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Periodical articleMassoi, Lucy W. (2019)
See this publicationGender roles and practices in natural resource management among the Kilosa Maasai in Tanzania
Tanzania Journal of Development Studies. Volume 17 #1. p. 102-116.

Periodical articleDoro, Elijah and Kufakurinani, Ushehwedu (2018)
See this publicationResource Curse or Governance Deficit? The Role of Parliament in Uganda's Oil and Zimbabwe's Diamonds
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 43-57.

Periodical articleAmbe-Uva, Terhemba (2017)
See this publicationWhither the state? Mining codes and mineral resource governance in Africa
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 51 #1. p. 81-101.

Periodical articleFrynas, Jedrzej George and Wood, Geoffrey and Hinks, Timothy (2017)
See this publicationThe resource curse without natural resources: expectations of resource booms and their impact
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 116 #463. p. 233-260.

BookTrefon, Theodore and De Putter, Thierry (eds.) (2017)
Ressources naturelles et développement: le paradoxe congolais
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Cahiers africains #90. 195p.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2016)
See this publicationLegal pluralism and its contribution to the Global South-Global North Paradigm
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law. Volume 48 #3. p. 354-475.

Periodical issueBollig, Michael and Anderson, David M. (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationSpecial issue: resilience and collapse on African savannahs: causes and consequences of environmental change in East Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 10 #1. p. 1-227.

Periodical articleReda, Kelemework Tafere (2016)
See this publicationDynamics in pastoral resource management and conflict in the Borana rangelands of southern Ethiopia
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #1. p. 31-43.

BookSaunders, Richard and Nyamunda, Tinashe (eds.) (2016)
Facets of power: politics, profits and people in the making of Zimbabwe's blood diamonds
Abstract presentAvondale: Wits University Press. 215p.

BookTrefon, Theodore (2016)
Congo's environmental paradox: potential and predation in a land of plenty
London: Zed Books Ltd. African arguments. 194p.

BookAdunbi, Omolade (2015)
Oil wealth and insurgency in Nigeria
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 296p.

BookBangui, Thierry (2015)
La mal gouvernance en Afrique centrale: malédiction des ressources naturelles ou déficit de leadership?
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série economie. 242p.

Periodical articleHitchcock, Robert K. (ed.) (2015)
The politics and economics of community-based natural resource management in /Xai/Xai, Ngamiland, Botswana
African Study Monographs. Volume 36 #4. p. 211-260.

Periodical articleKhadiagala, Gilbert M. (2015)
See this publicationGlobal and regional mechanisms for governing the resource curse in Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 42 #1. p. 23-43.

Periodical articleMatema, Steven and Andersson, Jens A. (2015)
See this publicationWhy are lions killing us? Human-wildlife conflict and social discontent in Mbire District, northern Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #1. p. 93-120.

BookBavinck, Maarten and Pellegrini, Lorenzo and Mostert, Erik (eds.) (2014)
See this publicationConflicts over natural resources in the Global South: conceptual approaches
Abstract presentLeiden: CRC Press/Balkema. 207p.

Conference paperBob, Urmilla and Bronkhorst, Salomé (eds.) (2014)
Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa
Abstract presentBerlin: BWV, Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag. Climate diplomacy series. 347p.

Periodical articleBurkolter, Pablo and Perch, Leisa (2014)
See this publicationGreening growth in the South: practice, policies and new frontiers
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 21 #2. p. 235-259.

BookHanson, Kobena Tsetse and D'Alessandro, Cristina and Owusu, Francis (eds.) (2014)
Managing Africa's natural resources: capacities for development
Abstract presentNew York: Palgrave Macmillan. International political economy series. 250p.

Periodical articleIngen, Chiara van and Wait, Requier and Kleynhans, Ewert (2014)
See this publicationFiscal policy and revenue management in resource-rich African countries: a comparative study of Norway and Nigeria
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 21 #3. p. 367-390.

Periodical articleKoumba Mabert, Brice Didier (2014)
Le territoire d'Akanda: entre conservation et développement urbain
Abstract presentRevue gabonaise de sociologie. #7. p. 49-75.

Conference paperNadir, Bouchra (ed.) (2014)
L'environnement et le développement durable: les nouvelles alternatives
Abstract presentRabat: Université Mohammed V, Souissi.

