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Periodical articlePwiti, G.; Nhamo, A.; Katsamudanga, S.; Segobye, A. (2007)
Makasva: archaeological heritage, rainmaking and healing in Southern Africa with special reference to Eastern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 103-111.

Periodical articleSoper, R. (2007)
An overview of Nyanga archaeology
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 95-101.

Periodical articleShenjere, P. (2007)
Faunal remains from Murahwa's Hill, Manyikaland, Eastern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 83-94.

Periodical articleMpira, P. (2007)
Farming communities on Murahwa's Hill, Central Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 63-82.

Periodical articleNhamo, A.; Saetersdal, T.; Walderhaug, E. (2007)
Ancestral landscapes: reporting on rock art in the border regions of Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 43-62.

Periodical articleMupira, P.; Katsamudanga, S. (2007)
Excavations at Manjowe and Gwenzi rock shelters in Zimunya communal lands, Central Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 21-42.

Periodical articleKatsamudanga, S. (2007)
Archaeological surveys in Zimunya, Burma Valley, Vumba and Tsetsera Mountains, Central Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 9-19.

Periodical articlePwiti, G.; Halaand, R.; Saetersdal, T. (2007)
The ancestral landscape of Manyikaland archaeology research project: an overview
Zimbabwea. #9. March. p. 1-8.

Periodical articleSwan, L.M. (2006)
Iron ore as a long term resource in South-eastern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #8. January. p. 42-51.

Periodical articleSinamai, E. (2006)
Nations and their pasts: changing meanings of zimbabwe-sites in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana
Zimbabwea. #8. January. p. 31-41.

Periodical articleChikwanda, G. (2006)
The conservation efforts on dry stone walled structures-from the original construction to date: a look at Great Zimbabwe and related sites
Zimbabwea. #8. January. p. 22-30.

Periodical articleMupira, P. (2006)
New evidence of stone settlement structures in the Sawerombi (Saurombe) area of Chimanimani, South-Eastern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #8. January. p. 10-21.

Periodical articleMahachi, G.; Matenga, E. (2006)
Chinengundu Mashayamombe and shrines of the first Chimurenga war 1896-1897, Mhondoro district
Zimbabwea. #8. January. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleMavesere, L.; Mvenge, G.T. (1999)
Chikwambo: museums and urban witchcraft
Zimbabwea. #6. December. p. 21-26.

Periodical articlePikirayi, I. (1999)
Great Zimbabwe tradition settlement and gold mining: local pottery from historical period mines in northern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #6. December. p. 15-20.

Periodical articleManyanga, M. (1999)
The antagonism of living realities: archaeology and religion: the case of Manyanga (Ntabazikamambo) national monument
Zimbabwea. #6. December. p. 10-14.

Periodical articleMazarire, G.C. (1999)
'Of spelling errors and historical distortions: historians museums and the way forward': oral traditions concerning the identity of Maziriri, the Svikiro of the Chivi people
Zimbabwea. #6. December. p. 4-9.

Periodical articleRuwitah, A.R. (1999)
Kupakasa: 'pre-colonial cotton production and trade in the Zambezi and Save Valleys
Zimbabwea. October. p. 3-42.

Periodical articleSwan, L.M. (1997)
Salvage excavation of an iron-smelting furnace near Arcturus, northern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 72-78.

Periodical articleRuwitah, A. (1997)
Lost tribe, lost language? the invention of a false Remba identity
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 53-71.

Periodical articleSinamai, A. (1997)
Wood from the western entrance of the great enclosure, Great Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 48-52.

Periodical articlePikirayi, I. (1997)
The pottery of the historical Mutapa State: an examination of the local ceramics from some trading centres in northern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 30-47.

Periodical articlePwiti, G.; Mawoko, P. (1997)
Faunal remains from Kasekete, a Zimbabwe tradition site in the Zambezi Valley, northern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 22-29.

Periodical articleHughes, G. (1997)
Excavations within the peripheral area of settlement at Khami, 1989
Zimbabwea. #5. October. p. 3-21.

Periodical articleMutema, L. (1996)
Salt making, myth and conflict in Chireya
Zimbabwea. #4. April. p. 44-53.

Periodical articleSoper, R. (1996)
Excavation of a stone enclosure at Ziwa Ruins, Nyanga District
Zimbabwea. #4. April. p. 34-43.

Periodical articleMuringaniza, J.S.; Ruwitah, A. (1996)
Ethnography and archaeological interpretation of use of space at Zimbabwe tradition sites
Zimbabwea. #4. April. p. 23-33.

Periodical articlePikirayi, I. (1996)
Archaeological pointers to the decline or collapse of the Mutapa state
Zimbabwea. #4. April. p. 9-22.

Periodical articleMupira, P. (1996)
Gwiranenzara Hill Ruin excavations: a preliminary report
Zimbabwea. #4. April. p. 1-8.

Periodical articlePwiti, G. (1991)
Shona ethnography and the interpretation of Iron Age Zimbabwe burials: the significance of burial location
Zimbabwea. #3. October. p. 57-59.

Periodical articlePwiti, G. (1991)
Trade and economies in Southern Africa c. AD 700-1200
Zimbabwea. #3. October. p. 51-56.

Periodical articleSinclair, P.J.J. (1991)
Excavations at Chivowa Hill
Zimbabwea. #3. October. p. 23-50.

Periodical articleWalker, N. (1991)
Excavations and re-examination of some Stone Age sites in the Matopos
Zimbabwea. #3. October. p. 5-22.

Periodical articlePhillipson, D.W. (1991)
Keith Robinson and Iron Age archaeology
Zimbabwea. #3. October. p. 1-4.

Search: pe=Zimbabwea
Found: 34 Record 1-34

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