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Periodical articleLeBlanc, Marie N. (2007)
Imaniya and Young Muslim Women in Cote d'Ivoire
Anthropologica. Volume 49 #1. p. 35-50.

Periodical articleEpprecht, Marc (2006)
Bisexuality and the Politics of Normal in African Ethnography
Anthropologica. Volume 48 #2. p. 187-201.

Periodical articleDenov, Myriam; Maclure, Richard (2006)
Engaging the Voices of Girls in the Aftermath of Sierra Leone's Conflict: Experiences and Perspectives in a Culture of Violence
Anthropologica. Volume 48 #1. p. 73-85.

Periodical articleLambek, Michael (2004)
The Saint, the Sea Monster, and an Invitation to a Diner-Dansant: Ethnographic Reflections on the Edgy Passage-and the Double Edge-of Modernity, Mayotte, 1975-2001
Anthropologica. Volume 46 #1. p. 57-68.

Periodical articleAnderson, Connie M.; Bielert, Troy A.; Jones, Ryan P. (2004)
One Country, One Sport, Endless Knowledge: The Anthropological Study of Sports in South Africa
Anthropologica. Volume 46 #1. p. 47-55.

Periodical articleThomas, Elizabeth M. (2003)
The Lion/Bushman Relationship in Nyae Nyae in the 1950s: A Relationship Crafted in the Old Way
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleSylvain, Renee (2003)
Class, Culture and Recognition: San Farm Workers and Indigenous Identities
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleSusser, Ida (2003)
Ju/'hoansi Survival in the Age of HIV: Questions of Poverty and Gender
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleSolway, Jacqueline S. (2003)
Richard Borshay Lee: Selected Bibliography
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleSolway, Jacqueline S. (2003)
Politics and Practice in Critical Anthropology: The Work of Richard B. Lee
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articlePattersone, Thomas C. (2003)
Subtle Matters of Theory and Emphasis: Richard Lee and Controversies about Foraging Peoples
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleHitchcock, Robert K. (2003)
Land, Livestock, and Leadership among the Ju/'hoansi San of North Western Botswana
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleGuenther, Mathias G. (2003)
Contemporary Bushman Art, Identity Politics and the Primitivism Discourse
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleGailey, Christine W. (2003)
Richard Lee: The Politics, Art, and Science of Anthropology
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleBiesele, Megan (2003)
The Kalahari Peoples Fund: Activist Legacy of the Harvard Kalahari Research Group
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleClarke, Kamari M. (2002)
Governmentality, Modernity and the Historical Politics of Oyo-Hegemony in Yoruba Transnational Revivalism
Anthropologica. Volume 44 #2. p. 271-293.

Periodical articleNeintel, Deidre (2002)
Cape Verdean Transnationalism, Old and New
Anthropologica. Volume 44 #1.

Periodical articleGibb, Camilla (2002)
Deterritorialized People in Hyperspace: Creating and Debating Harari Identity over the Internet
Anthropologica. Volume 44 #1.

Periodical articleGosselin, Claudine (2000)
Feminism, Anthropology and the Politics of Excision in Mali: Global and Local Debates in a Postcolonial World
Anthropologica. Volume 42 #1. p. 43-60.

Periodical articleGosselin, Claudine (2000)
Feminism, Anthropology and the Politics of Excision in Mali: Global and Local Debates in a Post-Colonial World
Anthropologica. Volume 42 #1.

Periodical articleGalaty, John G. (1997)
Grounds for Appeal: Maasai Customary Claims and Conflicts
Anthropologica. Volume 39 #1-2. p. 113-131.

Periodical articleRutherford, Blair (1997)
The Power Plays of Identities on Commercial Farms in Zimbabwe: 'Law and Gender' in Southern Africa Revisited
Anthropologica. Volume 39 #1-2. p. 105-112.

Periodical articleJefremovas, Villia (1997)
Contested Identities: Power and the Fictions of Ethnicity, Ethnography and History in Rwanda
Anthropologica. Volume 39 #1-2. p. 91-104.

