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BookSangaré, B. (2016)
See this publicationLe centre du Mali: épicentre du djihadisme?
Bruxelles: Groupe de recherche et d'information sur la paix et la sécurité (GRIP). 12p.

BookOchonu, Moses E. (2014)
Colonialism by Proxy: Hausa imperial agents and middle belt consciousness in Nigeria
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 273p.

BookBa, Daha Chérif (2013)
Cultures populaires en Sénégambie: l'exemple des Fulbe (1512-1980)
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 390p.

Periodical articleBogen Sinderud, Marte (2013)
Royal concubinage in Ngaoundere, northern Cameroon, ca.1900-1960
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 46 #1. p. 1-25.

BookBoyd, Jean (2013)
Educating Muslim women: the West African legacy of Nana Asma'u (1793-1864)
Oxford: Interface Publications Ltd. 256p.

Periodical articleDeLancey, Mark Dike (2012)
See this publicationBetween mosque and palace: defining identity through ritual practice in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 52 #208. p. 975-998.

BookNgaïdé, Abderrahmane (2012)
L'esclave, le colon et le marabout: le royaume peul du Fuladu de 1867 à 1936
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 255p.

Periodical articleO'Rourke, Harmony S. (2012)
See this publicationNative foreigners and the ambiguity of order and identity: the case of African diasporas and Islamic law in British Cameroon
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 39. p. 97-122.

BookSeydou, Christiane (2010)
L'épopée peule de Boûbou Ardo Galo: héros et rebelle
Paris: Karthala. Paroles en miroir #5. 278p.

BookBaldé, Thierno Mouhammadou; Salvaing, Bernard (2008)
Une vie au Fouta-Djalon
Brinon-sur-Sauldre: Grandvaux. 414p.

BookSmith, Gina Gertrud (2008)
Medina Gounass: challenges to village Sufism in Senegal
København: Books on Demand. Janua Religionum, Studia historica et comparativa; 4. 96p.

Dissertation / thesisFurth, Rebecca (2007)
Marrying the forbidden other: marriage, status and social change in the Futa Jallon highlands of Guinea
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 315p.

BookDilley, Roy (2004)
Islamic and caste knowledge practices among Haalpulaar'en in Senegal: between mosque and termite mound
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute, London. International African library #30. 270p.

BookShimada'%Yoshihito (2004)
Royaumes peul, islamiques et super-ethniques dans le Nord-Cameroun: autour de Rey-Bouba
Abstract presentNagoya: Comparative Studies in Social and Human Sciences, Nagoya University. African kingdoms collection; 3.

BookRegis, Helen A. (2003)
Fulbe voices: marriage, Islam, and medicine in northern Cameroon
Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Westview case studies in anthropology series. 175p.

Periodical articleAdama, Hamadou (2002)
La 'faada' et l'apprentissage démocratique dans les lamidats du Nord-Cameroun
Abstract presentL'Afrique politique. p. 173-190.

Periodical articleTaguem Fah, Gilbert L. (2000)
Le facteur peul, l'islam et le processus politique au Cameroun d'hier à demain
Abstract presentIslam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #14-15. p. 81-98.

Periodical articleJalloh, Alusine (1998)
See this publicationThe Fula and the Motor Transport Business in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. Volume 26. p. 63-81.

BookKamara, Shaykh Muusa (1998)
Florilège au jardin de l'histoire des Noirs: Zuhur al-basatin
Paris: CNRS Editions. Documents, études et répertoires. 460p.

BookMathieu, Jean-Marie (1998)
Les bergers du soleil: l'or peul
Méolans-Revel: Éditions DésIris. 235p.

Periodical articleAdama, Hamadou (1997)
Les nouveaux prénoms des Peuls du Nord-Cameroun: historique et essai d'interprétation
Abstract presentIslam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #11. p. 67-84.

