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Book chapterNa'im, Abdullahi Ahmed an- (1997)
Islam and human rights in Sahelian Africa
In: African Islam and Islam in Africa: Encounters between Sufis and Islamists. p. 79-94.

Periodical articleO'Fahey, Rex Sean (1997)
'Defining the community': the National Islamic Front, its opponents and the sharia issue
Abstract presentIslam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #11. p. 55-65.

Book chapterAbun-Nasr, J.M. (1996)
(Die Stellung des Islams und des islamischen Rechts in ausgewahlten Staaten:) Die unabhängige Staaten Schwarzafrikas
In: Ende, W.; Steinbach, U.; Krüger, G. (eds.), Der Islam in der Gegenwart. Münich: Beck. p. 426-445.

Periodical articleCotran, Eugene (1996)
Marriage, divorce and succession laws in Kenya: is integration or unification possible?
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 40 #2. p. 194-204.

Periodical articleHanak, Irmi (1996)
See this publicationLanguage, Gender and the Law: Divorce in the Context of Muslim Family Law in Zanzibar
Abstract presentAfrican Languages and Cultures. Volume 9 #1. p. 27-42.

Periodical articleLauro, L.J.; Samuelson, P.A. (1996)
Toward pluralism in Sudan: A traditionalist approach
Harvard International Law Journal. Volume 37 #1. p. 65-138.

BookLawyers Committee for Human Rights (1996)
Beset by contradictions: Islamization, legal reform, and human rights in Sudan
New York: Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. 98p.

Book chapterMattes, H. (1996)
(Die Stellung des Islams und des islamischen Rechts in ausgewahlten Staaten:) Sudan
In: Ende, W.; Steinbach, U.; Krüger, G. (eds.), Der Islam in der Gegenwart. München: Beck. p. 487-495.

Book chapterMoosa, N. (1996)
The interim constitution and Muslim personal law
In: Liebenberg, S. (ed.), The constitution in South Africa from a gender perspective. Cape town: The UWC Community Law Centre & David Philip. p. 167-184.

Book chapterMüller, H. (1996)
Horn von Afrika
In: Ende, W. (ed.), Der Islam in der Gegenwart. Münich: Beck. p. 454-466.

Book chapterMüller, H. (1996)
Die Islamisierung des subsaharischen Afrika
In: Ende, W.; others (eds.), Der Islam in der Gegenwart. Münich: Beck. p. 446-453.

Book chapterSivers, Peter von (1996)
Maghreb und Westafrika
In: Ende, W. (ed.), Der Islam in der Gegenwart. Münich: Beck. p. 409-426.

Periodical articleSodiq, Yushua (1996)
See this publicationAn analysis of Yoruba and Islamic laws of inheritance
The Muslim World. Volume 86 #3-4. p. 313-333.

Periodical articleVillalón, Leonardo A. (1996)
See this publicationThe Moral and the Political in African Democratization: The Code de la Famille in Niger's Troubled Transition
Democratization. Volume 3 #2. Summer. p. 41-68.

Periodical articleKok, P.N. (1995)
Codifying Islamic absolutism in the Sudan: A study in constitution-making under al-Beshir
Orient. Volume 36 #4. p. 673-706.

Periodical articleMoosa, N. (1995)
Muslim personal law: To be or not to be
Abstract presentStellenbosch Law Review. Volume 6 #3. p. 417-424.

Periodical articleMoosa, N. (1995)
Muslim personal law: To be or not to be
African Law Review. Volume 6 #2. p. 15-20.

Book chapterMwangi, K. (1995)
The application and development of Sharia in Kenya
In: Islam in Kenya: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Contemporary Islam in Kenya. p. 252-259.

Book chapterO'Fahey, R.S. (1995)
The past in the present? The issue of the Sharia in Sudan
In: Hansen, H.B.; Twaddle, M. (eds.), Religion and politics in East Africa: The period since independence. London: Currey. p. 32-44.

