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Periodical articleKengni, Bernard (2023)
See this publicationGender Equality in the Just Energy Transition Agenda for the African Extractives Context: The Rule of Law
KAS African Law Study Library. Volume 10 #4. p. 614-625.

Periodical articleNingi, Thulani; Taruvinga, Amon; Zhou, Leocadia (2020)
See this publicationDeterminants of energy security for rural households: The case of Melani and Hamburg communities, Eastern Cape, South Africa
African Security Review. Volume 29 #4. p. 299-315.

Periodical articleOkoro, Emmanuel Emeka; Okafor, Ikechukwu S.; Igwilo, Kevin C.; Orodu, Kale B.; Mamudu, Angela O. (2020)
See this publicationSustainable biogas production from waste in potential states in Nigeria - alternative source of energy
Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 38 #4. p. 627-643.

Periodical articleElsner, Paul (2019)
See this publicationContinental-scale assessment of the African offshore wind energy potential: Spatial analysis of an under-appreciated renewable energy resource
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 104. p. 394-407.

Periodical articleKruger, Wikus; Stritzke, Susann; Trotter, Philipp A. (2019)
See this publicationDe-risking solar auctions in sub-Saharan Africa - A comparison of site selection strategies in South Africa and Zambia
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 104. p. 429-438.

Periodical articlePowanga, Luka; Giner-Reichl, Irene (2019)
See this publicationChina's Contribution to the African Power Sector: Policy Implications for African Countries
Journal of Energy. Volume 2019. 10p.

Periodical articleAjayi, Patricia Iyore (2018)
See this publicationUrban Household Energy Demand in Southwest Nigeria
African Development Review. Volume 30 #4. p. 410-422.

Periodical articleAliyu, Abubakar Kabir; Modu, Babangida; Tan, Chee Wei (2018)
See this publicationA review of renewable energy development in Africa: A focus in South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 81 #2. p. 2502-2518.

Periodical articleBundhoo, Zumar M.A. (2018)
See this publicationRenewable energy exploitation in the small island developing state of Mauritius: Current practice and future potential
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 82 #3. p. 2029-2038.

Periodical articleJacob, Thabit (2017)
See this publicationCompeting energy narratives in Tanzania: towards the political economy of coal
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 116 #463. p. 341-353.

Periodical articlePraene, Jean Philippe; Radanielina, Mamy Harimisa; Rakotoson, Vanessa Rolande; Andriamamonjy, Ando Ludovic; Sinama, Frantz; Morau, Dominique; Rakotondramiarana, Hery Tiana (2017)
See this publicationElectricity generation from renewables in Madagascar: Opportunities and projections
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 76. p. 1066-1079.

Periodical articleSakah, Marriette; Diawuo, Felix Amankwah; Katzenbach, Rolf; Gyamfi, Samuel (2017)
See this publicationTowards a sustainable electrification in Ghana: A review of renewable energy deployment policies
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 79. p. 544-557.

Periodical articleTrotter, Philipp A.; McManus, Marcelle C.; Maconachie, Roy (2017)
See this publicationElectricity planning and implementation in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 74. p. 1189-1209.

Periodical articleMacLean, Lauren M. (ed.) (2016)
See this publicationThe construction of citizenship and the public provision of electricity during the 2014 World Cup in Ghana
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 54 #4. p. 555-590.

BookMwemena Kamabwe, Nestor (2016)
L'électrification totale de la RDC à l'horizon 2060
Paris: L'Harmattan. 424p.

BookRuppel, Oliver C.; Althusmann, Bernd (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationPerspectives on energy security and renewable energies in Sub-Saharan Africa: practical opportunities and regulatory challenges
Windhoek: Macmillan Education Namibia. 354p.

BookShanghvi, Ian (2016)
See this publicationEnhancing energy security in rural Tanzania: examples of decentralized rural energy approaches from India
New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. IDSA Occasional Paper #43-2016. 54p.

BookAfrica Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) (2015)
See this publicationA framework for transforming Africa towards a renewable energy powered future with access for all
Abstract present40p.

BookAnonymous (2015)
See this publicationAfrica power sector: planning and prospects for renewable energy: synthesis report
Abu Dhabi: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 36p.

BookCastellano, Antonio; Kendall, Adam; Nikomarov, Mikhail; Swemmer, Tarryn (2015)
See this publicationBrighter Africa: The growth potential of the sub-Saharan electricity sector
Abstract presentMcKinsey&Company. 58p.

BookCervigni, Raffaello; Bosquet, Benoît; Saghir, Jamal (2015)
See this publicationAccelerating climate-resilient and low-carbon development: The Africa Climate Business Plan
Washington, DC: World Bank. Africa development forum. 140p.

