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Periodical articleLokonon, Boris Odilon Kounagbè (2020)
See this publicationHousehold cooking fuel choice: Evidence from the Republic of Benin
African Development Review. Volume 32 #4. p. 686-698.

Periodical articleUchenna, Efobi; Oluwabunmi, Adejumo O. (2020)
See this publicationCooking technology and female labor market outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa
African Development Review. Volume 32 #4. p. 661-672.

BookAribisala, Yemisi (2016)
Longthroat memoirs: soups, sex and Nigerian taste buds
Abuja: Cassava Republic Press. 357p.

BookCondé, Maryse (2015)
Mets et merveilles
Paris: JC Lattès. 376p.

Periodical articleOkeke, Chukwuma; Igbeaku, Benjamin (2015)
See this publicationIgbo verbs of cooking: a lexical semantic analysis
Abstract presentLanguage Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa. Volume 46 #1. p. 81-97.

BookThiam, Pierre (2015)
Senegal: modern Senegalese recipes from the source to the bowl
New York: Lake Isle Press, Inc. 320p.

Periodical issueVossen, Rainer (ed.) (2014)
African sociolinguistic and sociocultural studies
Abstract presentFrankfurter afrikanistische Blätter. #21. 131p.

Periodical articleEve, Prosper (ed.) (2013)
Alimentation, rituel des repas et art de la table dans les pays du Sud-Ouest de l'océan Indien depuis le XVIIIe siècle
Revue historique de l'océan Indien. #10. p. 3-366.

Periodical articleGowlett, John A.J.; Wrangham, Richard W. (2013)
See this publicationEarliest fire in Africa: towards the convergence of archaeological evidence and the cooking hypothesis
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 48 #1. p. 5-30.

Periodical articleSchellhaas, Sebastiaan; Schmidt, Mario (2012)
See this publication'Without kuon it is no food': zur Aktualität des Core-Fringe-Leguminosen-Modells anhand von Veränderung und Stabilität in der Küche der Luo (Kenia)
Paideuma. Volume 58. p. 115-134.

Periodical articleWaetjen, Thembisa (2009)
See this publicationKitchen publics: 'Indian delights', gender and culinary diaspora
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 61 #3. p. 575-593.

DVD / videoN'Diaye, Alioune; Sarr, Marie Louise; Kifouani, Delphe (eds.) (2008)
Cinéma(s) d'Afrique(s)
Abstract present

Periodical issueDozon, Jean-Pierre (ed.) (2007)
Une histoire de goûts: nourriture, culture et littérature
Abstract presentCultures sud. #167. 172p.

Periodical issueKaufman Shelemay, Kay; Kaplan, Steven (eds.) (2006)
Special issue: Creating the Ethiopian diaspora: perspectives from across the disciplines
Abstract presentDiaspora. Volume 15 #2-3. p. 191-395.

Periodical articleKifleyesus, Abbebe (2006)
See this publicationTime and mealtimes in Meteqleya Argobba households, Ethiopia
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 61 #2. p. 251-270.

BookOsseo-Asare, Fran (2005)
Food culture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Westport, CT: Greenwood. Food culture around the world. 191p.

Conference paperRaimond, Christine; Garine, Eric; Langlois, Olivier (eds.) (2005)
See this publicationRessources vivrières et choix alimentaires dans le bassin du lac Tchad
Abstract presentParis: IRD. Colloques et séminaires. 772p.

Periodical articleEnwere, N.J.; Ugwu, F.E. (2004)
See this publicationA study of the utilization of palm fruit sludge for food preparations
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 16 #3-4. December. p. 137-143.

Periodical articleSene, N'Deye Maty (2004)
See this publicationLa commercialisation des produits halieutiques séchés au Sénégal, de 1945 à 1969
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 92 #344-345. p. 73-95.

Periodical articleKifleyesus, Abbebe (2002)
See this publicationMuslims and Meals: The Social and Symbolic Function of Foods in Changing Socio-Economic Environments
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 72 #2. p. 245-276.

BookDole, Sandrine (2001)
Celui qui tisse les liens: relevé de voyage d'un designer

Periodical articleOkwii, R. (2001)
Response to anti cholera messages: a survey of highway stopover communities
Uganda Health Bulletin (Kampala, Uganda: 1995). Volume 7 #3. July. p. 93-98.

Periodical articleWekesa, N.M.N.; Chhabra, S.C.; Thairu, H.M. (2001)
See this publicationL-ascorbic acid losses in Kenyan vegetables during cooking as determined by high performance liquid chromatography
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 15 #1. June. p. 65-70.

Periodical articleCusack, Igor (2000)
See this publicationAfrican Cuisines: Recipes for Nationbuilding?
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 13 #2. December. p. 207-225.

Periodical articleAlmaz Gonfa; Alemu Fite; Kelbessa Urga; Berhanu A. Gashe (1999)
See this publicationMicrobiological aspects of ergo (ititu) fermentation
Sinet. Volume 22 #2. December. p. 283-290.

Periodical articleMulugeta T.; Eskindir B. (1999)
See this publicationEffect of storage and cooking practices on the total cyanide content of two cassava (manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivars
Sinet. Volume 22 #1. June. p. 55-66.

