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Periodical articleVitturini, Elia (2020)
See this documentThe Gaboye of Somaliland: transformations and historical continuities of the labour exploitation and marginalisation of hereditary groups of occupational specialists
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 14 #3. p. 473-491.

Periodical articleBernards, Nick (2019)
See this documentPlacing African labour in global capitalism: the politics of irregular work
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 46 #160. p. 294-303.

Periodical articleHepburn, Sacha (2019)
See this documentService and Solidarity: Domestic Workers, Informal Organising and the Limits of Unionisation in Zambia
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 45 #1. p. 31-47.

Periodical articleFischer, Gundula (2018)
See this documentContested 'respectability': gender and labour in the life stories of Tanzanian women and men in the hospitality industry
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 12 #3. p. 575-593.

Periodical articleHausken, Kjell and Ncube, Mthuli (2018)
See this documentService Delivery versus Moonlighting: Using Data from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal
African Development Review. Volume 30 #2. p. 219-232.

Periodical articleJeske, Christine (2018)
See this documentWhy Work? Do We Understand What Motivates Work-Related Decisions in South Africa?
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 27-42.

Periodical articleBellucci, Stefano and Freund, Bill (eds.) (2017)
See this documentWork across Africa: labour exploitation and mobility in Southern, Eastern and Western Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 87 #1. p. 27-119.

Periodical articleBarchiesi, Franco (2016)
See this documentSchooling bodies to hard work: the South African state's policy discourse and its moral constructions of welfare
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 34 #2. p. 221-235.

BookBaumann, Eveline (2016)
Sénégal, le travail dans tous ses états
Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes. Collection économie et societé. 353p.

BookOtobo, Dafe (ed.) (2016)
Reforms and Nigerian labour and employment relations: perspectives, issues and challenges
Abstract presentLagos: Malthouse Press. 479p.

Periodical (2015)
See this documentTravail décent: magazine d'information sur le travail décent en Afrique de l'Ouest
Dakar: Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT).

BookGewald, Jan-Bart (2015)
See this documentForged in the Great War: people, transport, and labour, the establishment of colonial rule in Zambia, 1890-1920
Leiden: African Studies Centre. African Studies Collection #61. 156p.

Periodical articleHoueland, Camilla (2015)
See this documentCasualisation and Conflict in the Niger Delta: Nigerian Oil Workers' Unions between Companies and Communities
Revue Tiers Monde. #224. p. 25-45.

Periodical articleNjelesani, Janet (ed.) (2015)
See this documentExperiences of work among people with disabilities who are HIV-positive in Zambia
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 14 #1. p. 51-56.

Periodical issueBeresford, Alexander and Cross, Hannah (eds.) (2014)
See this documentSpecial issue: labour in Africa
Abstract presentCritical African studies. Volume 7 #1. 88p.

Periodical articleBillong Billong, Abel (2014)
L'apport en industrie en droit OHADA (1): une nouvelle approche
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 124 #889. p. 508-530.

Periodical issueBoyer, Florence and Guénard, Charlotte (eds.) (2014)
Les jeunes du Sud face à l'emploi
Abstract presentAutrepart. #71. 222p.

Periodical articleDomingues da Silva, Daniel (ed.) (2014)
See this documentThe diaspora of Africans liberated from slave ships in the nineteenth century
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 55 #3. p. 347-369.

BookKituo cha Sheria na Haki za Binadamu, Tanzania (2014)
See this documentHuman rights and business report in Tanzania, 2013
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Legal and Human Rights Centre. 182p.

Periodical articleMcLachlan, Sam and Binns, Tony (2014)
Tourism as a means for development in Livingstone, Zambia: impacts among local stakeholders
Australasian Review of African Studies. Volume 35 #2. p. 5-24.

BookMuluma Munanga G.T., Albert (2014)
Législation du travail et sécurité sociale en République démocratique du Congo
Paris: L'Harmattan. 319p.

