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Dissertation / thesisAbazeed, Abeer R.Y. (2021)
See this publicationIs it one Nile? Civic engagement and hydropolitics in the Eastern Nile Basin: the case of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
Abstract presentPh.D. dissertation (2021-04-21). Leiden: Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University. 297p.

BookCasciarri, Barbara; Assal, Munzoul A.M.; Ireton, François (eds.) (2015)
Multidimensional change in the Republic of Sudan (1989-2011): reshaping livelihoods, conflicts, and identities
Abstract presentNew York: Berghahn Books. 374p.

Periodical articleKalpakian, Jack (2015)
See this publicationEthiopia and the Blue Nile: development plans and their implications downstream
ASPJ: Africa and Francophonie. Volume 6 #2. p. 40-57.

Periodical articleBashri, Maha (2014)
See this publicationThe use of ICTs and mobilisation in the age of parallel media - an emerging fifth estate? A case study of Nafeer's flood campaign in the Sudan
Abstract presentEcquid novi: African journalism studies. Volume 35 #2. p. 75-91.

BookMahgoub, Farida (2014)
See this publicationCurrent status of agriculture and future challenges in Sudan
Abstract presentUppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet. Current African issues #57. 98p.

BookTwigger, Robert (2014)
Red Nile: a biography of the world's greatest river
London: Orion Books. 466p.

Periodical issueAubriot, Olivia; Riaux, Jeanne (eds.) (2013)
Savoirs sur l'eau: techniques, pouvoirs
Abstract presentAutrepart. #65. 199p.

BookMinistry of the Cabinet. Central Bureau of Statistics, Khartoum (2013)
Sudan in figures 2008-2012
Khartoum: Ministry of the Cabinet, Central Bureau of Statistics. 50p.

DVD / videoJiskoot, Nanno (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationPeace beyond borders: a documentary about conflict in the border region of Sudan, Uganda and Kenya and the quest for peaceful alternatives
Abstract presentUtrecht: Jisk Film.

Dissertation / thesisMathot, Koen Antonius (2011)
See this publicationRummaging through reform: strategies of Gezira irrigation scheme actors to cope with irrigation management reforms in the face of strict State control, Sudan
MSc Thesis. Wageningen University. 129p.

Conference paperSpaulding, Jay (ed.) (2010)
Sudan's wars and peace agreements
Abstract presentNewcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 288p.

BookRaison, Jean-Pierre; Magrin, Géraud (eds.) (2009)
Des fleuves entre conflits et compromis: essais d'hydropolitique africaine
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 299p.

Conference paperGershoni, Israel; Hatina, Meir (eds.) (2008)
Narrating the Nile: politics, cultures, identities
Abstract presentBoulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 275p.

Periodical articleMikaïl, Barah (2008)
Lourds enjeux hydrauliques dans le monde nilotique, ou les risques d'une fragmentation régionale en gestation
Maghreb Machrek. #196. p. 93-108.

BookSalih, Muhamed Kheir; Babiker, Hashim Hussein; Wahab Bob, Issam Abdel (2008)
An assessment of groundwater potential for investigation guidelines in greater Darfur
Khartoum: International Center for African Studies. 194p.

Periodical articleSalman, Salman M.A. (2008)
Water resources in the Sudan North-South peace process: past experience and future trends
African Yearbook of International Law. Volume 16. p. 299-328.

BookAhmed, Allam (ed.) (2007)
Science, technology and sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa
Abstract presentGenève: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. 380p.

Periodical articleDeng, B.K. (2007)
See this publicationCooperation between Egypt and Sudan over the Nile River waters: the challenges of duality
African Sociological Review. Volume 11 #1. p. 38-62.

Conference paperDerman, Bill; Odgaard, Rie; Sjaastad, Espen (eds.) (2007)
Conflicts over land & water in Africa
Abstract presentOxford: James Currey. 244p.

DVD / videoWessels, Joshka (ed.) (2005)
Darfur: earth, wind & fire
Abstract presentLondon: TVE.

BookTvedt, Terje (2004)
The River Nile in the age of the British: political ecology and the quest for economic power
London: IB Tauris. 456p.

