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Periodical articleWynne-Jones, Stephanie (2007)
Creating Urban Communities at Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania, AD 800-1300
Antiquity. Volume 81 #312. June. p. 368-380.

Periodical articleLane, Paul and Ashley, Ceri and Seitsonen, Oula and Harvey, Paul and Mire, Sada and Odede, Frederick (2007)
The Transition to Farming in Eastern Africa: New Faunal and Dating Evidence from Wadh Lang'o and Usenge, Kenya
Antiquity. Volume 81 #311. March. p. 62-81.

Periodical articleMguni, Siyakha (2006)
King's Monuments: Identifying 'Formlings' in Southern African San Rock Paintings
Antiquity. Volume 80 #309. September. p. 583-598.

Periodical articleBarich, Barbara E. and Garcea, Elena A.A. and Giraudi, Carlo (2006)
Between the Mediterranean and the Sahara: Geoarchaeological Reconnaissance in the Jebel Gharbi, Libya
Antiquity. Volume 80 #309. September. p. 567-582.

Periodical articleKeita, S.O.Y. and Boyce, A.J. (2006)
Variation in Porotic Hyperostosis in the Royal Cemetery Complex at Abydos, Upper Egypt: A Social Interpretation
Antiquity. Volume 80 #307. p. 64-73.

Periodical articleKawatoko, Mutsuo (2005)
Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to the Islamic Period in Egypt and the Red Sea Coast
Antiquity. Volume 79 #306. p. 844-857.

Periodical articleDe Meulemeester, Johnny (2005)
Islamic Archaeology in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 79 #306. p. 837-843.

Periodical articleDe Meulemeester, Johnny (2005)
Granaries and Irrigation: Archaeological and Ethnological Investigations in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 79 #305. p. 609-615.

Periodical articleThackeray, J. Francis (2005)
The Wounded Roan: A Contribution to the Relation of Hunting and Trance in Southern African Rock Art
Antiquity. Volume 79 #303. March. p. 5-18.

Periodical articleWadley, lyn and Williamson, Bonny and Lombard, Marlize (2004)
Ochre in Hafting in Middle Stone Age Southern Africa: A Practical Role
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 661-675.

Periodical articleMulvin, Lynda and Sidebotham, Steven E. (2004)
Roman Game Boards from Abu Sha'ar (Red Sea Coast, Egypt)
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 602-617.

Periodical articleHuysecom, E. and Ozainne, S. and Raeli, F. and Ballouche, A. and Rasse, M. and Stokes, S. (2004)
Ounjougou (Mali): A History of Holocene Settlement at the Southern Edge of the Sahara
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 579-593.

Periodical articleKobusiewicz, Michal and Kabacinski, Jacek and Schild, Romuald and Irish, Joel D. and Wendorf, Fred (2004)
Discovery of the First Neolithic Cemetery in Egypt's Western Desert
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 566-578.

Periodical articleAsombang, Raymond N. (2004)
Interpreting Standing Stones in Africa: A Case Study in North-West Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 78 #300. June. p. 294-305.

Periodical articleMurail, P. and Maureille, B. and Peresinotto, D. and Geus, F. (2004)
An Infant Cemetery of the Classic Kerma Period (1750-1500 BC, Island of Sai, Sudan)
Antiquity. Volume 78 #300. June. p. 267-277.

Periodical articleStahl, Ann B. and Stahl, Peter W. (2004)
Ivory Production and Consumption in Ghana in the Early Second Millennium AD
Antiquity. Volume 78 #299. March. p. 86-101.

Periodical articlePeressinotto, D. and Schmitt, A. and Lecointe, Y. and Pouriel, R. and Geus, F. (2004)
Neolithic Nomads at El Multaga, Upper Nubia, Sudan
Antiquity. Volume 78 #299. March. p. 54-60.

Periodical articleStocks, Denys A. (2003)
Immutable Laws of Friction: Preparing and Fitting Stone Blocks into the Pyramid of Giza
Antiquity. Volume 77 #297. September. p. 572-578.

Periodical articleChrisomalis, Stephen (2003)
The Egyptian Origin of the Greek Alphabetic Numerals
Antiquity. Volume 77 #297. September. p. 485-496.

Periodical articleTodd, Lawrence and Glantz, Michelle and Kappelman, John (2003)
Chilga Kernet: An Acheulean Landscape on Ethiopia's Western Plateau
Antiquity. Volume 76 #293. September. p. 611-612.

Periodical articleD'Andreal, Andrea and Gallotti, Rosalia and Piperno, Marcello (2002)
Taphonomic Interpretation of the Developed Oldowan Site of Garba IV (Melka Kunture, Ethiopia) through a GIS Application
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 991-1001.

