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Periodical articleMoney, Duncan; Frøland, Hans Otto; Gwatiwa, Tshepo (2020)
See this publicationAfrica-EU relations and natural resource governance: understanding African agency in historical and contemporary perspective
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 47 #166. p. 585-603.

Periodical articleJiménez Sánchez, Carolina (2018)
See this publicationWhat role for the European Union in the Western Sahara Conflict?
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #29. p. 65-78.

BookHirt, Nicole (2017)
See this publicationDie Afrika-Strategie der EU: Abschottung statt Fluchtursachenbekämpfung
Hamburg: GIGA. GIGA Focus Afrika #3. 11p.

Periodical articleLucia, Elisa Lopez (2017)
See this publicationPerforming EU agency by experimenting the 'Comprehensive Approach': the European Union Sahel Strategy
Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 35 #4. p. 451-468.

Periodical issueAnsorg, Nadine; Haastrup, Toni (2016)
See this publicationBrexit beyond the UK's borders: what it means for Africa
GIGA Focus Afrika. #3. p. 1-10.

Periodical articleBerends, Gijs (2016)
See this publicationWhat does the EU-SADC EPA really say? An analysis of the economic partnership agreement between the European Union and Southern Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 23 #4. p. 457-474.

BookEbalé, Raymond (2016)
Les accords de partenariat économique entre l'Union européenne et les pays ACP (Afrique, Caraïbes, Pacifique): les cas de l'Afrique Centrale et du Cameroun
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série Economie. 408p.

Periodical issueGiesbert, Lena; Pfeiffer, Birte; Schotte, Simone (2016)
Umstrittene Freihandelsabkommen mit der EU: Afrika unter (Handels-)Druck
GIGA Focus Afrika. #7. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleMucha, Witold (2016)
Enable and enhance - that's it? European Union peace building and the enable and enhance initiative
ASPJ: Africa and Francophonie. Volume 7 #3. p. 50-66.

Periodical issuePrediger, Sebastian; Zanker, Franzisca (2016)
Die Migrationspolitik der EU in Afrika braucht einen Richtungswechsel
GIGA Focus Afrika. #6. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleSempijja, Norman (2016)
See this publicationDoes dependence lead to cooperation? The case of resource exchange between the European Union and the United Nations in DR Congo
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 9 #4. p. 259-277.

BookTürke, Andras Istvan (2016)
La géopolitique des premières missions de l'Union européenne en Afrique
Paris: L'Harmattan. Questions contemporaines. 252p.

BookFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Yaoundé (2015)
See this publicationMenace ou opportunité? Le Cameroun face á l'APE avec l'Union Européenne: rapport d'information
Yaoundé: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. 79p.

BookLavigne Delville, Philippe (2015)
Aide internationale et sociétés civiles au Niger
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 339p.

BookMandjem, Yves Paul (2015)
See this publicationLe Cameroun face aux APE: risque ou opportunité?
Yaoundé: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Cameroun/Afrique centrale. 25p.

BookMüller, Franziska (2015)
Im Namen liberaler Normen? Gouvernementalität in den EU-AKP-Beziehungen
Baden-Baden: Nomos. Schriftenreihe 'Demokratiestudien', Demokratie und Demokratisierung in Theorie und Empirie #6. 355p.

Periodical articleOsman, Rehab O.M. (2015)
See this publicationSADC trade with the European Union from a preferential to a reciprocal modality
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 83 #1. p. 23-40.

BookSaid-Souffou, Soula (2015)
La départementalisation de Mayotte: la sécurité de tout un peuple
Paris: L'Harmattan. Diplomatie et stratégie. 261p.

BookBourgain, Arnaud; Brot, Jean; Gerardin, Hubert (eds.) (2014)
L'intégration de l'Afrique dans l'économie mondiale
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. 300p.

BookEuropean Commission. Directorate-General EuropeAid Development and Co-operation (2014)
See this publicationThe Africa-EU partnership: 2 unions, 1 vision: summit edition 2014
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 36p.