Periodical articleHolmes, J. Teresa (1997)
Contested Kinship and the Dispute of Customary Law in Colonial Kenya
Anthropologica. Volume 39 #1-2. p. 79-89.

Periodical articleWorby, Eric (1997)
Eleven Guilty Men from Goredema: Parallel Justice and the Moralities of Local Administration in Northwestern Zimbabwe
Anthropologica. Volume 39 #1-2. p. 71-77.

Periodical articleMedard, Modesta; Wilson, Douglas C. (1996)
Changing Economic Problems for Women in the Nile Perch Fishing Communities on lake Victoria
Anthropologica. Volume 38 #2. p. 149-172.

Periodical articleCharles, J.O. (1996)
Marriage and Lineage Segmentation in Ibibioland
Anthropologica. Volume 38 #1. p. 81-92.

Periodical articleWarkentin, Raija (1996)
Traditional African Religion and Modern Christianity in Zaire: The Case of the Bira
Anthropologica. Volume 38 #1. p. 3-19.

Periodical articleAbwunza, Judith M. (1995)
'Silika - to Make Our Lives Shine': Women's Groups in Maragoli, Kenya
Anthropologica. Volume 37 #1. p. 27-48.

Periodical articleRohatynskyj, Marta (1993)
The Personhood of Women and Community Development in a Burkinabe Village
Anthropologica. Volume 35 #1. p. 3-22.

Periodical articleGordon, Robert J. (1992)
The Making of the 'Bushmen'
Anthropologica. Volume 34 #2. p. 183-203.

Periodical articleAbwunza, Judith M. (1990)
Nyayo: Cultural Contradictions in Kenya Rural Capitalism
Anthropologica. Volume 32 #2. p. 183-203.

Periodical articleDei, George J.S. (1990)
Deforestation in a Ghanaian Rural Community
Anthropologica. Volume 32 #1. p. 3-27.

Periodical articleOgbuagu, Stella C. (1989)
The Changing Perception of Death and Burial: A Look at the Nigerian Obituaries
Anthropologica. Volume 31 #1. p. 85-101.

Periodical articleLyons, Andrew P.; Lyons, Harriet D. (1985)
Return of the Ikoi-Koi': Manifestations of Liminality on Nigerian Television
Anthropologica. Volume 27 #1-2. p. 55-78.

Periodical articleOffiong, Daniel A. (1982)
The Process of Making and the Importance of the Ekpo Mask
Anthropologica. Volume 24 #2. p. 193-206.

Periodical articleOffiong, Daniel A. (1982)
The 1978-79 Akpan Ekwong Anti-Witchcraft Crusade in Nigeria
Anthropologica. Volume 24 #1. p. 27-42.

Periodical articleTrigger, Bruce G. (1968)
New Light on the History of Lower Nubia
Anthropologica. Volume 10 #1. p. 81-106.

Periodical articleGutkind, Peter C.W. (1966)
African Urban Chiefs: Agents of Stability or Change in Urban Life
Anthropologica. Volume 8 #2.

Periodical articleCohen, Ronald (1962)
The Analysis of Conflict in Hierarchical System: Kanuri Political Organization
Anthropologica. Volume 4 #1. p. 87-120.

Periodical articleCodere, Helen (1962)
Power in Ruanda
Anthropologica. Volume 4 #1. p. 45-86.

Periodical articleCohen, Ronald (1962)
Power in Complex Societies in Africa
Anthropologica. Volume 4 #1. p. 5-8.

Periodical articleGutkind, Peter C.W. (1962)
Accommodation and Conflict in an African Peri-Urban Area
Anthropologica. Volume 4 #1.

Periodical articleCohen, Ronald (1961)
The Success That Failed: An Experiment in Culture Change in Africa
Anthropologica. Volume 3 #1. p. 21-36.

Search: pe=Anthropologica
Found: 44 Record 1-44

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