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Periodical articleAchour, Myriam (2020)
See this publicationBaha'is en Tunisie: un avant et un après 2011? critique de l'hypo-politisation et de l'hyper-politisation en anthropologie
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 65-80.

Periodical articleAounallah, Samir and Brouquier-Reddé, Véronique and Haythem, Abidi and Romdhane, Hamden Ben and Bonifay, Michel and Hadded, Fatma and Nouri, Sonia Haflane and Mukai, Tomoo and Poupon, Frédéric and Zech-Matterne, Véronique (2020)
See this publicationL'aire sacrée de Baal Hammon: Saturne à Dougga
Antiquités africaines. Volume 56. p. 245-274.

Periodical articleBahloul, Joëlle (2020)
See this publicationLe retour des pèlerins: la fragile renaissance post-coloniale d'un rituel judéo-maghrébin
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 35-47.

Periodical articleBlanco Vázquez, Luis (2020)
See this publicationIglesias y capillas de Ifni y Sáhara patrimonio histórico-religioso español en la costa noroeste de África
Estudios del Patrimonio Cultural. Volume 18. p. 24-57.

Periodical articleBoissevain, Katia (2020)
See this publicationDilemmas of Sharing Religious Space: Christian Migrants in the Maghreb
Common Knowledge. Volume 26 #2. p. 290-297.

Periodical articleBonciani, Rodrigo Faustinoni (2020)
See this publicationHeresias e rebelião em Angola, fim do século XVI: o processo inquisitorial contra Duarte Nunes Nogueira
Revista de Fontes. Volume 7 #12. p. 1-27.

Periodical articleBoum, Aomar (2020)
See this publicationRural Moroccan Jews and the Colonial Postcard: A Review Essay
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #2. p. 461-488.

Periodical articleBouron, Jean-Marie (2020)
See this publicationDe briques et de tôles: Les enjeux idéels et matériels des édifices catholiques en Afrique de l'Ouest
Cahiers d'études africaines. #237. p. 151-167.

Periodical articleBuskens, Léon (2020)
See this publicationDutch Anthropologists in Morocco: from Exoticism to Islam at Home
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #2. p. 347-390.

Periodical articleCasciarri, Barbara and Franck, Alice and Manfredi, Stefano and Assal, Munzoul (2020)
See this publicationEthnicité, religion, nationalisme: Intersections et ambiguïtés dans un Soudan en mouvement
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 761-778.

Periodical articleCastro Martínez, Vicente (2020)
See this publicationEl Imperio songay y su papel en la difusión del islam por África occidental
De Medio Aevo. Volume 14. p. 131-145.

Periodical articleChachia, Houssem Eddine (2020)
See this publicationLa diáspora sefardí en Túnez de finales del siglo XV a mediados del siglo XVIII
Sefarad: Revista de Estudios Hebraicos y Sefardíes. Volume 80 #1. p. 137-172.

Periodical articleD'Angelo, Augusto (2020)
See this publicationWojtyla, Gaddafi and Andreotti: Diplomacy and Religion for a Mediterranean Strategy against the Isolation of Libya (1978-1997)
Nuova rivista storica. Volume 104 #3. p. 897-918.

Periodical articleDerat, Marie-Laure and Fritsch, Emmanuel and Bosc-Tiessé, Claire and Garric, Antoine and Mensan, Romain and Fauvelle, François-Xavier and Berhe, Hiluf (2020)
See this publicationMaryam Nazret (Ethiopia): The Twelfth-century Transformations of an Aksumite Site in Connection with an Egyptian Christian Community
Cahiers d'études africaines. #239. p. 473-507.

Periodical articleEjami, Abdaljbar A.M.M. (2020)
See this publicationColonial and Postcolonial Legacy of 'Ethnic' and 'Religious' Clashes in Eastern Sudan
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 973-980.

Periodical articleEl Asri, Farid (2020)
See this publicationLe face-à-face des femmes maghrébines avec les violences de l'extrémisme religieux
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 103-129.

Periodical articleEverett, Samuel Sami (2020)
See this publicationOn Double-Diasporicity: Notes From a Pilgrimage Ethnography to the Grave of Amran Ben Diwan
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 49-64.

Periodical articleIocchi, Alessio and Brigaglia, Andrea (2020)
See this publication'The Lapsed Abode of Unbelief'. The Takfir Pendulum in Gihadi-Salafi Thought, Between the Caliphate and its West African Province
Studi Magrebini. Volume 18 #2. p. 283-309.

Periodical articleKhachaturyan, Maria (2020)
See this publicationFrom the Qur'an to Christianity: Ethnolinguistic Contact and Religious Conversion in West Africa
Cahiers d'études africaines. #239. p. 535-562.