Periodical articleOkeke-Uzodike, Ufo (ed.) (2014)
See this publicationFrom adversity to prosperity: towards a 'new' governance paradigm for natural resource management in Africa's conflict zones
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 23 #3. p. 243-263.

BookOku, Effiom E. and Asubonteng, Kwabena O. and Nutakor, Praise (eds.) (2014)
Harnessing land and water resources for improved food security and ecosystem services in Africa
Abstract presentGhana: United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa. 172p.

BookSanou, Doti Bruno (2014)
Politiques environnementales: traditions et coutumes en Afrique noire
Paris: L'Harmattan. 247p.

BookTshibasu Mfuadi (2014)
Oui, le Congo terre d'avenir est menacé
Paris: L'Harmattan. 256p.

Periodical articleAbe, Oyeniyi O. (2013)
Sustaining the responsible use of the environment through the utilization of natural resources in Nigeria: human rights considerations
Abstract presentJournal of African and international law. Volume 6 #2. p. 419-442.

Conference paperAbou El Farah, Yahia (ed.) (2013)
Afrique et puissances: collectif en hommage au professeur Abdelmajid El Cohen
Abstract presentRabat: Institut des Études Africaines, Université Mohammed V-Souissi. Publications de l'Institut des Études Africaines, Série: Colloques #17. 332p.

BookAfrican Development Bank (2013)
See this publicationAfrican economic outlook 2013: structural transformation and natural resources
Paris: African Development Bank. 357p.

Periodical issueBojang, Foday and Ndeso-Atanga, Ada (eds.) (2013)
See this publicationAfrican youth in agriculture, natural resources and rural development
Abstract presentNature et faune. Volume 28 #1. 106p.

Periodical articleBoutinot, Laurence (ed.) (2013)
Dossier Acteurs et réformes de la gestion des ressources forestières en Afrique de l'Ouest = Actors and reforms in forest resources management (West Africa)
Abstract presentAnthropologie & développement: revue de l'APAD. #37-38. p. 27-223.

Periodical articleCleaver, Frances (ed.) (2013)
See this publicationInstitutions, security, and pastoralism: exploring the limits of hybridity
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 56 #3. p. 165-189.

BookDepartment Environmental Affairs republic of South Africa (2013)
See this publicationSouth African green economy modelling report (SAGEM)
Pretoria: Department Environmental Affairs republic of South Africa. 115p.

Periodical articleFaye, Pape and Sougou, Oumou Kaltom (2013)
Dionewar (Sénégal): quand les comités servent à capturer l'accès aux ressources naturelles, au pouvoir local et aux projets
Territoires d'Afrique. #5. p. 59-69.

BookKreike, Emmanuel (2013)
Environmental infrastructure in African history: examining the myth of natural resource management in Namibia
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 242p.

BookNawata, Hiroshi (ed.) (2013)
Dryland mangroves: frontier research and conservation
Abstract presentKyoto: Shoukadoh Book Sellers. Arab subsistence monograph series 2.

BookNawata, Hiroshi (2013)
Exploitation and conservation of Middle East tree resources in the oil era
Abstract presentKyoto: Shoukadoh Book Sellers. Arab subsistence monograph series 1.

Periodical articleNguiffo, Samuel and Mbianda, Freddy (2013)
Une autre facette de la malédiction des ressources? Chevauchements entre usages différents de l'espace et conflits au Cameroun
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #131. p. 143-162.

BookOnahua, Chidi Magnus and Kennet, Miriam and Gale de Oliveira, Michelle S. (eds.) (2013)
Africa: transitioning to a green economy: from economic growth to sustainable development
Abstract presentReading: Green Economics Institute. 267p.

BookPolepole Buhendwa, Paulin (2013)
Cadre légal et institutionnel de la gouvernance des ressources naturelles en R.D. Congo: synthèse et analyse des lois, règles et institutions
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 202p.

BookRoba, Guyo Malicha (2013)
See this publicationIndigenous institutions and knowledge in natural resource management in project pilot districts of Mbeere-north, Kyuso, Narok-north and Dadaab: final report on documentation of indigenous institutions
Nairobi?: United Nations Development Programme. 42p.

