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BookMasquelier, Adeline; Soares, Benjamin F. (eds.) (2016)
Muslim youth and the 9/11 generation
Abstract presentSanta Fe: School for Advanced Research Press. School for Advanced Research Advanced Seminar Series. 295p.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline (2010)
God made me a rapper: young men, Islam, and survival in an age of austerity
In: Haour, Anne (ed.), Being and becoming Hausa: interdisciplinary perspectives. Leiden; Boston: Brill. p. 235-256.

BookMasquelier, Adeline Marie (2009)
Women and Islamic revival in a West African town
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 343p.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline (2008)
Witchcraft, blood-sucking spirits, and the demonization of Islam in Dogondoutchi, Niger
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 48 #189-190. p. 131-160.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline (2005)
See this publicationThe Scorpion's Sting: Youth, Marriage and the Struggle for Social Maturity in Niger
Abstract presentJournal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Volume 11 #1. March. p. 59-83.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline M. (2004)
Weddings, wealth and women's value in an Islamic town of Niger
In: Binsbergen, W. van; Dijk, R. van (eds.), Situating globality: African agency in the appropriation of global culture. Leiden: Brill. p. 220-256.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline M. (2002)
From hostage to host: Confessions of a spirit medium in Niger
Abstract presentEthos. Volume 30 #1. p. 49-76.

Conference paperMasquelier, Adeline M. (2002)
'The Fart Does Not Light the Fire': Bad Women, True Islam, and the Reconfiguration of Moral Order in Nigerian Sufism
Paper presented at the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 20-November 24, 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana. Arlington, Virginia.

BookMasquelier, Adeline M. (2001)
Prayer has spoiled everything: Possession, power, and identity in an Islamic town of Niger
Durham: Duke University Press. 348p.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline M. (2000)
See this publicationOf Headhunters and Cannibals: Migrancy, Labor, and Consumption in the Mawri Imagination
Abstract presentCultural Anthropology. Volume 15 #1. p. 84-126.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline (1999)
Debating Muslims, disputed practices: Struggles for the realization of an alternative moral order in Niger
Abstract presentIn: Comaroff, J.; Comaroff, J.L. (eds.), Civil society and the political imagination in Africa: Critical perspectives. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. p. 219-250.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline (1996)
Identity, alterity and ambiguity in a Nigerien community: Competing definitions of 'true' Islam
Abstract presentIn: Werbner, Richard P.; Ranger, Terence (eds.), Postcolonial identities in Africa. London: Zed Books. p. 222-244.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline (1996)
Mediating Threads: Clothing and the Texture of Spirit/Medium Relations in 'Bori' (Southern Niger)
Abstract presentIn: Hendrickson, Hildi (ed.), Clothing and Difference: Embodied Identities in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. p. 66-93.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline M. (1995)
See this publicationConsumption, Prostitution, and Reproduction: The Poetics of Sweetness in Bori
Abstract presentAmerican Ethnologist. Volume 22 #4. November. p. 883-906.

Periodical articleMasquelier, Adeline M. (1994)
See this publicationLightning, Death and the Avenging Spirits: Bori Values in a Muslim World
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 24 #1. February. p. 2-51.

Dissertation / thesisMasquelier, Adeline M. (1993)
Ritual Economies, Historical Mediations: The Poetics and Power of Bori among the Mawri of Niger
Ph.D. dissertation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 410p.

Book chapterMasquelier, Adeline M. (1993)
Narratives of power, images of wealth: The ritual economy of 'Bori' in the market
Abstract presentIn: Comaroff, J.; Comaroff, J.L. (eds.), Modernity and Its Malcontents: Ritual and Power in Postcolonial Africa. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press. p. 3-33.

Periodical articleMasquelier, A.M. (1987)
Cooking the Bori way: The logic of healing in the Hausa possession cult
Chicago Anthropology Exchange. Volume 16. p. 96-103.

Search: au=Masquelier, Adeline
Found: 18 Record 1-18

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