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Periodical articleArouri, Mohamed and Cuong, Nguyen Viet (2020)
See this documentDoes microcredit reduce the gender gap in employment? Evidence from Egypt
African Development Review. Volume 32 #2. p. 111-124.

Periodical articleIbrahim, Saifullahi Sani and Aliero, Haruna Mohammad (2020)
See this documentTesting the impact of financial inclusion on income convergence: Empirical evidence from Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 32 #1. p. 42-54.

BookAltaf, Anika (2019)
See this documentThe Many Hidden Faces of Extreme Poverty. Inclusion and exclusion of extreme poor people in development interventions in Bangladesh, Benin and Ethiopia
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. African Studies Collection #75. 292p.

Periodical articleBateman, Milford (2019)
See this documentThe rise of microcredit 'control fraud' in post-apartheid South Africa: from state-enforced to market-driven exploitation of the black community
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 46 #161. p. 387-414.

Periodical articleKinyondo, Abel and Kagaruki, Gibson (2019)
See this documentThe Impact of Informal Financial Groups on Socio-economic Development in Tanzania
African Development Review. Volume 31 #1. p. 99-114.

Periodical articleChikalipah, Sydney (2017)
See this documentInstitutional environment and microfinance performance in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 29 #1. p. 16-27.

BookLawson, David and Ado-Kofie, Lawrence K. and Hulme, David (eds.) (2017)
What works for Africa's poorest? Programmes and policies for the extreme poor
Abstract presentWarwickshire: Practical Action Publishers. 275p.

Periodical articleMalak, Karim and Salem, Sara (2017)
See this documentHow far does neoliberalism go in Egypt? Gender, citizenship and the making of the 'rural' woman
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 44 #154. p. 541-558.

Periodical articleOgunleye, Toyin Segun (2017)
See this documentFinancial inclusion and the role of women in Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 29 #2. p. 249-258.

BookAltaf, Anika (2016)
See this documentSynthesis report defining, targeting and reaching the very poor: Bangladesh, Benin and Ethiopia
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #130. 25p.

BookAltaf, Anika (2016)
See this documentBangladesh field report: defining, targeting and reaching the very poor
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #126. 47p.

Periodical articleAshta, Arvind and Demay, Isabelle and Couchoro, Mawuli (2016)
See this documentThe role of stakeholders in the historical evolution of microfinance in Togo
Abstract presentEconomic history of developing regions. Volume 31 #2-3. p. 303-344.

Periodical articleHu, Ying (ed.) (2016)
See this document'Communicating development' - a cultural shift: emerging discourses on entrepreneurial development and poverty reduction by Nigeria's banking and microfinance sectors
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 30 #5. p. 709-727.

BookKuboja, Nicholaus Musimu and Vyamana, Vincent Gerald and Songorwa, Alex (2016)
See this documentImpacts of microfinance on livelihoods and environmental conservation in Tanzania: local communities in the Uluguru mountains case study
Dar es Salaam: REPOA. REPOA research report #16-2. 51p.

BookUwizeyimana, Emeline (2016)
Le micro-crédit à l'épreuve des inégalités de genre: la persistance de la pauvreté au Rwanda post-génocide
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série sociologie. 301p.

Periodical articleAyele, Gashaw Tsegaye (2015)
See this documentMicrofinance institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda: loan outreach to the poor and the quest for financial viability
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 27 #2. p. 117-129.

BookAyuk, Elias (ed.) (2015)
La microfinance en Afrique centrale: le défi des exclus
Abstract presentBamenda: Langaa RPCID. 409p.

Periodical articleBaidoo, Isaac Kwame and Arku, Dennis (2015)
See this documentDelinquency and default risk modelling of microfinance in Ghana
Abstract presentGhanaian journal of economics: a journal of the African Finance and Economics Consult. Volume 3. p. 70-85.

Periodical articleEssomba Ambassa, Claude and Nocheh Nsélapi, Dieudonné and Teuguia Tadjuidje, Gilles (2015)
Risque de crédit et gouvernance par la proximité: l'expérience d'EB-ACCION dans la gestion des microcrédits octroyés aux TPE camerounaises
Abstract presentRevue Subsaharienne d'économie et de finance = The Subsahararan review of economics and finance. Volume 7 #5. p. 97-120.

