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Periodical articleKlyton, Aaron C. van; Rutabayiro-Ngoga, Said; Liyanage, Lakmal (2020)
See this publicationChinese investment in the Sierra Leone telecommunications sector: international financial institutions, neoliberalism and organisational fields
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 47 #164. p. 220-237.

Periodical articleMasiya, Michael (2019)
See this publicationRevenue Implications of Continental Free Trade Area: A Short-run Perspective of Malawi
African Development Review. Volume 31 #4. p. 529-538.

Periodical articleKhalil, Heba; Dill, Brian (2018)
See this publicationNegotiating statist neoliberalism: the political economy of post-revolution Egypt
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 45 #158. p. 574-591.

Periodical articleKiiza, Julius (2018)
See this publicationThe myth of local content in Uganda's oil sector: an eclipse of economic liberalism?
Tanzania Journal of Development Studies. Volume 16 #2. p. 112-133.

Periodical articleOkeke, Donald Chiuba; Cilliers, Juaneé; Schoeman, Carel (2018)
See this publicationNeo-mercantilism as development ideology: A conceptual approach to rethink the space economy in Africa
African Studies. Volume 77 #1. p. 23-52.

Periodical articleAmupanda, Job Shipululo (2017)
Constitutionalism and principles of economic order: examining Namibia's 'mixed economy' and the economic asylum of neoliberalism
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #21. p. 7-26.

Periodical articleAnsari, Shaukat (2017)
See this publicationThe neo-liberal incentive structure and the absence of the developmental state in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 116 #463. p. 206-232.

Periodical articleCross, Hannah (2017)
See this publicationNeoliberalism, labour power and democracy - the sense of an ending
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 44 #153. p. 353-357.

Periodical articleGinsberg, Raphael (2017)
See this publicationThe murder of Chris Hani: the neo-liberalization of South African news narratives
Abstract presentJournal of African Media Studies. Volume 9 #1. p. 113-128.

Periodical articleGormus, Evrim (2017)
See this publicationEconomic liberalisation policies and (non-Islamic) market coalition in Egypt
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 60-77.

Periodical articleJedlowski, Alessandro (2017)
See this publicationAfrican media and the corporate takeover: Video film circulation in the age of neoliberal transformations
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 116 #465. p. 671-691.

Periodical articleMacLean, Lauren M. (2017)
See this publicationNeoliberal democratisation, colonial legacies and the rise of the non-state provision of social welfare in West Africa
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 44 #153. p. 358-380.

Periodical articleMalak, Karim; Salem, Sara (2017)
See this publicationHow far does neoliberalism go in Egypt? Gender, citizenship and the making of the 'rural' woman
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 44 #154. p. 541-558.

BookHarrison, Olivia C.; Villa-Ignacio, Teresa (eds.) (2016)
Souffles-Anfas: a critical anthology from the Moroccan journal of culture and politics
Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 286p.

Periodical articleHwami, Munyaradzi (2016)
See this publicationFrantz Fanon and the problematic of decolonization: perspectives on Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 14 #1. p. 19-37.

BookMentan, Tatah (2016)
Neoliberalism and Imperialism: dissecting the dynamics of global oppression
Mankon: Langaa Research & Publishing CIG. 513p.

Periodical articleSaunders, Chris (2016)
See this publicationSouth African liberal thinking on questions of nationalism reconsidered
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #75. p. 1-13.

Periodical issueMama, Amina; Abbas, Hakima (eds.) (2015)
See this publicationFeminism and pan-Africanism
Abstract presentFeminist Africa. #20. 137p.

Periodical articleSelwaness, Irène; Zaki, Chahir (2015)
See this publicationAssessing the impact of trade reforms on informal employment in Egypt
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 20 #3. p. 391-414.

Periodical articleDimandja Kalonda, Pierre; Kyembe Mulumbwa, Albert (2014)
See this publicationLes mécanismes de protection de la libre concurrence en R.D.C et leur effectivité: exemple du secteur des télécommunications
KAS African Law Study Library. Volume 1 #1. p. 57-74.

Periodical articleIkpe, Eka (2014)
See this publicationThe development planning era and developmental statehood: the pursuit of structural transformation in Nigeria
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 41 #142. p. 545-560.

Periodical articleKapya Kabesa, Jean Salem Israël Marcel; Kyungu Nsenga, Justin (2014)
See this publicationAnalyse de l'impact de la libéralisation économique: l'exemple du secteur des télécommunications (loi-cadre n°013/2002 du 16 octobre 2002)
KAS African Law Study Library. Volume 1 #1. p. 207-224.