Periodical articleLoffman, Reuben (2020)
See this publication'We Are Left with Barely Anything': Colonial Rule, Dependency, and the Lever Brothers in the Belgian Congo, 1911-1960
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 48 #1. p. 71-100.

Periodical articleMedani, Khadidja and Nur, Bakheit M. (2020)
See this publicationL'islamisation de la connaissance et ses institutions dans le monde musulman contemporain: Le cas du Soudan et de l'Université internationale d'Afrique
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 827-849.

Periodical articleMorgan, Stephen (2020)
See this publicationChristian Conversion and Colonial 'Native Policy': The Role of Missionaries in Formulating Reservation Policy in German Southwest Africa
Central European History. Volume 53 #4. p. 741-762.

Periodical articleMota, Thiago Henrique (2020)
See this publicationUm coração de rei: Cultura política islâmica como antecedente das revoluções muçulmanas na África Ocidental (Senegâmbia, séculos XVI e XVII)
Varia Historia. Volume 36 #71. p. 295-328.

Periodical articleNjeukam, Lionel (2020)
See this publicationThe Welfare Church in Nigerian Prisons
Social Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 33 #1-2. p. 51-68.

Periodical articlePons, Christophe (2020)
See this publicationExopraxes of Predation and the Use of Alterity in Cape Verde
Common Knowledge. Volume 26 #2. p. 298-307.

Periodical articlePrevost, Virginie (2020)
See this publicationLes Sept Dormants dans le Sud tunisien: de la légende au culte vivant
Revue de l'histoire des religions. Volume 237 #1. p. 5-36.

Periodical articleReese, Ty M. (2020)
See this publicationThe Barriers to Conversion: The Rev. Philip Quaque, Company Pay, and the Economy of Cape Coast, 1766-1816
African Economic History. Volume 48 #1. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleRosen, Lawrence (2020)
See this publicationMissionary Encounters: Moroccan Engagement with the Western Other
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #2. p. 157-171.

Periodical articleSeri-Hersch, Iris (2020)
See this publicationArabization and Islamization in the Making of the Sudanese 'Postcolonial' State (1946-1964): Cultural Representations, Political Strategies and School Practices
Cahiers d'études africaines. #240. p. 779-804.

Periodical articleSlyomovics, Susan (2020)
See this publicationThe Virgin Mary of Algeria: French Mediterraneans En Miroir
History and Anthropology. Volume 31 #1. p. 22-42.

Periodical articleSpadola, Emilio and Catanzaro, Alice (2020)
See this publicationSufism and Moroccan Political Culture: From the Theatrics of Domination to Neoliberal Development
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 55 #3. p. 81-101.

Periodical articleWintrup, James (2020)
See this publicationSpeaking with vampires and angels: the ambivalent afterlives of Christian humanitarianism in rural Zambia
History and Anthropology. Volume 31 #2. p. 217-235.

Periodical articleYagur, Moshe (2020)
See this publicationReligiously mixed families in the Mediterranean society of the Cairo Geniza
Mediterranean Historical Review. Volume 35 #1. p. 27-42.

Periodical articleAlao, Olatunji E. (2019)
See this publicationPolitics of sharia in Nigeria's 'Far North' and the fallacy of 'secularity principle of state'
Revista de Estudios Africanos. Volume 0. p. 144-164.

Periodical articleAlberto, Edite (2019)
Los relatos de viaje de los Padres Trinitarios como fuente para el conocimiento del norte de África (siglo XVIII)
Trinitarium: revista de historia y espiritualidad trinitaria. Volume 26. p. 85-97.

Periodical articleAlmela, Iñigo (2019)
See this publicationReligious Architecture as an Instrument for Urban Renewal: Two Religious Complexes from the Saadian Period in Marrakesh
Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean. Volume 31 #3. p. 272-302.

Periodical articleArtunç, Cihan (2019)
See this publicationReligious minorities and firm ownership in early twentieth-century Egypt
The Economic History Review. Volume 72 #3. p. 979-1007.

Periodical articleBang, Anne K. (2019)
See this publicationIslamic Incantations in a Colonial Notebook. A Case from Interwar Zanzibar
Cahiers d'études africaines. #236. p. 1025-1046.

Periodical articleBertelsen, Bjørn Enge and Rio, Knut (2019)
See this publication1968 and its other worlds: Global events and (anti-)state dynamics in France, Mozambique and Vanuatu
History and Anthropology. Volume 30 #5. p. 622-643.

