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Periodical articleBaynes-Rock, Marcus (2016)
See this publicationThe ontogeny of hyena representations among the Harari people of Ethiopia
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 86 #2. p. 288-304.

BookCamara-Maléya, Nènè Moussa (2016)
Contes animaliers de chez nous: récits mystiques du Manden originel
Paris: L'Harmattan. 107p.

Periodical articleHalliday, Amy (2016)
See this publicationThe human/animal in contemporary South African photography
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 28 #1. p. 44-60.

BookMoolla, F. Fiona (ed.) (2016)
Natures of Africa: ecocriticism and animal studies in contemporary cultural forms
Abstract presentJohannesburg: Wits University Press. 334p.

Periodical issueSwart, Sandra (ed.) (2016)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Writing animals into African history
Abstract presentCritical African studies. Volume 8 #2. p. 95-237.

BookEgo, Renaud (2015)
L'animal voyant: art rupestre d'Afrique australe
Arles: Éditions Errance. 285p.

Periodical articleSharkey, Heather J. (2015)
See this publication'La belle Africaine': the Sudanese giraffe who went to France
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 49 #1. p. 39-65.

Periodical articleBela, Bienvenu Cyrille (2014)
Le bestiaire dans l'art des anciens beti (Sud-Cameroun)
Abstract presentAnnales de la Faculté des Arts, Lettres et Sciences Humaines. #16. p. 255-279.

BookSpeitkamp, Winfried; Zehnle, Stephanie (eds.) (2014)
Afrikanische Tierräume: historische Verortungen
Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. Topics in interdisciplinary African studies. 194p.

Periodical articleChaix, Louis (2013)
See this publicationThe fauna from the UNO/BU excavations at Bieta Giyorgis (Aksum) in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: campaigns 1995-2003: Pre-Aksumite, 700-400 BC to Late Aksumite, AD 800-1200
Journal of African Archaeology. Volume 11 #2. p. 211-241.

Periodical articleVorster, Stacey (2013)
See this publicationInner-city safaris and wild public art
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 27 #2. p. 147-162.

Conference paperCros, Michèle; Bondaz, Julien; Michaud, Maxime (eds.) (2012)
L'animal cannibalisé: festins d'Afrique
Paris: Éd. des Archives contemporaines. 203p.

Periodical articleMthatiwa, Syned (2012)
See this publicationThe 'rhetoric of animality', animal imagery, and Dr. Kamuzu Banda's dictatorship in the poetry of Jack Mapanje
Abstract presentNordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 21 #2. p. 95-117.

BookOlupot, William; Plumptre, Andrew J. (2010)
Conservation research in Uganda's forests: a review of site history, research, and use of research in Uganda's forest parks and Budongo Forest Reserve
New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Wildlife protection, destruction and extinction series. 169p.

Periodical articleBilchitz, David (2009)
See this publicationMoving beyond arbitrariness: the legal personhood and dignity of non-human animals
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 25 #1. p. 38-72.

DVD / videoOuattara, Fatim (ed.) (2009)
Ah, les Blancs
Abstract presentStudio Post Production.

BookEbnou, Moussa Ould; Mohameden, Mohamedou Ould; Bonte, Pierre (eds.) (2008)
Contes d'animaux
Paris: L'Harmattan. 214p.

Periodical articleLameed, G.A. (2008)
Fadama-farm cum wildlife: potential for development in Southern Eastern part of Nigeria
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 20 #2. June. p. 143-149.

Periodical issueAlem, Kangni; Garnier, Xavier; Carré, Nathalie (eds.) (2006)
Indispensables animaux
Abstract presentNotre librairie: revue du livre pour l'Afrique et l'océan Indien. #163. 157p.

Conference paperRouaud, Alain (ed.) (2006)
L'homme et l'animal dans l'Est de l'Afrique
Abstract presentBièvres: Éthiopisants associés. 245p.

Periodical articleLetsebe, T. (2005)
Survivors tell it all
Kutlwano. Volume 46 #10. October. p. 12-13.