Periodical articleVan Buskirk, Robert; Teclai, Haile; Negusse, Ezana (1999)
The Effect of Clay and Iron Cooking Plates on Mogogo Efficiency and Energy Use: Experimental Results
Eritrean Studies Review. Volume 3 #1. p. 105-126.

Periodical articleKelbessa U.; Narasimha H.V. (1998)
Traditional sour dough bread (difo dabbo) making. Pt. 2. Effects on the HCl-extractability of minerals
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #3. December. p. 175-181.

Periodical articleKelbessa U.; Narasimha H.V. (1998)
Traditional sour dough bread (difo dabbo) making. Pt. 1. Effects on phytic acid destruction
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #3. December. p. 167-173.

Periodical articleKelbessa U.; Binyam K.; Ayele N. (1996)
Changes in selected chemical components of grass pea during tempeh preparation
Sinet. Volume 19 #2. December. p. 195-206.

Periodical articleSalih, O.M.; Babiker, R.B.; Nour, A.A.A.M. (1996)
Nutritional evaluation of gado-gado, a traditional Sudanese food
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 4 #1. March. p. 105-110.

Periodical articleSafo-Kantanka, O.; Osei-Minta, M. (1995-1996)
See this publicationEffects of cultivar and age at harvest on the dry matter, starch gelatinization properties and the cooking quality of cassava
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 28-29. p. 81-89.

Periodical articleSafo-Kantanka, O.; Acquistucci, R. (1995-1996)
See this publicationThe physico-chemical properties of cassava starch in relation to the texture of the cooked root
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 28-29. p. 69-80.

Periodical articleBa, Sada Mamadou (1995)
Le lait des Peuls: à propos de cuisine africaine
Abstract presentCahiers de sociologie économique et culturelle. #24. p. 49-60.

Periodical articleBinyam K.; Kelbessa U. (1995)
Effects of traditional food preparation methods on phytic acid content of sorghum grain
Sinet. Volume 18 #2. December. p. 207-220.

Periodical articleDibley, David; Boughton, Duncan; Reardon, Thomas (1995)
See this publicationProcessing and Preparation Costs for Rice and Coarse Grains in Urban Mali: Subjecting an Ipse Dixit to Empirical Scrutiny
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 20 #1. February. p. 41-50.

Periodical articleKaseva, M.E. (1993)
The problem of food preparation habit and endemic fluorosis in Arusha - Tanzania
Journal of Building & Land Development. Volume 3 #1. April. p. 5-11.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
Dissemination of retained heat cookers
ATS Newsletter. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 14-17.

Periodical articlePinto, D. (1991)
Improving the ATS mabotle stove to include an oven
ATS Newsletter. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 6-7.

Periodical articleSergio, P. (1991)
Que destinos para a culinária moçambicana?
Tempo. #1070. 14 de abril. p. 24-31.

Periodical articleAnkei, Takako (1990)
See this publicationCookbook of the Songola: an anthropologiccal study on the technology of food preparation among a Bantu-speaking people of the Zaïre forest
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs: Supplementary Issue. #13. p. 1-174.

Periodical articleHein, J.C. (1990)
L'indispensable kari
Seychelles Today. #7. January. p. 44-45.

Periodical articleMengistae, Taye (1990)
Farming and Cooking: The Value of Home Activities in the Grain-Plough Culture of Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 12 #1. October. p. 47-65.

Periodical articleAdambounou, T.L.; Castaingne, F.; Dillon, J.C. (1984)
See this publicationTentatives d'introduction des légumes saumures dans deux plats sénégalais: le 'tiébou dienn' ou riz au poisson et le 'mafé kandia' ou mafé au gombo
Abstract presentFood and Nutrition Bulletin. Volume 6 #2. p. 46-51.

Periodical articleHebga-Bada, Hebga (1984)
Mimétisme et développement ou de la nécessité d'un tribalisme éclaire en Afrique noire
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #131. p. 114-143.

Periodical articleMertens, A. (1984)
La conservation des vivres dans un ensemble de familles rurales au Burundi: variations dans le temps et dans l'espace
Abstract presentL'agronomie tropicale. Volume 39 #1. p. 172-185.

Periodical articleWirz, A. (1984)
Essen und Herrschen: zur Ethnographie der kolonialen Küche in Kamerun vor 1914
Abstract presentGenève-Afrique: acta africana. Volume 22 #2. p. 37-62.

Periodical articleAdambounou, T.L.; Castaigne, F.; Thiam, S.M. (1983)
See this publicationModèle d'évaluation micro-économique d'une méthode de conservation post-récolte de légumes tropicaux par saumurage
Abstract presentFood and Nutrition Bulletin. Volume 5 #3. p. 35-39.

Periodical articleBrandtzaeg, Brita (1982)
See this publicationThe role and status of women in post-harvest food conservation
Abstract presentFood and Nutrition Bulletin. Volume 4 #1. p. 33-40.

Periodical articleGomez, M.I. (1982)
Sources of vitamin c in the Kenya diet and their stability to cooking and processing
Abstract presentEcology of Food and Nutrition. Volume 12 #3. p. 179-184.

Search: su=food preparation
Found: 50 Record 1-50

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