Periodical articleMann, Laura (2014)
See this publication'Wasta!': the long-term implications of education expansion and economic liberalisation on politics in Sudan
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 41 #142. p. 561-578.

BookSylla, Ndongo Samba (ed.) (2014)
Liberalism and its discontents: social movements in West Africa
Abstract presentSenegal: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. 488p.

BookSylla, Ndongo Samba (ed.) (2014)
Les mouvements sociaux en Afrique de l'Ouest: entre les ravages du libéralisme économique et la promesse du libéralisme politique
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 453p.

Periodical articleWasserman, Herman; Maweu, Jacinta Mwende (2014)
See this publicationThe freedom to be silent? Market pressures on journalistic normative ideals at the Nation Media Group in Kenya
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 41 #142. p. 623-633.

Periodical articleAmukugo, Elizabeth Magano (2013)
Liberal democracy, education and social justice in Africa
Abstract presentJournal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. Volume 2 #1. p. 144-157.

Periodical articleBotha, Christo (2013)
Searching for justice: the pursuit of a liberal tradition in colonial Namibia
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. Volume 14. p. 7-45.

Periodical articleEnglund, Harri (2013)
See this publicationZambia at 50: The Rediscovery of Liberalism
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 83 #4. November. p. 670-689.

Periodical articleGray, Hazel (2013)
See this publicationIndustrial policy and the political settlement in Tanzania: aspects of continuity and change since independence
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 40 #136. p. 185-201.

BookMbembe, Achille (2013)
Critique de la raison nègre
Paris: La Découverte. Cahiers libres. 267p.

BookMentan, Tatah (2013)
Democracy for breakfast: unveiling mirage democracy in contemporary Africa
Mankon: Langaa Research & Publishing CIG. 354p.

Periodical issuePons-Vignon, Nicolas; Segatti, Aurelia; Bush, Ray (eds.) (2013)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Revisiting the South African developmental impasse: the national neoliberal revolution
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 40 #138. p. 507-619.

BookSylla, Ndongo Samba (ed.) (2013)
Rethinking development
Abstract presentDakar: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. 166p.

Periodical articleWilburn, Kenneth (2013)
See this publication'Friend of the native?': James Sivewright and the Cape liberal tradition
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 65 #2. p. 271-292.

Periodical articleYaro, Joseph A. (2013)
See this publicationNeoliberal globalisation and evolving local traditional institutions: implications for access to resources in rural northern Ghana
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 40 #137. p. 410-427.

Periodical articleYeros, Paris (2013)
See this publicationThe rise and fall of trade unionism in Zimbabwe, part I: 1990-1995
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 40 #136. p. 219-232.

BookAyittey, George; Duru, Mike (eds.) (2012)
Voices from Africa: for a new century of liberty, peace & prosperity
Abstract presentOshodi: African Liberty.org.

Periodical articleSatgar, Vishwas (2012)
See this publicationBeyond Marikana: the post-apartheid South African State
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 47 #2-3. p. 33-62.

Periodical articleCunniah, Bruno Clifford (2011)
La mondialisation néolibérale comme vecteur du culte de la performance sexuelle: le cas de l'île Maurice
Revue historique de l'océan Indien. #7. p. 316-327.

BookM'Rad, Hatem (2011)
Libéralisme & liberté dans le monde arabo-musulman: de l'autoritarisme à la révolution
Tunis: Éditions Nirvana. 191p.

BookMachemedze, Rangarirai; Chizarura, Ludwig (2011)
See this publicationImpact of economic partnership agreements on livelihoods in southern Africa: sugar, grapes, cotton
Stockholm: Africa Groups of Sweden. 38p.

Periodical articleWinkler, Tanja (2011)
See this publicationOn the liberal moral project of planning in South Africa
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 22 #2. p. 135-148.

BookNkingi, Nkere Ntanda (2010)
La crise financière internationale de 2008 et ses conséquences en RDCongo
Paris: L'Harmattan. Dossiers, études et documents. 136p.

Periodical articleWiegratz, Jörg (2010)
See this publicationFake capitalism? The dynamics of neoliberal moral restructuring and pseudo-development: the case of Uganda
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 37 #124. p. 123-137.

Periodical articleWilliams, David (2010)
See this publicationMaking a liberal State: 'good governance' in Ghana
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 37 #126. p. 403-419.

BookBedert, Maarten (2009)
See this publicationThe minibus breakdown: exploring social dynamics in a neoliberal urban environment in Blantyre, Malawi
Leiden: Leiden University. 149p.