BookPickover, Michelè (2005)
Animal rights in South Africa
Cape Town: Double Storey. 210p.

Periodical articleBreed, N. (2004)
Nine lives...
Swara. Volume 27 #3. July-September. p. 59-65.

Periodical articleButchart, D. (2004)
The magic of Manyara
Swara. Volume 27 #1. January-March. p. 44-46.

Periodical articleHouben, P.; Edderai, D.; Dubreuil, H. (2004)
L'élevage de gibier, une alternative de gestion de la faune sauvage et de satisfaction de la consommation traditionnelle de gibier
Revue gabonaise des sciences de l'homme. #5. juin. p. 77-84.

Periodical articleMayer, R. (2004)
Des caméléons et des hommes
Revue gabonaise des sciences de l'homme. #5. juin. p. 43-49.

Periodical articleMercer, G. (2004)
Unspoiled wilderness: Ruaha National Park
Swahili Coast (Zanzibar, Tanzania). #13. October-December. p. 28-31.

Periodical articleMercer, G. (2004)
East Africa's wild west
Swara. Volume 27 #2. April-June. p. 31-33.

Periodical articleNelson, F. (2004)
A matter of trust
Swara. Volume 27 #1. January-March. p. 48-49.

Periodical articleNightingale, D.L.M. (2004)
The good, the bad, the ivory
Swara. Volume 27 #2. April-June. p. 60-61.

Periodical articleOgada, M. (2004)
Beguiling, but false
Swara. Volume 27 #4. October-December. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleBoy, G.; Kabukuru, G.; Shah, T. (2003)
Animal habituator
Swara. Volume 26 #1. January-March. p. 50-51.

Periodical articleKaaouas, Nadia (2003)
L'animal dans le conte populaire berbère: entre le symbolique et le culturel
Études et documents berbères. #21. p. 139-147.

Periodical articleMuwanika, V.B.; Byarugaba, W. (2003)
The genetic legacy of Uganda's recent turbulent history
Uganda Journal. Volume 49. December. p. 88-92.

Periodical articleParker, I. (2003)
The shaping of a game plan
Swara. Volume 26 #1. January-March. p. 40-42.

Periodical articleObwolo, M.J. (2002)
See this publicationThe battles occurring within the animal body: will they ever end?
Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa. Volume 8 #2. p. 111-115.

Periodical articlePearce, F. (2002)
Selling wildlife short
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 25 #1-2. September. p. 72-75.

Periodical articleGrosse-Woodley, N. (2001)
The back of beyond: in remotest Tsavo
Swara. Volume 24 #2. May-August. p. 30-36.

Periodical articleSharman, J. (2001)
Zimbabwe's silent minority
Swara. Volume 24 #1. January-April. p. 38-42.

Periodical articleHoare, R.E. (2000)
Effects of habitat on visibility of elephants during aerial census
Pachyderm. #29. July-December. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleMercer, G. (2000)
An African Eden in the clouds
Swara. Volume 23 #2. July-December. p. 16-18.

Periodical articleMuchai, E. (2000)
Death in the time of tourism
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). June-July. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleMwale, S. (2000)
Changing relationships
Swara. Volume 22 #4. April. p. 10-17.

Periodical articleSalim, M.I. (2000)
Life behind bars
NMK Horizons. Volume 4 #3. November. p. 21-23.

Periodical articleSchneider, H. (2000)
Diseases of wildlife affecting livestock farming in Namibia
Journal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 48. p. 142-159.

Periodical articleTwesigye, C. (2000)
See this publicationReflections: wildlife, genetics, and biodiversity
Uganda Journal. Volume 46. December. p. 79-83.

Periodical articleVinck, H. (2000)
Bonobo: vue d'ensemble et historique de la recherche sur les bonobos en R.D. du Congo
Annales aequatoria. Volume 21. p. 33-40.

Periodical articleAkosim, C.; Yahaya, S.M.; Maisamari, B. (1999)
Feasability of game ranching for meat production in Nigeria
Nature et Faune. Volume 15 #2. July-December. p. 2-12.