Book chapterOsswald, R. (1995)
Inequality in Islamic law
In: Toll, C.; others (eds.), Law and the Islamic world: Past and present. Papers presented to the joint seminar at the Universities of Copenhagen and Lund, 1993. Copenhagen: Munksgaard. p. 97-104.

Periodical articleRoodt, C. (1995)
Marriages under Islamic law: Patrimonial consequences and financial relief
Codicillus. Volume 36 #2. p. 50-58.

BookRwebangira, Magdalena K.; Mukoyogo, M.C. (1995)
The law of inheritance in Tanzania: A status report
Abstract presentNairobi: WLEA. WLEA publications #4. 30p.

Book chapterYahya, S.S. (1995)
The uses and abuses of wakf
In: Islam in Kenya: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Contemporary Islam in Kenya. p. 214-223.

Periodical articleBleuchot, Hervé (1994)
L'évolution du droit coutumier: l'exemple des Nuer et Dinka
Abstract presentDroit et cultures. #28. p. 161-174.

Periodical articleDawood, M.A.I.S. (1994)
Intestate succession
Journal for Islamic Studies. Volume 14. p. 107-120.

Book chapterFluehr-Lobban, C. (1994)
Islamization in the Sudan: A critical appraisal
In: Alexander, Y. (ed.), Middle East terrorism: Current threats and future prospects. Aldershot: Dartmouth Publishing Company.

Book chapterHirsch, S.F. (1994)
Kadhi's courts as complex sites of resistance: The state, Islam, and gender in postcolonial Kenya
In: Lazarus-Black, M.; Hirsch, S.F. (eds.), Contested states: Law, hegemony, and resistance. New York: Routledge. p. 207-230.

Periodical articleHouse-Midamba, Bessie (1994)
See this publicationLegal pluralism and attendant internal conflicts in marital and inheritance laws in Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 49 #3. p. 375-392.

Periodical articleLubbe, G.J.A. (1994)
The Muslim Judicial Council: Custodian or catalyst
Journal for Islamic Studies. Volume 14. p. 34-62.

Book chapterMallat, C. (1994)
Law and the Nile river: Emerging international rules and the Shari'a
In: The Nile: sharing a scarce resource. A historical and technical review of water management and of economic and legal issues. p. 365-384.

BookMbacké, Khadim (1994)
Daaras et droits de l'enfant
Dakar: Publifan. Études Islamiques, 3. 88p.

BookNadvi, S.H.u. (1994)
Implementation of Muslim family and personal laws in a new South Africa
Durban: Academia - UD-W Centre for Islamic, Near and Middle Eastern Studies. 72p.

Book chapterOuld Bouboutt, A.S. (1994)
Islam et droits de l'homme dans la constitution mauritanienne du 20 juillet 1991
In: Islam et droits de l'homme. p. 84-94.

Periodical articleSodiq, Yushau (1994)
Application of the Islamic Law in Nigeria: A Case Study
Hamdard Islamicus. Volume 17 #2. p. 55-76.

Periodical articleTully, James J. (1994)
See this publicationThe place of Islamic law in Sierra Leone
The Muslim World. Volume 84 #3-4. p. 300-316.

BookWengi, Jennifer Okumu (ed.) (1994)
The law of succession in Uganda: women, inheritance laws and practices - essays and cases
Nairobi; Kampala. WLEA publications #1.

Book chapterAbun-Nasr, J.M. (1993)
Islamisches Recht im nigerianischen Rechtssystem
In: Muslime in Nigeria: Religion und Gesellschaft im politischen Wandel seit den 50er Jahren. p. 201-225.

Dissertation / thesisBleuchot, H. (1993)
Cultures juridiques soudanaises et droits fondamentaux: pour une anthropologie du droit musulman à travers l'histoire du droit pénal soudanais
thèse de doctorat en droit. université d'Aix-Marseille III, Aix-en-Provence. 491p.

Periodical articleBrown, Beverly B. (1993)
See this publicationIslamic law, qadhis' courts and Muslim women's legal status: The case of Kenya
Abstract presentJournal of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Volume 14 #1-2. January. p. 94-101.