Periodical articleEmire, Guday and Teferi, Eskindir (2013)
Gender relations in access to and control over resources in Awra Amba community of Amhara region, Ethiopia
Abstract presentEthiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Volume 9 #2. p. 1-36.

BookViti, Fabio (2013)
Travail et apprentissage en Afrique de l'Ouest (Sénégal, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo)
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 311p.

Periodical articleMeagher, Kate (2012)
See this documentWeber meets Godzilla: social networks and the spirit of capitalism in East Asia and Africa
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 39 #132. p. 261-278.

Periodical articleMiller, Christina M. (2012)
See this documentFresh Cut Flowers and Exploitation
Abstract presentPerspectives on Global Development and Technology. Volume 11 #1. p. 88-98.

BookSodikoff, Genese Marie (2012)
Forest and labor in Madagascar: from colonial concession to global biosphere
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 245p.

BookSender, John and Smith, Sheila (2011)
The development of capitalism in Africa
London: Methuen. Routledge library editions, Development #97. 177p.

BookUganda. Ministry of Gender and Community Development (2011)
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development statistical abstract 2009/10
Kampala: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. 113p.

Periodical articleBitota Muamba, Joséphine (2010)
À propos du travail: cinquante ans après l'indépendance de la République démocratique du Congo
Éthique & société. Volume 6 #2. p. 147-180.

Periodical articleNæss, Marius Warg (2010)
See this documentContradictory evidence as a guide for future research: investigating the relationship between pastoral labour and production
Nomadic Peoples. Volume 14 #1. p. 51-71.

BookOuédraogo, Jean-Bernard and Fofana, Habibou (eds.) (2009)
Travail et société au Burkina Faso: technique, innovation, mobilisation
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 247p.

Periodical issueSchler, Lynn and Bethlehem, Louise and Sabar, Galia (eds.) (2009)
Special issue: rethinking labour in Africa, past and present
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 7 #3. p. 287-432.

Periodical issueTsikata, Dzodzi and Amanor-Wilks, Dede-Esi (eds.) (2009)
See this documentLand, labour and gendered livelihoods
Feminist Africa. #12. 126p.

Periodical articleViti, Fabio (2009)
See this documentPérennité de l'esclavage? Travail et dépendance personnelle en Afrique de l'Ouest
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 64 #1-2. p. 42-69.

Periodical articleBabikir, Osman Mohammed and Mohammed, El-Agib Farahain (2008)
A preliminary test of het(e)rogeneity between family and hired labour in Sudanese agriculture: a case study of Gezira scheme
OSSREA Bulletin. Volume 5 #3. p. 28-50.

Periodical articleSouthall, Roger (2008)
The 'new scramble' and labour in Africa
Labour, Capital and Society. Volume 41 #2. p. 128-155.

Periodical articleTakane, Tsutomu (2008)
See this documentLabor use in smallholder agriculture in Malawi: six village case studies
African Study Monographs. Volume 29 #4. p. 183-200.

Periodical articleAustin, Gareth (2007)
See this documentLabour and Land in Ghana, 1874-1939: A Shifting Ratio and an Institutional Revolution
Abstract presentAustralian Economic History Review. Volume 47 #1. p. 95-120.

Periodical articleBabikir, Osman M. and Babiker, Babiker I. (2007)
See this documentThe Determinants of Labour Supply and Demand in Irrigated Agriculture: A Case Study of the Gezira Scheme in Sudan
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 19 #2. September. p. 335-349.

Dissertation / thesisHoon, Parakh (2007)
Between exchange and reciprocity: the politics of wildlife conservation in Botswana and agricultural diversification in Zambia
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 153p.

Dissertation / thesisMwaruvie, John Mwaniki (2007)
Political economy of railway extensions in Kenya: the case of the Uasin Gishu railway 1901-1930
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 443p.

