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Periodical articleEmediegwu, Lotanna Ernest (2020)
See this publicationDoes educational investment enhance capacity development for Nigerian youths? An autoregressive distributed lag approach
African Development Review. Volume 32 #1 Special issue. p. 45-53.

Periodical articleMorsy, Hanan; Mukasa, Adamon N. (2020)
See this publication'Mind the mismatch?' Incidence, drivers, and persistence of African youths' skill and educational mismatches
African Development Review. Volume 32 #1 Special issue. p. 5-19.

BookWesteneng, Judith; Reis, Ria; Berckmoes, Lidewyde H. (2020)
See this publicationThe effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health education in Burundi: policy brief
Abstract present4p.

BookStambach, Amy; Hall, Kathleen (eds.) (2017)
Anthropological perspectives on student futures: youth and the politics of possibility
Abstract presentNew York: Palgrave Macmillan. Anthropological studies of education. 178p.

Conference paperGolaz, Valérie; Thibon, Christian (eds.) (2015)
Enfants et jeunes hors les liens en Afrique de l'Est
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Questions d'enfances. 333p.

Periodical articleOjiambo, Peter Otiato (2015)
See this publicationGift of education: Joseph Kamiru Gikubu and the development of Kenyan youth education from 1957 to the present
Abstract presentAfrica Review: Journal of African Studies Association of India. Volume 7 #1. p. 55-66.

Periodical articleOmeni, Akali (2015)
See this publicationThe 'Almajiri' in northern Nigeria: militancy, perceptions, challenges, and state policies
Abstract presentAfrican Conflict and Peacebuilding Review. Volume 5 #2. p. 128-142.

Periodical articleGibbs, Andrew (ed.) (2014)
See this publicationJobs, food, taxis and journals: complexities of implementing Stepping Stones and Creating Futures in urban informal settlements in South Africa
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 13 #2. p. 161-167.

Periodical articleGoodnight, Bradley (ed.) (2014)
See this publicationPerceived control and communication about sex: a study of South African families
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 13 #1. p. 31-36.

BookHaddiya, Elmostafa (2014)
Jeunesse, éducation et changement social

Periodical articleLubinga, Elizabeth; Jansen, Carel; Maes, Alfons (2014)
See this publication'If you care, do not share': exploring the effects of using rhetorical figures to stimulate young South Africans to discuss HIV and AIDS messages
Abstract presentCommunicatio: South African journal for communication theory and research. Volume 40 #1. p. 49-68.

Periodical articleBiziouras, Nikolaos; Birger, Nicholas (2013)
See this publicationPeacebuilding through Education in Postconflict Northern Uganda: The Importance of Placing War-Affected Youth in Community-Oriented Schools
African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review. Volume 3 #2. p. 47-68.

Periodical articleEtkin, Esther (2013)
Using narrative communication in a mass-produced youth magazine as an HIV prevention intervention
Abstract presentJournal of African Media Studies. Volume 5 #1. p. 3-17.

DVD / videoLipponen, Tuomas (ed.) (2013)
See this publicationGateway to the world
Abstract presentKirjastokaista.

Periodical articlePrince, Ruth J. (2013)
See this publication'Tarmacking' in the millennium city: spatial and temporal trajectories of empowerment and development in Kisumu, Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 83 #4. p. 582-605.

Periodical issuePrinsloo, Jeanne; Moletsane, Relebohile (eds.) (2013)
See this publicationSex, gender and childhood
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #97. 126p.

BookSanon, Albert (2013)
Yelepe: être homme: initiations traditionnelles et éducation corporelle au Burkina Faso
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 119p.

BookPlummer, Mary Louisa (2012)
Promoting abstinence, being faithful, and condom use with young Africans: qualitative findings from an intervention trail in rural Tanzania
Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota. 481p.

Periodical articleShikongo, Regina; Mchombu, Kingo (2012)
Does mass media communication support HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns among the youth in Oshana Region, northern Namibia?
Abstract presentJournal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. Volume 1 #2. p. 153-166.

Periodical articleBastien, Sheri (2011)
See this publicationFear appeals in HIV-prevention messages: young people's perceptions in northern Tanzania
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 10 #4. p. 435-449.

Periodical articleGibbs, Andrew (2010)
See this publicationMismatches between youth aspirations and participatory HIV/AIDS programmes in South Africa
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 9 #2. p. 153-163.

Periodical articleMareri, Lydia A. (2010)
The relationship between hip hop music and aggression among secondary school youth in Kenya
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 9. p. 132-145.

