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Periodical articleMota, Thiago Henrique (2020)
See this publicationUm coração de rei: Cultura política islâmica como antecedente das revoluções muçulmanas na África Ocidental (Senegâmbia, séculos XVI e XVII)
Varia Historia. Volume 36 #71. p. 295-328.

Periodical articleDell, Jeremy (2018)
See this publicationUnbraiding the Qu'ran: Wolofal and the Tafsir Tradition of Senegambia
Islamic Africa. Volume 9 #1. p. 55-76.

Periodical articleMota, Thiago Henrique (2017)
See this publicationInstrução islâmica na Senegâmbia e práticas de muçulmanos africanos em Portugal: uma abordagem atlântica (séculos XVI e XVII)
Revista Estudos Históricos. Volume 30 #60. p. 35-54.

Periodical articleOgorodnikova, Darya (2017)
See this publication'Ajami Annotations in Multilingual Manuscripts from Mande Speaking Areas: Visual and Linguistic Features
Islamic Africa. Volume 8 #1-2. p. 111-143.

Periodical issueJanson, Marloes; Schulz, Dorothea (eds.) (2016)
Religion and masculinities in Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 46 #2-3. p. 121-347.

BookJanson, Marloes (2014)
Islam, youth and modernity in the Gambia: the Tablighi Jama'at
New York: Cambridge University Press. International African library.

BookWare, Rudolph T. (2014)
The walking qur'an: islamic education, embodied knowledge, and history in West Africa
North Carolina: The University of North Carolina Press. Islamic civilization & Muslim networks. 330p.

Periodical articleSarr, Ibrahima (2013)
Les noms qui parlent: étude de la perception du réel à travers les systèmes traditionnels de nomination dans les sociétés sénégambiennes
Langues et littératures: revue du Groupe d'études linguistiques et littéraires. #17. p. 75-87.

Periodical articleSkinner, David E. (2012)
See this publicationIslam in Kombo: the spiritual and militant jihad of Fodé Ibrahim Silla Turé
Abstract presentIslamic Africa. Volume 3 #1. p. 87-126.

Periodical articleThomson, Steven K. (2012)
See this publicationChristianity, Islam, and 'the religion of pouring': non-linear conversion in a Gambia/Casamance Borderland
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 42 #3. p. 240-276.

Periodical articleSaho, Bala S.K. (2010)
See this publicationThe appropriation of Islam in a Gambian village: life and times of Shaykh Mass Kah, 1827-1936
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Quarterly. Volume 12 #4. p. 1-21.

BookDiouf, Mamadou; Leichtman, Mara A. (eds.) (2009)
New perspectives on Islam in Senegal: conversion, migration, wealth, power, and femininity
Abstract presentNew York: Palgrave MacMillan. 285p.

Periodical articleJanson, Marloes (2008)
Renegotiating gender: changing moral practice in the 'Tablighi Jama'at' in The Gambia
Abstract presentJournal for Islamic studies. Volume 28. p. 9-36.

Book (2007)
Women and Islam: a case study of the Gambia
Kanifing: Action Aid the Gambia.

Periodical articleJanson, Marloes (2007)
See this publicationPleasing God and pleasing the patrons: a portrait of a female 'finoo' in The Gambia
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 38-65.

Periodical articleNugent, Paul (2007)
See this publicationCyclical history in the Gambia/Casamance borderlands: refuge, settlement and Islam from c. 1880 to the present
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 48 #2. July. p. 221-243.

BookTriaud, Jean-Louis (ed.) (2007)
Nouveaux espaces
Abstract presentParis: Les Indes savantes. Islam & sociétés au sud du Sahara #1. 174p.

BookVillasante Cervello, Mariella; Beauvais, Christophe de (2007)
Colonisations et héritages actuels au Sahara et au Sahel: problèmes conceptuels, état des lieux et nouvelles perspectives de recherche (XVIIIe-XXe siècles): vol. 2
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan.

BookJansen, Jan (ed.) (2006)
Sub-Sahara Afrika: perspectieven en plaatsbepalingen
Abstract presentAmsterdam: Aksant. Antropologie Academie. 165p.