Periodical articleFiore, Giuseppe (2014)
See this publicationWhy Boko Haram should be on the European Union list of designated terror groups
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 23 #1. p. 78-83.

Periodical articleGueye, Alioune (2014)
Union européenne et OHADA: aspects de droit comparé: étude en hommage au juge Kéba M'Baye
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 68 #1. p. 3-42.

Periodical articleKeijzer, Niels; Negre, Mario (2014)
See this publicationOutsourcing a partnership? Assessing ACP-EU cooperation under the Cotonou Partnership Agreement
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 21 #2. p. 279-296.

Periodical articleRayroux, Antoine; Wilén, Nina (2014)
See this publicationResisting ownership: the paralysis of EU peacebuilding in the Congo
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 7 #1. p. 24-44.

Periodical articleTuba, Maphuti D. (2014)
See this publicationThe technology-neutral approach and electronic money regulation in the EU: identifying the promises and challenges for future regulation in South Africa
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 47 #3. p. 372-400.

Periodical issueBach, Daniel C. (ed.) (2013)
See this publicationSpecial issue: 'Emerging' Africa: critical transitions
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 20 #1. p. 177.

Periodical articleBezuidenhout, Henri; Claassen, Carike (2013)
See this publicationSouth African trade hegemony: is the South Africa-EU Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement heading for a BRICS wall?
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 20 #2. p. 227-246.

Periodical issueBrosig, Malte (ed.) (2013)
See this publicationSpecial issue: The African security regime complex
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 6 #3-4. p. 171-332.

Conference paperCarbone, Maurizio (ed.) (2013)
The European Union in Africa: incoherent policies, asymmetrical partnership, declining relevance?
Abstract presentManchester: Manchester University Press.

BookEriksson, Mikael; Zetterland, Kristina (2013)
See this publicationDealing with change: EU and AU responses to the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya
Stockholm: FOI. FOI report. 56p.

BookIkoh, Moses U. (2013)
See this publicationOrganized crime, security threats and governance: the sustainability of European Union programmes in West Africa
Abuja: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Regional Office. FES peace and security series #14. 19p.

Periodical articleKluth, Michael (2013)
See this publicationThe European Union and sub-Saharan Africa - from intervention towards deterrence?
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 22 #1. p. 19-29.

BookMangala, Jack (ed.) (2013)
Africa and the European Union: a strategic partnership
Abstract presentNew York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. 257p.

BookTeeffelen, Jasper van (2013)
See this publicationFuelling progress or poverty? The EU and biofuels in Tanzania: Policy Coherence for Development in practice
Amsterdam: Evert Vermeer Stichting. 74p.

Periodical articleVan Zyl, S.P. (2013)
See this publicationThe VAT treatment of vouchers: a comparative study between South Africa and the European Union
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 46 #2. p. 234-257.

Periodical articleBensassi, Sami; Márquez-Ramos, Laura; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada (2012)
See this publicationEconomic integration and the two margins of trade: the impact of the Barcelona Process on North African countries' exports
Journal of African Economies. Volume 21 #2. p. 228-265.

Periodical articleHengari, Alfredo Tijiurimo (2012)
See this publicationThe European Union and global emerging powers in Africa: containment, competition or cooperation?
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 19 #1. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleKingah, Stephen; Van Langenhove, Luk (2012)
See this publicationDeterminants of a regional organisation's role in peace and security: the African Union and the European Union compared
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 19 #2. p. 201-222.

Periodical articleKuruk, Paul (2012)
See this publicationInvestment issues in the West Africa-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations: is a harmonised regional investment framework the answer?
African Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 20 #3. p. 448-470.

Periodical articleMekonnen, Daniel R.; Reisen, Mirjam van (2012)
The EU Lisbon treaty and EU development cooperation: considerations for a revised EU strategy on development cooperation in Eritrea
Verfassung und Recht in Übersee. Volume 45 #3. p. 324-343.