Periodical articleDesie, Asamerew and Cain, Chester and Finneran, Niall and Harlow, Michael and Phillips, Jacke (2002)
Combating the Destruction of Ethiopia's Archaeological Heritage
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 955-956.

Periodical articleStern, Nicola (2002)
FxJj43: An Early Stone Age Locality in Northern Kenya
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 925-926.

Periodical articleHuysecom, Eric (2002)
Palaeoenvironment and Human Population in West Africa: An International Research Project in Mali
Antiquity. Volume 76 #292. June. p. 335-336.

Periodical articleBuckland, P.C. and Panagiotakopulu, E. (2001)
Rameses II and the Tobacco Beetle
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 549-556.

Periodical articleCopley, Mark S. and Evershed, Richard P. and Rose, Pamela J. and Clapham, Alan and Edwards, David N. and Horton, Mark C. (2001)
Processing Palm Fruits in the Nile Valley-Biomolecular Evidence from Qasr Ibrim
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 538-542.

Periodical articleReeves, Nicholas (2001)
An Amarna-Period Ostracon from the Valley of the Kings
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 501-502.

Periodical articleBarton, R.N.E. and Bouzouggar, A. and Stringer, C.B. (2001)
Bridging the Gap: New Fieldwork in Northern Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 489-490.

Periodical articleD'Andreal, A.C. and Klee, M. and Casey, J. (2001)
Archaeological Evidence for Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum) in Sub-Saharan West Africa)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 341-348.

Periodical articleD'Errico, Francesco and Henshilwood, Christopher and Nilssen, Peter (2001)
An Engraved Bone Fragment from c. 70,000-Year-Old Middle Stone Age Levels at Blombos Cave, South Africa: Implications for the Origin of Symbolism and Language
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 309-318.

Periodical articleHerries, Andy I.R. and Latham, Alf G. and Kuykendall, Kevin L. (2001)
The Use of 'SRT' in Sampling the Makapansgat Limeworks Hominid Palaeocave, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 251-252.

Periodical articleStocks, Denys A. (2001)
Testing Ancient Egyptian Granite-Working Methods in Aswan, Upper Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 89-94.

Periodical articleHuyge, D. and Watchman, A. and De Dapper, M. and Marchi, E. (2001)
Dating Egypt's Oldest 'Art': AMS 14C Age Determinations of Rock Varnishes Covering Petroglyphs at El-Hosh (Upper Egypt)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 68-72.

Periodical articleMacEachern, Scott and Bourges, Claire and Reeves, Maureen (2001)
Early Horse Remains from Northern Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 62-67.

Periodical articleShaw, Ian and Bloxa, Elizabeth and Graham, Angus and Bunbury, Judith and Lee, Richard and Darnell, Deborah (2001)
Survey and Excavation at the Gebel el-Asr Gneiss and Quartz Quarries in Lower Nubis (1997-2000)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 33-34.

Periodical articleSnape, Steven (2001)
Neb-Re and the Heart of Darkness: The Latest Discoveries from Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 19-20.

Periodical articleHaour, Anne (2000)
The Former Kano? Ethnoarchaeology of Kufan Kanawa, Niger
Antiquity. Volume 74 #286. December. p. 767-768.

Periodical articleInsoll, Timothy (2000)
The Origins of Timbuktu
Antiquity. Volume 74 #285. September. p. 483-484.

Periodical articleSmith, Benjamin (2000)
Archaeology and Symbolism in the New South African Coast of Arms
Antiquity. Volume 74 #285. September. p. 467-468.

Periodical articleReid, Andrew and Segobye, Alinah K. (2000)
An Ivory Cache from Botswana
Antiquity. Volume 74 #284. June. p. 326-331.

Periodical articleKeenan, Jeremy (2000)
The Theft of Saharan Rock-Art
Antiquity. Volume 74 #284. June. p. 287-288.

Periodical articleReid, Andrew and Young, Ruth (2000)
Pottery Abrasion and the Preparation of African Grains
Antiquity. Volume 74 #283. March. p. 101-111.

Periodical articleLambert-Zazulak, Patricia (2000)
The International Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank at the Manchester Museum
Antiquity. Volume 74 #283. March. p. 44-48.

Periodical articleVermeersch, P.M. and Paulissen, E. and Van Peer, P. and Stokes, S. and Charlier, C. and Stringer, C. and Lindsay, W. (1998)
A Middle Palaeolithic Burial of a Modern Human at Taramsa Hill, Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 72 #283. March. p. 475-484.

Periodical articleWasylikowa, Krystyna and Mitka, Joazef and Wendor, Fred and Schild, Romuald (1997)
Exploitation of Wild Plants by the Early Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers of the Western Desert, Egypt: Nabta Playa as a Case-Study
Antiquity. Volume 71 #274. December. p. 932-942.