Periodical articleAmin, Khalid A. El (2003)
Drought and the evolution of well-irrigated wadi agriculture: implications for sustainable food security systems in Northern Darfur, Sudan
African Studies Bulletin. #65. p. 49-62.

Periodical articleCollins, Robert O. (2001)
See this publicationUganda, Egypt, and the Owen Falls Dam
Abstract presentUganda Journal. Volume 47. November. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleZabek, Maciej (2001)
Modernisation and desertification in the Sahel region, based on the example of Central Kordofan in the Sudan
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #49. p. 89-106.

Periodical articleBushra, El-Sayed El-; Taha, Mahgoub Obeid (2000)
A model for the distribution of waters of international rivers among sharing countries
Sudan Notes and Records. #4. p. 159-171.

Periodical articleDione, Olivier (2000)
Gestion des grands fleuves allogènes et logique de conflits à venir dans les milieux secs tropicaux africains
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 53 #211. p. 213-230.

Periodical articleHassan, Rashid M. (2000)
See this publicationThe Trade-Off between Economic Efficiency and Food Self-Sufficiency in Using Sudan's Irrigated Land Resources
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 25 #1. February. p. 35-54.

Periodical articleFadul, H.M.; Ali, I-e.A.; Inanaga, S. (1999)
Salt-affected soils of the Nile higher terraces and traditional reclamation in northern Sudan
Desertification Control Bulletin. #35. p. 21-29.

Periodical articleSwain, Ashok (1997)
See this publicationEthiopia, the Sudan, and Egypt: The Nile River Dispute
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 35 #4. December. p. 675-694.

BookAl-Atawy, Mohamed-Hatem (1996)
Nilopolitics: a hydrological regime 1870-1990
Cairo: American University in Cairo Press. Cairo papers in social science 19. 62p.

Periodical articleOhtsuka, Kazuo (1996)
Water, land and labor in irrigation agriculture along the Nile: cases from the northern Sudan
Abstract presentSenri Ethnological Studies. #43. p. 59-75.

Book chapterBernal, Victoria (1995)
Cotton and colonial order in Sudan: a social history with emphasis on the Gezira Scheme
Abstract presentIn: Cotton, colonialism, and social history in sub-Saharan Africa / ed. by Allen Isaacman and Richard Roberts. - Portsmouth, N.H.: Heinemann. p. 96-118.

Periodical articleBertoncin, Marina; Bicciato, Francesco; Bonollo, Leonardo (1995)
Irrigazione, Stato e territorio in Sudan: il gioco della posta in gioco
Abstract presentTerra d'Africa. p. 15-58.

BookBurr, J. Millard; Collins, Robert O. (1995)
Requiem for the Sudan: war, drought, and disaster relief on the Nile
Abstract presentBoulder, CO: Westview Press. 385p.

Periodical articleCheeseboro, Anthony Q. (1995)
See this publicationThe Influence of the Gezira Scheme on Later Development Plans in the Sudan: The Breadbasket Strategy
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 2 #1. p. 107-117.

Dissertation / thesisDijk, Johan A. van (1995)
Taking the waters: soil and water conservation among settling Beja nomads in eastern Sudan
Abstract presentAldershot: Avebury. Research series #4. 324p.

BookEltigani, Eltigani El Tahir (ed.) (1995)
War and drought in Sudan: essays on population displacement
Abstract presentGainesville, FL: University Press of Florida. 114p.

Book chapterAhmed, Taha Eltayeb (1994)
Cost recovery, equity, and inefficiency in irrigation schemes in Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Issues in African rural development 2. p. 139-154.

Dissertation / thesisEldaw, Ahmed Mohamed (1994)
Market and price policy setting to expand the production of milk in the Gezira
Abstract presentBerlin: Köster. Schriften zur internationalen Agrarentwicklung #8. 347p.

BookHowell, P.P.; Allan, J.A. (eds.) (1994)
The Nile: sharing a scarce resource: a historical and technical review of water management and of economic and legal issues
Abstract presentCambridge: Cambridge University Press. 408p.

Book chapterMallat, C. (1994)
Law and the Nile river: Emerging international rules and the Shari'a
In: The Nile: sharing a scarce resource. A historical and technical review of water management and of economic and legal issues. p. 365-384.