Periodical issueJohnston, Deborah and Deane, Kevin and Rizzo, Matteo (eds.) (2015)
See this documentSpecial issue: the political economy of HIV
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 42 #145. p. 159.

BookMurisa, Tendai and Chikweche, Tendai (eds.) (2015)
Beyond the crises: Zimbabwe's prospects for transformation
Abstract presentHarare: TrustAfrica. 383p.

Periodical articleNylandsted Larsen, Marianne and Birch-Thomsen, Torben (2015)
See this documentThe role of credit facilities and investment practices in rural Tanzania: a comparative study of Igowole and Ilula emerging urban centres
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 9 #1. p. 55-73.

BookBagaoui, Rachid and Soumahoro, Moustapha (eds.) (2014)
Développement local en Afrique subsaharienne: une compréhension à travers des études de cas
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 263p.

Periodical articleBinaté Fofana, Namizata (ed.) (2014)
Effects of HIV/AIDS and microfinance of women on income, medical expenditures and schooling in Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 26 #2. p. 322-332.

Periodical articleBoye, Mohamadou (2014)
La formalisation de l'informel: des systèmes financiers décentralisés à l'entreprenant
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 124 #886. p. 58-88.

Periodical issueGahungu, Dieudonné (ed.) (2014)
La contribution des institutions de micro finance au financement des petites et moyennes entreprises et à l'autonomisation au Burundi
Abstract presentCahier du CURDES. 142p.

Periodical issueKaghoma, C. Kamala (ed.) (2014)
PME et développement: atouts, contraintes institutionnelles et perspectives dans le contexte de la République Démocratique du Congo
Abstract presentBukavu journal of economics and social sciences. #2. 285p.

Periodical articleSukadi Mata, Ritha (2014)
Do migrants' deposits reduce microfinance institutions liquidity risk?
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 26 #3. p. 520-531.

Periodical articleBaklouti, Ibtissem (2013)
See this documentDeterminants of microcredit repayment: the case of Tunisian Microfinance Bank
African Development Review. Volume 25 #3. p. 370-382.

Periodical articleBaye, Francis Menjo (2013)
See this documentHousehold economic well-being: response to micro-credit access in Cameroon
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 25 #4. p. 447-467.

Dissertation / thesisGrunau, Jonas (2013)
See this documentExploring people's motivation to join or not to join the community-based health insurance 'Sina Passenang' in Sotouboua, Togo

Periodical articleKane, Safiétou (2013)
See this documentWomen and development in urban Senegal: microcredit and social capital
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 17 #1. p. 45-64.

Periodical articleKebede, Hundanol Atnafu and Berhanu, Wassie (2013)
See this documentHow efficient are the Ethiopian microfinance institutions in extending financial services to the poor? A comparison with the commercial banks
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 22 #1. p. 112-135.

Periodical issueMutabazi Ngaboyeka, Augustin (ed.) (2013)
Province du Sud-Kivu (RDCongo): enjeux économiques et financiers
Abstract presentBukavu journal of economics and social sciences. #1. 229p.

Periodical articleNandjip Moneyang, Sara (2013)
La protection du déposant des établissements de micro-finance
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 123 #884. p. 315-339.

Dissertation / thesisOuassa, Tièkoura (2013)
Interventions en milieu rural et changement social au Niger: actions et réactions des femmes
Paris: L'Harmattan. 230p.

Periodical articleVan Rooyen, Carina and Stewart, Ruth and De Wet, Thea (2013)
Systematic review methodology for development: an example from microfinance
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 43 #1. p. 65-77.

Periodical articleBerge, Lars Ivar Oppedal (ed.) (2012)
See this documentBusiness training in Tanzania: from research-driven experiment to local implementation
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 21 #5. p. 808-827.

BookDoligez, François and Fall, François Seck (eds.) (2012)
Expériences de microfinance au Sénégal
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 203p.

Periodical articleEjigu, Letenah (2012)
The sustainability and outreach performance of Ethiopian microfinance institutions: does scale of outreach matter?
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 21 #1. p. 49-71.

