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Periodical issueKlantschnig, Gernot; Dimova, Margarita; Cross, Hannah (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Africa and the drugs trade revisited
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 43 #148. p. 161-242.

Periodical articleCarney, Tara (ed.) (2015)
See this publicationSexual HIV risk among substance-using female commercial sex workers in Durban, South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 14 #2. p. 153-158.

BookDladla, Philani (2015)
The pavement bookworm: a true story
Auckland Park: BlackBird Books. 136p.

Periodical articleMarais, Petro; Maithya, Redempta (2015)
See this publicationStrategies for prevention and intervention of drug abuse among students in secondary schools in Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica Education Review. Volume 12 #2. p. 193-210.

BookKlantschnig, Gernot; Carrier, Neil C.M.; Ambler, Charles H. (eds.) (2014)
Drugs in Africa: histories and ethnographies of use, trade, and control
New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 205p.

Book chapterMcCurdy, Sheryl; Maruyama, Haruka (2013)
Heroin use, trafficking, and intervention approaches in Sub-Saharan Africa
In: Giles-Vernick, Tamara; Webb (Jr.), James L.A. (eds.), Global health in Africa: historical perspectives on disease control. p. 211-234.

Periodical articleGrobler, R.; Khatite, M. (2012)
See this publicationIdentifying some factors that might predispose drug abuse among learners in a South African township school
Africa Education Review. Volume 9 #1. p. 191-207.

Periodical articleMamotte, Nicole (2012)
See this publicationThe ethics of HIV research with people who inject drugs in Africa: a desk review
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 11 #1. p. 1-8.

BookOsha, Sanya (2012)
An underground colony of summer bees
Mankon: Langaa Research & Publishing CIG. 207p.

BookGebissa, Ezekiel (ed.) (2010)
Taking the place of food: khat in Ethiopia
Abstract presentTrenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press. 239p.

Periodical articleBeckerleg, Susan (2009)
See this publicationKhat chewing as a new Ugandan leisure activity
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 3 #1. p. 42-54.

Periodical articleBorelli, Sara (2009)
See this publicationSocial aspects of drug use in Djibouti: the case of the Leaf of Allah
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 18 #4. p. 555-591.

Periodical articleFourré, Martine (2009)
Les enfants de parents drogués: du caractère indissociable de la psychiatrie, du social et de la psychanalyse comme véhicules des savoirs à partager avec nos jeunes patients
Psychopathologie africaine. Volume 35 #2. p. 159-175.

Periodical articleMilanovic, Branko (2008)
See this publicationQat expenditures in Yemen and Djibouti: an empirical analysis
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 17 #5. p. 661-687.

Periodical articleNwadigwe, Charles Emeka (2008)
See this publication'I want to be a star': doping technology and the incidence of performance-enhancing drugs among actors in Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 12 #2. p. 144-154.

Periodical articleO'Rourke, Maureen (2008)
Chewing over the issue of qat
Horn of Africa. Volume 26. p. 97-133.

BookCarrier, Neil C.M. (2007)
Kenyan khat: the social life of a stimulant
Leiden: Brill. African Social Studies Series #15. 270p.

Periodical articleMasitsa, Gilbert M. (2007)
See this publicationSubstance use among township secondary school students: an emergent phenomenon
Abstract presentAfrica Education Review. Volume 4 #1. p. 70-88.

Periodical articleBeckerleg, Susan (2006)
See this publicationWhat Harm? Kenyan and Ugandan Perspectives on Khat
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 105 #419. April. p. 219-241.

Periodical articleDawit Abebe (2006)
See this publicationIs khat-chewing associated with HIV risk behaviour? A community-based study from Ethiopia
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 5 #1. p. 61-69.

Periodical articleOgunleye, Foluke (2006)
Breaking the drugs scourge among Nigerian youths: utility value of the mass media
Abstract presentInternational Journal of Humanistic Studies. Volume 5. p. 29-39.

BookBøås, Morten; Hatløy, Anne (2005)
Alcohol and drug consumption in post war Sierra Leone: an exploration
Oslo: Fafo. Fafo-report #496. 62p.

Periodical articleMaduka, H.C.C.; Maduka, A.A. (2002)
The wizard of biochemistry and sociological approaches in drug abuse and safety: a review
Annals of Borno. Volume 19-20. p. 177-186.

Periodical articleEide, Arne H. (2001)
Drug use among secondary school students in Senegal
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 31 #2. p. 235-255.

Periodical articleLadikos, Anastasios (2001)
Die voorkoms van alkoholmisbruik en substansmisbruik by 'n groep hofobservasiegevalle met behulp van korrespondensie-analises
Abstract presentTydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 41 #2. p. 158-174.

Periodical articleRousseau, Cécile (2001)
Rêver ensemble le départ: construction du mythe chez les jeunes Somaliens réfugiés
Abstract presentAutrepart. #18. p. 51-68.