BookNdung'u, James; Wepundi, Manasseh (2012)
Transition and reform: people's peacemaking perspectives on Kenya's post-2008 political crisis and lessons for the future
London: Saferworld. Report. 20p.

BookNguembock, Samuel (2012)
La politique européenne de sécurité et de défense en Afrique centrale: dynamique de construction, expérimentation et appropriation locale
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 235p.

Periodical articleNivet, Bastien (2012)
See this publicationDu laboratoire au miroir: quand l'Afrique subsaharienne construit l'Europe stratégique
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #127. p. 135-153.

Periodical articleSaurombe, Amos (2012)
See this publicationFlexible integration: a viable technique for the process of deeper integration in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 45 #1. p. 91-114.

Periodical articleSchapendonk, Joris (2012)
See this publicationMobilities and sediments: spatial dynamics in the context of contemporary Sub-Saharan African migration to Europe
Abstract presentAfrican Diaspora: a Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World. Volume 5 #2. p. 117-142.

Periodical articleÖlund, Maria (2012)
See this publicationCritical reflections on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 37 #2. p. 15-23.

Periodical articleBach, Daniel (2011)
The European Union and Africa: trade liberalisation, constructive disengagement, and the securitisation of Europe's external frontiers
Africa Review: Journal of African Studies Association of India. Volume 3 #1. p. 33-46.

Periodical articleBhattacharya, Sanjukta Banerji (2011)
The other powers in the continent
Africa Quarterly. Volume 51 #3-4. p. 28-41.

Periodical articleDünnwald, Stephan (2011)
On migration and security: Europe managing migration from Sub-Saharan Africa
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. #22. p. 103-128.

BookEuropean Court of Auditors (2011)
See this publicationEU development assistance for basic education in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (pursuant to Article 287(4), second subparagraph, TFEU)
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Special report #12-2010. 88p.

Conference paperFeichtinger, Walter (ed.) (2011)
See this publication[EUFOR Tchad/RCA: revisited]
Abstract presentWien: Republik Österreich, Bundesminister für Landesverteidigung und Sport, BMLVS. 190p.

Periodical articleFigueiredo, Patrick (2011)
Muros do Mediterrâneo: notas sobre a construção de barreiras nas fronteiras de Ceuta e Melilla
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. #22. p. 153-175.

Periodical articleFontagné, Lionel; Laborde, David; Mitaritonna, Cristina (2011)
See this publicationAn impact study of the economic partnership agreements in the six ACP regions
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 20 #2. p. 179-216.

Periodical articleFroitzheim, Meike; Söderbaum, Fredrik; Taylor, Ian (2011)
See this publicationThe limits of the EU as a peace and security actor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 46 #3. p. 45-70.

Periodical articleGuedes, Manuel Correia (2011)
Arquitectura sustentável no contexto africano: o projecto SURE-África
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #16. p. 115-121.

BookHolm, Ulla (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationGrowing jasmines: what should the EU do in Tunisia now?
Copenhagen: DIIS. 4p.

Periodical issueJoffé, George; Paoletti, Emanuela (eds.) (2011)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Libya in the wider world
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 16 #2. p. 163-297.

Periodical articleKhumalo, Lindokuhle (2011)
Sustainability begets unsustainability? The European Union's drive for agrofuel crop farming in Africa
Africa Insight. Volume 41 #3. p. 66-79.

Periodical articleLangan, Mark (2011)
See this publicationPrivate sector development as poverty and strategic discourse: PSD in the political economy of EU-Africa trade relations
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 49 #1. p. 83-113.

Dissertation / thesisWaals, Elske Jorine van der (2011)
See this publicationEconomische partnerschapsakkoorden en de fiscale en juridische risico's voor Zuidelijk Afrika

Periodical articleBolarinwa, J. Olusegun (2010)
Africa's regional powers, priorities and the new geopolitical realities
Africa Review: Journal of African Studies Association of India. Volume 2 #2. p. 175-200.