Periodical articleJohnstone, R. (1999)
Living with lions
Swara. Volume 22 #1. January-March. p. 24-29.

Periodical articleKariaga, B.M. (1999)
The ecology of the African lion (panthera leo masaicus) of Serengeti
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 22 #2. September. p. 14-20.

Periodical articleKimondo, J. (1999)
Africa's endangered wildlife resources
Njiwa. Volume 7 #10. November. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleKirathe, J.N. (1999)
Conservation of Kenya's most rare and unique gallery forest
Bulletin (East Africa Natural History Society). Volume 29 #1-2. April-August. p. 7-9.

Periodical articlePearce, F. (1999)
People and parks: wildlife, conservation and communities
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 22 #1. March. p. 22-36.

Periodical articlePolich, C. (1999)
Namibia's jewel
Swara. Volume 22 #1. January-March. p. 12-17.

Periodical articleWatkin, J.; Hillman Smith, K. (1999)
A simple method for the analysis of stratified aerial sample counts
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 22-33.

Periodical articleSchoeman, A. (1998-1999)
The desert coast
Namibia Yearbook. #6. p. 24-30.

Periodical articleAbraham, C. (1998)
Life goes on
Swara. Volume 21 #3. October-December. p. 12-15.

Periodical articleBurgess, N.D.; Fjeldså, J.; Botterweg, R. (1998)
See this publicationFaunal importance of the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya and Tanzania
Journal of East African Natural History. Volume 87 #1-2. p. 37-58.

Periodical articleDudley, J.P. (1998)
...my, what big teeth you have!
Swara. Volume 21 #3. October-December. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleLoefler, I. (1998)
Circling vultures
Swara. Volume 21 #2. March-April. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleMlengeya, T.D.K.; Kilewo, M.K.; Mlengeya, M.M. (1998)
Disease management and control in national parks' ecosystems of Tanzania: the new approach
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #supplementary no. 4. p. 42-47.

Periodical articleOyugi, J. (1998)
Flamingoes, rhinos, & plenty of mud
NMK Horizons. #2. March. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleRachlow, J.L. (1998)
White rhinoceros (ceratotherium simum) reproduction and population density: lessons from Matobo National Park
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 32 #1. January-March. p. 8-14.

Periodical articleRottcher, N. (1998)
Swara. Volume 21 #3. October-December. p. 22-25.

Periodical articleCheffings, J. (1997)
Taita salt lick
Swara. Volume 20 #2. March-April. p. 9,11.

Periodical articleHopcraft, D. (1997)
Endangered ecosystem: wildlife ranching and research
Desertification Control Bulletin. #31. p. 19-23.

Periodical articleMarshall, B.E. (1997)
New plant and animal species described in the Journals of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association, 1899-1995
Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association. Volume 71. p. 1-4.

Periodical articleMbassa, G.K.; Mgasa, M.N.; Pereka, A.E.; Matovelo, J.A.; Mlengeya, T.D.K.; Mwangalimi, M.O.; Kaita, M.; Phiri, E.C.J. (1997)
Haematology of African antelopes, the buffalo (syncerus caffer) and the savanna plains zebra (equus grevi/burchelli)
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 17 #supplementary no. 3. p. 7-16.

Periodical articleMcClanahan, T. (1997)
Empty ark?
Swara. Volume 20 #2. March-April. p. 7.

Periodical articleTuruka, F.M.; Mdoe, N.S.Y.; Mlambiti, M.E.; Kijazi, A.J.H. (1997)
Livestock-crop production-environment interactions in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 17 #supplementary no. 3. p. 218-229.

Periodical articleHutton, J. (1996)
Missing the target: for the south, CITES fails wildlife, frustrates communities
Ecoforum. Volume 20 #1. March. p. 17-20.

Periodical articleJacobson, M.; Owen-Smith, G. (1996)
Balancing the cost of wildlife
Namibia Review. Volume 5 #1. March-April. p. 30-32.

Periodical articleKato, Y. (1996)
Observations on wild dogs in Kasungu National Park, 1988-1992
Nyala. Volume 19. p. 1-6.