Periodical articleNkamba, Mukadi Luaba (2006)
La question historique de l'éthique chrétienne du travail en République Démocratique du Congo
Abstract presentJournal of Oriental and African Studies. Volume 15. p. 211-221.

BookTagum Fombeno, Henri-Joël (2006)
L'action des syndicats professionnels en Afrique noire francophone
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 364p.

BookAustin, Gareth (2005)
Labour, land and capital in Ghana: from slavery to free labour in Asante, 1807-1956
Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press. Rochester studies in African history and the diaspora. 589p.

Periodical articleBurger, Philippe and Janse van Rensburg, Lizelle (2005)
Economic diversification: the role of resource abundance and labour constraints
African Development Perspectives Yearbook. Volume 11. p. 327-351.

Periodical articleGhazaleh, Pascale (2005)
Commis, artisans, ouvriers: les métamorphoses du salariat dans l'Égypte du XIXe siècle
Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée. #105-106. p. 47-68.

Periodical articleNsubuga-Kyobe, Apollo S. (2005)
Bulungibwansu: A Manifestation of Workers' Co-Operatives for Africa
Australasian Review of African Studies. Volume 27 #1. June. p. 27-47.

Dissertation / thesisTshitereke, Nyelisani Clarence Muofhe (2005)
GEAR and labour in post apartheid South Africa: a study of the gold mining industry, 1987-2004
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 302p.

Periodical articleSimkins, Charles (2004)
See this documentEmployment and Unemployment in South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 22 #2. May. p. 253-278.

Periodical articleWebster, Edward (2004)
South African labour studies in a global perspective, 1973-2006
Labour, Capital and Society. Volume 37 #1. p. 258-282.

Periodical articleWittenberg, Martin (2004)
See this documentThe mystery of South Africa's ghost workers in 1996: measurement and mismeasurement in the manufacturing census, population census and October Household Surveys
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 72 #5. p. 1003-1021.

Dissertation / thesisAidi, Hisham (2003)
State withdrawal and political change: corporatism, capacity, and coalition politics in Egypt and Mexico
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 402p.

BookFrazer, Garth Douglas (2003)
Firms, workers, and human capital in Ghanaian manufacturing
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 160p.

BookHeiß, Jan Patrick (2003)
Zur Komplexität bäuerlicher Feldarbeit in Afrika: eine Fallstudie in einem Manga-Dorf (Niger)
Münster: Lit Verlag. Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung #17. 229p.

Periodical articleKeese, Alexander (2003)
'Proteger os pretos': havia uma mentalidade reformista na adminstração portuguesa na África tropical (1926-1961)?
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #6. p. 97-125.

Periodical articleOrr, Liesl and Goldman, Tanya (2001)
Workplace discrimination: early experiences with the EEA
Indicator South Africa. Volume 18 #3. p. 13-23.

Periodical articleHunter, Mark (2000)
See this documentThe Post-Fordist High Road? A South African Case Study
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 18 #1. January. p. 67-90.

Periodical articleIdubor, Richard (2000)
See this documentHow Protected is the Employment of the Nigerian Workers?
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 12 #1. March. p. 128-143.

Periodical articleMello, D.M. (2000)
See this documentAn analysis of the implementation of affirmative action in the South African public sector
Abstract presentPoliteia: Journal for Political Science and Public Administration. Volume 19 #1. p. 31-46.

Periodical articleGray, Christopher and Ngolet, Francois (1999)
See this documentLambarene Okoume and the Transformation of Labor Along the Middle Ogooue (Gabon)
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 40 #1. p. 87-107.

Periodical articleUl Haque, Nadeem and Aziz, Jahangir (1999)
See this documentThe Quality of Governance: 'Second-Generation' Civil Service Reform in Africa
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 8 Supplement #1. December. p. 68-106.

Periodical articleClark, Patricia G. (1998)
See this documentA Gendered View of the History of Professionalization in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 23 #3-4. p. 77-93.