BookDiop, Abdou (2015)
See this publicationPolitiques regionale de la CEDEAO: Energies renouvelables -Efficacité énergétique
Senegal: Enda Energie. 12p.

BookFay, Marianne (2015)
See this publicationDecarbonizing development: three steps to a zero-carbon future
Washington, DC: World Bank Group. 164p.

BookInternational Energy Agency, IEA (2015)
See this publicationProgress towards sustainable energy 2015: global tracking framework report
Washington, DC: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank. 311p.

BookInternational Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) (2015)
See this publicationAfrica 2030: roadmap for a renewable energy future
Abu Dhabi: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 72p.

Periodical articleKousksou, T.; Allouhi, A.; Belattar, M.; Jamil, A.; El Rhafiki, T.; Arid, A.; Zeraouli, Y. (2015)
See this publicationRenewable energy potential and national policy directions for sustainable development in Morocco
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 47. p. 46-57.

BookMihyo, Paschal B.; Mukuna, Truphena E. (eds.) (2015)
The gender-energy nexus in Eastern and Southern Africa
Abstract presentAddis Ababa: Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA). 303p.

BookMorris, Mike; Martin, Lucy (2015)
See this publicationPolitical economy of climate-relevant policies: the case of renewable energy in South Africa
Brighton: Institute of Development Studies. 78p.

BookStiles, Geoff; Murove, Charles (2015)
See this publicationSADC renewable energy and energy efficiency status report
Vienna: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). 98p.

BookFerroukhi, Rabia (ed.) (2014)
See this publicationREthinking energy 2014: towards a new power system
Abu Dhabi: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 96p.

BookFrick, Jonathan (2014)
See this publicationImplementation plan for the Stellenbosch Wave Energy Converter on the South-West Coast of South Africa
University of Cape Town.

BookHermann, Sebastian; Miketa, Asami; Fichaux, Nicolas (2014)
See this publicationEstimating the renewable energy potential in Africa: a GIS-based approach
Abu Dhabi, UAE: IRENA Secretariat. Working paper. 70p.

Dissertation / thesisHore, Tamai (2014)
See this publicationEconomic analysis of grid connected wind generation plants in South Africa

BookInternational Energy Agency (2014)
See this publicationAfrica energy outlook: a focus on energy prospects in sub-saharan Africa
Paris: International Energy Agency. 242p.

Periodical articleMandelli, Stefano; Barbieri, Jacopo; Mattarolo, Lorenzo; Colombo, Emanuela (2014)
See this publicationSustainable energy in Africa: A comprehensive data and policies review
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 37. p. 656-686.

Dissertation / thesisMohlakoana, Nthabiseng (2014)
Implementing the South African free basic alternative energy policy: a dynamic actor interaction
Enschede: University of Twente. 401p.

Periodical articleMoyo, Theresa (2014)
See this publicationGreen economy/growth policies and their implementation in the context of the renewable energy sector: the case of Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies. Volume 9 #2. p. 39-60.

Periodical articleScholvin, Sören (2014)
See this publicationSouth Africa's energy policy: constrained by nature and path dependency
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 40 #1. p. 185-202.

BookUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa (2014)
See this publicationKeeping climate impacts at bay: a 6-point strategy for climate-resilient economies in Africa
Addis Ababa: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. 23p.

Periodical articleWakeford, Jeremy J.; Swilling, Mark (2014)
See this publicationPeak Oil as a stimulus for a green economy transition in South Africa: alternative liquid fuel and transport options
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies. Volume 9 #2. p. 133-153.

BookDepartment Environmental Affairs republic of South Africa (2013)
See this publicationSouth African green economy modelling report (SAGEM)
Pretoria: Department Environmental Affairs republic of South Africa. 115p.

BookInternational Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi (2013)
See this publicationAfrica's renewable future: the path to sustainable growth
Abu Dhabi: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 30p.

BookKaggwa, Martin (ed.) (2013)
See this publicationSouth Africa's green economy transition: implications for reorienting the economy towards a low-carbon growth trajectory
Abstract presentJohannesburg: South African Institute of International Affairs. Occasional paper South African Institute of International Affairs #168.

BookKapika, Joseph; Eberhard, Anton (2013)
See this publicationPower-sector reform and regulation in Africa: lessons from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia and Ghana
Cape Town: HSRC Press. 246p.

BookManuel, #Ms# (2013)
See this publicationEnergy demand and forecasting in Namibia: energy for economic development
Windhoek: National Planning Commission. 38p.

BookMiketa, Asami; Merven, Bruno (2013)
See this publicationPool énergétique d'Afrique de l'ouest: planification et perspectives pour les énergies renouvelables
Abu Dhabi: IRENA Secretariat. 95p.

