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Periodical issueGeissler, P. Wenzel; Tousignant, Noémi (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationSpecial issue: capacity as history and horizon: infrastructure, autonomy and future in African health science and care
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 50 #3. p. 349-496.

BookHunt, Nancy Rose (2016)
A nervous state: violence, remedies, and reverie in colonial Congo
Durham: Duke University Press. 353p.

Periodical articleRotich, Daniel Chebutuk; Onyancha, Omwoyo Bosire (2016)
See this publicationTrends and patterns of medical and health research at Moi University, Kenya, between 2002 and 2014: an informetrics study
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Library and Information Science. Volume 82 #2. p. 20-33.

Conference paperAbdullahi, Labbo (2015)
See this publicationIslam and the development of medicine in Nigeria: lessons from the Sokoto caliphate
Ilorin: Islamic Welfare Organisation. 17p.

Periodical articleVahed, Goolam (2014)
The formal education journey of Cassim Dangor, 1963-1985: reflections on education challenges in apartheid South Africa
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 59 #1. p. 38-58.

BookAdamu, Umar Faruk (2013)
Modern and traditional medicine: conflicts and reconciliation
Ibadan: Safari Books. 154p.

Periodical articleLe Roux-Kemp, Andra (2013)
See this publicationA question of life and death
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 46 #1. p. 74-89.

Periodical articleWebb (Jr.), James L.A. (2013)
See this publicationHistorical epidemiology and infectious disease processes in Africa
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 54 #1. p. 3-10.

BookAdamu, Umar Faruk (2012)
Medicine in the Qur'an and Sunnah: an intellectual reappraisal of the legacy and future of Islamic medicine and its representation in the language of science and modernity
Ibadan: Safari Books. 309p.

Periodical articleJordaan, Donrich W. (2012)
See this publicationAutologous stem cell therapy: an analysis of the South African regulatory regime
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 28 #1. p. 31-54.

BookLevine, Susan (ed.) (2012)
See this publicationMedicine and the politics of knowledge
Cape Town: HSRC Press. 200p.

Periodical articleNgahane, Bertrand Hugo Mbatchou (ed.) (2012)
See this publicationHIV-seroprevalence among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in a tertiary care hospital in Douala, Cameroon
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 11 #4. p. 349-352.

Periodical articleOduntan, Babatunde Oluwatoyin (2012)
Beyond 'The Way of God': missionaries, colonialism and smallpox in Abeokuta
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 12. p. 1-22.

Periodical articleSundal, Mary B. (2012)
See this publicationNot in my hospital: Karimojong indigenous healing and biomedicine
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #4. p. 571-590.

BookAwe, Bolanle; Olurin, Oyinade; Oyediran, Kayode (eds.) (2011)
The man: Adetokunbo Lucas
Ibadan: BookBuilders. 290p.

Periodical articleIssa, Amina Ameir (2011)
Popularization of Western medicine in colonial Zanzibar, 1900-1963
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 12 #1. p. 54-76.

Periodical articleKailemia, P.N. (2011)
Review of evidence-based practice in educational policy making and practice: a perspective of health sciences education
International Journal of Professional Practice. Volume 2 #1. January-March. p. 86-97.

BookKandji, Mamadou (ed.) (2011)
Health and mental issues in the literary imagination
Dakar: Diaspora Academy Press. 241p.

Periodical articleObadare, Ebenezer; Okeke, Iruka N. (2011)
See this publicationBiomedical loopholes, distrusted State, and the politics of HIV/AIDS 'cure' in Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 110 #439. p. 191-211.

Periodical articleRoberts, Jonathan (2011)
See this publicationMedical exchange on the Gold Coast during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 480-523.

Periodical articleBanda, S.S. (2010)
See this publicationAn investigation of how clinicians use anatomical knowledge in diagnostic reasoning: a grounded theory study of clinicians in Zambia
Medical Journal of Zambia. Volume 37 #1. January-March. p. 23-30.

Periodical articleGouriou, Fabien (2010)
Le sexe des indigènes, Adolphe Kocher et la médecine légale en Algérie
Droit et cultures. #60. p. 59-72.

Periodical articleOloyede, Olajide (2010)
See this publicationEpistemological issues in the making of an African medicine: Sutherlandia (Lessertia frutescens)
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 14 #2. p. 74-88.