Dissertation / thesisCassimjie, M. (1993)
The Islamic law of marriage and divorce: A conceptual analysis
master thesis. University of Natal. 127p.

Periodical articleChiroma, I.H. (1993)
Conflict between Islamic law and common law on the testamentary powers (wasiyyah): The attitude of Nigerian courts
Islamic Studies. Volume 32 #3. p. 339-349.

Book chapterFluehr-Lobban, C. (1993)
Personal status law in the Sudan
In: Bowen, D.L.; Early, E. (eds.), Every day life in the Muslim Middle East. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. p. 109-119.

Periodical articleKeita, K. (1993)
Les problèmes fonciers selon l'Islam
Mondes en développement. Volume 81. p. 7, 11, 29-31.

BookKukah, Matthew Hassan (1993)
Religion, Politics and Power in Northern Nigeria
Abstract presentIbadan: Spectrum in association with Safari Books. 280p.

BookMahmood, Y. (ed.) (1993)
Sharia law reports of Nigeria. Vol.1: 1961-1989
Abstract presentIbadan: Spectrum. 231p.

Book chapterMayer, A.E. (1993)
The fundamentalist impact on law, policy and constitutions in Iran, Pakistan and Sudan
In: Marty, Martin E.; Appleby, R. Scott (eds.), Fundamentalisms and the state: Remaking polities, economies, and militance. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. p. 110-151.

Dissertation / thesisDiop, I. (1992)
L'évolution du statut social de la femme dans l'islam
mémoire de maîtrise. Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. 92p.

BookKöndgen, Olaf (1992)
Das islamisierte Strafrecht des Sudan: von seiner Einführung 1983 bis Juli 1992
Abstract presentHamburg: Deutsches Orient-Institut. Mitteilungen des Deutschen Orient-Instituts #43. 145p.

Periodical articleKöndgen, Olaf (1992)
Die Kodifikation des islamischen Strafrechts im Sudan seit Beginn der 80er Jahre
Wuqûf: Beiträge zur Entwicklung von Staat und Gesellschaft in Nordafrika. #7-8. p. 223-254.

Book chapterMoosa, E. (1992)
'The child belongs to the bed': Illegitimacy and islamic law
In: Burman, S.; Preston-Whyte, E. (eds.), Questionable issue: Illegitimicay in South Africa. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. p. 171-184.

Periodical articlePascal, P. (1992)
A Mayotte, le Coran et la constitution
Les cahiers de l'Orient. Volume 72.

Periodical articleTier, Akolda M. (1992)
Islamization of the Sudan laws and constitution: its allure and its impracticability
Abstract presentVerfassung und Recht in Übersee. Volume 25 #2. p. 199-219.

Periodical articleYeboa, K.Y. (1992)
Ghana's intestate succession law 1985 PNDC Law 111: a requiem to Islamic law of succession for Ghanaian domiciliaries?
Abstract presentAnnual conference - African Society of International and Comparative Law. Volume 4. p. 300-314.

Periodical articleAbun-Nasr, Jamil M. (1991)
Le droit islamique entre 'traditionalisme' et droit occidental au Nigéria
Abstract presentDroit et cultures. #21. p. 51-57.

Book chapterBleuchot, Hervé (1991)
Islam, droit pénal et politique: sur deux ouvrages de Sadiq al-Mahdi
In: Sudan: history, identity, ideology = histoire, identités, idéologies. p. 269-285.

BookCachalia, F. (1991)
The future of Muslim family law in South Africa
Johannesburg: Centre for Applied Legal Studies. 65p.

BookDurand, B. (1991)
Droit musulman: droit successoral: farâ'idh
Paris: Litec. 432p.

Book chapterFluehr-Lobban, C. (1991)
Islamization in Sudan: A critical assessment
In: Sudan: state and society in crisis. p. 71-89.

Periodical articleJhazbhay, Iqbal (1991)
A fatwa from al-Azhar for South Africa: Translation with introduction and notes
Journal for Islamic Studies. Volume 11. p. 43-51.

