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Periodical articleKamau, J.N.; Kibas, P.; Senaji, T. (2011)
The relationship between higher education dimensions and entrepreneurial intentions of university students in Kenya
International Journal of Professional Practice. Volume 2 #3. July-September. p. 258-273.

Periodical articleLinna, P. (2011)
Technology entrepreneurship potential for social innovation? the case of Kenya mobile industry companies
International Journal of Business and Public Management. Volume 1 #1. April. p. 102-122.

Periodical articleLinna, P. (2011)
Community-level entrepreneurial activities: case study from rural Kenya
International Journal of Business and Public Management. Volume 1 #1. April. p. 22-43.

Periodical articleMuranda, Zororo; Mphela, Thuso; Nyakudya, Morvyn (2011)
Entrepreneurship policy, enterprise diversification and the motivation factor: the case of Botswana
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 26 #1. p. 75-106.

Periodical articleInegbenebor, Anthony U.; Ogunrin, Florence O. (2010)
See this publicationEntrepreneurial attitudes and intentions among Nigerian undergraduates
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 7 #2. October. p. 96-118.

Periodical articleKamau, J.N. (2010)
Influence of educational levels on entrepreneurial intention of university students
International Journal of Professional Practice. Volume 1 #1. July-September. p. 30-41.

Periodical articleWanjala, G. (2010)
An assessment of the contribution of education to entrepreneurial development in Kenya: the case of the Kenya Institute of Management
Fountain (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 4 #2. p. 10-35.

Periodical articleGatabaki, N. (2009)
An authentic role model: Peter Munga from rural Kenya to national and continental eminence
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). September. p. 10-20.

Periodical articleMafela, Lily (2009)
See this publicationEntrepreneurship education and community outreach at the University of Botswana
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 25 #2. June. p. 31-51.

Periodical articleAyiro, L. (2008)
HIV/AIDS and education: an entrepreneurial approach to impact mitigation
Educator (Eldoret, Kenya). Volume 2 #1. p. 1-26.

Periodical articleGitile N.; Viju M.; Dawit M. (2008)
Entrepreneurial selection and need theory: an examination of the motivation of women entrepreneurs in Gondar, Ethiopia
Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences. Volume 8 #1. January-June. p. 13-34.

Periodical articleKhaola, P.; Mofammere, M. (2008)
The influence of perceived external factors on entrepreneurial intentions
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 12 #1-2. December. p. 69-86.

Periodical articleAmponsah, N. (2006)
Social capital and private business development under Ghana's neoliberal reforms, 1984-2004
Legon Journal of Sociology. Volume 3 #1. January. p. 48-70.

Periodical articleApegu, J.N. (2006)
The entrepreneurship journey
Ugandan Banker. Volume 14. March. p. 41.

Periodical articleKanani, U. (2006)
A novel idea
Kutlwano. Volume 47 #6. June. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleLalango, O.J. (2006)
Entrepreneurship education: can universities in Uganda meet the challenge?
Educamate. Volume 2 #2. p. 155-162.

Periodical articleNg'wandu, P.Y. (2006)
The entrepreneurial African university as a catalyst for development: prospects and challenges to globalization
Huria. Volume 6 #2. p. 97-111.

Periodical articlePillay, P.B. (2006)
African indigenous knowledge systems and business practice: towards new paradigms for an African entrepreneurial culture-perspectives from South Africa
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #1. June. p. 42-51.

Periodical articleTlale, E. (2006)
Surviving on garbage
Kutlwano. Volume 47 #5. May. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleNdifuna, M. (2005)
The nature of small business: the flowers and fetters of small business entrepreneurship in Uganda
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 6. p. 33-45.

Periodical articleKhaola, P.P.; Thetsane, R. (2004-2006)
Perceptions of business opportunity recognition entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 10. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleMongula, B. (2004)
Entrepreneurship, development and poverty reduction: the challenge of entrepreneurship promotion in Tanzania
Tanzanian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 5 #3. December. p. 15-24.

Periodical articleNdirangu, Mwangi; Bosire, Joseph (2004)
See this publicationStudent Entrepreneurship on Campus: A Survival Response or a Career Rehearsal? The Case of Egerton University Student Entrepreneurs
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 20 #1. January. p. 51-66.

Periodical articleMthunzi, C.G. (2002)
Towards a conceptual entrepreneurial curriculum: images and conceptions of an entrepreneur in Botswana senior secondary schools
Mosenodi. Volume 10 #1. p. 28-42.

Periodical articleTemba, E.I. (2002)
Credit and entrepreneurship development: case studies of entrepreneurs receiving credit from PRIDE, MEDA, CREW and SIDO in Tanzania
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 10 #2. January. p. 59-71.

Periodical articleKombou, L. (2001)
L'impact de la mondialisation des marchés sur le positionnement stratégique des entreprises camérounaises
Revue africaine des sciences économiques et de gestion. Volume 3 #1. janvier-juin. p. 57-80.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2000)
The inside story of Africa Online
Market Intelligence (Nairobi, Kenya). December-Jan. 2001. p. 9-11, 13.

Periodical articleBuame, S. (2000)
Entrepreneurship and international business strategies: an insight into the key success factors of the exporting entrepreneurs in Ghana
Journal of Management Studies. Volume 15 #1. January. p. 34-51.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
Now is the time
Pan Afrikanist. Volume 1 #1. September. p. 4-8.