Periodical articleMeekels, Miriam (1994)
Egypte ziet betrekkingen met Soedan verslechteren: Iran debet aan spanningen in het Nijldal
Abstract presentInternationale spectator: tijdschrift voor internationale politiek. Volume 48 #7-8. p. 349-354.

Periodical articleWhittington, D.; Waterbury, J.; McClelland, E. (1994)
Towards a new Nile Waters Agreement among riparians
Ethioscope. Volume 1 #1. September. p. 11-17.

Periodical articleFaggi, Pierpaolo (1993)
Il deserto avanza: interpretazione geografica e falsificazionismo scientifico nell'esempio del Sudan
Abstract presentTerra d'Africa. p. 207-228.

Periodical articleGray, Leslie; Kevane, Michael (1993)
See this publicationFor Whom is the Rural Economy Resilient? Initial Effects of Drought in Western Sudan
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 24 #1. January. p. 159-176.

Periodical articleGray, Leslie (1993)
See this publicationThe Effect of Drought and Economic Decline on Rural Women in Western Sudan
Geoforum. Volume 24 #1. February. p. 89-98.

Book chapterAllan, J. Anthony (1992)
The changing geography of the Lower Nile: Egypt and Sudan as riparian States
Abstract presentIn: The changing geography of Africa and the Middle East. p. 165-190.

Periodical articleAyeb, Habib (1992)
La vallée du Nil: un grand axe géopolitique
Abstract presentMonde arabe: Maghreb Machrek. #138. p. 64-73.

Conference paperDarkoh, Michael B.K. (ed.) (1992)
African river basins and dryland crises
Abstract presentUppsala: OSSREA and the Research Programme on Environment and International Security, Departments of Human and Physical Geography, Uppsala University. 168p.

BookDeng, Francis M.; Minear, Larry (1992)
The challenges of famine relief: emergency operations in the Sudan
Abstract presentWashington, DC: Brookings Institution. 165p.

Book chapterFre, Zeremariam (1992)
Pastoralists and agropastoralists loosing ground: a Horn of Africa perspective
Abstract presentIn: Security in African drylands: research, development and policy. p. 159-182.

Periodical articleJohnson, Douglas H. (1992)
See this publicationReconstructing a History of Local Floods in the Upper Nile Region of the Sudan
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 25 #3. p. 607-649.

BookLoevinsohn, Michael E. (ed.) (1992)
News from the field: a collection of short papers
London: Irrigation Management Network, Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Network paper #13. 28p.

Book chapterDavies, H.R.J. (1991)
Irrigation development programmes
Abstract presentIn: The Agriculture of the Sudan. p. 339-364.

Book chapterGillard-Byers, T.E. (1991)
Marketing activities of the Baggara transhumants: some effects of drought on market behavior
Abstract presentIn: Pastoral economies in Africa and long-term responses to drought. p. 170-184.

Book chapterJohnson, D.H. (1991)
Political ecology in the Upper Nile: the twentieth century expansion of the pastoral 'common economy'
Abstract presentIn: Herders, warriors, and traders: pastoralism in Africa / ed. by John G. Galaty and Pierre Bonte. - Boulder, Col. [etc.]: Westview Press. p. 89-117.

BookTeklu, Tesfaye; Braun, Joachim von; Zaki, Elsayed Ali Ahmed (1991)
Drought and famine relationships in Sudan: policy implications
Abstract presentWashington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute. Research report #88. 135p.

BookTvedt, Terje (1991)
The management of water and irrigation: the Blue Nile
Abstract presentThe Hague: Institute of Social Studies. 28p.

Book chapterWalsh, R.P.D. (1991)
Climate, hydrology, and water resources
Abstract presentIn: The Agriculture of the Sudan. p. 19-53.

Book chapterBernal, V. (1990)
Agricultural development and food production on a Sudanese irrigation scheme
Abstract presentIn: Anthropology and development in North Africa and the Middle East. p. 197-227.

BookOsman, Mohamed (1990)
Verwüstung: die Zerstörung von Kulturland am Beispiel des Sudan
Abstract presentBremen: Edition CON. 127p.