BookWendland, Claire L. (2010)
A heart for the work: journeys through an African medical school
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. 330p.

BookAssociation for the Study of the Interplay between Religion and Science.; Imam, Yahya Oyewole (2009)
Religion and health sciences
Ibadan: Association for the Study of the Interplay between Religion and Science (ASIRS).

Periodical articleCeriana Mayneri, Andrea (2009)
Soigner, guérir, convertir: les étudiants en médecine de Bangui (République centrafricaine) et leur rapport à la médecine traditionnelle: une analyse du discours
Psychopathologie africaine. Volume 35 #3. p. 277-307.

Periodical articleJordaan, Donrich W.; Woodrow, Christopher; Pepper, Michael S. (2009)
See this publicationBanning private stem cell banks: a human rights analysis
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 25 #1. p. 126-151.

Periodical articleKwenzi-Mikala, Jérôme T. (2008)
Perception de la maladie chez les Bantu: cas des Bapunu du Gabon
Abstract presentPalabres actuelles: revue de la Fondation Raponda-Walker pour la Science et la Culture. #2. p. 243-258.

Periodical articleNattrass, Nicoli (2008)
See this publicationAIDS and the scientific governance of medicine in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 107 #427. p. 157-176.

Periodical articleHavik, Philip (2007)
Boticas e Beberagens: a criação dos serviços de saúde e a colonização da Guiné
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #10. p. 235-270.

BookYoude, Jeremy R. (2007)
AIDS, South Africa, and the politics of knowledge
Aldershot: Ashgate. Global health. 153p.

Periodical articleOlaoye, R.A. (2006)
Two ways of healing: faith and science
Africa Quarterly. Volume 46 #1. February-April. p. 50-53.

Periodical articleAbiodun, Balogun Oladele (2005)
See this publicationMedicinal Practice in Western Science and African Traditional Thought: A Comparative Analysis
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 3 #2. October. p. 211-225.

Periodical articleDelaunay, Karine (2005)
See this publicationLa santé et ses pratiques en Afrique: enjeux des savoirs et des pouvoirs, XVIIe-XXe siècles
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 93 #346-347. p. 7-149.

Dissertation / thesisKörling, Gabriella (2005)
'Lahiya vitesse' and the quest for relief: a study of medical pluralism in Saga, Niamey, Niger: report from a minor field study
Uppsala: Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University. Working papers in cultural anthropology #12. 87p.

Periodical issueNattrass, Nicoli (ed.) (2005)
See this publicationAIDS and healing strategies in South Africa
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 31 #2. 303p.

Periodical articleHamdy, Sherine F. (2004-2005)
See this publicationBlinding Ignorance: Medical Science, Diseased Eyes, and Religious Practice in Egypt
Arab Studies Journal. Volume 12-13 #2-1. p. 26-45.

Periodical articleWerner, Jean-François (2004)
D'une image à l'autre ou pourquoi et comment étudier les usages et pratiques de l'imagerie médicale à Dakar
Abstract presentAutrepart. #29. p. 65-80.

Periodical articleVan Wyk, Christa (2001)
Human rights and the 'Declaration of Helsinki': law and ethics in dialogue: a South African perspective
Abstract presentSouth African Yearbook of International Law. Volume 26. p. 144-155.

Periodical articleMuyengo Mulombe, Sébastien (2000)
Médecine et bioéthique en Afrique
Abstract presentCongo-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 40 #350. décembre. p. 580-590.

Periodical articleNgbelu Moyoko Ememotedoy, J. (2000)
Techniques thérapeutiques africaines et jalons épistémologiques
Revue philosophique de Kinshasa. Volume 14 #25-26. janvier-décembre. p. 201-219.

Periodical articleHamana, Naziha Boussouf (1999)
Secret médical et exigences de santé publique: cas du SIDA
Revue algérienne des sciences juridiques, politiques et économiques. Volume 37 #2. p. 45-54.

Periodical articleKawuma, M. (1997)
Is this impure medical science or fraud?
Makerere Medical Journal. Volume 33 #1. August-Jan. 1998. p. 3-4.

Periodical articleNyangweso, M. (1995)
The role of traditional doctors in modern health services
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 2 #2. May. p. 264-268.

Periodical articleDodge, C.P. (1994)
The role of health sciences in goals and progress for the nineties
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 1 #2. May. p. 50-52.

