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Periodical articleIbrahim, Ahmed (2018)
See this publicationChanging of the Guards: Politico-Religious Authority and Islamic Education in Mogadishu, Somalia
Islamic Africa. Volume 9 #2. p. 133-162.

Periodical articleIngiriis, Mohamed Haji (2018)
See this publicationThe invention of Al-Shabaab in Somalia: Emulating the anti-colonial dervishes movement
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 117 #467. p. 217-237.

Periodical articleLydon, Ghislaine (2018)
See this publicationInventions and Reinventions of Sharia in African History and the Recent Experiences of Nigeria, Somalia and Mali
Ufahamu. Volume 40 #1. p. 67-107.

BookGarbin, David; Strhan, Anna (eds.) (2017)
Religion and the global city
Abstract presentLondon: Bloomsbury Academic. Bloomsbury studies in religion, space and place. 319p.

Periodical articleAl-Sharmani, Mulki (2016)
Politics and ethics of marriage and family life among transnational Somali diasporas
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 16. p. 36-48.

BookChome, Ngala (2016)
See this publicationViolent extremism and clan dynamics in Kenya
Washington, DC: U.S. Institute of Peace. Peaceworks #123. 26p.

Periodical articleChonka, Peter (2016)
See this publicationSpies, stonework, and the suuq: Somali nationalism and the narrative politics of pro-Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujaahidiin online propaganda
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 10 #2. p. 247-265.

BookJones, Seth G. (2016)
See this publicationCounterterrorism and counterinsurgency in Somalia: assessing the campaign against Al Shabaab
Santa Monica, CA: RAND. 90p.

Periodical articleAgbiboa, Daniel (2015)
See this publicationShifting the battleground: the transformation of Al-Shabab and the growing influence of Al-Qaeda in East Africa and the Horn
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 177-194.

Periodical articleAlhourani, Ala Rabiha (2015)
See this publicationAesthetics of Muslim public and community formations in Cape Town: observations of an anthropologist
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 38 #1-2. p. 103-119.

Periodical articleAnderson, David M.; McKnight, Jacob (2015)
See this publicationUnderstanding al-Shabaab: clan, Islam and insurgency in Kenya
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 9 #3. p. 536-557.

Periodical articleAnderson, David M.; McKnight, Jacob (2015)
See this publicationKenya at war: Al-Shabaab and its enemies in Eastern Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 114 #454. p. 1-27.

BookOlomojobi, Yinka (2015)
Frontiers of jihâd: radical Islam in Africa
Ibadan: Safari Books Ltd. 366p.

Periodical articleReese, Scott S. (2015)
See this publicationShaykh Abdullahi al-Qutbi and the pious believer's dilemma: local moral guidance in an age of global Islamic reform
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 9 #3. p. 488-504.

BookSolomon, Hussein (2015)
Terrorism and counter-terrorism in Africa: fighting insurgency from Al Shabaab, Ansar Dine and Boko Haram
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. New security challenges series. 182p.

Periodical articleSolomon, Hussein (2015)
See this publicationCritical terrorism studies and its implications for Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 219-234.

Periodical articleBamidele, Oluwaseun (2014)
See this publicationIs there space in between? Religion and armed conflict in African states
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 23 #1. p. 34-52.

BookFergusson, James (2014)
The world's most dangerous place
London: Black Swan. 463p.

Periodical articleHoehne, Markus Virgil (2014)
See this publicationResource conflict and militant Islamism in the Golis Mountains in northern Somalia (2006-2013)
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 41 #141. p. 358-373.

Periodical articleRoitsch, Paul E. (2014)
See this publicationThe next step in Somalia: exploiting victory, post-Mogadishu
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 23 #1. p. 3-16.

BookRothman, Norman C. (ed.) (2014)
Islam in Africa and Europe: selected case studies
New York: Nova Publishers. Religion and spirituality. 194p.

Periodical articleSmith, Ruth M. (2014)
Young Somali women's individual and collective understanding of cultural and religious identity through narrative participatory photography
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 14. p. 25-49.

Periodical articleSolomon, Hussein (2014)
See this publicationSomalia's Al Shabaab: clans vs Islamist nationalism
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 21 #3. p. 351-366.

Periodical articleDeforche, Robrecht (2013)
Stabilization and common identity: reflections on the Islamic Courts Union and Al-Itihaad
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 13. p. 102-120.

Periodical articleHames, Constant (2013)
See this publicationSura headings and subdivisions in Qur'an manuscripts from Sub-Saharan Africa: variations and historical implications
Abstract presentJournal of Quranic studies = Magallat al-dirasat al-Quraniyya. Volume 15 #3. p. 232-252.