Periodical articleBocquet, Jérôme (2019)
Français et chrétiens dans l'Algérie de Bournédiène. Pieds-noirs, 'pieds-rouges' et coopérants, de Ben Bella aux années 1970
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 404-405. p. 175-208.

Periodical articleBouderbala, Sobhi (2019)
See this publicationAl-Habasha in Misr and the End of the World: Early Islamic Egyptian Apocalypse Narratives Related to Abyssinia
Northeast African Studies. Volume 19 #1. p. 9-22.

Periodical articleCastryck, Geert (2019)
See this publicationLiving Islam in Colonial Bujumbura - The Historical Translocality of Muslim Life between East and Central Africa
History in Africa. Volume 46. p. 263-298.

Periodical articleCecere, Giuseppe (2019)
See this publicationFrom Ethiopian Slave to Egyptian Sufi Master? Yaqut al-Habashi in Mamluk and Ottoman Sources
Northeast African Studies. Volume 19 #1. p. 85-138.

Periodical articleCohen, Anouk (2019)
See this publicationWhat is a 'Moroccan Qur'an'? Book Materiality, Commodification and Islamic Authority
Cahiers d'études africaines. #236. p. 1119-1154.

Periodical articleCollet, Hadrien (2019)
See this publicationÉchos d'Arabie. Le Pèlerinage à La Mecque de Mansa Musa (724-725/1324-1325) d'après des Nouvelles Sources
History in Africa. Volume 46. p. 105-135.

Periodical articleDanieluk, Robert (2019)
From Failure to Success: The Jesuit Mission in Zambia and the Sources for its History in the Jesuit Roman Archives
Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu. Volume 88 #176. p. 419-438.

Periodical articleDewière, Rémi (2019)
See this publicationLes lettres du pouvoir au Sahel islamique: Marques, adaptations et continuités administratives au Borno (1823-1918
Cahiers d'études africaines. #236. p. 1047-1090.

Periodical articleEl Amrani, Abdelaziz (2019)
Islam, Colonialism and Resistance in the Contemporary Maghreb a Postcolonial Perspective
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 54 #2. p. 29-240.

Periodical articleEnyegue, Jean Luc (2019)
New Wine into Old Wineskins? African Reactions to Arrupe's Governing Vision (1965-1978)
Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu. Volume 88 #176. p. 471-508.

Periodical articleGarcía Moreno, Luis A. (2019)
Heraclio y la primera defensa de Egipto ante el Islam
Boletín de la Real Academia de la Historia. Volume 216 #1. p. 11-29.

Periodical articleJohnston-White, Rachel M. (2019)
See this publicationA New Primacy of Conscience? Conscientious Objection, French Catholicism and the State during the Algerian War
Journal of Contemporary History. Volume 54 #1. p. 112-138.

Periodical articleKalpakian, Jack V. (2019)
See this publicationMoroccan Islamists Debate the Causes of Violent Extremism
Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective. Volume 14 #2.

Periodical articleKäihkö, Ilmari (2019)
See this publicationOn Liberian secret societies and conflict resolution
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 28 #1. 20p.

Periodical articleLanza, Fabio and Patrocino, Luís G. and Bustos, Vinicius dos Santos (2019)
Identidade católica, Concordatas internacionais e ensino religioso: Perspectivas e casos do Brasil e Cabo Verde
Portuguese Studies Review. Volume 27 #1. p. 13-35.

Periodical articleLoiseau, Julien (2019)
See this publicationAbyssinia at al-Azhar: Muslim Students from the Horn of Africa in Late Medieval Cairo
Northeast African Studies. Volume 19 #1. p. 61-84.

Periodical articleMahmood, Saba (2019)
See this publicationTeoria feminista, agência e sujeito liberatório: algumas reflexões sobre o revivalismo islâmico no Egito
Etnográfica. Volume 23 #1. p. 135-175.

Periodical articleMangado Alonso, Maria Luz (2019)
See this publicationPeregrinaciones y expediciones a Tierra Santa, Egipto y Roma en el primer tercio del siglo XX: la IV y V Peregrinación y el legado de la Familia Menchacatorre
Estudios franciscanos: publicación periódica de Ciencias Eclesiásticas de las Provincias Capuchinas Ibéricas. Volume 120 #466. p. 103-180.

Periodical articleMkenda, Festo (2019)
Pedro Arrupe and Africa: Clear Vision and Bold Steps in a Moment of Unsettling Transitions
Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu. Volume 88 #176. p. 439-470.

Periodical articleMujuzi, Jamil Ddamulira (2019)
See this publicationThe contribution of notions of religion in drafting some of the provisions in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 28 #2. 16p.

