and the political economy of long-term food aid in Sudan
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 117 #469. p. 592-612.

Periodical articleLópez Estévez, Dário (2018)
See this publicationO papel da UA e do IGAD na resolução das questões pendentes entre o Sudão e o Sudão do Sul: Dimensão e natureza das problemáticas intersudanesas depois da cisão nacional
CesContexto: Debates. Volume 20. p. 26-47.

Periodical articleSharfi, Mohammed Hussein (2018)
See this publicationSudan and the assassination attempt on President Mubarak in June 1995: a cornerstone in ideological reverse
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 12 #3. p. 454-472.

Periodical articleSiguru Wahutu, James (2018)
See this publicationRepresentations of Africa in African media: The case of the Darfur violence
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 117 #466. p. 44-61.

Periodical articleTounsel, Christopher (2018)
See this publication'Render to Caesar': Missionary Thought and the Sudanese State, 1946-1964
Social Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 31 #3-4. p. 341-374.

Periodical articleTounsel, Christopher (2018)
See this publicationBefore the Bright Star: football in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 12 #4. p. 735-753.

Periodical articleAllen, Tom (2017)
See this publicationThe Purposes of Land Settlement in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1898-1914: Drawing Paths through the Weeds
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 45 #6. p. 894-922.

BookBadri, Balghis; Tripp, Aili Mari (eds.) (2017)
Women's activism in Africa: struggles for rights and representation
Abstract presentLondon: Zed Books. 250p.

Periodical articleBaharumshah, Ahmad Zubaidi; Sirag, Abdalla; Nor, Norashidah Mohamed (2017)
See this publicationAsymmetric Exchange Rate Pass-through in Sudan: Does Inflation React Differently during Periods of Currency Depreciation?
African Development Review. Volume 29 #3. p. 446-457.

BookBeck, Kurt; Klaeger, Gabriel; Stasik, Michael (eds.) (2017)
See this publicationThe making of the African road
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies (AEGIS) #18. 278p.

Periodical issueBerhe, Mulugeta Gebrehiwot; de Waal, Alex (eds.) (2017)
See this publicationSpecial issue: African peace missions and security sector governance
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 26 #2. 173p.

Periodical articleChaney, Paul (2017)
See this publicationComparative analysis of state and civil society discourse on the implementation of the United Nations convention on the rights of the child in North Africa
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 6-34.

BookElhillo, Safia (2017)
The January children
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. African poetry book series. 63p.

BookFolkers, Antoni; Perzyna, Iga (eds.) (2017)
See this publicationThe Beeker method: planning and working on the redevelopment of the African City: retrospective glances into the future
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC occasional publications #27. 172p.

Periodical articleLa Rue, George Michael (2017)
See this publicationSeeking Freedom in Multiple Contexts: An Enslaved Sudanese Woman's Life Trajectory, ca. 1800-1834
Journal of Global Slavery. Volume 2 #1-2. p. 11-43.

BookLacroix, W.F.G. (2017)
Ptolemy's Africa: The unknown Sudan, truth or fallacy?
Abstract presentTwentysix. 120p.

Dissertation / thesisSmits, Helena Johanna (2017)
A grammar of Lumun: a Kordofanian language of Sudan
Utrecht: LOT. LOT #465.

Periodical articleSteel, Griet (2017)
See this publicationNavigating (im)mobility: female entrepreneurship and social media in Khartoum
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 87 #2. p. 233-252.

BookTotten, Samuel (ed.) (2017)
Sudan's Nuba Mountains people under siege: accounts by humanitarians in the battle zone
Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers. 263p.

BookTubiana, Jérôme (2017)
See this publicationRemote-control breakdown: Sudanese paramilitary forces and pro-government militias
Geneva: Small Arms Survey. Issue brief of the Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment project of the Small Arms Survey #27. 16p.

BookTubiana, Jérôme; Gramizzi, Claudio (2017)
See this publicationTubu trouble: state and statelessness in the Chad-Sudan-Libya triangle
Geneva: Small Arms Survey. Working papers of the Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment project of the Small Arms Survey #43. 192p.

Periodical articleAbdelhay, Ashraf; Makoni, Busi; Makoni, Sinfree (2016)
See this publicationThe colonial linguistics of governance in Sudan: the Rejaf Language Conference, 1928
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 28 #3. p. 343-358.

Periodical articleAni, Ndubuisi Christian (2016)
See this publicationThe African Union non-indifference stance: lessons from Sudan and Libya
Abstract presentAfrican Conflict and Peacebuilding Review. Volume 6 #2. p. 1-22.

BookBeldados, Alemseged (2016)
Paleoethnobotanical study of ancient food crops and the environmental context in North-East Africa, 6000 BC-AD 200/300
Oxford: Archaeopress. Cambridge monographs in African archaeology #88. 90p.

Periodical articleBigon, Liora (2016)
Military Settlement Forms in Colonial Dakar and Western Sudan: Hesitative Moments
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #4. p. 494-508.