BookHansen, Stig Jarle (2013)
Al-Shabaab in Somalia: the history and ideology of a militant Islamist group, 2005-2012
London: Hurst. 195p.

BookAbubakar, Nasra (2012)
See this publicationFemale Genital Mutilation Why Does It Continue to Be a Social and Cultural Force?
Abstract presentToledo, Ohio: University of Toledo. 70p.

BookHarper, Mary (2012)
Getting Somalia wrong? Faith, war and hope in a shattered state
London: Zed Books, in association with the International African Institute. African arguments. 217p.

Periodical articleMohamed, Deeqa (2012)
See this publicationGender, islam, and 19th-century Brava: a brief note
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 12. p. 106-119.

Periodical articlePijovic, Nikola (2012)
'It is chaotic but not chaos': civil society, local governance and the construction of political order in and around Mogadishu
Australasian Review of African Studies. Volume 33 #2. p. 29-47.

Dissertation / thesisAssowe, Mohamed Omar (2011)
See this publicationUnderstanding the emergence of Alshabab in Somalia
Fort Leavenworth, KS: US Army Command and General Staff College.

BookGriswold, Eliza (2011)
The tenth parallel: dispatches from the faultline between Christianity and Islam
London: Allen Lane. 317p.

BookLederach, John Paul (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationSomalia: creating spaces for fresh approaches to peacebuilding
Abstract presentUppsala: Life & Peace Institute. 67p.

BookMurphy, Martin N. (2011)
Somalia, the new Barbary? Piracy and Islam in the Horn of Africa
London: C. Hurst. 277p.

BookStuke, Oliver (2011)
Islamismus am Horn von Afrika: Al-Shabaabs Rolle für die Entwicklung Somalias
Berlin: Peter Lang. Berliner Studien zur Politik in Afrika #16. 194p.

BookAlbin-Lackey, Chris; Tayler, Letta; Lefkow, Leslie (eds.) (2010)
See this publicationHarsh war, harsh peace: abuses by al-Shabaab, the Transitional Federal Government and AMISOM in Somalia
New York, NY: Human Rights Watch. 62p.

BookElmi, Afyare Abdi (2010)
Understanding the Somalia conflagration: identity, political Islam and peacebuilding
London: Pluto Press. 193p.

BookErlich, Haggai (2010)
Islam and Christianity in the Horn of Africa: Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan
Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 225p.

Periodical articleMwangi, Oscar Gakuo (2010)
See this publicationThe Union of Islamic Courts and security governance in Somalia
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 19 #1. p. 88-94.

Periodical articleOnkware, K.; Odhiambo, E.O.S.; Ntabo, O.M. (2010)
Counter-terrorism strategies by Kenya against Somalia terrorism
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 9. p. 99-109.

Periodical articleVidino, Lorenzo; Pantucci, Raffaello; Kohlmann, Evan (2010)
See this publicationBringing global jihad to the Horn of Africa: al Shabaab, Western fighters, and the sacralization of the Somali conflict
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 3 #4. p. 216-238.

BookWaldaselasé Waldamika'él (2010)
Terrorism in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa: threat, impact and response
Addis Ababa: Mega Printing PLC. 540p.

Book chapterAbbink, Jon (2009)
The Islamic Courts Union: the ebb and flow of a Somali Islamist movement
Abstract presentIn: Movers and shakers: social movements in Africa. p. 87-113.

Periodical articleAynte, Abdirahman (2009)
The anatomy of Somalia's al-Shabaab jihadists
Horn of Africa. Volume 27. p. 1-35.

Conference paperLarsen, Kjersti (ed.) (2009)
See this publicationKnowledge, renewal and religion: repositioning and changing ideological and material circumstances among the Swahili on the East African Coast
Abstract presentUppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet. 310p.

Periodical articleMarchal, Roland (2009)
See this publicationA tentative assessment of the Somali 'Harakat Al-Shabaab'
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 3 #3. p. 381-404.

Periodical articleSamatar, Abdi Ismail (2009)
Faithless power as fratricide: is there an alternative in Somalia?
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 9. p. 63-81.

BookNorell, Magnus (2008)
See this publicationIslamist networks in Somalia
Stockholm: Division of Defence Analysis, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). FOI report #2609. 30p.

BookReese, Scott (2008)
Renewers of the Age: holy men and social discourse in colonial Benaadir
Leiden: Brill. Islam in Africa #9. 246p.

Periodical articleAhmed, Hussein (2007)
See this publicationReflections on historical and contemporary Islam in Ethiopia and Somalia: a comparative and contrastive overview
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 40 #1-2. p. 261-276.

BookAli, Ayaan Hirsi (2007)
New York, NY: Free Press. 353p.

BookAlterman, Jon B.; Hippel, Karin von (eds.) (2007)
Understanding Islamic charities
Abstract presentWashington, DC: CSIS press. Significant issues series 29. 186p.