Periodical articleNhaueleque, Laura António and Bussotti, Luca (2019)
See this publicationThe Conceptualisation of Africa in the Catholic Church: Comparing Historically the Thought of Daniele Comboni and Adalberto da Postioma
Social Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 32 #1-2. p. 148-176.

Periodical articleOppizzi, Martino (2019)
See this publicationUne identité en question. Les traces du passé hispano-portugais dans l'émigration séfarade à Livourne et à Tunis
L'Âge d'or. Volume 12.

Periodical articlePereira, Jairzinho Lopes (2019)
See this publicationThe Catholic Church and the Early Stages of King Leopold II's Colonial Projects in the Congo (1876-1886)
Social Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 32 #1-2. p. 82-104.

Periodical articleSantos, Carlos (2019)
A igreja e o convento de São Francisco da Ribeira Grande, Cabo Verde: arquitetura e integração urbana
Mátria XXI. Volume 8. p. 93-122.

Periodical articleSbal, Jalila (2019)
See this publicationLa France, l'islam et la question du Khalifat (documents inédits)
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 54 #1. p. 305-366.

Periodical articleSchalbroeck, Eva (2019)
See this publicationCentre Stage and Behind the Scenes with the 'lion of Katanga': Benedictine Jean-Félix de Hemptinne's Congolese Career, 1910-1958
Social Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 32 #1-2. p. 105-147.

Periodical articleSeignobos, Christian (2019)
See this publicationLe 'dieu de Lam', prophète millénariste (Nord-Cameroun et Tchad méridional, 1927 à 1930)
Journal des africanistes. Volume 89 #1. p. 32-83.

Periodical articleSessions, Jennifer (2019)
See this publicationMaking Settlers Muslim: Religion, Resistance and Everday Life in Nineteenth-Century French Algeria
French History. Volume 33 #2. p. 259-277.

Periodical articleShea, Ryan W. and Bell, Dianna (2019)
See this publicationCharting the Unknown: Islamic Cartography and Visions of Africa in the 'Abbasid Era
History in Africa. Volume 46. p. 37-56.

Periodical articleSimenel, Romain and Stoll, Emilie (2019)
See this publicationComment devient-on Indigène ou Chérif par une origine juive? Trajectoires généalogiques pour repenser le lien au sol en Amazonie et au Maroc
Lusotopie. Volume 18 #2. p. 218-246.

Periodical articleTraoré, N'gna (2019)
Vers une gouvernance par la mosquée: Le recours à l'islam dans les cérémonies sociales et dans l'information publique à Sénou (Mali)
Cahiers d'études africaines. #233. p. 47-73.

Periodical articleWion, Anaïs (2019)
See this publicationL'autorité de l'écrit pragmatique dans la société chrétienne éthiopienne (xve-xviiie siècle)
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales. Volume 74 #3-4. p. 559-589.

Periodical articleWulf, Valérie de (2019)
Recherches en terrain difficile: le cas du culte traditionnel annobonais (île d'Annobon, Guinée équatoriale, XVe-XXe siècle)
Cahiers d'études africaines. #233. p. 171-191.

Periodical articleZinger, Oded (2019)
See this publication'One Hour He Is a Christian and the Next He Is a Muslim!' A Family Dispute from the Cairo Geniza
Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean. Volume 31 #1. p. 20-34.

Periodical articleAlmeida, Carlos (2018)
See this publication'Habitantes desta negra Etiópia, descendentes de Ham' - a maldição de Ham na literatura missionária sobre a região centro-ocidental do continente africano (sécs. XVI-XVII)
Estudos Ibero-Americanos. Volume 44 #3. p. 409-420.

Periodical articleAnderson, David M. (2018)
See this publicationWomen Missionaries and Colonial Silences in Kenya's Female 'Circumcision' Controversy, 1906-1930
The English Historical Review. Volume 133 #565. p. 1512-1545.

Periodical articleBamidele, Seun (2018)
See this publicationSimultaneous Geography, Divided Communities: Paving the Way to Silencing the Ethno-Religious Insurgencies in Nigeria
Ufahamu. Volume 40 #1. p. 175-195.

Periodical articleBeuvier, Franck (2018)
Insaisissable sorcellerie: Législation, compétence et pratique au Cameroun (1916-1959)
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 593-621.

Periodical articleBeuvier, Franck (2018)
See this publicationLa malédiction du catéchiste Bernard Ngou ou le récit caché de la genèse (Cameroun, 1900-1950)
Socio-anthropologie. Volume 37. p. 13-26.

Periodical articleBonhomme, Julien and Gabail, Laurent (2018)
Lutte mystique: Sport, magie et sorcellerie au Sénégal
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 939-974.