BookRutten, Marcel and Mwangi, Moses (2013)
See this publicationDo geopolitical and historical contexts in explaining conflicts over natural resources really matter? An example from Africa
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC infosheet #15. 4p.

Periodical articleWong, Sam (2013)
See this publicationChallenges to the elite exclusion - inclusion dichotomy- reconsidering elite capture in community-based natural resource management
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 20 #3. p. 379-391.

Conference paperAfrican Economic Research Consortium (2012)
See this publicationNatural resource management in sub-Saharan Africa: consequences and policy options for Africa: AERC Senior Policy Seminar XIII, Maputo, Mozambique, 28-30 March 2011: seminar papers
Abstract presentNairobi: African Economic Research Consortium. 122p.

Periodical articleAkpalu, Wisdom and Martinsson, Peter (2012)
See this publicationOstracism and common pool resource management in a developing country: young fishers in the laboratory
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 21 #2. p. 266-306.

BookDe Silva, Nilani (2012)
Explaining why natural resource development fails to lift people out of poverty: a case of Africa
Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press. 428p.

Periodical issueManzungu, Emmanuel (ed.) (2012)
Social development and sustainable development in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 27 #1. 197p.

Periodical articlePires, Mark (2012)
See this publicationA historical political ecology of land use in the southeastern Peanut Basin of Senegal
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 31 #2. p. 95-110.

Periodical issueRakoto Ramiarantsoa, Hervé (ed.) (2012)
Enjeux et moyens d'une foresterie paysanne contractualisée: expérience de systèmes de gestion locale à Madagascar
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 65 #257. 187p.

BookRibot, Jesse C. (2012)
See this publicationChoix, reconnaissance et effets de la décentralisation sur la démocratie
Dakar: CODESRIA. Responsive Forest Governance Initiative (RFGI), Working paper #5. 60p.

BookTaylor, Julie Jennifer (2012)
Naming the land: San identity and community conservation in Namibia's West Caprivi
Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien. Basel Namibia studies series #12. 266p.

Periodical articleYahaya, Abdul-Kadiri (2012)
See this publicationIndigenous knowledge in the management of a community-based forest reserve in the Wa West District of Ghana
Abstract presentGhana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 9 #1. p. 121-137.

BookBoulay, Sebastien and Lecoquierre, Bruno (eds.) (2011)
Le littoral mauritanien à l'aube du XXIe siècle: peuplement, gouvernance de la nature, dynamiques sociales et culturelles
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 432p.

Periodical articleCoudel-Koumba (2011)
La gestion et l'exploitation des ressources naturelles au Gabon: vers une réorganisation spatiale des activités productives
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 64 #256. p. 507-521.

Periodical articleCourtin, F. (2011)
Peuplements, mobilités et paysages en zone de mangrove guinéenne: le cas de la baie de Sangaréah (Guinée)
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 64 #256. p. 453-466.

BookKassibo, Bréhima and Touré, Boureima (2011)
Appropriation des instruments de gestion des ressources naturelles par les acteurs locaux de la commune de Madiama, cercle de Djenné
Dakar: CODESRIA. CODESRIA research reports, Décentralisation et gouvernance locale #6. 77p.

BookKgathi, D.L. and Ngwenya, Barbara Ntombi and Darkoh, M.B. Kwesi (eds.) (2011)
Rural livelihoods, risk and political economy of access to natural resources in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Abstract presentNew York: Nova Science Publishers. African political, economic and security issues series. 375p.

Periodical articleMapeoza, Everisto and Tafesse, Tesfaye (2011)
Partage des bénéfices du bassin du Nil bleu: la leçon à tirer d'autres bassins fluviaux
Éthique & société. Volume 7 #2-3. p. 193-218.

BookMwaipopo, Rosemarie and Fisher, Eleanor and Wanyonyi, Innocent and Kimani, Patrick and Tunje, Joseph and Msuya, Flower and Bashemerewa, Vivian (2011)
See this publicationThe relationship between community-based organisations and the effective management of coastal and marine resources in the WIO region
Zanzibar: Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association. 85p.