Periodical articleNzessé, Ladislas (2010)
Insécurité linguistique: quelle langue française pour quel avenir de la jeunesse africaine francophone? Propositions théoriques pour la sécurité du français et partant celle de cette jeunesse: le cas du Cameroun
Intel'actuel: revue de lettres et sciences humaines. #9. p. 33-50.

Conference paperAnonymous (2009)
Comment surmonter la marginalisation en Afrique? Actes des Journées philosophiques de Canisius
Kinshasa: Éditions Loyola, Publications Canisius. Journées philosophiques Canisius #11. 235p.

BookGamandzori, Joseph (ed.) (2009)
Congo-Brazzaville, état et société civile en situation de post-conflit
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 158p.

Periodical articleChengula, Apium L. (2008)
Psychosocial barriers to parent-youth communication on HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health: a case study of Magugu community, Babati, Manyara Region, Tanzania
Papers in Education and Development. #28. p. 83-101.

Periodical articleKafwa, V.N.; Mukasa, A.S. (2008)
Effectiveness of AIDS education programme in prevention of HIV amongst youth in secondary schools in Busia District, Kenya
Educator (Eldoret, Kenya). Volume 2 #1. p. 159-167.

Periodical articleOmar, Yusuf Sheikh (2008)
Somali youth in diaspora: a comparative study of gender perceptions of further studies and future career (case study: Somali youth in Melbourne, Australia)
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 8. p. 52-95.

BookPhilemon, John R.M.; Kessy, Severine S.A. (2008)
See this publicationNegotiating safe sex among young women: the fight against HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
Dar es Salaam: REPOA. REPOA research report. 33p.

Periodical articleHallman, Kelly (2007)
Non-consensual sex, school enrolment and educational outcomes in South Africa
Africa Insight. Volume 37 #3. p. 454-472.

Periodical articleMada, Gilbert (2007)
'Catch them young' cadet schools as recruitment bases: a case study of southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 1900-1968
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 19 #2. July. p. 163-174.

Periodical articleObadare, Ebenezer (2007)
See this publicationWhite-Collar Fundamentalism: Interrogating Youth Religiosity on Nigerian University Campuses
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 45 #4. December. p. 517-537.

Periodical articleRåssjö, Eva-Britta (2007)
See this publicationResponses to VCT for HIV among young people in Kampala, Uganda
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 6 #3. p. 215-222.

Periodical articleArnoldi, Mary Jo (2006)
See this publicationYouth Festivals and Museums: The Cultural Politics of Public Memory in Postcolonial Mali
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 52 #4. Summer. p. 55-76.

Book chapterEnglund, Harri (2006)
Transnational Governance and the Pacification of Youth: Civic Education and Disempowerment in Malawi
In: Intellectuals and African Development: Pretension and Resistance in African Politics. p. 124-155.

Periodical articleMajtenyi, C. (2006)
Touching and changing lives: an interview with Alice Onduto
Wajibu. Volume 21 #4. November-December. p. 20-22.

Periodical articleIyanda, O.; Kealesitse, B. (2005)
Making HIV/AIDS prevention campaign more acceptable among teenage and young adults in Botswana
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 19 #1. p. 103-112.

Periodical articleParuk, Zubeda (2005)
See this publicationContainment and contagion: how to strengthen families to support youth HIV prevention in South Africa
African Journal of AIDS Research. Volume 4 #1. p. 57-63.

BookOlurode, 'Lai; Soyombo, Omololu (eds.) (2004)
Readings in campus violence
Abstract presentIkeja, Lagos: John West Publications Limited. 287p.

Periodical articleDarge, Reda (2003)
Gender and Age Differences in Moral Reasoning of Sexual Behavior That Could Lead to the Spread of Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A Psychological Approach
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 25 #2. October. p. 58-86.

Periodical articleSchmidt-Wulffen, Wulf (2003)
Jugendbiographien aus dem Norden Ghanas
Abstract presentInternationales Afrikaforum. Volume 39 #2. p. 167-173.

Periodical articleDusingizemungu, J.P. (2002)
Etude de la dévalorisation de repères identitaires chez les jeunes rwandais: approche de reconstruction par l'ecole
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 6. déc.. p. 106-123.

Periodical articleHoppers, Wim (2002)
Reconstructing Youth Development: A Southern African Perspective
Africa Insight. Volume 32 #1. p. 8-15.

Periodical articleKonaté, Yacouba (2002)
See this publicationGénération Zouglou
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 42 #168. p. 777-796.

BookDiakité, Tidiane (2001)
Appel à la jeunesse africaine: comment se fait-il que l'Afrique aidée par la France ne progresse pas?
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 142p.