Periodical articleBarchiesi, Franco (1997)
Labour, neoliberalism and democratic politics in Nigeria and South Africa: a comparative overview
Abstract presentLabour, Capital and Society. Volume 30 #2. p. 171-225.

Periodical articleStefanski, Bogdan (1997)
Macroeconomic strategy for growth, employment and redistribution in South Africa
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #45. p. 29-44.

Periodical articleBarker, F.S. (1996)
Waardes en standaarde op die arbeidsterrein
Abstract presentTydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 36 #1. p. 1-10.

BookBeck, Kurt and Spittler, Gerd (eds.) (1996)
Arbeit in Afrika
Abstract presentHamburg: Lit. Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung #12. 377p.

Periodical articleGapinski, James H. (1996)
See this documentEconomic Growth and Its Components in African Nations
Abstract presentJournal of Developing Areas. Volume 30 #4. July. p. 525-548.

Periodical articleIkeya, Kazunobu (1996)
See this documentRoad construction and handicraft production in the Xade area, Botswana
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs: Supplementary Issue. #22. p. 67-84.

Book chapterSeesemann, Rüdiger (1996)
Islam, Arbeit und Arbeitsethik: Die zâwiya der Tijâniyya in el-Fasher, Sudan
In: Beck, K. and Spittler, G. (eds.), Arbeit in Afrika. Hamburg: LIT. p. 141-160.

BookSikainga, Ahmad Alawad (1996)
Slaves into workers: emancipation and labor in colonial Sudan
Austin, Tex.: University of Texas Press. The modern Middle East series #18. 276p.

Periodical articleDen Ouden, Jan H.B. (1995)
See this documentWho's for Work? The Management of Labour in the Process of Accumulation in Three Adja Villages, Benin
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 65 #1. p. 1-35.

Periodical articleGeschiere, Peter (1995)
See this documentWorking Groups or Wage Labour? Cash-Crops, Reciprocity and Money among the Maka of Southeastern Cameroon
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 26 #3. July. p. 503-523.

Periodical articleOnischuk, S. (1995)
Tropical Africa: Interaction of Factors Related to the Socio-Economic Formations and to Ecology in the Development Toward the Industrial Society
Abstract presentSt. Petersburg Journal of African Studies. #5. p. 89-100.

Periodical articleTidjani, Bassirou and Gaye, Adama (1995)
See this documentÉtude socioculturelle de l'entreprise sénégalaise
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 20 #3. p. 89-104.

Periodical articleWhiteside, Alan (1995)
Productivity: Health and Education
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 25 #1. p. 15-26.

Periodical articleThioub, Ibrahima (1994)
See this documentÉconomie coloniale et rémunération de la force de travail: le salaire du manoeuvre à Dakar de 1930 à 1954
Abstract presentRevue française d'histoire d'outre-mer. Volume 81 #305. p. 427-453.

Periodical articleAdewumi, Funmi (1993)
Aspirations & expectations of labour in a neo-colonial State: the case of Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Notes: Bulletin of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. Volume 17 #1-2. p. 32-53.

Periodical articleMaller, Judy and Dwolatsky, Barry (1993)
See this documentWhat is Fordism? Restructuring Work in the South African Metal Industry
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #22. p. 70-86.

BookWaaijenberg, Henk (1993)
See this documentLand and labour in Mijikenda agriculture, Kenya, 1850-1985
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. Research reports #53. 51p.

Periodical articleCrush, Jonathan S. (1992)
See this documentPower and Surveillance on the South African Gold Mines
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 18 #4. December. p. 825-844.

Periodical articleFreund, Bill (1992)
See this documentA New Industrial Revolution? Technological Change and the Implications for South African Labour
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 18 #1. June. p. 1-19.

Dissertation / thesisKlute, Georg (1992)
Die schwerste Arbeit der Welt: Alltag von Tuareg-Nomaden
Abstract presentMünchen: Trickster Wissenschaft. Rites de passage #6. 277p.

