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Periodical articleBaichoo, S. (2003)
A computerised voting system for the Mauritian context
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Science and Technology. Volume 10. p. 37-52.

Periodical articleMaema, W. (2003)
Protection of computer programs under Kenya laws
Law Journal (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 1. p. 99-106.

Periodical articleMacharia, B. (2001)
Digitizing audio-visual collections
NMK Horizons. Volume 5 #1. March. p. 17.

Periodical articleHabtamu Z. (2000)
See this publicationA computer simulation of a potential derived from the Gay-Berne potential for lattice model
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 14 #1. June. p. 69-89.

Periodical articleMhlanga, S. (2000)
Computer applications: small library cataloguing system using Lotus 123
Botswana Journal of Technology. Volume 9 #2. October. p. 31-34.

Periodical articleGachari, M.K. (1999)
Digital terrain modelling in eastern Africa and its applications in civil engineering and mapping
Journal of Civil Engineering. Volume 4. January. p. 13-28.

Periodical articleMekonnen M.A. (1999)
Analysis of R.C. columns of high-rise building considering creep and shrinkage
Journal of Civil Engineering. Volume 4. January. p. 61-79.

Periodical articleNyamasyo, E.A. (1999)
Computer-based corpora: problems of collection and interpretation of Kenyan texts in English
Chemchemi. Volume 1. December. p. 75-81.

Periodical articleOng, C.; Van Noordwijk, M.; Coe, R. (1999)
Predicting the future of agroforestry: can computer models help?
Agroforestry Today. Volume 11 #1-2. January-June. p. 27-30.

Periodical articleEyango Mouen, A. (1998)
Système d'aide à la construction et à la gestion du lexiques
Fréquence sud. #14. juin. p. 119-135.

Periodical articleMatondo, J.I. (1998)
Rainfall runoff modelling: an application of Pitman and variable time interval models to Tanzanian catchments
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 148-153.

Periodical articleNshama, W. (1998)
The effect of computers on engineering problem solving, the black box syndrome
Uhandisi Journal. Volume 22 #1. March. p. 1-10.

Periodical articleMarenya, M.O.; Kaumbutho, P.G. (1997)
See this publicationA micro-computer programme for analysing sugarcane mill yard operations
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 9 #1-2. June. p. 91-107.

Periodical articleEntsua-Mensah, C. (1996)
Application of expert systems in library and information work
Ghana Library Journal. Volume 8. p. 15-21.

Periodical articleMnyele, G. (1996)
Copyright protection of computer programs in Tanzania: a plea for legislative intervention
IFM Journal of Finance Management. Volume 4 #2. January. p. 78-91.

Periodical articleWright, E.A.; Sagwati, C. (1994)
First steps in the development of local mining software
Chamber of Mines Journal. Volume 36 #10. October. p. 33-35, 37.

Periodical articleLewanika, K.M. (1993)
Computer viruses: management intervention
African Management Development Forum. Volume 3 #1. March. p. 83-89.

Periodical articleCollier, M. (1992)
Importance of software engineering in Zimbabwean engineering context
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 57 #3. March. p. 9-11, 13, 15-16.

Periodical articleGotora, G.G. (1992)
Educational software evaluation
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 4 #1. March. p. 89-107.

Periodical articleIshengoma, F.M. (1992)
Control system design program based on cascade compensation
Uhandisi Journal. Volume 16 #1. July. p. 83-94.

Periodical articleChanda, E. (1991)
A survey of recent developments in expert systems as applied to mining problems
Zambian Journal of Applied Earth Sciences. Volume 5 #2. December. p. 28-37.

Periodical articleChanda, E. (1991)
Mine planning applications of personal computers software in quarrying operations
Zambian Journal of Applied Earth Sciences. Volume 5 #1. March. p. 30-42.

Periodical articleMbugua, M. (1991)
Computer 'virus' strike: the epidemic next time?
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). December-Jan.. p. 3-8.

Periodical articleOlthof, W. (1991)
Population projections on the PC: an appraisal of four software programmes
Review of Rural and Urban Planning in Southern and Eastern Africa. #1. p. 101-118.

Periodical articlePieron, S.P. (1991)
Network: software package to aid the engineer keep network configuration records
Mining and Engineering. Volume 56 #12. December. p. 5-7, 9.

Periodical articlePont, A.; Serrano, J.J; Gil, J.A.; Santonja, V. (1991)
A performance model for hierarchical process control systems
Computer Forum. Volume 2 #1. January-March. p. 32-35.

Periodical articleGee, Q.H.; Chirwa, A.C. (1990)
Word processing in Nyanja
Computer Forum. Volume 1 #1. April-June. p. 36-46.

Periodical articleGray, R.G. (1990)
The BAOBAB system, an appropriate solution to the automation of banking in Malawi
Computer Forum. Volume 1 #3. October-December. p. 10-13.

Periodical articleNuna, B.M. (1990)
The role of digital simulation packages in research and development activities in the chemical process industries and the development of the appropriate software
Computer Forum. Volume 1 #2. July-September. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleKundaeli, H.N. (1988)
A modular multiprocessor computer system
Tanzania Journal of Science. Volume 14. p. 173-192.

Search: su=Computer programs
Found: 30 Record 1-30

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