Book chapterKok, P.N. (1991)
Conflict over law in the Sudan: 'From pluralism to monolithicism'
In: Sudan: history, identity, ideology = histoire, identités, idéologies. p. 235-252.

Periodical articleMakaramba, Robert V. (1991)
The status and application of Islamic law in Tanzania
Abstract presentEastern Africa Law Review. Volume 18 #2. December. p. 277-310.

Periodical articleNduru, M. (1991)
Sudan: Laying down the law for Allah
Index on Censorship. Volume 20 #2. p. 17-18, 20.

BookSaadi, Nouredine (1991)
La femme et la loi en Algérie
Abstract presentTokyo: UNU. Femmes Maghreb horizon 2000. 169p.

BookSow Sidibé, Amsatou (1991)
Le pluralisme juridique en Afrique: (l'exemple du droit successoral sénégalais)
Abstract presentParis: Librairie générale de droit et de jurisprudence. Bibliothèque africaine et malgache, Droit, sociologie politique et économie. 383p.

Periodical articleYadudu, A.H. (1991)
Constitution-making and the politicisation of Shari'a in Nigeria
Journal of Islamic and Comparative Law. Volume 19.

Periodical articleDuniya, F. (1990)
The politics of Sharî'a and the constitution of Nigeria
Encounter (Rome). Volume 169-170.

Dissertation / thesisHirsch, S.F. (1990)
Gender and disputing: Insurgent voices in coastal Kenyan Muslim courts
Ph.D. dissertation. Duke University.

Periodical articleMarchesin, P. (1990)
Juge moderne et droit musulman: le cas de la Mauritanie
Afrique contemporaine. #156. p. 261-266.

Dissertation / thesisMoosa, N. (1990)
A comparative study of the South African and Islamic law of succession and matrimonial property with special attention to the implications for the Muslim woman
master thesis. University of Western Cape. 121p.

Book chapterNadvi, S.H.u. (1990)
Towards the recognition of Islamic personal law
In: Sanders, A.J.G.M. (ed.), The Internal Conflict of Law in South Africa. Durban: Butterworths. p. 13-24.

Dissertation / thesisNaniya, T.N. (1990)
The transformation of the administration of justice in Kano emirate 1903-1966
Ph.D. dissertation. Bayero University Kano.

BookRasmussen, L. (1990)
Religion and property in Northern Nigeria: Socio-economic development and Islamic and Christian influence in Northern Nigeria, with special reference to the rights and views of property among the Birom and Kilba
Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag. Studia Missionalia Upsalensia, LII. 279p.

Dissertation / thesisSuleiman, A.B. (1990)
The role of Shahuci and School for Arabic Studies in the Development of Legal Education in Nigeria to 1967
master thesis. Bayero University Kano.

Periodical articleAjetunmobi, M.A. (1989)
Colonial impact on Shari'ah legal education in Nigeria
Muslim Education Quarterly. Volume 6 #4. p. 53-66.

BookAjijola, A.D. (1989)
The Islamic conception of law
Kaduna: Straight Path Publishers. 281p.

Periodical articleConstantin, F. (1989)
Loi de l'islam contre loi de l'état: petite chronique d'un été kenyan
Islam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara. #3. p. 207-223.

Book chapterDoi, Abdur Rahman I (1989)
The impact of English law concepts on the administration of Islamic law in Nigeria
Abstract presentIn: African and Western legal systems in contact. p. 25-56.

Dissertation / thesisLubbe, G.J.A. (1989)
The Muslim Judicial Council: A descriptive and analytical investigation
Ph.D. dissertation. University of South Africa. 265p.

Periodical articleNa'im, Abdullahi A. (1989)
See this publicationConstitutionalism and Islamization in the Sudan
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 36 #3-4. 3rd-4th Quarters. p. 11-28.

Dissertation / thesisZein, I.M. (1989)
Religion, legality, and the state: 1983 Sudanese penal code
Ph.D. thesis. Temple University. 370p.