Periodical articleKaure, A.T. (1996)
People and parks: the carrot and stick approach
Namibia Review. Volume 5 #3. September-October. p. 9-12.

Periodical articleLoefler, I. (1996)
All creatures great and small
Swara. Volume 19 #5. September-October. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleLoefler, I. (1996)
Safari: paradise found
Swara. Volume 19 #5. September-October. p. 9-11.

Periodical articleMbarnoti, E. (1996)
Mkomazi Game Reserve now a zoo
EcoNews Africa. Volume 5 #17. 26th Aug.. p. 1-3, 7.

Periodical articleMbarnoti, E.K. (1996)
Mkomazi Game Reserve now a 'Zoo'
Ecoforum. Volume 20 #3. September. p. 17-18.

Periodical articleSmith, L.D. (1996)
Amboseli-another miracle
Swara. Volume 19 #2. March-April. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleTesfaye H. (1996)
Utilization of wildlife in Ethiopia
Walia. #17. p. 3-10.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1995)
Having your cake and eating it
Moto. #151. August. p. 13-14.

Periodical articleBraun, E. (1995)
Namibia wisdoms: appreciating nature and wildlife in a changing environment
Rössing. October. p. 1-5.

Periodical articleLehnhardt, J. (1995)
Wildlife conservation in zoos
Swara. Volume 18 #6. November-December. p. 12-14.

Periodical articleMadzudzo, Elias; Dzingirai, V. (1995)
See this publicationA Comparative Study of the Implications of Ethnicity on CAMPFIRE in Bulilimamangwe and Binga Districts of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 22 #1. p. 25-41.

Periodical articleMafabi, P. (1995)
Wetlands and their wildlife
Swara. Volume 18 #1. January-February. p. 15-17.

Periodical articleMorris, B. (1995)
Wildlife depredation in Malawi: the historical dimension
Nyala. Volume 18. p. 17-24.

Periodical articleNjoka, T.J. (1995)
Wildlife utilization in African drylands
Swara. Volume 18 #4. July-August. p. 5.

Periodical articleRowlandson-Allen, T. (1995)
Wildlife sanctuary of the Taita Hills
Swara. Volume 18 #1. January-February. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleScott, J. (1995)
Wildlife photography
Swara. Volume 18 #1. January-February. p. 8-11.

Periodical articleSmith, K.H. (1995)
Garamba National Park
Swara. Volume 18 #4. July-August. p. 18-22.

Periodical articleChild, B. (1994)
Zimbabwe's Campfire Programme: using wildlife recreation to revolutionise resource management in communal areas
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 17 #1. March. p. 40-53.

Periodical articleGarai, M. (1994)
The effects of boma design on stress-related behaviour in juvenile translocated African elephants
Pachyderm. #18. p. 55-60.

Periodical articleGoodman, S.M.; Langrand, O. (1994)
Inventaire biologique forêt de Zombitse
Recherches pour le développement. Série sciences biologiques. #spécial. p. 1-106.

Periodical articleHolm-Petersen, E. (1994)
Potential for sustainable wildlife utilisation
Namibia Brief. #19. September. p. 71-72.

Periodical articleNamasasu, O. (1994)
Learning about wildlife in the city: the Mukuvisi Woodland
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 28 #1-3. January-March. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleOyugi, J. (1994)
Medicinal wildlife of Soy Settlement Scheme, Eldoret
Bulletin (East Africa Natural History Society). Volume 24 #2. June. p. 23-24.

Periodical articleWango, E.O.; Suleman, M. (1994)
Strategies in controlling wild mammal populations
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 6 #2. June. p. 146-151.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1993)
Wildlife conservation in Kenya
Resources (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 4 #1. p. 24-27.

Periodical articleJanssens de Bisthoven, L. (1993)
A safari in northern Tanzania
Swara. Volume 16 #2. March-April. p. 15-19.

Periodical articleMaano, L. (1993)
Public relations tackles wildlife
Kutlwano. Volume 31 #1. January. p. 23, 31.

Search: su=animals
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