Periodical articleHerselman, Stephne (2012)
'Mind of a banker/heart of a social worker': social sustainability and the Small Enterprise Foundation in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 42 #1. p. 69-84.

Periodical issueJames, Deborah and Hull, Elizabeth (eds.) (2012)
See this documentSpecial issue: popular economies in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 82 #1. 186p.

BookJohnson, Omotunde E.G. (ed.) (2012)
Economic challenges and policy issues in early twenty-first century Sierra Leone
Abstract presentLondon: International Growth Centre. 562p.

Periodical articleMago, Stephen and Hofisi, Costa (2012)
Rural microfinance: a strategy for reducing aid dependence for poverty alleviation in rural sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 42 #1. p. 85-97.

Periodical articleMashigo, Polly (2012)
See this documentThe lending practices of township micro-lenders and their impact on the low-income households in South Africa: a case study for Mamelodi township
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #65. p. 23-46.

BookMori, Neema and Olomi, Donath (2012)
See this documentThe effect of boards on the performance of microfinance institutions: evidence from Tanzania and Kenya
Dar es Salaam: Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA). REPOA research report. 31p.

BookNarem, Bouyo Kwin Jim (2012)
Microfinance et réduction de la pauvreté de la femme rurale en Afrique: comprendre la dérive vers le monde urbain: cas des mutuelles communautaires de croissance de Foréké-Dschang et de Fongo-Tongo, Ouest-Cameroun
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 121p.

BookNdiaye, Léopold (2012)
Memento de microfinance: dirigeants élus des systèmes financiers décentralises
Dakar: Éditions Diasporas noires. 96p.

BookStrategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Network, Kampala (2012)
See this documentBread for breadwinners: a guide for grassroots organisations working on women's economic empowerment in the two Sudans
Kampala: Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA). 87p.

Periodical articleWalker, Iain (2012)
See this documentIs social capital fungible? The rise and fall of the Sanduk microcredit project in Ngazidja
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #4. p. 709-726.

BookWolday Amha (2012)
The development of deposit-taking microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Ethiopia: performance, growth challenges and the way forward
Addis Ababa: Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI). Occasional paper #32. 79p.

Periodical articleAl-hassan, Seidu (2011)
Is microcredit a viable strategy for empowering women? A review of selected NGO programmes in Africa
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 8 #1. p. 72-89.

Periodical articleBob, Ibrahima (2011)
Genre et microfinance dans la banlieue de Pikine-Guédiawye
Abstract presentRevue africaine: philosophie/art, littérature/linguistique, sociologie/économie. #5. p. 77-89.

BookFerreira, Salvador (2011)
Parceria público privada em Angola: uma experiência sobre o microcrédito
Luanda: Edições Chá de Caxinde. 92p.

BookGebrehiowot Ageba (2011)
Assessment of the financial products of saving & credit cooperatives (SACCOs) & multipurpose cooperatives in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa: Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions. Occasional paper #29. 172p.

Periodical articleLuena, Michael (2011)
The legal framework for the regulation and supervision of microfinance institutions in Tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of African and international law. Volume 4 #3. p. 589-653.

Periodical articlePedrosa, Jose and Do, Quy-Toan (2011)
See this documentGeographic distance and credit market access in Niger
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 23 #3. p. 289-299.

Periodical articleAdam, Hamza and Atengdem, Pascal B. and Al-Hassan, Seidu (2010)
See this documentInnovations adoption levels of small ruminant farmers in Tolon-Kumbungu district of Ghana: the role of farmer socio-economic characteristics
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 7 #2. October. p. 39-66.

BookAkinyooye, R.F. (2010)
Understanding microfinance in Nigeria & the practice in other nations
Oyo State: Foly Foly Publishers. 134p.

Periodical articleHagberg, Sten and Haylemariam, Girmay and Seegers, Kaatje and Haile, Mitiku and Deckers, Jozef and Dessein, Joost and Develtere, Patrick (2010)
See this documentThe Role of Farmers and Informal Institutions in Microcredit Programs in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Abstract presentPerspectives on Global Development and Technology. Volume 9 #3-4. p. 520-544.