BookKonings, Piet (2009)
See this publicationNeoliberal bandwagonism: civil society and the politics of belonging in Anglophone Cameroon
Abstract presentBamenda: Langaa Research and Publishing. 261p.

BookShivij, Issa G. (2009)
Accumulation in an African periphery: a theoretical framework
Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers Ltd.. 100p.

Periodical articleDemissie, Fassil (2008)
Situated neoliberalism and urban crisis in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
African Identities. Volume 6 #4. p. 505-527.

Periodical articleKissack, Mike; Titlestad, Michael (2008)
See this publicationThe antinomies of a liberal identity: reason, emotion and volition in the work of R.F.A. Hoernlé and W.M. Macmillan
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 60 #1. p. 41-59.

Periodical articleMutua, Makau (2008)
See this publicationHuman rights in Africa: the limited promise of liberalism
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 51 #1. p. 17-39.

Periodical articleMwaigomole, E.A. (2008)
See this publicationEconomic Performance in Post-Market Economies and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Tanzania
Abstract presentTanzania Journal of Development Studies. Volume 8 #1. p. 95-108.

Periodical articleMoudud, Jamee; Botchway, Karl (2007)
See this publicationChallenging the Orthodoxy: African Development in the Age of Openness
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 6 #4. November. p. 457-493.

Periodical articleKariuki, J.N. (2006)
Is it unreasonable and undesirable to expect that regulators in the ICT sector should be fully independent of government
Kenya Engineer. Volume 27 #2. March-April. p. 31-33.

Periodical articleDu Toit, André (2005)
See this publicationThe Legacy of Daantjie Oosthuizen: Revisiting the Liberal Defence of Academic Freedom
African Sociological Review. Volume 9 #1. p. 40-61.

Periodical articleFaye, J.-P. (2005)
Qu'appelle-t-on enseigner?
Liens (Dakar, Senegal). #7. juin. p. 151-162.

Periodical articleMbassi Ondoa, T.E. (2005)
La mondialisation et la problèmatique de la fin des conflits
Éthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #75. 2ème semestre. p. 257-266.

Periodical articleSenaji, T.A. (2005)
Transformation of ICT sector to meet the needs of the future
Kenya Engineer. Volume 26 #2. March-April. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleSimuchimba, Melvin (2005)
Secularisation within a 'Christian nation'? A sociological examination of the case of Zambia
Abstract presentThe Journal of Humanities (Lusaka). Volume 5. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleNeocosmos, Michael (2004)
Thinking the impossible? Elements of a critique of political liberalism in Southern Africa
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 5 #1-2. December. p. 207-234.

Periodical articleNgagi, A. (2004)
La protection de intérêts économiques des consommateurs dans le cadre du libéralisme économique en droit rwandais
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 8. déc.. p. 146-163.

BookWeiss, Brad (ed.) (2004)
Producing African futures: ritual and reproduction in a neoliberal age
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. Studies on religion in Africa #26. 356p.

Dissertation / thesisAl-faqih, Abdullah M. (2003)
The struggle for liberalization and democratization in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 319p.

Dissertation / thesisO'Bannon, Brett R. (2003)
Confronting the development dilemma: decentralized cooperation, governance and local responses to neoliberal reform in rural Senegal
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 170p.

Periodical articleWaghid, Yusef (2003)
See this publicationRethinking Justice, Equality and Rights: Communitarian Challenges for an Atomistic-Liberalist View of the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #51. p. 101-128.

Periodical articleBoafo-Arthur, Kwame (2002)
Neo-Liberalism, Human Security, and Pan-Africanist Ideals: Synergies and Contradictions
African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 5 #1-2. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleIkhide, S.I.; Alawode, A.A. (2002)
See this publicationOn the sequencing of financial liberalisation in Nigeria
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 70 #1. p. 95-127.

Periodical articleMenkiti, Ifeanyi A. (2002)
Philosophy and the State in Africa: some Rawlsian considerations
Abstract presentPhilosophia Africana: Analysis of Philosophy and Issues in Africa and the Black Diaspora. Volume 5 #2. p. 35-51.

Periodical articleMensah, K.B. (2002)
Legitimacy and interpretation in Ghanaian law: the literal interpretation theory versus the value based interpretation theory
Ghana School of Law Journal (2002). Volume 1. p. 29-55.

Periodical articleNgue Keu Dongmo, P. (2002)
The liberal state and conflicting situations in Africa or liberalism in a multi-cultural system
Dialogue & Reconciliation. Volume 2 #2. 1st semester. p. 237-246.