Periodical articlePaul, Jean-Luc and Duvail, Stéphanie and Hamerlynck, Olivier (2011)
See this publicationAppropriation des ressources 'naturelles' et criminalisation des communautés paysannes: le cas du Rufiji, Tanzanie
Civilisations. Volume 60 #1. p. 143-175.

Periodical articlePearson, Amber L. and Muchunguzi, Charles (2011)
Contextualizing privatization and conservation in the history of resource management in southwestern Uganda: ethnicity, political privilege, and resource access over time
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 113-140.

BookSaid, Abilio Rachid (2011)
A economia local da Área Marinha Protegida Comunitária de Urok: dinâmicas, constrangimentos e potencialidades
Lisbon: (Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr) IMVF. 108p.

BookCuvelier, Jeroen (ed.) (2010)
See this publicationThe complexity of resource governance in a context of State fragility: the case of eastern DRC
Abstract presentLondon: International Alert. 76p.

BookFlintan, Fiona and Tedla, Shibru (2010)
See this publicationNatural resource management: the impact of gender and social issues
Abstract presentOttawa: International Development Research Centre. 262p.

BookGbadegesin, Adeniyi S. and Boko, Michel and Diallo, Bano Nadhèl (eds.) (2010)
Ressources naturelles et environnement en Afrique
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Collection Maîtrise de l'espace et développement #2. 268p.

BookHaller, Tobias (ed.) (2010)
Disputing the floodplains: institutional change and the politics of resource management in African wetlands
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. African Social Studies Series #22. 452p.

BookInstitute of Economic Affairs, Ghana (2010)
See this publicationNatural resource management in Ghana: a case for constitutional amendment
Accra: Institute of Economic Affairs. Constitutional review series #8. 17p.

BookMasters, Lesley and Kisiangani, Emmanuel (eds.) (2010)
Natural resources governance in southern Africa
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. 130p.

BookMugyenyi, Onesmus (ed.) (2010)
See this publicationEquitable sharing of the treasures of oil and gas in a transparant and environmentally sustainable manner: a synthesis report of the proceedings of the parliamentary symposium on oil and gas development in Uganda
Kampala: Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment. ACODE policy dialogue series #15. 35p.

Periodical articleMutshinyalo, T.T. and Siebert, S.J. (2010)
Myth as a biodiversity conservation strategy for the Vhavenda, South Africa
Abstract presentIndilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Volume 9 #2. p. 151-171.

BookNanang, David Mateiyenu and Nunifu, Thompson K. (eds.) (2010)
Natural resources in Ghana: management, policy, and economics
Abstract presentNew York, NY: Nova Science Publishers. Environmental science, engineering and technology series. 354p.

Periodical articleNwapi, Chilenye (2010)
A legislative proposal for public participation in oil and gas decision-making in Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 54 #2. p. 184-211.

Periodical articleOgbaharya, Daniel and Tecle, Aregai (2010)
See this publicationCommunity-based natural resources management in Eritrea and Ethiopia: toward a comparative institutional analysis
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 4 #3. p. 490-509.

BookOpen Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) (2010)
See this publicationOur stories: how OSIWA and partners work toward a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa
Dakar: Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). 48p.

Conference paperSindjoun, Luc (ed.) (2010)
The coming African hour: dialectics of opportunities and constraints
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. 444p.

BookSpittaels, Steven (ed.) (2010)
See this publicationThe complexity of resource governance in a context of State fragility: an analysis of the mining sector in the Kivu hinterlands
Abstract presentLondon: International Alert. 64p.

Dissertation / thesisBeeler Stücklin, Sabrina (2009)
Institutioneller Wandel und Ressourcenkonflikte: Fischerei, Viehzucht und Landwirtschaft im Nigerbinnendelta von Mali
Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. Topics in African studies #11. 226p.

Periodical articleCanesse, Aude-Annabelle (2009)
Gestion des ressources naturelles et système institutionnel de gouvernance en Tunisie
Maghreb Machrek. #202. p. 49-64.

BookConservation Development Centre, Firm (2009)
See this publicationClimate change and conflict: lessons from community conservancies in northern Kenya
Nairobi: Conservation Development Centre. Report. 50p.

Periodical articleDzingirai, Vupenyu (2009)
The impact of political crisis on natural resources: a case study of Zimbabwe
Africa Insight. Volume 39 #3. p. 23-37.