Book chapterSoares, Benjamin F. (1997)
The Fulbe 'shaykh' and the Bambara 'pagans': contemporary campaigns to spread Islam in Mali
Abstract presentIn: Amselle, Jean-Loup; Bruijn, Mirjam de; Dijk, Han van (eds.), Peuls et Mandingues: dialectique des constructions identitaires. Leiden: African Studies Centre. p. 267-280.

Book chapterVerEecke, Catherine (1995)
Muslim women traders of Northern Nigeria: Perspectives from the city of Yola
Abstract presentIn: House-Midamba, B.; Ekechi, F.K. (eds.), African market women and economic power: The role of women in African economic development. Westport: Greenwood Press. p. 59-79.

Periodical articleBruijn, Mirjam de (1994)
See this publicationThe Sahelian crisis and the poor: the role of Islam in social security among Fulbe pastoralists, central Mali
Abstract presentFocaal: tijdschrift voor antropologie. #22-23. p. 47-63.

Periodical articleHanson, John H. (1994)
See this publicationIslam, Migration and the Political Economy of Meaning: Fergo Nioro from Senegal River Valley, 1862-1890
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 35 #1. p. 37-60.

Periodical articleShimada, Yoshihito (1993)
Jihad as Dialectical Movement and Formation of Islamic Identity among the Fulbe
Abstract presentSenri Ethnological Studies. #35. p. 87-117.

Periodical articleVerEecke, Catherine (1993)
See this publicationBetter Life for Women in Nigeria: Problems, Prospects, and Politics of a New National Women's Program
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs. Volume 14 #2. p. 79-95.

Periodical articleBah, Mohammad A. (1991)
See this publicationThe Status of Muslims in Sierra Leone and Liberia
Abstract presentJournal of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Volume 12 #2. July. p. 465-481.

Dissertation / thesisBlanckmeister, Elsa Barbara (1989)
'Di:n wa dawla': Islam, Politik und Ethnizität im Hausaland und in Adamawa
Abstract presentEmsdetten: Andreas Gehling. Reihe Islam & Ethnologie #2. 167p.

Dissertation / thesisDieng, Samba (1988)
La geste d'EL Hadj Omar et l'islamisation de l'épopée peule traditionnelle
Dakar: Université Cheikh Anta Diop; Faculté des lettres et sciences sociales. 527p.

Book chapterHino, Shun'ya (1986)
Pilgrimage and migration of the West African Muslims: A case study of the Fellata people in the Sudan
Abstract presentIn: Tomikawa, M. (ed.), Sudan Sahel studies: vol. II. Tokyo: Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. p. 15-109.

Conference paperBrenner, L. (1980)
Originality of thought and method in West African islamic teaching: fulfulde example
Abstract presentBrookline, Mass.: African studies center, Boston University. Working papers; 31. 25p.

Conference paperHickey, J.V. (1980)
Political change and the emergence of Alhajis among the Bokkos Fulan
Abstract presentAnnual meeting of the African Studies Association (23; 15-18 October 1980; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Waltham, MA: African Studies Association. 16p.

Book chapterDuffield, M.R. (1977)
Fulani Mahdism and revisionism in Sudan: 'hijra' or compromise with colonialism?
Abstract presentIn: The Central Bilad al-Sudan: tradition and adaptation. p. 283-305.

Periodical articleEguchi, Paul Kazuhisa (1975)
Notes on the Arabic-Fulfulde translational reading in Northern Cameroon
Abstract presentKyoto University African Studies. Volume 9. p. 177-250.

Periodical articleEguchi, Paul Kazuhisa (1973)
The chants of the Fulbe rites of circumcision
Abstract presentKyoto University African Studies. Volume 8. p. 205-231.

BookSanterre, Renaud (1973)
Pédagogie musulmane d'Afrique noire: l'école coranique peule du Cameroun
Abstract presentMontréal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal. 174p.

Periodical articleBrito, E. (1956)
Festas religiosas do Islamismo Fula
Abstract presentBoletim cultural da Guiné Portuguesa. Volume 11 #41. p. 91-105.

Search: su=Fulani
Found: 38 Record 1-38

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