BookPlusquellec, Hervé L. (1990)
The Gezira irrigation scheme in Sudan: objectives, design, and performance
Abstract presentWashington, DC: The World Bank. World Bank technical paper #120.

BookPálsson, Gísli (ed.) (1990)
From water to world-making: African models and arid lands
Abstract presentUppsala: The Scandinavian Institute of African Studies. 206p.

BookCole, Roy (ed.) (1989)
Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province, Sudan
Oxford: Oxfam. OXFAM research paper #2. 304p.

Periodical articleOgolla, Bondi D. (1989)
Water pollution control in Africa: a comparative legal survey
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 33 #2. p. 149-156.

Book chapterSukkary-Stolba, Soheir (1989)
Indigenous institutions and adaptation to famine: the case of western Sudan
Abstract presentIn: African Food Systems in Crisis. Part 1: Microperspectives. p. 281-293.

Book chapterBernal, V. (1988)
Losing ground - women and agriculture on Sudan's irrigated schemes: lessons from a Blue Nile village
Abstract presentIn: Agriculture, women, and land: the African experience / ed. by Jean Davison. - Boulder, Col. [etc.]: Westview Press. p. 131-156.

Periodical articleBernal, Victoria (1988)
See this publicationCoercion and Incentives in African Agricultural Development: Insights from the Sudanese Experience
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 31 #2. September. p. 89-108.

Periodical articleBush, Ray (1988)
See this publicationHunger in Sudan: The Case of Darfur
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 87 #346. January. p. 5-23.

Periodical articleWalsh, R.P.D.; Hulme, M.; Campbell, M.D. (1988)
See this publicationRecent Rainfall Changes and Their Impact on Hydrology and Water Supply in the Semi-Arid Zone of the Sudan
The Geographical Journal. Volume 154 #2. July. p. 181-197.

BookBeely, Galal Hassan Ismail El (1987)
Impact of desertification on urban centres: case of Omdurman area
Abstract presentKhartoum: Development Studies and Research Centre, Faculty of Economic and Social Studies, University of Khartoum.

Book chapterEbéné, R.T. (1987)
Health risks to the population of Gezira/Sudan following irrigation of cotton fields
Abstract presentIn: Health and disease in tropical Africa: geographical and medical viewpoints / ed. by Rais Akhtar. p. 293-303.

Periodical articleHulme, Mike (1987)
See this publicationRainfall in Central Sudan: An Asset or a Liability?
Geoforum. Volume 18 #3. p. 321-331.

Periodical articleRahama, Amna A.; Elmusharaf, Medina O. (1987)
Household Water Practices Knowledge and Attitudes in Nine White Nile Villages in Sudan
Ahfad Journal. Volume 4 #1. June. p. 31-38.

BookShepherd, Andrew; Norris, Malcolm; Watson, John (1987)
Water planning in arid Sudan
Abstract presentLondon: Published for the Development Administration Group, Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, by Ithaca Press. Middle East science policy studies #10. 207p.

BookAsher, Michael (1986)
A desert dies
Abstract presentHarmondsworth: Viking. 330p.

Book chapterBriggs, John (1985)
Farmer's management of small-scale irrigation schemes in Central Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Les politiques de l'eau en Afrique: développement agricole et participation paysanne. p. 645-660.

Book chapterGriffith, W.J. (1985)
Nos sources en matière d'irrigation: Nigeria et Soudan
Abstract presentIn: Les politiques de l'eau en Afrique: développement agricole et participation paysanne. p. 536-549.

Periodical articleLako, George T. (1985)
See this publicationThe Impact of the Jonglei Scheme on the Economy of the Dinka
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 84 #334. January. p. 15-38.

Book chapterMageed, Yahia Abd el (1985)
Cultures irrigueés et participation paysanne au Soudan
Abstract presentIn: Les politiques de l'eau en Afrique: développement agricole et participation paysanne. p. 635-644.

Book chapterMohamed, Yagoub Abdalla; Abusin, Mohamed el-Hadi (1985)
Rural population and water supplies in the Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Population and Development Projects in Africa. p. 254-264.

BookSammani, M.O. el- (1985)
The Jonglei Canal: on evolution of the project-model
Abstract presentKhartoum: University of Khartoum. 10p.