Periodical issueGreen, Lesley (ed.) (2009)
Special edition: knowledge contests, South Africa, 2009
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 32 #1-2. p. 1-94.

BookHasheela, Raili and Mosimane, Alphons Wabahe (2009)
Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Namibia: publication bibliography, 1994-2008: research report
Windhoek: Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre, University of Namibia. 87p.

BookHoorweg, Jan and Wangila, Barasa and Degen, Allan (2009)
See this publicationArtisanal fishers on the Kenyan coast: household livelihoods and marine resource management
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. Afrika-Studiecentrum series #14. 147p.

BookKok, Alida and Lotze, Walter and Van Jaarsveld, Salomé (2009)
See this publicationNatural resources, the environment and conflict
Durban: ACCORD. 52p.

Periodical articleMcKay, Blythe (2009)
See this publicationUsing community radio in Ghana to facilitate community participation in natural resource management
Abstract presentEcquid Novi: African Journalism Studies. Volume 30 #1. p. 73-93.

Periodical articleNeimark, Benjamin D. and Schroeder, Richard A. (2009)
See this publicationHotspot discourse in Africa: making space for bioprospecting in Madagascar
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 28. p. 43-69.

BookOjo, Emmanuel O. (2009)
Mechanisms of national integration in a multi-ethnic federal state: the Nigerian experiment
Ibadan: John Archers. 218p.

Conference paperAbbink, Jon and Dokkum, Andre van (eds.) (2008)
See this publicationDilemmas of development: conflicts of interest and their resolutions in modernizing Africa
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. African Studies Collection #12. 256p.

Periodical articleBalint, Peter J. and Mashinya, Judith (2008)
See this publicationCAMPFIRE: Through the Lens of the 'Commons' Literature: Nyaminyami Rural District in Post-2000 Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 34 #1. March. p. 127-143.

Periodical articleDeckers, Jozef (2008)
New hope to fill the 'mesob' in the drylands of Ethiopia: towards enhanced sustainable development through institutional university cooperation
Abstract presentBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 54 #3. p. 323-338.

Periodical articleDiop, Ndèye Awa (2008)
Information disponible et information fiable: quel intérêt pour l'analyse des ressources naturelles?
Annales de la Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines. #38. p. 261-278.

Dissertation / thesisKaboré, Pato Daniel (2008)
See this publicationConflicts over land in the Niger River delta region of Mali: exploring the usefulness of SAM and CGE models to study participatory natural resource management in agricultural and pastoral systems
Groningen: University of Groningen, Centre for Development Studies. 254p.

Periodical articleMajinge, Charles Riziki (2008)
The doctrine of permanent sovereignty over natural resources in international law and its application in developing countries: the case of the mining sector in Tanzania
African Yearbook of International Law. Volume 16. p. 235-268.

Dissertation / thesisMashinya, Judith (2008)
Participation and devolution in Zimbabwe's Campfire program: findings from local projects in Mahenye and Nyaminyami
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 176p.

Conference paperNhira, Calvin and Mapiki, Alfred and Rankhumise, Patrick (eds.) (2008)
Land and water management in Southern Africa: towards sustainable agriculture
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa institute of South Africa (AISA). 668p.

Periodical articleSommerhalter, Thomas (2008)
See this publicationMulti-stakeholder forums for co-management of pastoralism in Niger
Nomadic Peoples. Volume 12 #1. p. 165-177.

Periodical articleCormier-Salem, Marie-Christine and Bassett, Thomas J. (2007)
See this publicationIntroduction: nature as local heritage in Africa: longstanding concerns, new challenges
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 77 #1. p. 1-17.

Periodical issueCoulibaly, Chéibane and Diakité, Bakary (2007)
La question foncière au Mali
Les cahiers de Mande Bukari. #9. 40p.

Periodical articleDahou, Tarik and Ould Cheikh, Abdel Wedoud (2007)
L'autochtonie dans les aires marines protégées: terrain de conflit en Mauritanie et au Sénégal
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #108. p. 173-190.

BookDjire, Moussa and Dicko, Abdel Kader (2007)
Les conventions locales face aux enjeux de la décentralisation au Mali
Paris: Karthala. 280p.

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