BookBoustani, Sobhi; El-Eneany, Rasheed (eds.) (2016)
La littérature à l'heure du printemps arabe
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Lettres du Sud. 351p.

BookBrass, Michael Jonathan (2016)
See this publicationReinterpreting chronology and society at the mortuary complex of Jebel Moya (Sudan)
Oxford: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd. Cambridge monographs in African archaeology #92. 191p.

BookCakaj, Ledio (2016)
When the walking defeats you: one man's journey as Joseph Kony's bodyguard
London: Zed Books. 402p.

BookCockett, Richard (2016)
Sudan: the failure and division of an African State
New Haven: Yale University Press. 332p.

Periodical articleConnell, Dan (2016)
See this publicationRefugees, migration, and gated nations: the Eritrean experience
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 59 #3. p. 217-225.

BookCormack, Raph; Shmookler, Max; Al-Malik, Ahmed (eds.) (2016)
Book of Khartoum: a city in short fiction
Manchester: Comma Press. 80p.

BookCraze, Joshua; Tubiana, Jérôme; Gramizzi, Claudio (2016)
See this publicationA state of disunity: conflict dynamics in unity state, South Sudan, 2013-15
Geneva: Small Arms Survey. A Working paper of the Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment project of the Small Arms Survey #42. 255p.

Periodical articleDalen, Dorrit van (2016)
See this publicationOn Writing and Weaving. Muslim Scholarship in Seventeenth-Century Central Sudanic Africa
Islamic Africa. Volume 7 #1. p. 4-18.

Conference paperDeych, Tatiana (ed.) (2016)
Africa's growing role in world politics
Abstract presentLac-Beauport: Meabooks. 296p.

Periodical articleEl-Gack, Nawal (2016)
The power of non-governmental organizations in Sudan: do structural changes matter?
Australasian Review of African Studies. Volume 37 #1. p. 52-72.

Periodical issueFontein, Joost (ed.) (2016)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Crossing Africa and beyond: essays in honour of Marian Charles Jedrej (1943-2007)
Abstract presentCritical African studies. Volume 8 #1. p. 203-298.

Periodical articleFreitas, Jeane Silva de; Lacerda, Jan Marcel de Almeida Freitas (2016)
A mediação facilitadora das organizações internacionais na resolução de conflitos: uma análise da atuação da ONU e a da UA no conflito entre o Sudão e o Sudão do Sul
Relações Internacionais. Volume 51. p. 89-106.

Periodical articleGarcea, Elena A.A.; Wang, Hong; Chaix, Louis (2016)
See this publicationHigh-precision radiocarbon dating application to multi-proxy organic materials from late foraging to early pastoral sites in Upper Nubia, Sudan
Journal of African Archaeology. Volume 14 #1. p. 83-98.

BookGration, Scott (2016)
Flight path: son of Africa to warrior-diplomat
Winter Garden, FL: Mulami Books. 336p.

BookHannoum, Abdelmajid (ed.) (2016)
Practicing Sufism: Sufi politics and performance in Africa
Abstract presentAbingdon: Routledge. RoutledgeCurzon Sufi series. 254p.

BookHunter, Emma (ed.) (2016)
Citizenship, belonging, and political community in Africa: dialogues between past and present
Abstract presentAthens: Ohio University Press. Cambridge Centre of African Studies series. 306p.

Periodical articleLa Rue, George Michael (2016)
See this publicationLand documents in Dar Fur sultanate (Sudan, 1785-1875): Between memory and archives
Afriques. Volume 7.

BookLayish, Aharon (2016)
Sharia and the Islamic State in 19th century Sudan: The Mahdi's legal methodology and doctrine
Leiden: Brill. Islam in Africa #19. 348p.

Periodical articleLe Billon, Philippe; Savage, Emily (2016)
See this publicationBinding pipelines? Oil, armed conflicts, and economic rationales for peace in the two Sudans
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 35 #2. p. 134-150.

BookLo, Mbaye; Haron, Muhammed (eds.) (2016)
Muslim institutions of higher education in postcolonial Africa
Abstract presentNew York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. 302p.

Periodical articleManzo, Andrea (2016)
Weapons, Ideology and Identity at Kerma (Upper Nubia, 2500-1500 BC)
Aion. Annali dell'Università degli Studi di Napoli 'L'Orientale'. Volume 76. p. 3-29.

Periodical articleMavoungou, Jean Sylvestre (2016)
La construction identitaire et l'incertitude des solutions militaires dans les conflits en Afrique: cas de la Côte d'Ivoire, de la R.D.C., du Soudan et de la R.C.A.
Revue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 70 #4. p. 534-563.

Periodical articleNicoll, Fergus (2016)
See this publicationFatwa and Propaganda: Contemporary Muslim Responses to the Sudanese Mahdiyya
Islamic Africa. Volume 7 #2. p. 239-265.

Periodical articleReyna, Stephen (2016)
Social Pointillism and Starry Nights: Making Points to Make Connections in the Sudanese Civil War
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #3. p. 358-369.

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