Book chapterSwan, C.H. (1985)
La gerance agricole, le gouvernement, les netayers et la question de la distribution de l'eau dans le perimètre de la Gezira
Abstract presentIn: Les politiques de l'eau en Afrique: développement agricole et participation paysanne. p. 661-667.

Book chapterAli, Taisier; O'Brien, Jay (1984)
Labor, community, and protest in Sudanese agriculture
Abstract presentIn: The politics of agriculture in tropical Africa. p. 205-238.

BookIbrahim, Fouad N. (1984)
Ecological imbalance in the Republic of the Sudan: with reference to desertification in Darfur
Abstract presentBayreuth: Bayreuth Verlagsgesellschaft. Bayreuther geowissenschaftliche Arbeiten 6. 215p.

Book chapterBriggs, J. (1983)
The use of repertory grid analysis in the study of farmers' choice of crops
Abstract presentIn: Irrigation in tropical Africa; problems and problem solving. p. 109-120.

Periodical articleEbrahim, Mohammed H.S. (1983)
Irrigation Projects in Sudan: The Promise and the Reality
Abstract presentJournal of African Studies (UCLA). Volume 10 #1. Spring. p. 2-13.

Periodical articleKheir, Omer M.; Salam, Yassin A. (1982)
Groundwater Resources of the al-Qadarif Basin in the East-Central Sudan
Sudan Notes and Records. Volume 63. p. 113-122.

Book chapterKoch, Werner; Bischof, Friedrich (1982)
Weed problems in irrigation schemes in the Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Problems of agricultural development in the Sudan. p. 5-22.

Book chapterManger, L.O. (1982)
Cultivation systems and the struggle for household viability under conditions of desert encroachment
Abstract presentIn: Problems of Savannah Development: The Sudan Case. p. 133-166.

Periodical articleShaaeldin, El Faith (1982)
The Controversy over Land-Water Charges and Decentralization in the Gezira Scheme
Sudan Notes and Records. Volume 63. p. 97-112.

Periodical articleAbdel Mageed, Yahia (1981)
Integrated River Basin Development: A Challenge to the Nile Basin Countries
Abstract presentSudan Notes and Records. Volume 62. p. 69-81.

Book chapterDickinson, H.; Wedgewood, K. (1981)
Nile waters: the Sudan's critical resource
Abstract presentIn: Post-Independence Sudan: proceedings of a Seminar held in the Centre of African Studies. p. 213-277.

Periodical articleEl Sammani, M.O. (1981)
The Impact of Water-Supply Centres on Ecosystems with a Suggested Strategy for Action
Abstract presentSudan Notes and Records. Volume 62. p. 123-146.

BookManger, Leif O. (1981)
The sand swallows our land: overexploitation of productive resources and the problem of household viability in the Kheiran, a Sudanese oasis
Abstract presentBergen: Department of Social Anhropology; Univ. of Bergen. Occasional papers from the Bergen department of social anthropology #24. 137p.

Periodical articleAl-Shahi, Ahmed (1980)
Economic Change and Individual Initiative: The Case of a Developing Community in the Northern Sudan
Abstract presentSudan Notes and Records. Volume 61. p. 61-76.

Periodical articleMensching, Horst (1980)
Desertification: ein komplexes Phänomen der Degradierung und Zerstörung des marginal-tropischen Ökosystems in der Sahelzone Afrikas
Abstract presentGeomethodica: Veröffentlichungen Basler Geomethodischen Colloquiums. Volume 5. p. 17-41.

Periodical articleAli, Ali A.G.; Sattar, Huda A. (1979)
On Production Relations in Sudanese Irrigated Agriculture
Abstract presentSudan Notes and Records. Volume 60. p. 15-27.

BookWaterbury, John (1979)
Hydropolitics of the Nile Valley
Abstract presentSyracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press. Contemporary issues in the Middle East. 301p.

Periodical articleDoornbos, Paul (1978)
A review of the papers presented at the Central Bilad al-Sudan conference: the geographical characteristics of the Central Bilad al-Sudan
Abstract presentSudan Research Information Bulletin. #8. p. 18-27.

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