Periodical articleMoya, M. and Wanda, R.D. and Akodo, R. (2010)
Perceived ICT facilitation, employee competences and performance of MFIs in Uganda
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 9. p. 64-93.

Periodical articleSodokin, Koffi and Donou-Adonsou, Charles (2010)
See this documentBanks, microfinance institutions and economic growth in the West African Economic and Monetary Union
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 22 #4. p. 495-510.

BookTarinyeba-Kiryabwire, Winifred Mary (2010)
The design of micro credit contracts and micro enterprise access to finance in Uganda
Kampala: LawAfrica. 168p.

BookDiakite, Bouakary Sidiki (2009)
Microfinance et financement du développement
Paris: Edilac. Collection microfinance et développement. 299p.

BookInternational Labour Office. Employment Sector, Geneva (2009)
See this documentThe informal economy in Africa: promoting transition to formality: challenges and strategies
Geneva: International Labour Organization. 66p.

Periodical articleJohnson (Jr.), Samuel Wai (2009)
Microfinance in post-conflict Liberia: implications and challenges
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 34 #1. p. 41-62.

BookKassaye, Tadesse and Alemu, Tekie (eds.) (2009)
See this documentThe impact of HIV/AIDS on microfinance
Addis Ababa: Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI). Occasional paper #25.

Periodical articleLiverpool, L.S.O. and Winter-Nelson, A. (2009)
Differential impact of microfinance participation on smallholder behavior and livelihood in rural Ethiopia
Agricultural Innovations for Sustainable Development. Volume 1 #1. p. 26-34.

Dissertation / thesisBrown, Joyce (2008)
Developing a movement through community development and microfinance: a case study of the Federation of Homeless People in Zimbabwe
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 312p.

Periodical articleMakinde, T. and Fayomi, I. (2008)
Gender-based poverty and micro-financing in parts of South-Western Nigeria
African Journal of Public Administration and Management. Volume 19 #2. July. p. 49-58.

Periodical articleOnyuma, S.O. (2008)
Assumptions about microenterprise lending as a precondition for development: a critical review
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 24 #1. January. p. 109-134.

BookOuédraogo, Alpha and Gentil, Dominique (eds.) (2008)
La microfinance en Afrique de l'Ouest: histoires et innovations
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 307p.

Periodical articleOwuor, G. and Ngigi, M. and Shem Ouma, A. (2007)
Role of micro-credit in rural development: an analysis of group based microfinance in Kenya
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 7 #special issue. p. 43-55.

Periodical articleAgeba, Gebrehiwot and Amha, Wolday (2006)
See this documentMicro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Finance in Ethiopia: Empirical Evidence
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 22 #1. January. p. 63-86.

Periodical articleAyamga, M. and Sarpong, D.B. and Asuming-Brempong, S. (2006)
See this documentFactors Influencing the Decision to Participate in Micro-Credit Programme: An Illustration for Northern Ghana
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 57-65.

Periodical articleAyanwale, Adeolu B. and Bamire, Simeon and Alimi, Taiwo (2006)
See this documentPoverty Reduction, Gender Equality and Micro-Credit Administration in Nigeria: The Case of the Farmers Development Union
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 3 #1. May. p. 1-15.

Periodical articleKaleshu, J.T. (2006)
Improvement of SACCOS business through assets-liability management, promotion of SACCOS interlending and loan syndication activities
Journal of Co-operative and Business Studies. Volume 1. p. 4-24.

BookKessy, Severine S.A. and Urio, Fratern M. (2006)
See this documentThe contribution of microfinance institutions to poverty reduction in Tanzania
Dar es Salaam: REPOA. REPOA research report #6. 42p.

Dissertation / thesisLakwo, Alfred (2006)
See this documentMicrofinance, rural livelihoods, and women's empowerment in Uganda
Abstract presentRadboud University Nijmegen. Ph.D. dissertation. Leiden: African Studies Centre. Research reports #85. 252p.

Periodical articleSeidu, A. and Bambangi, S. and Seidu, A. (2006)
See this documentMicro-Credit and Poverty Alleviation: The Performance of Women in Micro-Credit Activities in the Kassena Nankan District of Ghana
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 41-56.

