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Periodical articleAmeka, G.K.; De Graft-Johnson, K.A.A. (2009)
See this publicationBiomass, mineral elements and protein contents of six freshwater macrophytes from Ghana
Ghana Journal of Science. Volume 49. p. 43-50.

Periodical articleAyalew W.; Seyoum M. (2006)
See this publicationDuration of development, biomass and rate of production of the dominant copepods (calanoida and cyclopoida) in Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Sinet. Volume 29 #2. December. p. 107-122.

Periodical articleLyimo, T.J.; Mvungi, E.F.; Lugomela, C.; Björk, M. (2006)
See this publicationSeagrass biomass and productivity in seaweed and non-seaweed farming areas in the East Coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 5 #2. July-December. p. 141-152.

Periodical articleAbebe Y.; Diriba B.; Teshome T.; Nega E.; Ashenafi D. (2005)
Effects of cajanus cajan biomass transfer and inorganic fertiliser on growth and yield of open pollinated maize variety on acidic nitosols of Western Oromia, Ethiopia
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 7 #pt. 03 of 03. December. p. 1143-1148.

Periodical articleJuma, K.A.; Van Averbeke, W. (2005)
Response of Muxe to N and P availability in pots
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 7 #pt. 03 of 03. December. p. 1179-1182.

Periodical articleUdensi, U.E.; Chikoye, D.; Ogunyemi, S. (2005)
See this publicationEffect of level and source of shade on the biomass of speargrass in Nigeria
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 13 #2. June. p. 153-162.

Periodical articleAddico, G.; Frempong, E. (2004)
Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) productivity in a small West-African lagoon: the Sakumo II lagoon
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 6 #1. p. 47-57.

Periodical articleNsabimana, D. (2004)
An assessment of soil microbial biomass and microbial activity as means to evaluate soil fertility
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 8. déc.. p. 9-18.

Periodical articlePali, P.N.; Delve, R.J.; White, D. (2004)
The adoption potential of biomass transfer and improved fallow practices in Eastern Uganda: determining profitable and feasible options from a farmer perspective
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 1. September. p. 379-388.

Periodical articleBuriyo, A.S.; Kivaisi, A.K. (2003)
See this publicationStanding stock, agar yield and properties of gracilaria salicornia harvested along the Tanzanian coast
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 2 #2. July-December. p. 171-178.

Periodical articleFrimpong, E.B.; Adu-Ampomah, Y.; Adomako, D.; Dwapanyin, A.O.; Abdul-Karimu, A. (2003)
Relative drought tolerance in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) accessions
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 5 #2. p. 100-108.

Periodical articleGitari, J.N.; Mureithi, J.G. (2003)
See this publicationEffect of phosphorus fertilisation on legume nodule formation and biomass production in Mount Kenya region
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 69 #1-2. July-October. p. 183-187.

Periodical articleHall, J.S.; White, L.J.T.; Williamson, E.A.; Inogwabibi, B.; Omari, I. (2002-2003)
Distribution, abundance and biomass estimates for primates within Kahuzi-Biega lowlands and adjacent forest in eastern DRC
African Primates. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 35-42.

Periodical articleMbonigaba, J.J.; Maniraguha, J.D.; Culot, M. (2002)
Comparison de différents types de compostages de matières organiques diverses non valorisées par les paysans au Rwanda
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 5. September. p. 40-55.

Periodical articleAlmaz T.; Masresha F. (1999)
See this publicationBiomass production and nutrient status of three tropical range grass species
Sinet. Volume 22 #1. June. p. 89-111.

Periodical articleAscough, J. (1999)
See this publicationAn overview of solar and solar-related technologies in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 33 #1. January-March. p. 26-32.

Periodical articleBanda, J.W.; Mloza-Banda, H.R.; Mzembe, A.N.L.; Mohamoud, Y.; Phiri, G.Y.K. (1999)
Possible impact of livestock on land cover changes in damboland ecosystems
Malawi Journal of Science & Technology. Volume 5. May. p. 1-16.

Periodical articleMwendera, E.J.; Mohamed Saleem M.A.; Tadesse A. (1999)
See this publicationBiomass requirements from natural pastures for livestock grazing and soil protection in the Eastern African Highlands
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 8. p. 23-30.

Periodical articleMonadjem, A. (1998)
Biomass of rodents at Mlawula Nature Reserve, Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 117-120.

Periodical articleFleischer, J.E.; Allotey, A.J.; Heathcote, I. (1996)
See this publicationBiomass productivity and carrying capacity of the natural grassland on the Accra plains of Ghana
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 29 #2. p. 107-114.

Periodical articleMushove, P. (1996)
Regression equations for estimating biomass and volume of brachystegia spiciformis in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 30 #2. April-June. p. 56-60.

Periodical articleDogo, Y.W. (1994)
Prunings as organic matter inputs in tea agrosystem in Kenya: Pt. 1. Biomass and nutrients
Tea. Volume 15 #2. December. p. 99-103.

Periodical articleHagmann, J. (1994)
An approach for the calculation of the biomass production of short growing periods in the rangelands of northern Kenya
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 59 #4. April. p. 317-326.

Periodical articleHamukuaya, H. (1994)
Research to determine biomass of hake
Namibia Brief. #18. June. p. 73-74.

Periodical articleLitto, R.; Mmbaga, J.P.; Mushi, T.P. (1994)
Experimental investigation on the use of native biomass as biosorbents for metal pollutant removal
Uhandisi Journal. Volume 18 #2. December. p. 42-50.

Periodical articleAdoki, A. (1993)
Agro-waste management: carbohydrate utilization efficiency and biomass production by a strain of candida sp. in semi-solid fermentation
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 59 #1. July. p. 27-39.

Periodical articleMsafiri, M.J. (1993)
Towards cleaner environment: removal of iron by biomass
Journal of Building & Land Development. Volume 3 #1. April. p. 18-27.

Periodical articleMkhabela, M.; Ogwang, B.H.; Pali-shikhulu, J. (1992)
Biomass productivity of some hybrid maize varieties in Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 6. December. p. 55-60.

Periodical articleNatarajan, M.; Mafongoya, P.L. (1992)
A study on intercropping of pigeonpea (cajanus cajan (L) Millsp.) with maize, sunflower and groundnut in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research. Volume 30 #2. p. 163-171.

Periodical articleOkedi, J. (1992)
See this publicationLake flies in Lake Victoria: their biomass and potential for use in animal feeds
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 13 #1. February. p. 137-144.

Periodical articleSebunya, K.K. (1992)
Is there need for policy on biomass management?
Arise (Kampala, Uganda). #8. October-December. p. 18-19, 22-23.

Periodical articleAdoki, A. (1990)
Relationship between nitrogen-fixing bacteria in rhizosphere, carbon source, and biomass production in Andropogon tectorum
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 56 #1-4. July-Apr. 1991. p. 51-55.

Search: su=Biomass
Found: 32 Record 1-32

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