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Periodical articleAyamga, M.; Awumi, J.A.; Jagiri, R.B. (2008)
See this publicationWillingness to pay (WTP) for water in urban Ghana: the case of Tamale metropolis
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 5 #2. October. p. 40-55.

Periodical articleNkrumah, M.K. (2008)
Consumer willingness to pay for improved urban water delivery in Cape Coast, Ghana
Bulletin of the Ghana Geographical Association. Volume 3 #25. July. p. 75-89.

Periodical articleEgziabher, K.G.; Berhanu A. (2007)
See this publicationValuing water supply service improvements in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 16 #2. October. p. 39-83.

Periodical articleLokina, R.B.; Kulindwa, K.; Hepelwa, A. (2006)
Estimating the willingness to pay for improved water service in Tanzania
Utafiti. Volume 7 #1. June. p. 1-21.

Periodical articleKulindwa, K. (2005)
Poverty and water nexus: understanding poverty production through water availability and access
Utafiti. Volume 6 #2. December. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleGroenewaldt, A. (2001)
Water: cost versus consumption
Namibia Review. Volume 10 #2. June-July. p. 23-27.

Periodical articleOfori-Sarpong, E. (2000)
Impact of drought on economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa (1970-1984)
Bulletin of the Ghana Geographical Association. #22. July. p. 33-40.

Periodical articleYacob A. (2000)
Predicaments of integration in the Horn of Africa
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 3 #1. February-March. p. 28-31.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
Turkwel Gorge hydroelectric plant: the largest white elephant project in Kenya's history
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). April 4. p. 15.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
The Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project (RUWASA)
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 10 #5. July. p. 65-72.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
Arrêt temporaire de la sucrerie après 16 jours de roulaison
Prosi. Volume 31 #368. September. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
Rôle capital du Sugar Insurance Fund Board: compensation des pertes estimées à 2,4 milliards
Prosi. Volume 31 #364. mai. p. 26-28, 30-32.

Periodical articleBart, A.; Boclet, J.-C. (1999)
Mieux gérer l'eau et l'énergie
Industry Focus. #43. March-April. p. 31-35.

Periodical articleKaddu, P. (1999)
Water management in Uganda
Manufacturer (Kampala, Uganda). Volume 10 #3. July-September. p. 20.

Periodical articleTreebhoohun, N. (1999)
The war for water
Industry Focus. #43. March-April. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleNgallapa, B. (1997)
Clean water for sustainable development
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 8 #11. December-Jan. 1998. p. 46-51.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1996)
Protection of the quality and supply of freshwater resources: application of integrated approaches to the development, management and use of water resources
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 7 #4. April-May. p. 39-41, 44.

Periodical articleMule, E.K. (1996)
Namibia in 1995: economic growth falls and drought hits agriculture
Namibia Review. Volume 5 #2. May-June-July. p. 9-17.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1995)
Planning a sustainable future
Namibia Review. Volume 4 #1. March. p. 48-49.

Periodical articleBauhofer, R. (1995)
Water, a Mauritian nation resource
Industry Focus. #22. September-October. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleMuchena, I. (1995)
The management of drought
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 9 #2. November. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1994)
The story of water at Rössing Uranium
Rössing. October. p. 12-17.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1994)
Impounding starts at Thika dam
Kenya Engineer. Volume 15 #3. May-June. p. 35-41.

Periodical articleScofteland, E. (1994)
Water resources projects in the Southern African region
Splash. Volume 10 #1. Jan-Apr.. p. 4-6.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1993)
Mines managed to survive the drought and are optimistic about the future
Chamber of Mines Journal. Volume 35 #5. May. p. 12-14, 40.

Periodical articleGithongo, J. (1993)
Water, water everywhere ...
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). February. p. 29-31.

Periodical articleOng'wen, O. (1993)
Poor nations, poor water, poor people
Droplets. #5. November. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleOnyekakeyah, L.O. (1993)
Water resources development in Nigeria
Droplets. #3. June. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleSalgueiro, J.; Ellefsen, T. (1993)
The drought: consequences for the power generation
SADCC Energy. Volume 10 #26. January-February-Mar.. p. 3-5.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
Kenya goes begging
Monthly news (Nairobi, Kenya). July. p. 20-21.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1992)
Water shortages, solutions for business
Business Trend Review. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 19-20.

Periodical articleHenrique, A. (1992)
Marromeu, crise alimentar agrava-se
Tempo. #1113. 16 de fev.. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleJohnson, J. (1992)
Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Molepe. Volume 6 #28. March-April. p. 20-31.

Periodical articleLaissone, I. (1992)
Vale do Limpopo: o minguar do gigante
Tempo. #1130. junho 14. p. 22-30.

Periodical articleLuis, A. (1992)
O que resta de Magude ...
Tempo. #1120. abril 05. p. 26-31.

Periodical articleLuis, A. (1992)
Marracuene: da seca e da guerra
Tempo. #1112. 9 de fev.. p. 22-28.

Periodical articleModukanele, D. (1992)
Drought relief: putting money in people's pockets
Kutlwano. Volume 30 #7. July. p. 7-8.

Periodical articleNogueira, T. (1992)
Uma viagem ao 'interior' de Maputo. Pt.1, Changalane, de como o homem 'constrói' um deserto
Tempo. #1111. 2 de fev.. p. 18-24.

Periodical articleOkoth, M.W. (1992)
Energy and water usage in fluid milk and milk powder processing plants
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 4 #3. September. p. 9-15.

Periodical articleThoahlane, T. (1992)
Phase 1A of Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) and the multilateral donors
Student Law Review. Volume 1 #2. March. p. 24-38.

Periodical articleAdam, Y. (1991)
Guerra, fome, seca e desenvolvimento: liçWes de Changara, Moçambique
Arquivo: Boletim do Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique. #10. out.. p. 185-207.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
Water resources development in Africa: issues and strategies for action in the 1990s
Maji. #4. December. p. 15-18.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
Water supply and sanitation decade in Africa (1981 - 1990): a brief overview of success and shortfalls
Maji. #4. December. p. 5-7.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
Mar del Plata action plan implementation in Africa
Maji. #4. December. p. 2-4.

Periodical articleLuis, A. (1991)
Mabote, sobrevivência difícil
Tempo. #1104. 15 de dez.. p. 5-9.

Periodical articleMsangi, J.P. (1991)
Sustainability in exploitation, development and management of hydrological resources of Turkana District
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 21. p. 21-39.

Periodical articleFekade T. (1990)
Technical and managerial aspects of environmental and health impact assessment of water resource development projects, the Ethiopian experience
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 4 #1. June. p. 61-68.

Periodical articleMbugua, M. (1990)
The water merchants
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). September. p. 15-18, 22.

Search: su=Economics, Commerce
Found: 48 Record 1-48

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