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Periodical articleUlbrich, K.; Henschel, J.R. (2006)
Modelling reproductive strategies in social spiders, Stegodyphus dumicola pocock (araneae: eresidae)
Journal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 54. p. 5-16.

Periodical articleCerveira, A.M.; Jackson, R.R. (2005)
See this publicationSpecialised predation by Palpimanus sp. (Araneae: Palpimanidae) on jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)
Journal of East African Natural History. Volume 94 #2. p. 303-317.

Periodical articleFitzpatrick, M.J. (2001)
The spider fauna of Zimbabwe (arachnida: araneae)
Arnoldia Zimbabwe. Volume 10 #16. 1st Jan.. p. 177-188.

Periodical articleBarraclough, D.A. (2000)
The acroceridae (diptera) of Namibia, with descriptions of two new species
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 25-30.

Periodical articleCosta, G.; Petralia, A.; Conti, E. (2000)
Population dynamics of stone-ring spiders of the genus ariadna Audouin (araneae: segestriidae), in western Namibia
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 223-229.

Periodical articleCumming, M.S.; Wesolowska, W. (2000)
Diversity of jumping spiders (araneae: salticidae) in a tropical garden in Zimbabwe
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 241-246.

Periodical articleHarland, D.P.; Jackson, R.R. (2000)
Eight-legged cats and how they see: a review of recent research on jumping spiders (araneae: salticidae)
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 231-240.

Periodical articleKnoflach, B.; Van Harten, A. (2000)
Redescription of theridion lacticolor Berland (araneae: theridiidae) with notes on mating behaviour
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 215-222.

Periodical articleLogunov, D.V. (2000)
A new endemic genus and three new species of the jumping spiders (araneae: salticidae) from the Seychelles Islands
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 261-267.

Periodical articlePlatnick, N.I. (2000)
Namibian spiders: progress and prospects
Cimbebasia. Volume 16. March. p. 199-200.

Periodical articleWesolowska, W. (1999)
New and little known species of jumping spiders from Zimbabwe
Arnoldia Zimbabwe. Volume 10 #15. 20 June. p. 145-175.

Periodical articleBraunstein, W. (1995)
Spiders in the kingdom of lions
Swara. Volume 18 #3. May-June. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleNelson, Charles M. (1995)
The spider and the flies: observations from an urban ecology
Bulletin (East Africa Natural History Society). Volume 25 #4. December. p. 59-63.

Periodical articleFitzpatrick, M. (1994)
A new species of eilica keyserling, 1891 from Zimbabwe (Araneae: gnaphosidae)
Arnoldia Zimbabwe. Volume 10 #2. 25th July. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleHenschel, J.R. (1991-1992)
Is solitary life an alternative for the social spider stegodyphus dumicola?
Journal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 43. p. 71-79.

Periodical articleGriffin, E.; Dippenaar-Schoeman, A.S. (1991)
A checklist of, and references to, the Namibian spider fauna (Arachnida, Araneae)
Cimbebasia. Volume 13. December. p. 155-181.

Periodical articleRussell-Smith, T. (1988)
The biology of spiders. Pt.2, Reproduction and protection of young
Walia. #11. November. p. 29-36.

Search: su=Spiders
Found: 17 Record 1-17

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