Periodical articleBuba, Malami (2018)
The legacies of the Sokoto Caliphate in contemporary Nigeria
History Compass. Volume 16 #8.

Periodical articleCeriana Mayneri, Andrea (2018)
Les impasses de la transe à l'école: Violences de genre, religions et protestations à N'Djamena
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 881-911.

Periodical articleCeriana Mayneri, Andrea and Ngovon, Gervais (2018)
See this publicationUne justice d'exception en Centrafrique. Réflexions sur le droit et l'anthropologie face à la pénalisation de la sorcellerie
Journal des africanistes. Volume 88 #2. p. 100-125.

Periodical articleChabi, Kolawole (2018)
See this publicationSaint Augustine as a Refoming Voice for the Catholic Church in roman Africa: The Testimony of his Letter 29 to Alypius
Augustinianum. Volume 58 #2. p. 469-492.

Periodical articleDias, João Ferreira (2018)
See this publicationO que não se altera pode ser alterado: a predestinação na África Yourubá e nas religiões afro-brasileiras
Lusitania Sacra. Volume 37. p. 127-143.

Periodical articleGallois, William (2018)
See this publicationThe destruction of the Islamic state of being, its replacement in the being of the state: Algeria, 1830-1847
Settler Colonial Studies. Volume 8 #2. p. 131-151.

Periodical articleGiorda, M. (2018)
See this publicationDiakonia et économes au service de l'économie monastique en Égypte (IVe-VIIIe siècles)
Augustinianum. Volume 58 #1. p. 205-230.

Periodical articleGozalbes Cravioto, Enrique (2018)
Sobre la historia de la judería de Tetuán
Cuadernos del Archivo Central de Ceuta. Volume 22. p. 51-72.

Periodical articleGuebreyesus, Namouna and Abdu, Hiruy (2018)
See this publicationThe Establishment of Gwelt and Rim Landholdings in Eighteenth-Century Gondärine Churches with a Special Focus on Hamärä Noh Sälästu Me'et Däbr
Aethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies. Volume 21. p. 137-163.

Periodical articleGuitard, Émilie (2018)
Between Municipal Management and Sorcery Uses of Waste: Cameroonian Institutions Faced with 'Sorcerers Covered with Refuse' (Garoua and Maroua)
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 913-938.

Periodical articleGusman, Alessandro (2018)
Stuck in Kampala: Witchcraft Attacks, 'Blocages' and Immobility in the Experience of Born-Again Congolese Refugees in Uganda
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 793-815.

Periodical articleHeckman, Alma Rachel (2018)
See this publicationJewish Radicals of Morocco: Case Study for a New Historiography
Jewish Social Studies. Volume 23 #3. p. 67-100.

Periodical articleHill, Joseph (2018)
See this publicationFoundational Scholars of Islam in Africa: An Interview with Professor Louis Brenner
Islamic Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 233-255.

Periodical articleHuuhka, Essi (2018)
See this publicationFeeding body and soul: Finnish missionaries and famine relief in German South West Africa at the beginning of the 20th century
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 27 #1. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleIbrahim, Ahmed (2018)
See this publicationChanging of the Guards: Politico-Religious Authority and Islamic Education in Mogadishu, Somalia
Islamic Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 133-162.

Periodical articleIglésias, Olga (2018)
See this publicationGuerra e paz em Moçambique. O poder colonial e o impacto do Islão (séc. XX e XXI): Estudo de caso nas províncias de Tete e da Zambézia
CesContexto: Debates. Volume 20. p. 109-130.

Periodical articleJohn, Sokfa F. (2018)
See this publicationGenocide, Oppression, Ambivalence: Online Narratives of Identity and Religion in Postcolonial Nigeria
Open Library of Humanities. Volume 4 #2.

Periodical articleJolly, Éric (2018)
Une femme dogon face à la justice malienne: du soupçon de sorcellerie à la disculpation
Cahiers d'études africaines. #231-232. p. 623-645.

Periodical articleJomier, Augustin (2018)
See this publicationIslam, pureté et modernité: Les 'innovations blâmables' en débat au Maghreb, 1920-1950
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales. Volume 73 #2. p. 385-410.

Periodical articleKariya, Kota (2018)
See this publicationMuwalat and Apostasy in the Early Sokoto Caliphate
Islamic Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 179-208.

Periodical articleKich, Abdeltif (2018)
See this publicationLe patrimoine juif de la région de Draa-Tafilalet: une mémoire à ressusciter
digitAR - Revista Digital de Arqueologia, Arquitectura e Artes. Volume 5. p. 223-235.

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