Periodical articleWaghid, Yusef (2002)
See this publicationCommunitarian deliberative democracy and its implications for political discourse in South Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 29 #2. p. 183-207.

Periodical articleDillman, Bradford (2001)
See this publicationFacing the market in North Africa
Middle East Journal. Volume 55 #2. p. 198-215.

Periodical articleOwolabi, Kolawole A. (2001)
Globalization, Americanization and Western Imperialism
Journal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 16 #2. July. p. 71-92.

Periodical articleHudson, Peter (2000)
See this publicationLiberalism, democracy and transformation in South Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 27 #1. p. 93-102.

Periodical articleJinadu, L. Adele (2000)
See this publicationThe Globalisation of Political Science: An African Perspective
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of Political Science. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 1-13.

Periodical articleMoore, David (2000)
See this publicationLevelling the Playing Fields and Embedding Illusions: 'Post-Conflict' Discourse and Neo-Liberal 'Development' in War-Torn Africa
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 27 #83. March. p. 11-28.

Periodical articleNweke, U. (2000)
Rawlsian liberalism and confucian humanism: a dialogue
Chiedza (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 3 #1. May. p. 20-28.

Periodical articlePirey, M. (2000)
Are the airwaves going to be free in Zimbabwe?
Legal Forum. Volume 12 #3. September. p. 132.

Periodical articleVenema, Bernhard; Hubbeling, Hester; Mahieu, Marianne (2000)
Neo-liberal politics and the new women's self-help groups in Senegal
African Development Perspectives Yearbook. Volume 8. p. 705-730.

Periodical articleAlexander, Peter F. (1997)
Literary liberalism: the 'Voorslag' trio in political retrospect
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 21-35.

Periodical articleBlatchford, Mathew (1997)
South African neoliberalism: the antipolitics democrats
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 98-111.

Periodical articleConyngham, John (1997)
Liberalism and the postapartheid South African press
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 91-97.

Periodical articleEnslin, Penny (1997)
Contemporary liberalism and civic education in South Africa
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 77-90.

Periodical articleFoley, Andrew (1997)
Fugard, liberalism and the ending of apartheid
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 57-76.

Periodical articleNgwenya, Thengani H. (1997)
The liberal-Christian vision in Alan Paton's autobiography
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 36-56.

Periodical articleRich, Paul B. (1997)
A new South African liberal conscience?
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 1-20.

Periodical articleSoliman, Ibrahim; Ewaida, Usama (1997)
Impacts of technological changes and economic liberalization on agricultural labor employment and productivity
L'Égypte contemporaine. Volume 88 #445. p. 47-64.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1996)
How the Asian tigers did it: lessons for economic liberalization in Africa
EcoNews Africa. Volume 5 #5. 7 Mar.. p. 1-2.

Periodical articleCampbell, Bonnie (1996)
Débats actuels sur la reconceptualisation de l'État par les organismes de financement multilatéraux et l'USAID
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #61. p. 18-28.

Periodical articleChidammodzi, H.F. (1996)
Addressing African feminism
Tizame. #5. November. p. 33-37.

Periodical articleMwangi, W. (1996)
Africa dances by the door
EcoNews Africa. Volume 5 #9. 2 May. p. 3-5.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1995)
Freeing the economy: can EPZs help enhance the pace of economic liberalisation in Kenya?
Business Trend Review. #51. August. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleChilipamushi, D.M. (1995)
Some issues on the role of the Bank of Zambia in the overall liberalisation process in Zambian economy
Zambia Journal of Business. Volume 6 #1. April-June. p. 32.

Periodical articleChipeta, C. (1995)
Financial liberalisation and development
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 8 #12. September. p. 39-42.

Periodical articleGithiora, B. (1995)
New, cheap, tough: Indian made vehicles hit the market
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). December-Jan.. p. 21-27.

Periodical articleMichaïlof, Serge (1995)
Protectionnisme ou libre-échange en zone franc?
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #58. p. 101-125.

Periodical articleMwangi, W. (1995)
Who gains and loses from globalization & liberalization?
EcoNews Africa. Volume 4 #20. 1 Dec.. p. 3.

Periodical articleRaftopoulos, Brian; Moyo, Sam (1995)
The Politics of Indigenisation in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 11 #2. June. p. 17-33.

Periodical articleBrickhill, P. (1994)
Economic liberalization and the bookseller
Book Power. #2. p. 23-25.

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