Periodical articleOuzman, Sven and Wadley, Lyn (1997)
A History in Paint and Stone from Rose Cottage Cave, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 71 #272. June. p. 386-404.

Periodical articleMitchell, Peter J. (1996)
The Late Quaternary Landscape at Sehonghong in the Lesotho Highlands, Southern Africa
Antiquity. Volume 70 #269. September. p. 623-638.

Periodical articleLyons, Diane (1996)
The Politics of House Shape: Round Versus Rectilinear Domestic Structures in Dela Compounds, Northern Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 70 #268. June. p. 351-367.

Periodical articleEddy, Michael R. (1995)
Politics and Archaeology in the Canary Islands
Antiquity. Volume 69 #264. September. p. 444-448.

Periodical articleInsoll, Timothy (1995)
A Cache of Hippopotamus Ivory at Gao, Mali; and a Hypothesis of its Use
Antiquity. Volume 69 #263. June. p. 327-336.

Periodical articleShaw, Ian (1994)
Pharaonic Quarrying and Mining: Settlement and Procurement in Egypt's Marginal Regions
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 108-109.

Periodical articleMitchell, Peter (1994)
The Archaeology of the Phuthiatsana-ea-Thaba Bosiu Basin, Lesotho, Southern Africa: Changes in Later Stone Age Regional Demography
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 83-96.

Periodical articleSealy, Judith and Yates, Royden (1994)
The Chronology of the Introduction of Pastoralism to the Cape, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 58-67.

Periodical articleLewis-Williams, David and Dowson, Thomas A. and Deacon, Janette (1993)
Rock Art and Changing Perceptions of Southern Africa's Past: Ezeljagdspoort Reviewed
Antiquity. Volume 67 #255. June. p. 273-291.

Periodical articleLenoble, Patrice and Shari, Nigm e.D.M. (1992)
Barbarians at the Gates? The Royal Mounds of El Hobagi and the End of Meroe
Antiquity. Volume 66 #252. September. p. 626-635.

Periodical articleBonnet, Charles (1992)
Excavations at the Nubian Royal Town of Kerma: 1975-91
Antiquity. Volume 66 #252. September. p. 611-625.

Periodical articleKrzyzaniak, Lech (1991)
Early Farming in the Middle Nile Basin: Recent Discoveries at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Antiquity. Volume 65 #248. September. p. 515-532.

Periodical articleConnah, Graham (1991)
The Salt of Bunyoro: Seeking the Origins of an African Kingdom
Antiquity. Volume 65 #248. September. p. 479-494.

Periodical articleKrause, Richard A. (1990)
Ceramic Practice and Semantic Space: An Ethnoarchaeological Inquiry into the Logic of Bantu Potting
Antiquity. Volume 64 #245. December. p. 711-726.

Periodical articleClose, Angela E. (1990)
Living on the Edge: Neolithic Herders in the Eastern Sahara
Antiquity. Volume 64 #242. March. p. 79-96.

Periodical articleBaines, John (1989)
Communication and Display: The Integration of Early Egyptian Art and Writing
Antiquity. Volume 63 #240. September. p. 471-482.

Periodical articleMcHugh, William P. and Schaber, Gerald G. and Breed, Carol S. and McCauley, John F. (1989)
Neolithic Adaptation and the Holocene Functioning of Tertiary Palaeodrainages in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan
Antiquity. Volume 63 #239. June. p. 320-336.

Periodical articleRowling, J. Thompson (1989)
The Rise and Decline of Surgery in Dynastic Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 63 #239. June. p. 312-319.

Periodical articleParkington, John (1989)
Interpreting Paintings without a Commentary: Meaning and Motive, Content and Composition in the Rock Art of the Western Cape, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 63 #238. March. p. 13-26.

Periodical articleSchrire, Carmel (1988)
The Historical Archaeology of the Impact of Colonialism in 17th-Century South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 62 #235. June. p. 214-225.

Periodical articleSmith, H.S. and Jeffreys, D.G. (1986)
A Survey of Memphis, Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 60 #229. July. p. 88-95.

Periodical articleRoe, Derek A. and Olsen, John W. and Underwood, James R. and Giegengack, Robert F. (1982)
A Handaxe of Libyan Desert Glass
Antiquity. Volume 56 #217. July. p. 88-92.

Periodical articleHarrison, R.G. and Connolly, R.C. and Ahmed, Soheir and Abdalla, A.B. and El Ghawaby, M. (1979)
A Mummified Foetus from the Tomb of Tutankkhamun
Antiquity. Volume 53 #207. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleMellart, James (1979)
Egyptian and Near Eastern Chronology: A Dilemma?
Antiquity. Volume 53 #207. March. p. 6-18.

Periodical articleKemp, Barry J. (1977)
The Early Development of Towns in Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 51 #203. November. p. 185-200.

