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Periodical articleHrycko, Katarzyna (2007)
See this publicationAn Outline of the National Archives and Library of Ethiopia
Abstract presentAethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 10. p. 92-105.

Periodical articleKieh, George K. (2007)
See this publicationThe Human Development Crisis in Liberia
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 9 #1. Spring. p. 78-94.

Periodical articleAinsworth, Martha; Filmer, Deon (2006)
See this publicationInequalities in Children's Schooling: AIDS, Orphanhood, Poverty, and Gender
World Development. Volume 34 #6. June. p. 1099-1128.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2006)
See this publicationChance to Learn for Refugee Schoolgirl in Chad
Forced Migration Review. Volume Supplement. July. p. 32.

Periodical articleEntsua-Mensah, C. (2006)
See this publicationManaging Libraries for Positive Results: A Preliminary Study of Libraries in Ghana
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 15-25.

Periodical articleAinsworth Martha; Beegle, Kathleen; Koda, Godlike (2005)
The Impact of Adult Mortality and Parental Deaths on Primary Schooling in North-Western Tanzania
Journal of Development Studies. Volume 41 #3. April. p. 412-439.

Periodical articleAnderson, Allison; Roberts, Beverly (2005)
See this publicationThe Inter-Agency Network on Education
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 8-10.

Periodical articleBird, Lyndsay (2005)
See this publicationGetting Education Out of the Box
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleBrown, Tim (2005)
See this publicationEducation Crisis in South Sudan
Forced Migration Review. #24. November. p. 57-58.

Periodical articleHeninger, Lori (2005)
See this publicationWho is Doing What and Where?
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 7-8.

Periodical articleMidttun, Eldrid Kvamen (2005)
See this publicationCape Town: New Impetus for Networking
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 4-5.

Periodical articleMugisha, Catherine H. (2005)
See this publicationGender Imbalance in Secondary Schools
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleWinthrop, Rebecca; Kirk, Jackie (2005)
See this publicationTeacher Development and Student Well-Being
Forced Migration Review. #22. January. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleYamano, Takashi; Jayne, T.S. (2005)
See this publicationWorking-Age Adult Mortality and Primary School Attendance in Rural Kenya
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Volume 53 #3. April. p. 619-654.

Periodical articleAmouzou, Agbessi; Hill, Kenneth (2004)
See this publicationChild Mortality and Socioeconomic Status in Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Population Studies. Volume 19 #1. April. p. 1-11.

Periodical articleDoctor, Henry V. (2004)
Parental Survival, Living Arrangements and School Enrollment of Children in Malawi in the Era of HIV/AIDS
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 19 #1. January. p. 31-56.

Periodical articleMoro, Leben N. (2004)
See this publicationLivelihood Opportunities for Sudanese Refugees
Forced Migration Review. #20. May. p. 32.

Periodical articleVavrus, Frances; Larsen, Ulla (2003)
See this publicationGirls' Education and Fertility Transitions: An Analysis of Recent Trends in Tanzania and Uganda
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Volume 51 #4. July. p. 945-975.

Periodical articleWrightson, Tony (2003)
See this publicationPost-Literacy for Refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Sudan
Forced Migration Review. #18. September. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleZeender, Greta (2003)
See this publicationBurundians Use Innovative Ways to Protect the Displaced
Forced Migration Review. #16. January. p. 9-10.

Periodical articleJames, Valentine U. (2002)
See this publicationSustainable Development in Africa: A Continent Confronts Issues of Population, Development, Technology and Science
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 4 #2. Fall. p. 26-39.

Periodical articleMahalingam, Suba (2002)
See this publicationEducation: Protecting the Rights of Displaced Children
Forced Migration Review. #15. October. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleMurthi, Mamta (2002)
See this publicationFertility Change in Asia and Africa
World Development. Volume 30 #10. October. p. 1769-1778.

Periodical articleFrushone, Joel (2001)
See this publicationWelcome Home to Nothing: Refugees Repatriate to a Forgotten Somaliland
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance. December.

Periodical articleDarko-Ampem, K.O. (2000)
See this publicationIndigenous Publishing in Africa: An Overview of Accelerated Training and Research, and African Self-Help Efforts
Mots Pluriels. #13. April.

Periodical articleLloyd, Cynthia B.; Kaufman, Carol E.; Hewett, Paul (2000)
See this publicationThe Spread of Primary Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Fertility Change
Population and Development Review. Volume 26 #3. September. p. 483-515.