Dissertation / thesisBouharra, Fatiha (2005)
The demand for Islamic microfinance in Egypt and its obstacles
master thesis. State University of Bergamo. 45p.

Conference paperEgziabher, Tegegne Gebre and Dijk, Meine Pieter van (eds.) (2005)
Issues and challenges in local and regional development: decentralisation, urban services delivery and rural-urban linkages, and inequality in developing countries
Abstract presentAddis Ababa: Regional and Local Development Studies (RLDS), Addis Ababa University. 209p.

Periodical articleKayunze, K.A. and Urassa, J.K. and Mwakalobo, A.B.S. (2005)
Credit enriching or impoverishing? voices of credit recipients in the Southern highlands of Tanzania
Tanzanian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 6 #2. September. p. 79-93.

Periodical articleKiyingi, K.K. (2005)
A third world idea comes to the U.S.? small loans create opportunities
Ugandan Banker. Volume 13. September. p. 17-22.

Periodical articleKyeyune, G.M. and Goldey, P. (2005)
Beyond economic benefits: a study on rural women's expectations and experience of microfinance in Uganda
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 6. p. 46-68.

Periodical articleLiheta, B.S.A. (2005)
Credit revolving fund: experiences in micro finance initiatives in Dodoma
Journal of Co-operative and Business Studies. Volume 1. p. 5-23.

Periodical articleMulindwa, M. (2005)
Linkage Banking: its impact on banks and the development and future of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
Ugandan Banker. Volume 13. September. p. 23-28.

Periodical articleOmeke, M. (2005)
Lender-borrower relationship in microfinance: a competitive strategy in information asymmetry financial markets
Ugandan Banker. Volume 13. December. p. 9-12.

Periodical articleSureshbabu, S. and Apusigah, A.A. (2005)
Meeting Women's Strategic Interests through Micro-Enterprise Development
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 2 #1. May. p. 164-185.

Periodical articleTegenge G.E. and Mulat D. (2005)
See this documentMicro enterprises in smalltowns, Amhara region, Ethiopia: nature and performance
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 14 #1. April. p. 79-111.

Periodical articleBelayneh, Taye Negussie (2004)
See this documentSocial Capital and Group-Based Microfinance Program: Some Lessons from ACORD-DIRE Dawa, Eastern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 26 #2. October. p. 27-64.

Dissertation / thesisLindberg, Luther Eric (2004)
Sustainable shelter in the desert: appropriate methods for Niger
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 94p.

Periodical articleMbai, B. (2004)
Micro finance, from philanthropy to a mature business venture
Accountant (Nairobi, Kenya). April-June. p. 30-31.

Periodical articleMongula, B. (2004)
Entrepreneurship, development and poverty reduction: the challenge of entrepreneurship promotion in Tanzania
Tanzanian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 5 #3. December. p. 15-24.

Periodical articleOdogola, R.W. and Wanzira, W.B. and Anandajayasekeram, P. and Aluma, J. and Asege, J. and Mugerwa, J. (2004)
Experiences with micro finance in improving rural livelihoods: a case for the Farmesa project in East and Southern Africa with focus on Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 1. September. p. 45-55.

BookPorteous, David and Hazelhurst, Ethel (2004)
Banking on change: democratising finance in South Africa 1994-2004
Cape Town: Double Storey. 244p.

Periodical articleTemba, E.I. (2004)
See this documentMicro financial institutions (MFIs) and savings mobilization services for the poor in Tanzania
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 13 #1. July. p. 63-73.

Periodical articleWolday A. (2004)
See this documentManaging growth of microfinance institutions (MFIs): balancing sustainability and reaching large number of clients in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 13 #2. October. p. 60-101.

Periodical articleAmanya, M. (2003)
The advent and apparent success of microfinance institutions is a challenge to the credibility of established commercial banks as providers of services for low income earners
Ugandan Banker. Volume 11 #2. September-December. p. 12-16.

Dissertation / thesisBeaulieu, Elsa (2003)
Solidarités et stratégies économiques des femmes urbaines au Sénégal: le cas des 'groupements d'intérêt économique' de la région de Dakar
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 224p.

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