Periodical articleVan Noten, Francis (1977)
Excavation at Matupi Cave
Antiquity. Volume 51 #201. March. p. 35-40.

Periodical articleSutton, J.E.G. (1977)
The African Aqualithic
Antiquity. Volume 51 #201. March. p. 25-34.

Periodical articleGilman, Antonio (1974)
Neolithic of Northwest Africa
Antiquity. Volume 48 #192. December. p. 273-282.

Periodical articleMori, Fabrizio (1974)
The Earliest Saharan Rock-Engravings
Antiquity. Volume 48 #190. June. p. 87-92.

Periodical articleVinnicombe, Patricia (1972)
Motivation in African Rock Art
Antiquity. Volume 46 #182. June. p. 124-133.

Periodical articleFairman, H.W. (1972)
Tutankhamun and the End of the 18th Dynasty
Antiquity. Volume 46 #181. March. p. 15-18.

Periodical articleHarrison, R.G. and Abdalla, A.B. (1972)
The Remains of Tutankhamun
Antiquity. Volume 46 #181. March. p. 8-14.

Periodical articleShaw, Thurstan (1969)
Archaeology in Nigeria
Antiquity. Volume 43 #171. September. p. 187-199.

Periodical articleKemp, Barry J. (1967)
The Egyptian 1st Dynasty Royal Cemetery
Antiquity. Volume 41 #161. March. p. 22-32.

Periodical articleParadisi, Umberto (1965)
Prehistoric Art in the Gebel el-Akdar (Cyrenaica)
Antiquity. Volume 39 #154. June. p. 95-101.

Periodical articleGraziosi, Paolo (1964)
New Discoveries of Rock Paintings in Ethiopia, Part Two
Antiquity. Volume 38 #151. September. p. 187-190.

Periodical articleCaton-Thompson, Gertrude (1964)
Zimbabwe, All Things Considered
Antiquity. Volume 38 #150. June. p. 99-102.

Periodical articleGraziosi, Paolo (1964)
New Discoveries of Rock Paintings in Ethiopia, Part One
Antiquity. Volume 38 #150. June. p. 91-98.

Periodical articleSmith, H.S. (1964)
Egypt and C14 Dating
Antiquity. Volume 38 #149. March. p. 32-37.

Periodical articleLeakey, L.S.B. (1962)
The Olduvai Discoveries
Antiquity. Volume 36 #142. June. p. 119-122.

Periodical articleNapier, J.R. and Weiner, J.S. (1962)
Olduvai Gorge and Human Origins
Antiquity. Volume 36 #141. March. p. 41-47.

Periodical articleVita-Finzi, Claudio (1961)
Roman Dams in Tripolitania
Antiquity. Volume 35 #137. March. p. 14-20.

Periodical articleGoodchild, Richard (1960)
A Byzantine Palace at Apollonia (Cyrenaica)
Antiquity. Volume 34 #136. December. p. 246-258.

Periodical articleBowen, Richard L. (1960)
Egypt's Earliest Sailing Ships
Antiquity. Volume 34 #134. June. p. 117-131.

Periodical articleReynolds, J.M. and Brogan, Olwen and Smith, David (1958)
Inscriptions in the Libyan Alphabet from Ghirza in Tripolitania
Antiquity. Volume 32 #126. June. p. 112-115.

Periodical articleMalan, B.D. (1957)
Old and New Rock Engravings in Natal, South Africa: A Zulu Game
Antiquity. Volume 31 #123. September. p. 153-154.

Periodical articleBovill, E.W. (1956)
The Camel and the Garamantes
Antiquity. Volume 30 #117. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleSummers, Roger (1955)
The Dating of the Zimbabwe Ruins
Antiquity. Volume 29 #114. June. p. 107-111.

Periodical articleMathew, Gervase (1953)
Recent Discoveries in East African Archaeology
Antiquity. Volume 27 #108. December. p. 212-218.

Periodical articleSummers, Roger (1952)
Inyanga: A Preliminary Report
Antiquity. Volume 26 #102. June. p. 71-75.

Periodical articleGoodchild, R.G. (1951)
'Libyan' Forts in South-West Cyrenaica
Antiquity. Volume 25 #99. September. p. 131-144.

Periodical articleArkell, A.J. (1951)
Possible Magdalenian Survivals in Africa
Antiquity. Volume 25 #97. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleClark, W.E. Le Gros (1950)
'Ape-Men' of South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 24 #96. December. p. 179-186.

Periodical articleAddison, F. (1950)
Archaeological Discoveries on the Blue Nile
Antiquity. Volume 24 #93. March. p. 12-24.

Periodical articleMatthews, Derek H. (1949)
The Restoration of the Monastery Church of Debra Damo, Ethiopia
Antiquity. Volume 23 #92. December. p. 188-200.

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