Periodical articleMaglad, Nour E.A. (2000)
Impact of Public Programmes and Household Income on Child Mortality in Rural Sudan
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 16 #1. January. p. 37-48.

Periodical articleBeach, David N. (1999)
See this publicationZimbabwe: Pre-Colonial History, Demographic Disaster and the University
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 26 #1. p. 5-33.

Periodical articleMulumba, Deborah (1998)
Refugee Women and the Traumas of Encampment in Uganda
Abstract presentEast African Journal of Peace and Human Rights. Volume 5 #1. p. 32-44.

Periodical articleKalipeni, Ezekiel; Ebisemiju, F.S. (1997)
See this publicationPopulation Pressure, Social Change, Culture and Malawi's Pattern of Fertility Transition
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 40 #2. September. p. 173-208.

Periodical articleSengendo, Hannington (1997)
Geography in the Public Domain: An Appraisal
East African Geographical Review. Volume 19 #1. March. p. 1-8.

Periodical articleSicherman, Carol (1997)
Literary Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam: A Mirror of Tanzanian Socialism
Abstract presentUfahamu. Volume 25 #1. p. 107-129.

Periodical articleDuncan, Thomas; Maluccio, John (1996)
Fertility, Contraceptive Choice, and Public Policy in Zimbabwe
World Bank Economic Review. Volume 10 #1. January. p. 189-222.

Periodical articleHaq, Mahbub u. (1996)
Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Development. #2. p. 39-40.

Periodical articleNdongko, Theresa M. (1996)
See this publicationA Preliminary Study of the Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 21 #1. p. 39-55.

Periodical articleRosenberg, Diana. (1996)
See this publicationA Review of University Libraries in Africa
Development in Practice. Volume 6 #1. February. p. 77-80.

Periodical articleDanso, Kwaku (1995)
The African Brain Drain: Causes and Policy Prescriptions
Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives. Volume 14 #1-2. March-June. p. 249.

Periodical articleDzimbiri, Lewis B. (1995)
See this publicationChallenging Gender Stereotypes in Training: Mozambican Refugees in Malawi
Development in Practice. Volume 5 #2. June. p. 154-157.

Periodical articleKeita, Bomboly (1995)
Thoughts on Some Techniques for Treating Objects Made of Leather and Hide
West African Museums Programme (WAMP) Bulletin. #6. p. 17-28.

Periodical articleLesthaeghe, R.; Jolly, C. (1995)
See this publicationThe Start of the Sub-Saharan Fertility Transition: Some Answers and Many Questions
Journal of International Development. Volume 7 #1. January-February. p. 25-45.

Periodical articleSmith, Johan D. (1995)
Rapid Population Growth: Effects on the Social Infrastructures of Southern Africa
Abstract presentAfrica Insight. Volume 25 #1. p. 61-66.

Periodical articleNyamongo, Isaac K.A.; Muruli, Leunita A. (1994)
Education and age at first marriage among pastoral Borana girls of Marsabit District, Kenya
Abstract presentAfrican Anthropology. Volume 1 #1-2. December. p. 69-76.

Periodical articleKisovi, Leonard M. (1993)
Population Pressure and Human Carrying Capacity in Kitui District Kenya
Abstract presentEastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 4 #1. June. p. 23-33.

Periodical articleMfono, Z.N. (1993)
See this publicationEducation and Population Awareness in Developing Countries
Development Southern Africa. Volume 10 #3. August. p. 383-391.

Periodical articleSmawfield, David (1993)
A Comparative Study of the Provision of Primary Education for Mozambican Refugees in Malawi and Zambia
Journal of Refugee Studies. Volume 6 #3. p. 286.

Periodical articleAhonsi, Babatunde A. (1992)
Developmental Implications of Early Mortality Factors in Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 7 #1. p. 67-85.

Periodical articleEshete, Almaz (1992)
See this publicationPopulation and Women in Development: Gender Issues in the Context of Population and Development
African Development Review. Volume 4 #2. December. p. 79-117.

Periodical articleJohnston, Tony (1992)
See this publicationPopulation, Education and Sustainable Development
African Development Review. Volume 4 #2. December. p. 201-235.

Periodical articleVaidyanathan, K. (1992)
See this publicationPopulation Trends, Issues and Implications
African Development Review. Volume 4 #2. December. p. 1-32.