Periodical articleChindia, M.L. (1991)
Pathogenesis of odontogenic cysts: an update
East African Medical Journal. Volume 68 #4. April. p. 276-282.

Periodical articleLippman, M. (1991)
An African Index Medicus
Information Trends. Volume 4 #3. October. p. 120-122.

Periodical articleLaberge, M.-P. (1987)
See this publicationLes instituts pasteur du maghreb: la recherche scientifique médicale dans le cadre de la politique coloniale
Abstract presentRevue française d'histoire d'outre-mer. Volume 74 #274. p. 27-42.

BookWondergem, Peter (1985)
De opkomst van de marabout: islamitische (genees)-praktijken bij de Dipla-Boulouf (Senegal)
Abstract presentAmsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. 87p.

Periodical articleEsoavelomandroso, F. (1981)
See this publicationRésistance à la médecine en situation coloniale: la peste à Madagascar
Annales. Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations. Volume 36 #2. p. 168-190.

Periodical articleKimpianga M. Mahaniah (1980)
La structure multimensionnelle de guerison à Kinshasa, capitale du Zaïre
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 20 #150. p. 591-607.

Book chapterBinsbergen, Wim M.J. van (1979)
See this publicationThe infancy of Edward Shelonga: an extended case from the Zambian Nkoya
Abstract presentIn: In search of health; essays in medical anthropology / ed. by S. van der Geest and K.W. van der Veen. p. 19-90.

Periodical articleImperato, Pascal J. (1979)
See this publicationInterfact of Traditional and Modern Medicine in Mali
Abstract presentIssue. Volume 9 #3. Fall. p. 14-18.

Periodical articleMacLean, Una (1979)
See this publicationMedical Expertise and Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 78 #312. July. p. 331-337.

Periodical articleTwumasi, Patrick A. (1979)
See this publicationHistory of Pluralistic Medical Systems: A Sociological Analysis of the Ghanaian Case
Abstract presentIssue. Volume 9 #3. Fall. p. 29-34.

BookImperato, Pascal James (1978)
Interface of traditional and modern medicine in Mali: [paper] presented at the twenty-first annual meeting of the African Studies Association, Baltimore, Maryland, November 1-4, 1978
Abstract presentBaltimore, Ma.: African Studies Association. 22p.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1977)
Contributions africaines lors de la journée de la coopération à Berne, juin 1978
Abstract presentGenève-Afrique: acta africana. Volume 16 #2. p. 83-109.

BookSnyder, Francis G.; Savané, Marie-Angélique (1977)
See this publicationLaw and population in Senegal: a survey of legislation
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. Research reports #5. 242p.

Periodical articleErinosho, Olayiwola A. (1976)
Notes on the concept of disease and illness: the case of the Yoruba, Nigeria
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 18 #3. p. 471-475.

Periodical articleMburu, F.M. (1976)
The duality of traditional and Western medicine in Africa: mystics, myths and reality
Abstract presentThe Conch: A Biafran Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis. Volume 8 #1-2. p. 158-185.

Periodical articleMessing, S.D. (1976)
Traditional healing and the new health center in Ethiopia
Abstract presentThe Conch: A Biafran Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis. Volume 8 #1-2. p. 52-64.

Periodical articleNadanasabapathy, V. (1973)
Medical literature of East Africa: sources
Abstract presentAfricana Library Journal: A Quarterly Bibliography and News Bulletin. Volume 4 #1. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleAujoulat, L.-P. (1970)
Développement social et promotion de la sante
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 26 #1306. p. 207-212.

Periodical articleCarloz, L.; Barbey, Ch. (1970)
Réflexions sur une géographie médicale de l'Ouest africain
Abstract presentBulletin de l'Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire, Série B: Sciences humaines. Volume 32 #2. p. 588-598.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1969)
Table ronde sur la médecine en Afrique noire
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #69. p. 29-141.

Periodical articleFrankenberg, Ronald (1969)
Man, Society and Health: Towards the Definition of the Role of Sociology in the Development of Zambian Medicine
Abstract presentAfrican Social Research. #8. December. p. 573-587.

Periodical (1955)
See this publicationBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen
Bruxelles: Académie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-mer.

Periodical (1924)
See this publicationEast African Medical Journal
Nairobi: Medical Associations of East Africa.

Search: su=medical sciences
Found: 68 Record 1-68

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