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Periodical articleBongo, Paradzayi P.; Bourdillon, M.F.C. (2001)
See this publicationIntervention in Natural Resource Use in Biriwiri, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #2. p. 133-146.

Periodical articleMhlanga, Lindah (2001)
See this publicationConflict between Wildlife and People in Kariba Town, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #1. p. 39-51.

Periodical articleMiller, S.E.; Rogo, L.M. (2001)
Challenges and opportunities in understanding and utilisation of African insect diversity
Cimbebasia. Volume 17. November. p. 197-218.

Periodical articleNwonwu, F.O.C. (2000)
The impact of land use and rainfall regimes on agricultural real output in developing countries with special reference to Africa
South-South Journal of Culture and Development. Volume 2. December. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleFacknath, S.; Lalljee, B. (1999)
Soil and crop management for improved water use efficiency in agriculture under conditions of water stress
Prosi. Volume 31 #367. août. p. 44-49.

Periodical articleAkello, Christine E. (1998)
The Right to Environment and Generational Equity
East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights. Volume 4 #2. p. 125-138.

Periodical articleMshigeni, K.E. (1998)
See this publicationAn overview of Africa's marine resources: their utilization and sustainable management
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 10 #3-4. December. p. 121-126.

Periodical articleDebebe H. (1997)
Cropping pattern, resource use and farm income: the case of tobacco in Awasa-Zuria, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Volume 1 #2. April. p. 1-27.

Periodical articleInyangete, C.G. (1997)
A functional perspective of financial systems and financial intermediation
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 5 #2. January. p. 29-56.

Periodical articleRamatshaba, S. (1997)
Fighting poverty the natural way
Kutlwano. Volume 35 #12. December. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleNjoka, T.J. (1995)
Wildlife utilization in African drylands
Swara. Volume 18 #4. July-August. p. 5.

Periodical articleRazafimandimby, N. (1995)
Où va notre argent?
Revue de l'océan Indien Madagascar. #140. mars. p. 18-20, 25-26, 28.

Periodical articleKrhoda, George O. (1994)
The Impact of Water Resources Utilization on Land Use in a Semi-Arid Environment of Amboseli Area in Kenya
Eastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 5 #1. July. p. 63-67.

Periodical articleMoggi, M.A.; Deleporte, P. (1994)
Utilisation des arbres et arbustes dans deux bassins-versants au sud de Miarinarivo
Akon'ny Ala. #15. déc.. p. 20-30.

Periodical articleMrema, M. (1994)
Land resource use theory and practice: the case of communal lands of Botswana
Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Conference of the SADCC-Land and Water Management Research Programme. October 10-14. p. 84-95.

Periodical articlePeters, H.K.N.; Sankhayan, P.L. (1994)
The impact of structural adjustment programmes on natural resource use pattern at a household level in Tanzania: the case of Ulanga District
Utafiti. Volume 1 #2. p. 59-70.

Periodical articleOsunade, M.A.A. (1993)
Some aspects of grass resource utilization in Swaziland
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 2. p. 37-44.

Periodical articleCarrilho, J. (1992)
O debate actual sobre a questao das terras rurais em Moçambique
Extra (Maputo, Mozambique). junho. p. 11-14.

Periodical articleTeferi A. (1992)
Resource use in Konso
Sociology Ethnology Bulletin. Volume 1 #2. March. p. 22-25.

Periodical articleDonovan, M. (1991)
Changing land-use patterns in Ndaraweta
Resources (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 2 #1. p. 37-40.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1990)
Over-grazing resources
Southern African Economist. Volume 3 #1. February-March. p. 44-45.

Periodical articleDurning, A.B. (1990)
Poverty and the environment
Resources (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 1 #3. September. p. 37-42.

Periodical articleMabogunje, A.L. (1990)
Africa's economic development: the role of urban centres and resources mobilization
Urban Perspectives. Volume 1 #2. December. p. 1-2.

Periodical articleMsangi, Josephine P. (1990)
Resource Planning and Management in Tanzania
Abstract presentEastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 1 #1. February. p. 40-49.

Periodical articleOmo Fadaka, J. (1990)
Africa's increasing population: a crisis or not?
Ecoafrica. Volume 4 #2. p. 3, 8, 12.

Periodical articleWakeham, S.; Alder, G. (1990)
An overview of the country strategies
Urban Perspectives. Volume 1 #2. December. p. 9-10.

Periodical articleBanyikwa, W.F. (1988)
Constraints Hampering Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tanzania
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 4 #2. June. p. 1-13.

Search: su=Resources utilization
Found: 27 Record 1-27

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