Periodical articleBarnes, Cedric; Hassan, Harun (2007)
See this publicationThe Rise and Fall of Mogadishu's Islamic Courts
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 1 #2. July. p. 151-160.

BookFarah, Abdulkadir Osman; Muchie, Mammo; Gundel, Joakim (eds.) (2007)
Somalia: diaspora and state reconstitution in the Horn of Africa
London: Adonis & Abbey Publishers. 338p.

BookGutiérrez de Terán Gómez-Benita, Ignacio (2007)
Somalia: clanes, islam y terrorismo internacional
Madrid: Los Libros de la Catarata.

Periodical articleMahadallah, Hassan (2007)
The Islamic Courts, Ethiopia's intervention in Somalia, and its implications for regional stability
Horn of Africa. Volume 25. p. 135-164.

Periodical articleSamatar, Said S. (2007)
The Islamic courts and Ethiopia's intervention in Somalia: redemption or adventurism?
Horn of Africa. Volume 25. p. 222-234.

BookSoares, Benjamin F.; Otayek, René (eds.) (2007)
Islam and Muslim politics in Africa
Abstract presentNew York: Palgrave MacMillan. 280p.

Book (2006)
See this publicationSomalia: expanding crisis in the Horn of Africa: joint hearing before the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights, and International Operations and the Subcommittee on International Terrorism
Washington: U.S. G.P.O..

Periodical articleAbdullahi, Abdurahman M. (2006)
Recovering Somali State: the Islamic factor
African Renaissance. Volume 3 #5. p. 34-58.

BookAyaan Hirsi Ali; Benink, Carla (2006)
Mijn vrijheid: de autobiografie
Amsterdam: Augustus. 447p.

Book chapterHoffman, Valerie (2006)
In his (Arab) Majesty's service: the career of a Somali scholar and diplomat in Nineteenth century Zanzibar
In: The global worlds of the Swahili: interfaces of Islam, identity and space in 19th and 20th-century East Africa. p. 251-272.

BookJhazbhay, Iqbal (2006)
Ethiopia, Somaliland and Somalia amid an Islamist rising storm on the Horn: the African Union and the case for urgent preventive diplomacy
Johannesburg: Centre for Policy Studies.

BookKinfe, Abraham (2006)
Somalia: which way?
Addis Ababa: Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development.

BookMenkhaus, Kenneth John (2006)
Somalia: state collapse and the threat of terrorism
London; New York: Routledge.

BookSomali Women Research and Action Group (SOWRAG) (2006)
A simplified guide to advocacy on women's human rights
Nairobi: Legacy Books Press. 40p.

BookVianello, Alessandra; Kassim, Mohamed M. (eds.) (2006)
Servants of the Sharia: the civil register of the Qadis' court of Brava 1893-1900
Leiden: Brill. African sources for African history 6. 2185p.

BookWoodward, Peter (2006)
US foreign policy and the Horn of Africa
Abstract presentAldershot, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate.

BookBen Néfissa, Sarah (ed.) (2005)
NGOs and governance in the Arab world
Abstract presentCairo: American University in Cairo Press. 388p.

Book chapterMenkhaus, Kenneth J. (2005)
Somalia and Somaliland: Terrorism, political Islam, and state collapse
In: Battling terrorism in the Horn of Africa. p. 23-47.

Book chapterPérouse de Montclos, M. (2005)
Des ONG sans gouvernement: mouvements islamiques et velléités de substitution à l'État dans la Somalie en guerre
In: Ben Néfissa, S.; others (eds.), ONG et gouvernance dans le monde arabe. Paris: Karthala-CEDEJ.

Book chapterRenders, M. (2005)
Islamist movements and discourses: Sub-Saharan Africa
In: Joseph, S. (ed.), Encyclopedia of women and Islamic cultures. Leiden: Brill. p. 611-614.

Book chapterRenders, M. (2005)
Turbans and tribes: The building of a state and the political role of Islam in Somaliland
Abstract presentIn: L'Islam politique au sud du Sahara: identités, discours et enjeux. p. 477-502.

Book chapterSamatar, Abdi I. (2005)
Social Transformation and Islamic Reinterpretation in Northern Somalia: The Women's Mosque in Gabiley
In: Falah, Ghazi-Walid; Nagel, Caroline R. (eds.), Geographies of Muslim Women: Gender, Religion, and Space. New York: The Guilford Press. p. 377-411.

BookShai, S. (2005)
The Red Sea terror triangle: Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Islamic terror
New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers. 223p.