Periodical articleJanson, Marloes (2006)
See this publication'We are all the Same, Because we All Worship God': The Controversial Case of a Female Saint in the Gambia
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 76 #4. p. 502-525.

Periodical articleJanson, Marloes (2006)
See this publication'We're the sauce on top of the rice': a case study on 'finoo' negotiation of Muslim identity in The Gambia
Abstract presentMande Studies. Volume 8. p. 183-205.

Periodical articleGraw, Knut (2005)
Culture of hope in West Africa
ISIM Review. Volume 16. p. 28-29.

Periodical articleJanson, Marloes (2005)
See this publicationRoaming about for God's Sake: The Upsurge of the Tabligh Jama'at in the Gambia
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 35 #4. p. 450-481.

Periodical articleCosta Dias, Eduardo (2004)
Da escola corânica tradicional à escola Arabi: um simples aumento de qualificação do ensino muçulmano na Senegâmbia?
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. #7-8. p. 125-155.

Periodical articleDarboe, Momodou N. (2004)
See this publicationIslamism in West Africa: Gambia
African Studies Review. Volume 47 #2. September. p. 73-82.

Book chapterDaun, H.; Okuma-Nyström, M.K.; Sane, A. (2004)
Islamic, secular or both: The struggle over education in West Africa
In: Daun, H.; Walford, G. (eds.), Educational strategies among Muslims in the context of globalization: Some national case studies. Leiden: Brill. p. 165-185.

Book chapterDias, E.C. (2004)
A identidade muçulmana kaabunké: um processo de construção identitária sui generis na Senegâmbia
In: Gonçalves, A.C. (ed.), O Islão na África Subsariana. Porto: Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto. p. 57-74.

Periodical articleMiles, William F.S.; Villalón, Leonardo A.; Darboe, Momodou; Charlick, Robert B. (2004)
See this publicationIslamism in West Africa: Introduction
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 47 #2. September. p. 55-59.

Periodical articleDieng, Bassirou (2003)
Oralité et création: l'épopée et l'islamisation des traditions de l'Ouest africain
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #70. p. 99-120.

BookOkuma-Nyström, M.K. (2003)
God turns the chapter and everything changes: Children's socialization in two Gambian villages
Stockholm: Stockholm University, Institute of International Education. Studies in comparative and international education 63. 229p.

BookOkuma-Nyström, Michiyo Kiwako (2003)
God turns the chapter and everything changes: children's socialization in two Gambian villages
Stockholm: Institute of International Education. Studies in comparative and international education #63. 229p.

BookJanson, M. (2002)
The best hand is the hand that always gives: Griottes and their profession in Eastern Gambia
Abstract presentLeiden: Research School CNWS. 322p.

Dissertation / thesisKorevaar, Meindert (2002)
Musa Molloh: voetbal, jongerenorganisatie en maraboutisme in een Gambiaans dorp
doctoraalscriptie. Universiteit Leiden. 108p.

Periodical articleWague, Mamadou (2002)
Le mouridisme: Islam orthodoxe d'Afrique subsaharienne et son fondateur, Cheikh Amadou Bamba
Africana Bulletin. #50. p. 265-291.

BookSanneh, L.O. (2001)
La corona y el turbante: el islam en las sociedades del Africa occidental
Abstract presentBarcelona: Bellaterra. 390p.

Periodical articleHanson, John H. (2000)
See this publicationIslam and Imperialism: Martin Klein's Contributions to an Understanding of the History of Senegambian Muslim Communities
Canadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 34 #3 Special issue. p. 532-545.

BookTimmer, B. (2000)
Ieder mens wordt als moslim geboren: De sociale identiteiten van de lokale elite in Manduar (Gambia)
Leiden: CNWS. 297p.

BookSanneh, Lamin O. (1997)
The Crown and the turban: Muslims and West African pluralism
Boulder, CO: Westview Press. 290p.

Book chapterBowles, B.C.; Hale, T.A. (1996)
Islamic inscriptions and motifs and Arab genealogies in the epic tale of the Kingdom of Waalo
In: Harrow, Kenneth W. (ed.), The marabout and the muse: New approaches to Islam in African literature. Portsmouth: Heinemann. p. 92-102.