Conference paperCabral, Iva Maria; Furtado, Cláudio Alves; Guillaud, Yann (eds.) (2010)
Les États-nations face à l'intégration régionale en Afrique de l'Ouest: le cas du Cap-Vert
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 179p.

Periodical articleCheterian, Vicken (2010)
See this publicationEnvironmental pressure, neoliberal reforms, and geopolitical competition in the Maghreb
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 15 #2. p. 255-264.

BookEuropean Court of Auditors (2010)
See this publicationEffectiveness of EDF support for regional economic integration in East Africa and West Africa
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Special report #18. 55p.

Periodical articleGillespie, Richard (2010)
See this publicationEuropean Union responses to conflict in the western Mediterranean
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 15 #1. p. 85-103.

BookGiovannetti, Giorgia (ed.) (2010)
See this publicationSocial protection for inclusive development: a new perspective in EU cooperation with Africa
Florence: Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. 215p.

Periodical articleGrebe, Jan (2010)
See this publicationAnd they are still targeting: assessing the effectiveness of targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 45 #1. p. 3-29.

Periodical articleKancs, D'Artis; Ciaian, Pavel (2010)
See this publicationThe impact of the EU Blue Card policy on economic growth in the African sending countries
South African Journal of Economics. Volume 78 #3. p. 225-247.

Periodical articleLoureiro, Joao; Martins, Manuel M.F.; Ribeiro, Ana Paula (2010)
See this publicationCape Verde: the case for euroisation
South African Journal of Economics. Volume 78 #3. p. 248-268.

BookMangala, Jack (ed.) (2010)
Africa and the new world era: from humanitarianism to a strategic view
Abstract presentNew York: Palgrave Macmillan. 289p.

Periodical articleMankou-Nguila, Armand Charlebois (2010)
La notion de siège social en droit OHADA: brève analyse comparative de la jurisprudence de la CCJA (Cour Commune de Justice et d'Arbitrage de l'OHADA) et de la (Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes (CJCE)
Revue congolaise de droit et des affaires. #4. p. 23-30.

BookMishrif, Ashraf (2010)
Investing in the Middle East: the political economy of European direct investment in Egypt
London: Tauris Academic Studies. International library of economics #7. 303p.

Periodical issueOwona Nguini, Mathias Eric (ed.) (2010)
Les intérêts étrangers en Afrique centrale: dossier
Enjeux: bulletin d'analyses géopolitiques pour l'Afrique centrale. #42. p. 8-67.

Periodical articlePallotti, Arrigo; Poto, Margherita (2010)
Local democracy: European and African compliance with Millennium Development Goals
Abstract presentJournal of African and international law. Volume 3 #1. p. 165-186.

Periodical articleSawadogo, Ram Christophe (2010)
Les accords de 'gestion concertée des flux migratoires' entre les pays européens et les pays tiers, notamment l'Afrique
Abstract presentCahiers du CERLESHS. Volume 25 #35. p. 297-336.

Periodical articleUkpe, Aniekan Iboro (2010)
Will EPAs foster the integration of Africa into world trade?
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 54 #2. p. 212-231.

Periodical articleAbou, Kane Elimane (2009)
Vers une redéfinition des accords de pêche UE-ACP: d'un accord politique à un partenariat économique durable
Revue africaine des affaires maritimes et des transports = African review of maritime affairs and transportation. #1. p. 50-55.

Periodical articleBakker, Matthias; Voorhoeve, Joris (2009)
EUFOR in Tsjaad
Internationale spectator: tijdschrift voor internationale politiek. Volume 63 #2. p. 67-71.

Periodical articleBchir, Mohamed Hedi; Chemingui, Mohamed Abdelbasset; Hammouda, Hakim Ben (2009)
See this publicationTen years after implementing the Barcelona process: what can be learned from the Tunisian experience
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #2. p. 123-144.