Periodical articleAbdin, A.Z. Al- (1988)
Introduction to the Sudan Charter
Abstract presentBulletin on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa. Volume 6 #1. January. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleAbun-Nasr, J.M. (1988)
Zur politischen Bedeutung der Berufungsgerichte für die Muslime in Nigeria
Die Welt des Islams. Volume 28. p. 38-61.

Periodical articleAjetunmobi, M.A. (1988)
Shari'ah law reporting in Nigeria
Hamdard Islamicus. Volume 11 #3. p. 77-87.

Periodical articleDoi, A.I. (1988)
Impact of the concept of 'equity, justice and good conscience' on the administration of Islamic law in Nigeria
Islamic and Comparative Law Quarterly. Volume 8. p. 105-122.

Dissertation / thesisElkhalifa, A.R. (1988)
Development and future of English law and Islamic law in the Sudan
DCL thesis. McGill University.

Dissertation / thesisMoosa, E. (1988)
Application of Muslim personal and family law in South Africa: Law, ideology and socio-political implications
master thesis. University of Cape Town. 112p.

Periodical articleNa'im, A.A.a. (1988)
Constitutionalism and islamization in the Sudan
Third World Legal Studies. Volume 7. p. 99-118.

Periodical articleNadvi, S.H.u. (1988)
Problems of safeguarding the Muslim personal law in South Africa
Journal for Islamic Studies. Volume 12. p. 138-252.

Periodical articleNataloni, Maria Chiara (1988)
See this publicationNote sul diritto sudanese: la riforma islamica del Codice Penale
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 43 #3. p. 337-359.

Periodical articleNjiassé-Njoya, A.; Zouya Mimbang, L. (1988)
Contribution à l'étude du droit islamique appliqué au tribunal coutumier de Ngaoundere: les affaires matrimoniales et successoriales chez les Peuls
Revue science et technique: série sciences humaines. Volume 1 #1-2/3-4. p. 59-76.

BookOmar, Mahomed Shoaib (1988)
The Islamic law of succession and its application in South Africa
Abstract presentDurban: Butterworths. 105p.

Book chapterSafwat, S. (1988)
Islamic laws in the Sudan
In: Azmeh, A.a. (ed.), Islamic law: Social and historical contexts. London: Routledge. p. 231-249.

Book chapterSulaiman, Ibraheem K.R. (1988)
The future of the Shariah: Lessons from the Sokoto Caliphate
In: Naseef, Abdullah Omar (ed.), Today's problems, tomorrow's solutions: The future structure of Muslim societies. London: Mansell. p. 42-59.

BookAziz, Z. (1987)
The Ahmadiyya case: Famous religious court case in Cape Town between Lahore Ahmadiyya Muslims and Sunni Muslim religious bodies
Newark: Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at Islam Lahore. 359p.

Periodical articleFluehr-Lobban, C. (1987)
Islamization of law in the Sudan
Legal Studies Forum. Volume 10 #2. p. 189-204.

BookFluehr-Lobban, Carolyn (1987)
Islamic law and society in the Sudan
Abstract presentLondon: Frank Cass. 320p.

BookJarma, A.A. (1987)
Inheritance in Islam
Zaria: Hudahuda Publishing Company. 36p.

Book chapterLe Guennec-Coppens, F. (1987)
Le manyahuli grand-comorien: un système de transmission des biens peu orthodoxe en pays musulman
In: Gast, M. (ed.), Hériter en pays musulman: habus, lait vivant, manyahuli. Marseille: Éditions du CNRS. p. 257-268.

Periodical articleOnaiyekan, J.O. (1987)
The Sharî'a and the constitution of Nigeria: A Christian view
Encounter (Rome). Volume 133.

Dissertation / thesisSidibe, Z. (1987)
Impact des religions sur les structures juridico-politiques au Mali depuis 1960: cas de l'Islam et du Christianisme
mémoire de fin d'études. ENA, Bamako.

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