Periodical articleKane, Mouhamed Moustapha (1994)
L'empreinte de l'islam confrérique sur le paysage commercial sénégalais: islam et société en Sénégambie
Abstract presentIslam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #8. p. 17-41.

Periodical articleSavishinsky, Neil J. (1994)
See this publicationThe Baye Faal of Senegambia: Muslim Rastas in the Promised Land?
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 64 #2. p. 211-219.

BookMaranz, D.E. (1993)
Peace is everything: World view of Muslims in the Senegambia
Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics. 300p.

Dissertation / thesisSeesemann, Rüdiger; An, Muhammad al-Mustafa (eds.) (1993)
Ahmadu Bamba und die Entstehung der Muridiya: Analyse religiöser und historischer Hintergründe: Untersuchung seines Lebens und seiner Lehre anhand des biographischen Werkes von Muhammad al-Mustaf¯a ¯An
Abstract presentBerlin: Schwarz. Islamkundliche Untersuchungen #166. 281p.

Periodical articleMark, P. (1990)
L'islam et les masques d'initiation casamançais
Abstract presentIslam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #4. p. 25-31.

Book chapterSkinner, D.E. (1990)
Islam, education and politics in West Africa
Abstract presentProceedings of the fifth Birmingham Sierra Leone Studies Symposium, 15th-17th July 1988, Fircroft College, Birmingham. Birmingham: Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham. p. 133-138.

BookSanneh, Lamin O. (1989)
The Jakhanke Muslim clerics: a religious and historical study of Islam in Senegambia
Abstract presentLanham, MD: University Press of America. 339p.

Periodical articleColvin, Lucie G. (1986)
The Shaykh's Men: Religion and Power in Senegambian Islam
Asian and African Studies. Volume 20 #1. March. p. 61-71.

Periodical articleBoulegue, Jean (1985)
Le développement de la notion de droits de l'homme dans les sociétés sénégambiennes, du XVIIIe siècle, face à la traite Atlantique
Abstract presentLe mois en Afrique: revue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 21 #245-246. p. 126-132.

Book chapterCoulon, C. (1984)
Abstract presentIn: Badie, Bertrand; others (eds.), Contestations en pays islamiques. Paris: CHEAM. p. 63-88.

Periodical articleNyang, S.S. (1984)
Local and national elites and Islam in the Gambia: An African case study
International Journal of Islamic and Arabic Studies. Volume 1 #2. p. 57-67.

Periodical articleSkinner, David E. (1983)
Islamic Education and Missionary Work in the Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone during the 20th Century
Bulletin on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa. Volume 1 #4. October. p. 5-24.

Dissertation / thesisDarboe, M.N. (1982)
The interaction of Western and African traditional systems of justice: the problem of integration. A case study of the Gambia
Ph.D. dissertation. University of Pennsylvania. 305p.

BookSchaffer, Matt; Cooper, Christine Jane (1980)
Mandinko: the ethnography of a West African holy land
Abstract presentNew York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Case studies in cultural anthropology. 116p.

BookSanneh, Lamin Ousman (1979)
The Jakhanke: the history of an Islamic clerical people of the Senegambia
Abstract presentLondon: International African Institute. 276p.

Periodical articleNyang, S.S. (1977)
A contribution to the study of Islam in Gambia
Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society. Volume 25 #2. p. 125-138.

Book chapterFisher, H.J. (1975)
The modernisation of Islamic education in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Liberia: Religion and language
Abstract presentIn: Conflict and Harmony in Education in Tropical Africa. p. 187-199.

Book chapterSanneh, L.O. (1975)
The Islamic education of an African child: Stresses and tensions
Abstract presentIn: Conflict and Harmony in Education in Tropical Africa. p. 168-186.

Periodical articleFisher, H. (1962)
Ahmadiyya in the Gambia, French territories and Liberia
Abstract presentWest Africa. Volume 46. p. 93.

Dissertation / thesisLarby, Kirstin Amanda (19**)
'King of men': the religious and secular work of Alhadji Najiru in Numuyel, the Gambia

Search: ge=Gambia
Found: 59 Record 1-59

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