Periodical articleCavatorta, Francesco; Durac, Vincent (2009)
See this publicationDiverging or converging dynamics? EU and US policies in North Africa: an introduction
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleConte, Bernard (2009)
L'Europe et l'Afrique: du velours à la bure
Abstract presentPalabres actuelles: revue de la Fondation Raponda-Walker pour la Science et la Culture. #3. p. 35-44.

Periodical articleCormier-Salem, Marie-Christine; Dahou, Tarik (2009)
Dossier 'Gouverner la mer: États, pirates, sociétés'
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #116. p. 5-119.

Periodical articleDarbouche, Hakim; Zoubir, Yahia H. (2009)
See this publicationThe Algerian crisis in European and US foreign politicies: a hindsight analysis
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 33-55.

BookDemmelhuber, Thomas (2009)
EU-Mittelmeerpolitik und der Reformprozess in Ägypten: von der Partnerschaft zur Nachbarschaft
Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft. Schriftenreihe des Zentrums für rechtswissenschaftliche Grundlagenforschung Würzburg #69. 343p.

Periodical articleDurac, Vincent (2009)
See this publicationThe impact of external actors on the distribution of power in the Middle East: the case of Egypt
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 75-90.

BookElowson, Camilla (2009)
See this publicationThe joint Africa-EU strategy: a study of the peace and security partnership
Stockholm: Division of Defence Analysis, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). FOI report. 97p.

Periodical articleFerreira-Snyman, Anél (2009)
Regional organizations and their members: the question of authority
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 42 #2. p. 183-209.

Periodical articleFlint, Adrian (2009)
See this publicationThe end of a 'special relationship'? The new EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 36 #119. p. 79-92.

BookFontrier, Marc (2009)
Le Darfour: organisations internationales et crise régionale, 2003-2008
Paris: L'Harmattan. Bibliothèque Peiresc #20. 309p.

Periodical articleHolden, Patrick (2009)
See this publicationSecurity, power or profit? The economic diplomacy of the US and the EU in North Africa
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 11-32.

Periodical articleKessel, Ineke van (2009)
Brussel steunt consensusjournalistiek in Afrika
Internationale spectator: tijdschrift voor internationale politiek. Volume 63 #4. p. 201-202.

Periodical articleKongatoua Kossonzo, Augustin (2009)
L'impact de l'accord de partenariat économique (APE) sur l'économie centrafricaine
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 119 #869. p. 429-467.

BookKonrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (2009)
See this publicationAfrican law study library = Librairie Africaine d'etudes juridiques
Westlands, Nairobi: Rule of Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa. 1. 184p.

Periodical articleLutterbeck, Derek (2009)
See this publicationMigrants, weapons and oil: Europe and Libya after the sanctions
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #2. p. 169-184.

Periodical articleMérand, Frédéric; Rakotonirina, Haingo Mireille (2009)
La force européenne au Tchad et en Centrafrique: le baptême du feu
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #114. p. 105-125.

Periodical articleOpoukri, Christian; Cocodia, Jude (2009)
The EU and the AU: the print and the copy?
Abstract presentIbadan journal of the social sciences. Volume 7 #2. p. 127-136.

BookOufattoul, Sidi Ahmed (2009)
Das Assoziationsverhältnis zwischen der Europäischen Gemeinschaft und Marokko: Entwicklung, Bilanz, Probleme und Perspektiven
Berlin: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin (WVB). 217p.

Periodical articlePowel, Brieg Tomos (2009)
See this publicationThe stability syndrome: US and EU democracy promotion in Tunisia
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 57-73.

Periodical articleSolà-Martín, Andreu (2009)
See this publicationConflict resolution in Western Sahara
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 9 #3. p. 117-140.

Periodical articleZemni, Sami; Bogaert, Koenraad (2009)
See this publicationTrade, security and neoliberal politics: whither Arab reform? Evidence from the Moroccan case
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 91-107.

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