Periodical articleIzugbara, Chimaraoke Otutubikey (2001)
See this publicationTasting the Forbidden Fruit: The Social Context of Debut Sexual Encounters among Young Persons in a Rural Nigerian Community
Abstract presentAfrican Anthropologist. Volume 8 #1. March. p. 96-107.

Periodical articleShehu, J. (2001)
Core curriculum and co-curricular activities in education and youth development
Papers in Education and Development. #21. p. 84-95.

Periodical articleByamukama, N. (2000)
African youth: the millenium is yours
Pan Afrikanist. Volume 1 #4. February-March. p. 32-35.

Periodical articleBansikiza, C. (1999)
Youth formation in the Church of the third millenium
African Christian Studies. Volume 15 #4. December. p. 1-17.

Book chapterGomez-Perez, Muriel (1999)
Bilan et perspective de l'enseignement de l'arabe dans les écoles franco-arabes à Dakar et à Thiès: vers la marginalisation d'une jeunesse?
In: Gomez-Perez, M.; Lacabanne, V. (eds.), La diffusion des savoirs dans les Tiers-Mondes: constraintes et perspectives. Paris: Publications universitaires Denis Diderot. p. 41-69.

Periodical articleMatiki, Alfred Jana (1999)
See this publicationThe Social and Educational Marginalization of Muslim Youth in Malawi
Abstract presentJournal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Volume 19 #2. October. p. 249-259.

Periodical articleNegussie T.; Rahel H.; Selamu D.; Alemayehu T.; Kedir M. (1999)
Do parents and young people communicate on sexual matters? the situation of family life education (FLE) in a rural town in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 13 #3. December. p. 205-210.

Periodical articleMoatlhaping, Segametsi O.; Osei-Hwedie, Kwaku (1998)
The out-of-school youth and HIV/AIDS in rural Botswana
Abstract presentLesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 4 #2. December. p. 17-35.

Periodical articleOodit, G. (1998)
A study on Mauritian youth: sexual knowledge, attitudes and AIDS-related risk behaviour among adolescents in Mauritius
Africa Link. May. p. 17-19.

Periodical articleKim, Y.M.; Marangwanda, C.; Kols, A. (1997)
Quality of counselling of young clients in Zimbabwe
East African Medical Journal. Volume 74 #8. August. p. 514-518.

Periodical articleChrysanti, M. (1996)
The cries of the youth in Africa: who will listen to them?
AFER. Volume 38 #1. February. p. 11-25.

Periodical articleSeekings, Jeremy (1996)
See this publicationThe 'Lost Generation': South Africa's 'Youth Problem' in the Early-1990s
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #29. p. 103-125.

Periodical articleKishindo, Paul (1995)
Apprenticeship Systems and the Creation of Employment Opportunities
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 10 #2. p. 53-60.

Periodical articleLaissone, I. (1995)
Sois o garante da educaçao em Moçambique
Tempo. #1290. 10 de set.. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleSengo, C. (1995)
Estudantes moçambicanos no exterior: quando a esperança é maior
Tempo. #1289. 3 de set.. p. 4-11.

Periodical articleDebreay, O.; Hautcoeur, J.; Ory, C. (1994)
Essentiel pour les jeunes, le diplôme est encore trop rare
Économie de la Réunion. #72. juillet-août. p. 10-13.

Periodical articleHautcoeur, J. (1994)
Des études et du sport en attendant de travailler
Économie de la Réunion. #70. mars-avril. p. 14-16.

Periodical articleKruss, G. (1994)
Quality training? a review of youth training schemes in Northern Ireland
Education with Production. Volume 10 #2. December. p. 5-46.

Periodical articleMoundaanga Ibeni, F.P. (1994)
Les jeunes dans l'Eglise
Au coeur de l'Afrique. Volume 62 #1-2. janvier-juin. p. 141-144.

Periodical articleSukati, C.W.S. (1994)
The problem of youth employment in Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 8. February. p. 45-55.

Periodical articleKaure, A.T. (1993)
Growing with the nation
Namibia Review. Volume 2 #7. October-November. p. 3-6.

Periodical articleMotlomelo, S.T. (1993)
A study of the knowledge, attitude and practices of Basotho on family life education
BOLESWA Educational Research Journal. Volume 10. p. 43-53.

Periodical articleRai, J. (1993)
Whither Mauritian youth
Réduit Reporter. Volume 1 #2. March. p. 17-20.

BookAlmeida-Topor, Hélène d' (ed.) (1992)
Les jeunes en Afrique. Tome 1: Évolution et rôle (XIXe-XXe siècles)
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 571p.