Periodical articleIbrahim, Mamman Aminu (1991)
See this publicationThe Information Drain
Abstract presentDevelopment Policy Review. Volume 9 #1. March. p. 99-106.

Periodical articleTimpunza Mvula, Enoch S. (1991)
See this publicationStrategy in Ngoni Women's Oral Poetry
Critical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 5 #3. p. 1-37.

Periodical articleAly, Hassan Y.; Grabowski, Richard (1990)
See this publicationEducation and Child Mortality in Egypt
World Development. Volume 18 #5. May. p. 733-742.

Periodical articleBledsoe, Caroline (1990)
Transformation in Sub-Saharan African Marriage and Fertility
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. #510. July. p. 115-125.

Periodical articleGrobbelaar, J.A. (1990)
See this publicationThe Demand for Education and its Economic Implications
Southern African Journal of Demography. Volume 3 #1. July. p. 1-6.

Periodical articleHall, Eve (1990)
Vocational Training for Women Refugees in Africa
International Labour Review. Volume 129 #1. p. 91-107.

Periodical articleKhasiani, Shanyisa A. (1990)
The Role of Education and Training in the Local Integration of Women Refugees in Kenya
Abstract presentAfrican Urban Quarterly. Volume 5 #3-4. August-November. p. 269-275.

Periodical articleMusambachime, Mwelwa C. (1990)
See this publicationThe Impact of Rapid Population Growth and Economic Decline on the Quality of Education: The Case of Zambia
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 17 #48. p. 81-92.

Periodical articleEmezi, Herbert O. (1989)
Population Education in Nigeria: A Bibliography
Abstract presentCurrent Bibliography on African Affairs. Volume 21 #3. p. 231-265.

Periodical articleKabera, John B. (1989)
See this publicationEducation of Refugees and Their Expectations in Africa: The Case of Returnees with Special Reference to Uganda
African Studies Review. Volume 32 #1. April. p. 31-39.

Periodical articleFetter, Bruce S. (1988)
See this publicationA Spurious Correlation of r=.70: or Historiodemographe, Modere tes Transports!
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 15. p. 253-260.

Periodical articleDavies, John (1986)
See this publicationPolitics, Sports and Education in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 85 #340. July. p. 351-363.

Periodical articleGomes, Melba (1984)
See this publicationFamily Size and Educational Attainment in Kenya
Population and Development Review. Volume 10 #4. December. p. 647-660.

Periodical articleBankole, Naomi (1982)
See this publicationConceptual Problems in Nutrition Education in Western Nigeria
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 7 #4. November. p. 323-331.

Periodical articleFarah, Abdul-Aziz; Preston, Samuel H. (1982)
See this publicationChild Mortality Differentials in Sudan
Population and Development Review. Volume 8 #2. June. p. 365-383.

Periodical articleMwanalushi, Muyunda (1981)
Youth and Society in Zambia: A Sense of Community among University Students
Abstract presentAfrican Social Research. #31. June. p. 49-66.

Periodical articleGould, W.T.S. (1978)
Population Density and Social Provision: The Case of Primary Schools in Ankole, Uganda
East African Geographical Review. #16. June. p. 89-117.

Periodical articleMcKown, R.E.; Finlay, David J. (1976)
Ghana's Status Systems: Reflections on University and Society
Journal of Asian and African Studies. Volume 11 #3-4. July-October. p. 166-179.

Periodical articleUgwegbu, Denis C.E. (1976)
Attitudinal Research among Adolescent Nigerians Regarding Population Control: Implications for Health Education
International Journal of Health Education. Volume 19 #4.

Periodical articleMazrui, Ali A. (1970)
Education and Elite Formation in East Africa
Pan-African Journal. Volume 3 #4. p. 216-226.

Periodical articleLegum, Colin (1965)
Africa's Intellectuals: The Thin Black Line
Abstract presentEast Africa Journal. Volume 2 #2. May. p. 15-21.

Periodical articleDelius, Anthony (1963)
The Intellectuals Plight in South Africa
Africa Report. Volume 8 #4. April.

Periodical articleMercier, Paul (1956)
Evolution of Senegalese Elites
International Social Science Bulletin. Volume 8 #3.

Search: su=Miscellaneous (i.e. Demography, Refugees, Sports)
Found: 72 Record 1-72

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