Periodical articleMohammed, Y.S.; Mustafa, M.W.; Bashir, N. (2013)
See this publicationStatus of renewable energy consumption and developmental challenges in Sub-Sahara Africa
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 27. p. 453-463.

Periodical articlePortner, Birgitte (2013)
See this publicationFrames in the Ethiopian debate on biofuels
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 48 #3. p. 33-53.

BookRichards, Gideon (2013)
See this publicationInternational standardisation in the field of renewable energy
Abu Dhabi: IRENA Secretariat. IRENA report. 74p.

Periodical articleRupp, Stephanie (2013)
See this publicationGhana, China, and the politics of energy
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 56 #1. p. 103-130.

Periodical articleLüdemann, Cord (2012)
Renewable energy promotion in South Africa: surrounding conditions and recent developments
Verfassung und Recht in Übersee. Volume 45 #3. p. 315-323.

BookUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa (2012)
See this publicationNew and emerging challenges in Africa: summary report
Addis Ababa: UNECA. 22p.

BookEddy, Trusha (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationCarbon trading in Africa: a critical review
Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies. ISS monograph #184. 194p.

Periodical articleMcDonald, David A. (2011)
Electricity and the minerals-energy complex in South Africa
Africa Review: Journal of African Studies Association of India. Volume 3 #1. p. 65-87.

BookSimelane, Thokozani; Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed (eds.) (2011)
Energy transition in Africa
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. 174p.

BookArinze, Dozie (2010)
Nigeria & her oil
Africa Specialists, Pedestal Africa Limited. 78p.

Periodical articleSosovele, Hussein (2010)
See this publicationPolicy challenges related to biofuel development in Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 45 #1. p. 117-129.

Dissertation / thesisVerhoog, Suzanne (2010)
See this publicationBiofuels and women's empowerment: theoretical and practical analysis in rural India and Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentHeerlen: Open Universiteit. 61p.

Conference paperBeri, Ruchita; Sinha, Uttam Kumar (eds.) (2009)
Africa and energy security: global issues, local responses
Abstract presentNew Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses. 260p.

BookBond, Patrick; Dada, Rehana; Erion, Graham (eds.) (2009)
Climate change, carbon trading and civil society: negative returns on South African investments
Abstract presentScottsville, South Africa: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press. 231p.

Periodical articleKanduza, Ackson M. (2009)
See this publication'Let there be light': the struggle for developing electricity supply in Botswana, 1950-1970
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 41. p. 39-46.

BookMcDonald, David Alexander (ed.) (2009)
See this publicationElectric capitalism: recolonising Africa on the power grid
London: Earthscan. 504p.

BookSchmidt, Matthias (ed.) (2009)
See this publicationPlanning power: review of electricity policy in Namibia
Windhoek: Institute for Public Policy Research. IPPR Research report #11. 67p.

Dissertation / thesisBakhiet, Nouralla Yassin Ahmed (2008)
See this publicationThe walk out of the rural kitchen: towards planning energy services for sustainable rural livelihoods in Sudan
Enschede: University of Twente. 239p.

Periodical articleFathy El Dessouky, Naglaa (2008)
Évaluation des politiques énergétiques égyptiennes à des fins environnementales: de 1980 à 2005
African Administrative Studies. #70. p. 83-104.

BookKheir-El-Din, Hanaa (ed.) (2008)
The Egyptian economy: current challenges and future prospects
Abstract presentCairo: The American University in Cairo Press. An Egyptian center for economic studies publication. 338p.

Periodical articleMcCaskie, Tom C. (2008)
See this publicationThe United States, Ghana and oil: global and local perspectives
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 107 #428. p. 313-332.

Periodical articleBusico, Eleonora (2007)
See this publicationCina, India e Africa: relazioni economiche, politiche ed energetiche
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 62 #3. p. 360-398.

Periodical articleChikowero, Moses (2007)
See this publicationSubalternating Currents: Electrification and Power Politics in Bulawayo, Colonial Zimbabwe, 1894-1939
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #2. June. p. 287-306.

Periodical articleDoevenspeck, Martin (2007)
Lake Kivu's Methane Gas: Natural Risk, or Source of Energy and Political Security
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 42 #1. p. 95-110.

Periodical articleJuma, Arron (2007)
See this publicationEnergy resources and supply
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 60 #2. p. 9-27.

Dissertation / thesisSatoguina, Honorat (2007)
Contribution of the clean development mechanism to sustainable energy production: the energy sector in West African economic and monetary union: case study: Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo
Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovac?. Wirtschaftspolitik in Forschung und Praxis #34. 320p.