BookWest, Deborah L. (2005)
See this publicationCombating terrorism in the Horn of Africa and Yemen
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Book chapterHasan, M.S.; Robleh, S.M. (2004)
Islamic revival and education in Somalia
In: Daun, H.; Walford, G. (eds.), Educational strategies among Muslims in the context of globalization: Some national case studies. Leiden: Brill. p. 141-163.

Book chapterMarchal, R. (2004)
Islamic political dynamics in the Somali civil war: Before and after September 11
In: Islamism and its enemies in the Horn of Africa. p. 114-145.

Book chapterMcGown, R.B. (2004)
Transformative Islam and shifting gender roles in the Somali diaspora
In: Kusow, A. (ed.), Putting the cart before the horse: Contested nationalism and the crisis of the nation-state in Somalia. Trenton: Red Sea Press.

Book chapterMcGown, Rema B. (2004)
Transformative Islam and Shifting Gender Roles in the Somali Diaspora
In: Kusow, Abdi (ed.). Putting the art Before the Horse: Contested Nationalism and the Crisis of the Nation-State in Somalia. Trenton, New Jersey: Red Sea Press.

BookMenkhaus, K. (2004)
Somalia: State collapse and the threat of terrorism
Oxford: Oxford University Press. 92p.

BookWaal, Alex de (ed.) (2004)
Islamism and its enemies in the Horn of Africa
Abstract presentLondon: Hurst. 279p.

Periodical articleBryden, Matt (2003)
No quick fixes: Coming to terms with terrorism, Islam and statelessness in Somalia
The Journal of Conflict Studies. Volume 23 #2. p. 24-56.

Periodical articleJohnsdotter, Sara (2003)
See this publicationSomali Women in Western Exile: Reassessing Female Circumcision in the Light of Islamic Teachings
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Volume 23 #2. October. p. 361-373.

Conference paperKasim, Mohamed (2003)
Women and Islamic Law: The Sijile of Brava (1893-1900)
Paper presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), October 30-November 2, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts. New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rutgers University.

Periodical articleMohamed Abdi, Mohamed (2003)
Retour vers les 'dugsi', écoles coraniques en Somalie
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 43 #169-170. p. 351-369.

BookPérouse de Montlos, M. (2003)
Diaspora et terrorisme
Paris: Presses de Sciences Po. 264p.

Periodical articleBelmessous, Hacène (2002)
Les avancées de l'islam au sud du Sahara
Abstract presentGéopolitique africaine. #5. p. 83-89.

BookInternational Crisis Group (2002)
Somalia: Countering terrorism in a failed state
Nairobi: International Crisis Group. 37p.

Periodical articleKassim, Mohamed (2002)
'Dhikr Will Echo from All Corners': Dada Masiti and the Transmission of Islamic Knowledge
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 2. p. 104-120.

Periodical articleMcMichael, Celia (2002)
'Everywhere is Allah's Place': Islam and the Everyday Life of Somali Women in Melbourne, Australia
Journal of Refugee Studies. Volume 15 #2. p. 171-188.

Periodical articleMedani, K.M. (2002)
Financing terrorism or survival? Informal finance and state collapse in Somalia, and the US war on terrorism
MERIP Middle East Report. Volume 32 #2. p. 2-9.

Periodical articleMenkhaus, K. (2002)
See this publicationSomalia: Next up in the war on terrorism?
Africa Notes. Volume 6. p. 1-9.

Book chapterMenkhaus, K. (2002)
Political Islam in Somalia: Implications for current and future conflict in the Horn of Africa
In: Guerres d'Afrique. p. 111-130.

Periodical articleMenkhaus, Ken (2002)
Somalia: In the Crosshairs of the War on Terrorism
Current History. Volume 101 #655. May. p. 210-218.

Periodical articleMenkhaus, Kenneth L. (2002)
Political Islam in Somalia
Middle East Policy. Volume 9 #1. March. p. 109-123.

Periodical articleSamatar, Said S. (2002)
Unhappy masses and the challenge of political Islam in the Horn of Africa
Abstract presentHorn of Africa. Volume 20. p. 1-10.

BookTadesse, M. (2002)
Al-Ittihad. Political Islam and black economy in Somalia: Religion, money, clan, and the struggle for supremacy over Somalia
Addis Ababa. 209p.

Book chapterAbdullahi Baadiyow, A.M. (2001)
Tribalism and Islam: Variations on the basics of Somaliness
In: Variations on the Theme of Somaliness. Proceedings of the EASS/SSIA International Congress of Somali Studies, Turku, Finland. p. 227-240.

Book chapterDeclich, F. (2001)
Sources on Islam composed in the vernacular: Somali women's religious poetry
In: Scarcia Amoretti, B. (ed.), Islam in East Africa: New Sources (Archives. Manuscripts and Written Historical Sources. Oral History. Archaeology). Roma: Herder. p. 297-337.

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