Periodical articleMaphosa, France (1999)
Leadership Succession: A Recalcitrant Problem in the Indigenisation of African Economies
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 26 #2. p. 169-182.

Periodical articleMaphosa, France (1999)
Education with entrepreneurship: a study of student entrepreneurship at the University of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 11 #3. November. p. 159-182.

Periodical articleDanino, A. (1998)
Privatization and its effect on domestic entrepreneurial capacity from the perspective of IFC's own experience
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 1 #6. December. p. 16-18.

Periodical articleGautier, J.F. (1998)
Fiscalité des entreprises: exonerari, ergo sum
Economie de Madagascar. #3. October. p. 155-184.

Periodical articleGoedhuys, M. (1998)
Determinants of entrepreneurship and growth of entrepreneurial firms in Côte d'Ivoire
Business Management Review. Volume 5 #1. January-June. p. 80-104.

Periodical articleJenssen, J.I.; Holbek, J. (1998)
Social network, resources and entrepreneurship
Business Management Review. Volume 5 #2. July-December. p. 1-22.

Periodical articleMaliti, B.H. (1998)
The impact of privatisation on entrepreneurship in Zambia
Journal of Business (Kitwe, Zambia). Volume 2 #1. January-June. p. 72-91.

Periodical articleMaphosa, France (1998)
Towards the Sociology of Zimbabwean Indigenous Entrepreneurship
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 25 #2. p. 173-190.

Periodical articleRonan, Nessan (1998)
Developing entrepreneurship through education in southern Africa
Abstract presentZimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 10 #3. November. p. 222-234.

Periodical articleChinyoka, S.V. (1997)
Perceptions of small enterpreneurs' skills by some experts and enterpreneurs themselves: a comparative study of Botswana and Zimbabwe
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 6 #1. July. p. 56-67.

Periodical articleMihyo, Paschal B. (1997)
The Regulatory Framework and Small- and Micro-Enterprise Development in Eastern Africa
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 13 #2. June. p. 43-73.

Periodical articleRazafindrakoto, M.; Roubaud, F. (1997)
Les entreprises franches à Madagascar: économie d'enclave ou promesse d'une nouvelle prospérité? nouvelle esclavage ou opportunité pour le développement du pays?
Economie de Madagascar. #2. October. p. 217-248.

Periodical articleRonan, N.J.; Chinyoka, S.V. (1997)
Fostering entrepreneurial skills in Botswana
Journal of Business (Kitwe, Zambia). Volume 1 #2. July-December. p. 31-45.

Periodical articleEkwa bis Isal, Martin (1996)
La PME informelle et ses contraintes
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 36 #307. septembre. p. 325-334.

Periodical articleKapata, D. (1996)
The birth of the motherland fund
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 10 #1. October. p. 26-27.

Periodical articleMcCormick, D. (1996)
The impact of economic reform on entrepreneurial activity: a theoretical framework for analysing small enterprise
Independent Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 1 #1. p. 65-78.

Periodical articleTevera, Daniel S. (1996)
Indigenisation of the Zimbabwean Economy and the Emerging Economic and Socio-Spatial Impacts
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 12 #2. June. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1995)
Why Asians dominate the Kenyan economy
Business Trend Review. #46. March. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleBirot, J.-D. (1995)
Même peu formés et peu aidés, ils entreprennent...
Économie de la Réunion. #80. novembre-décembre. p. 12-15.

Periodical articleNono, N. (1995)
Managing a small business
Jua Kali News. Volume 4. November-December. p. 24-26.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1994)
Understanding Africa's entrepreneurship development needs: the portrait of an African entrepreneur
Focus on African Industry. Volume 6 #2. December. p. 20-21.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1994)
Government role as facilitator of industrialization in Africa and its limits as entrepreneur
Focus on African Industry. Volume 6 #2. December. p. 13-19.

Periodical articleMazonde, Isaac N. (1994)
Family Members Participation in Botswana Settler Family Enterprises: The Case of Tuli Block
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 8 #1. p. 1-29.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1993)
Industrialization in Africa: the case of incubators
Focus on African Industry. Volume 6 #1. December. p. 28-32.

Periodical articleBalogun, M.J.; Asombang, W.W. (1993)
Forging a dynamic public-private sector partnership for entrepreneurial and sustainable development in Africa
African Journal of Public Administration and Management. Volume 2 #1. January. p. 64-78.

Periodical articleLenneiye, N. (1993)
African entrepreneurship
Nehanda Review. #1. January-March. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleOlutimayin, J.S.; Fubara, B.A. (1993)
Strengthening the village entrepreneur: a strategy for dissuading urban migration
SAMS Working Paper Series. #93002. September. p. 67-80.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
The road to Japan, understanding the Japanese market
Business Trend Review. Volume 1 #11. April. p. 21-22.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
Any good in the return of Asians?
6th of February. Volume 6 #5. June. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
Gender equity and entrepreneurship development in technical education and vocational training
Bulletin of the UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology in Africa. Volume 27 #2. December. p. 11-13.

Search: su=Entrepreneurship
Found: 59 Record 1-59

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