Periodical articleHirst, Manton (1997)
See this publicationThe Utilization of Catha Edulis in the Household Economy of Xhosa Farm Inhabitants of the Bolo Reserve, Eastern Cape
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 15 #1. January. p. 119-143.

Periodical articleGordon, David (1996)
See this publicationFrom Rituals of Rapture to Dependence: The Political Economy of Khoikhoi Narcotic Consumption, c.1487-1870
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #35. May. p. 62-88.

Periodical articleBeckerleg, Susan (1995)
See this publication'Brown sugar' or Friday prayers: youth choices and community building in coastal Kenya
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 94 #374. January. p. 23-38.

BookDiassana, Christian Idrissa (1995)
Face à la drogue
Abstract presentBamako: Jamana. 72p.

Periodical articleFacy, Françoise; Gueye, Momar; Ahyi, René Gualbert (1995)
Enquêtes épidémiologiques sur l'usage de drogues en Afrique: Bénin, Côte-d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Sénégal
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 27 #2-3. p. 177-202.

Periodical articleVouin-Bigot, Isabelle (1995)
See this publicationLe khat en Somalie: réseaux et enjeux
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #60. p. 135-141.

Periodical articleKlein, Axel (1994)
See this publicationTrapped in the Traffick: Growing Problems of Drug Consumption in Lagos
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 32 #4. p. 657-677.

Periodical articleImogie, A.O. (1993)
Socio-economic consequences of drug abuse
Abstract presentSavanna: A Journal of the Environmental and Social Sciences. Volume 14 #2. p. 100-105.

Periodical articleWerner, Jean-François (1993)
Approche ethnographique de l'usage des drogues au Sénégal
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 25 #3. p. 323-345.

Periodical articleAjila, C.O. (1992)
Causes of drug abuse among in-school adolescents in Ondo State, Nigeria
Abstract presentReview of African Political Affairs. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 45-55.

Periodical articleZindi, F. (1992)
Experimental substance use among rural and urban teenagers in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 4 #1. p. 1-16.

Periodical articleOtlhogile, Bojosi (1991)
Drug control and the law in Botswana
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 24 #2. p. 248-259.

Periodical articleAkpala, C.O.; Bolaji, I.B.O. (1990)
Drug abuse among secondary school students in Sokoto, Nigeria
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 23 #2. p. 197-204.

Periodical articleYangyuoru, Y. (1987)
The social correlates of psychotropic substance use by contemporary youth of Ghana
Abstract presentUniversitas. Volume 9. p. 154-174.

Periodical articleHargreaves, B.J. (1986)
See this publicationPlant induced 'spirit possession' in Malawi
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 39 #1. p. 26-35.

Periodical articleGueye, Momar; Omais, Mohamed (1983)
Tentative pour une approche socio-culturelle de l'usage abusif de 'drogues' au Senegal
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 19 #2. p. 141-192.

Periodical articleIgun, U.A. (1983)
Drug use and abuse in Maiduguri
Abstract presentAnnals of Borno. Volume 1. p. 185-194.

Periodical articleLemordant, D. (1983)
Le problème du Kath
Abstract presentLe mois en Afrique: revue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 18 #209-210. p. 127-134.

Periodical articlePhilips, John E. (1983)
See this publicationAfrican Smoking and Pipes
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 24 #3. p. 303-319.

Periodical articleTafla, Bairu (1981)
Addictives in northeast Africa: a brief survey of an aspect, of nineteenth-century cultural history
Abstract presentAfrika und Übersee: Sprachen, Kulturen. Volume 64 #2. p. 281-309.

Periodical articleNevadomsky, J. (1980)
Drug experimentation and social use among secondary school students in Bendel State: some recent findings
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 22 #3. p. 381-394.

Periodical articleDanquah, S.A. (1979)
Drug abuse among Ghanaian students
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 15 #2. p. 201-211.

Periodical articleSwiderski, Stanislaw (1976)
See this publicationLa fonction psychologique et socio-religieuse des drogues sacrées au Gabon
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 8 #2. p. 123-132.

Periodical articleCharpin, M. (1968)
Incidences chirurgicales de la consommation habituelle du Kat
Abstract presentPount: bulletin de la Société d'Études de l'Afrique orientale. Volume 2 #6. p. 25-29.

Periodical articleGuedel, J. (1967)
Incidences médico-sociales de la consommation du Kat en C.F.S.
Abstract presentPount: bulletin de la Société d'Études de l'Afrique orientale. #2. p. 29-38.

Periodical articleLe Bras, M. (1967)
Le problème du kât
Abstract presentPount: bulletin de la Société d'Études de l'Afrique orientale. #2. p. 17-27.

Periodical articleFerry, R. (1966)
Un problème plus socio-économique que social: la toxicomanie du kât à Djibouti
Abstract presentL'Afrique et l'Asie. #75. p. 26-33.

Search: su=drug use
Found: 53 Record 1-53

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