Periodical articleMinkley, Gary (1992)
See this documentClass and Culture in the Workplace: East London, Industrialisation, and the Conflict Over Work, 1945-1957
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 18 #4. December. p. 739-760.

Periodical articleYanaihara, Katsu (1992)
See this documentEconomic Ties between Workers and Their Agricultural Homeland in Nigeria and Zambia
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs. Volume 14 #3. p. 167-185.

Periodical articleAdesina, Jimi O. (1991)
See this documentWorkers in Nigeria's Social Development Experience: A Critique of Current Mythologies
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 16 #2. p. 95-119.

BookBernal, Victoria (1991)
Cultivating workers: peasants and capitalism in a Sudanese village
Abstract presentNew York: Columbia University Press. 224p.

Periodical articleKnoll, Arthur J. (1991)
Firestone's Labor Policy, 1924-1939
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 16 #2. p. 49-75.

Periodical articleAchola, Milcah Amolo (1990)
See this documentLabour, Metropolitan Capital and the Colonial State: A Case Study of the Labour Policies of the Sierra Leone Development Company, 1930-38
Abstract presentTransafrican Journal of History. Volume 19. p. 80-98.

Periodical articleHindson, D. and Crankshaw, O. (1990)
New jobs, new skills, new divisions: the changing structure of SA's workforce
Abstract presentSouth African Labour Bulletin. Volume 15 #1. p. 23-31.

BookTellegen, Nina and Verstrate, Lieke (1990)
Households of agricultural wage labourers in Trans Nzoia District - Kenya: the role of non-farming activities and food links
Leiden. 152p.

BookThomas, Henk (1990)
See this documentLabour and work in small-scale enterprises
Abstract presentThe Hague: Institute of Social Studies. Working papers, General series #79. 32p.

BookWaterman, Peter (1990)
See this documentOne, two, three, many new internationalisms!: on a new third world labour internationalism and its relationship to those of the West and the East
Abstract presentThe Hague: Institute of Social Studies. Working papers, General series #76. 79p.

Periodical articleAdesina, J.O. (1989)
Worker consciousness and shopfloor struggles: a case study of Nigerian refinery workers
Abstract presentLabour, Capital and Society. Volume 22 #2. p. 288-319.

Periodical articleBezuneh, Mesfin and Deaton, Brady and Norton, George (1989)
Farm Level Impacts of Food-for-Work in a Semi-Arid Region of Kenya
Abstract presentEastern Africa Economic Review. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 1-8.

Book chapterCurry, John J. (1989)
Occupation and drought vulnerability: case studies from a village in Niger
Abstract presentIn: Huss-Ashmore, Rebecca and Katz, Solomon H. (eds.), African Food Systems in Crisis. Part 1: Microperspectives. New York, NY: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers. p. 239-260.

Periodical articleFashoyin, Tayo (1989)
Labour and the Nigerian economy
Abstract presentVierteljahres-Berichte: Probleme der internationalen Zusammenarbeit. #116. p. 165-172.

Book chapterFleuret, A. (1989)
Indigenous Taita responses to drought
Abstract presentIn: African Food Systems in Crisis. Part 1: Microperspectives. p. 221-237.

Periodical articleAgier, M. and Lulle, T. (1987)
Héritiers et prolétaires: travail, mobilité sociale et vies de familles à Lomé (Togo)
Abstract presentCahiers des sciences humaines. Volume 23 #2. p. 215-241.

Periodical articleKraak, Andre (1987)
See this documentUneven Capitalist Development: A Case Study of Deskilling and Reskilling in South Africa's Metal Industry
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 13 #2. December. p. 14-31.

Periodical articleVon Freyhold, Michaela (1987)
See this documentLabour Movements or Popular Struggles in Africa
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 14 #39. September. p. 23-32.

Search: su=labour
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