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Periodical articleOladusu, A.G.A.S. (2005)
Arabic and Islamic Education in Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 49 #4. p. 281-295.

Periodical articleYusuf, Badmas L. (1999)
An Examination of the Tradition of Qur'anic Learning in the Ilorin Emirate of Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 43 #3. p. 228-238.

Periodical articleFolorunsho, Alhaj M.A. (1998)
Conflict and Consolidation: A Survey of Islamic Practice among the Yoruba People of Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 42 #2. p. 156-163.

Periodical articleWilliams, Pat A.T. (1998)
Religious Fundamentalism and Women's Political Behaviour in Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 42 #1. p. 68-82.

Periodical articleImam, Yahya O. (1997)
Muslim Women in Nigerian Politics
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 41 #1. p. 69-76.

Periodical articleJumare, Ibrahim M. (1996)
The Ideology of Slavery in the Context of Islam and the Sokoto Jihad
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 40 #1. 1st Quarter. p. 31-38.

Periodical articleOlayiwo, Abdur-Rahman O.A. (1995)
Communication, Population, Child Survival and Development in Africa: An Islamic Communication Perspective
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 34 #3. p. 154-166.

Periodical articleAdamu, Muhammad (1993)
The Muslim Woman and Technical Education in Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 37 #4. 4th Quarter. p. 287-290.

Periodical articleJawad, Haifaa (1993)
Pan-Islamism in the Middle East: Prospects and Future
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 37 #3. 3rd Quarter. p. 207-222.

Periodical articleAdeleye, M.O. (1993)
Impacts of Islam on Some Social Features of Ijesa People of Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 37 #1. 1st Quarter. p. 63-72.

Periodical articleHaque, Mozammel (1992)
The Need for a Revival of Islam in Africa
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 36 #3. p. 203-206.

Periodical articleKucukan, Talip (1991)
A Study of Conversion to Islam with Reference to Egypt and Iraq: A Survey of Western Sources
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 35 #4. p. 225-231.

Periodical articleOlayiwola, Rahman O. (1989)
The Impact of Islam on the Conduct of Nigerian Foreign Relations
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 33 #1. 1st Quarter. p. 17-33.

Periodical articleAbu-Rabi, Ibrahim (1988)
Al-Azhar Sufism in Modern Egypt: The Sufi Thought
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 32 #4. 4th Quarter. p. 207-235.

Periodical articleAbdurrahman, Umar (1988)
Use of Images and Metaphors to Illustrate Themes in Aliyu Na Mangi's Sufi Poetry
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 32 #3. p. 173-185.

Periodical articleOpeloye, Muhib O. (1988)
Problems of Desecularizing Nigeria's Political Order
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 32 #2. 2nd Quarter. p. 101-113.

Periodical articleOlayiwola, Rahman O. (1987)
Islam and the Demise of the First and Second Republics in Nigeria: A Functional Approach
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 31 #4. p. 259-267.

Periodical articleAdelowo, E. Dada (1987)
A comparative study of angelology in the Bible and the Qur'an and the concept of gods many and lords many in Yoruba religion
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 31 #4. 4th Quarter. p. 248-258.

Periodical articleAta, A.W. (1987)
The Impact of Westernising and Other Factors in the Changing Status of Muslim Women
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 31 #1. 1st Quarter. p. 38-56.

Periodical articleAdelowo, E. Dada (1982)
Mission education among Yoruba Muslims of Nigeria: A brief history
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 26 #4. 4th Quarter. p. 216-227.

Periodical articleAdelowo, E. Dada (1980)
Islamic Monotheism and the Muslim Reaction to Christian and Traditional African Concepts of the Godhead
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 24 #3-4. 3rd-4th Quarters. p. 116-129.

Periodical articleSaeed, S. (1980)
The Legal Status of Muslim Women
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 24 #1-2. 1st-2nd Quarters. p. 13-21.

Periodical articleKumo, Suliman (1980)
The Status of Islamic Law in Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 24 #1-2. 1st-2nd Quarters. p. 3-12.

Periodical articleUbah, C.N. (1979)
Islamic Fiscal Systems and Colonial Innovations: The Kano Example
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 23 #4. 4th Quarter. p. 173-185.

Periodical articleDoi, A.R.I. (1970)
Islamic Thought and Culture: Their Impact on Africa
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 14 #2. April-June.

Periodical articleDickie, James (1969)
Modern Islamic Architecture in Alexandria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 13 #4. October-December.

Periodical articleDoi, A.R.I. (1968)
The political role of Islam in West Africa (with special reference to Uthman dan Fodio's jihad)
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 12 #4. October-December. p. 235-242.

Periodical articleMoosa, Maiti T. (1966)
Napolean's Islamic Policy in Egypt
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 10 #3-4.

Periodical articleMaliki, Alhaji A. (1965)
Islam in Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 9 #1-2. January-June. p. 30-36.

Periodical articleKesby, John D. (1963)
Islam in Senegal
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 7 #1-2. January-June. p. 40-50.

Periodical articleWatt, W. Montgomery (1957)
Some Problems before West African Islam
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 4 #1. April.

Search: pe=Islamic Quarterly
Found: 31 Record 1-31

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