Periodical articleMoulot, J. (2006)
Critical capacity requirements in Africa for mainstreaming environmental considerations in energy planning and development
Africa's Sustainable Development Bulletin. p. 17-24.

Periodical articleNiyimbona, P. (2006)
Improving regulators' capacities and skills for effective electricity regulation in Africa
Africa's Sustainable Development Bulletin. p. 25-29.

Periodical articleAklilu D. (2005)
Energy education in Ethiopia: the status quo and future prospects
Ethiopian Journal of Education. Volume 25 #1. June. p. 23-48.

Periodical articleBekele B. (2005)
Vision 2020 Ethiopia: energy and development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 7 #6. March. p. 19-34.

Periodical articleHagel, C. (2005)
Shared responsibility
Our Planet. Volume 16 #3. p. 6-7.

Periodical articleOmoleke, I.I.; Bisiriyu, L. (2005)
Legal and socio-economic implications of privatising energy enterprises in Africa: the Nigerian experience
Abstract presentLesotho Law Journal: A Journal of Law and Development. Volume 15 #1. p. 97-140.

PeriodicalWorldwatch Institute (2005)
See this publicationRenewables ... global status report
Washington, DC: Worldwatch Institute.

Periodical articleHabtetsion, Semere; Tsighe, Zemenfes (2004)
Energy Services in Rural Eritrea: Options and Constraints
Abstract presentJournal of Eritrean Studies (Asmara). Volume 3 #2. December. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleMarandu, Edward E. (2004)
See this publicationLicensing Laws and Implications for Private Investment: The Case of Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 16 #2. September. p. 363-384.

Periodical articleArdurat, Céline (2002)
See this publicationL'électrification du Sénégal de la fin du XIXe siècle à la Seconde Guerre mondiale
Abstract presentOutre-mers: revue d'histoire. #334-335. p. 439-457.

Periodical articleBoileau, Céline (2002)
See this publicationLa production électrique destinée à l'industrie minière en Afrique du Sud (1880-1922)
Abstract presentOutre-mers: revue d'histoire. #334-335. p. 459-478.

Periodical articleMashinini, V. (2002)
Energy policies and strategies in Lesotho: a critical appraisal
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 8 #1-2. December. p. 54-70.

Periodical articleStage, J. (2001)
See this publicationDecomposition of Namibian energy intensity
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 69 #4. p. 698-707.

Periodical articleBotchway, Francis N. (2000)
The state, governance and the energy industry in Ghana
Abstract presentVerfassung und Recht in Übersee. Volume 33 #2. p. 176-211.

Periodical articleDesta M. (2000)
Strategies for sustainable energy development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 3 #5. October-November. p. 3-6.

Periodical articleGichuki, J. (2000)
Is there a way out
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). June-July. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleMekonnen K. (2000)
An overview to the energy situation in Ethiopia
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 3 #5. October-November. p. 12-14.

Periodical articleNebiyelul G. (2000)
Problems and prospects of the energy sector in Ethiopia
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 3 #5. October-November. p. 7-8.

Periodical articleCaslin, Olivier; Tchénéhom, Jean-Vincent (1999)
L'enjeu énergétique en Afrique
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. #2815. p. 2115-2123.

Periodical articleChatelus, Michel (1999)
Nouvelles orientations de la politique pétrolière algérienne
Monde arabe: Maghreb Machrek. #166. p. 3-15.

BookFoley, Gerald (ed.) (1997)
The Niger household energy project: promoting rural fuelwood markets and village management of natural woodlands
Washington, DC: The World Bank. World Bank technical paper #362. 103p.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1996)
Dark legacy
Economic Review (Nairobi, Kenya). #203. September 23-29. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleDlala, Habib (1995)
L'énergie en Tunisie: bilan, enjeux et perspectives
Revue tunisienne de géographie. #28. p. 67-98.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
Energy and the environment
CZI Industrial Review. September. p. 104-105, 107.

Periodical articleHein, Wolfgang; Kappel, Robert; Wohlmuth, Karl; Messner, Frank; Pohlan, Jörg; Bass, Hans H.; Grawert, Elke; Franz, Jutta (1992)
Sustainable energy systems and sustainable development
Abstract presentAfrican Development Perspectives Yearbook. Volume 3. p. 1-543.

Periodical articleKayihura, C. (1992)
Energie: une coopération exemplaire
Grands lacs. #43-44. p. 49-50.

Periodical articleM'Siri, K. (1991)
EGL, mission accomplie
Grands lacs. #40. 1er trimestre. p. 16-18.

Periodical articleO'Keefe, Phil; Soussan, John (1991)
See this publicationEnergy: Power to Some People
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 18 #51. p. 107-114.

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