Periodical articleKiangu Sindani (1992)
Pour une décennie '90' à visage humain
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 32 #269. novembre. p. 523-528.

Periodical articleMcDonnel, L. (1992)
Youth and the educational system in Swaziland
Economic Digest (Mbabane, Swaziland). Volume 3 #1. March. p. 10-21.

Periodical articleMostert, P.M.; Coertze, R.D. (1992)
Ontwerp van 'n stimuleringsprogram vir swart jeugdiges
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Ethnology. Volume 15 #4. p. 108-120.

Periodical articleNgub'usim Mpey-Nka (1992)
La récupération des jeunes de la rue par une éducation au travail productif
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 32 #269. novembre. p. 537-544.

Periodical articlePefile, S.M. (1992)
Youth in Swaziland's business sector
Economic Digest (Mbabane, Swaziland). Volume 3 #1. March. p. 22-34.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
After form four what next?
Sasa. July-September. p. 2-3.

Periodical articleFowler, A.F. (1991)
The post-school experiences and attitudes of Kenyan youth towards education, training, employment, and national development
Education with Production. Volume 8 #1. June. p. 47-79.

Periodical articleLiang, Y.D. (1990)
The development of technical and vocational education and youth employment in China
Education with Production. Volume 7 #1. April. p. 67-75.

Periodical articleSuguru, S. (1990)
L'éducation des jeunes à la vie conjugale et familiale
Au coeur de l'Afrique. Volume 57 #1. janvier-mars. p. 25-44.

Periodical articleNtumba K. (1989-1990)
Jeunesse en crise ou crise de l'éducation
Educateur (Kinshasa, Congo). #22. p. 29-31.

Periodical articleMarenin, Otwin (1989)
See this publicationConcepts of National Unity: Bureaucratic Decision-Making in the National Youth Service Corps of Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics. Volume 27 #3. November. p. 365-386.

Periodical articleNkwanzaka I. (1987)
Jeunesse et développement: l'éducation é la vie familiale
Cahiers Zaïrois d'études politiques et sociales. #8. October. p. 75-87.

Periodical articleBrye, E. de (1985)
L'enfant comorien et l'apprentissage de l'islam: quelques observations
Abstract presentÉtudes océan Indien. #6. p. 41-49.

Periodical articleHenderson, Simon (1982)
The Seychelles National Youth Service: an experiment in socialist education
Abstract presentThe Community Development Journal: An International Journal for Community Workers. Volume 17 #3. p. 234-241.

Dissertation / thesisSeck, M.T. (1982)
L'enseignement coranique au Sénégal: le problème des talibés
mémoire de fin d'études. ENAES, Dakar. 33p.

Dissertation / thesisTall, F. (1981)
Les talibés et la délinquance juvénile
mémoire de fin d'études. ENAES, Dakar. 32p.

Periodical articleBrown, C.K. (1978)
The Ghanaian rural youth: resource for social development
Abstract presentGhana Social Science Journal. Volume 5 #1. p. 26-46.

Dissertation / thesisDiop, P.A. (1978)
Les talibés et la délinquance juvénile
mémoire de fin d'études. ENAES, Dakar. 36p.

Periodical articleSifuna, D.N. (1975)
Oberservations on some aspects of non-formal education in Kenya
Abstract presentEducation in Eastern Africa. Volume 5 #1. p. 95-102.

Periodical articleHoppers, W. (1973)
Botswana: tussen armoede en rijkdom
Abstract presentKroniek van Afrika. Volume 13 #1. p. 57-63.

Periodical articleSheffield, J.R. (1973)
Education for adults and school leavers in Africa
Abstract presentEducation in Eastern Africa. Volume 3 #2. p. 71-80.

Periodical articleSheffield, J.R.; Diejomoah, Victor P. (1972)
The manpower crisis: the nonformal alternative
Abstract presentAfrica Report. Volume 17 #5. p. 16-19.

Periodical articleFlood, David (1971)
The Jeanes movement: an early experiment
Abstract presentNada: The Southern Rhodesia Native Affairs Department Annual. Volume 10 #3. p. 13-25.

Periodical articleAngi, Carol; Coombe, T. (1970)
Primary school leavers and youth programmes in Zambia
Abstract presentEducation in Eastern Africa. Volume 1 #2. p. 27-43.

Periodical articleSonubi, O. (1962)
A note on Nigeria's youth employment problems
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 4 #3. p. 228-232.

Search: su=youth
Found: 94 Record 1-94

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