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Periodical articleWynne-Jones, Stephanie (2007)
Creating Urban Communities at Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania, AD 800-1300
Antiquity. Volume 81 #312. June. p. 368-380.

Periodical articleLane, Paul; Ashley, Ceri; Seitsonen, Oula; Harvey, Paul; Mire, Sada; Odede, Frederick (2007)
The Transition to Farming in Eastern Africa: New Faunal and Dating Evidence from Wadh Lang'o and Usenge, Kenya
Antiquity. Volume 81 #311. March. p. 62-81.

Periodical articleMguni, Siyakha (2006)
King's Monuments: Identifying 'Formlings' in Southern African San Rock Paintings
Antiquity. Volume 80 #309. September. p. 583-598.

Periodical articleBarich, Barbara E.; Garcea, Elena A.A.; Giraudi, Carlo (2006)
Between the Mediterranean and the Sahara: Geoarchaeological Reconnaissance in the Jebel Gharbi, Libya
Antiquity. Volume 80 #309. September. p. 567-582.

Periodical articleKeita, S.O.Y.; Boyce, A.J. (2006)
Variation in Porotic Hyperostosis in the Royal Cemetery Complex at Abydos, Upper Egypt: A Social Interpretation
Antiquity. Volume 80 #307. p. 64-73.

Periodical articleKawatoko, Mutsuo (2005)
Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to the Islamic Period in Egypt and the Red Sea Coast
Antiquity. Volume 79 #306. p. 844-857.

Periodical articleDe Meulemeester, Johnny (2005)
Islamic Archaeology in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 79 #306. p. 837-843.

Periodical articleDe Meulemeester, Johnny (2005)
Granaries and Irrigation: Archaeological and Ethnological Investigations in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 79 #305. p. 609-615.

Periodical articleThackeray, J. Francis (2005)
The Wounded Roan: A Contribution to the Relation of Hunting and Trance in Southern African Rock Art
Antiquity. Volume 79 #303. March. p. 5-18.

Periodical articleWadley, lyn; Williamson, Bonny; Lombard, Marlize (2004)
Ochre in Hafting in Middle Stone Age Southern Africa: A Practical Role
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 661-675.

Periodical articleMulvin, Lynda; Sidebotham, Steven E. (2004)
Roman Game Boards from Abu Sha'ar (Red Sea Coast, Egypt)
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 602-617.

Periodical articleHuysecom, E.; Ozainne, S.; Raeli, F.; Ballouche, A.; Rasse, M.; Stokes, S. (2004)
Ounjougou (Mali): A History of Holocene Settlement at the Southern Edge of the Sahara
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 579-593.

Periodical articleKobusiewicz, Michal; Kabacinski, Jacek; Schild, Romuald; Irish, Joel D.; Wendorf, Fred (2004)
Discovery of the First Neolithic Cemetery in Egypt's Western Desert
Antiquity. Volume 78 #301. September. p. 566-578.

Periodical articleAsombang, Raymond N. (2004)
Interpreting Standing Stones in Africa: A Case Study in North-West Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 78 #300. June. p. 294-305.

Periodical articleMurail, P.; Maureille, B.; Peresinotto, D.; Geus, F. (2004)
An Infant Cemetery of the Classic Kerma Period (1750-1500 BC, Island of Sai, Sudan)
Antiquity. Volume 78 #300. June. p. 267-277.

Periodical articleStahl, Ann B.; Stahl, Peter W. (2004)
Ivory Production and Consumption in Ghana in the Early Second Millennium AD
Antiquity. Volume 78 #299. March. p. 86-101.

Periodical articlePeressinotto, D.; Schmitt, A.; Lecointe, Y.; Pouriel, R.; Geus, F. (2004)
Neolithic Nomads at El Multaga, Upper Nubia, Sudan
Antiquity. Volume 78 #299. March. p. 54-60.

Periodical articleStocks, Denys A. (2003)
Immutable Laws of Friction: Preparing and Fitting Stone Blocks into the Pyramid of Giza
Antiquity. Volume 77 #297. September. p. 572-578.

Periodical articleChrisomalis, Stephen (2003)
The Egyptian Origin of the Greek Alphabetic Numerals
Antiquity. Volume 77 #297. September. p. 485-496.

Periodical articleTodd, Lawrence; Glantz, Michelle; Kappelman, John (2003)
Chilga Kernet: An Acheulean Landscape on Ethiopia's Western Plateau
Antiquity. Volume 76 #293. September. p. 611-612.

Periodical articleD'Andreal, Andrea; Gallotti, Rosalia; Piperno, Marcello (2002)
Taphonomic Interpretation of the Developed Oldowan Site of Garba IV (Melka Kunture, Ethiopia) through a GIS Application
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 991-1001.

Periodical articleDesie, Asamerew; Cain, Chester; Finneran, Niall; Harlow, Michael; Phillips, Jacke (2002)
Combating the Destruction of Ethiopia's Archaeological Heritage
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 955-956.

Periodical articleStern, Nicola (2002)
FxJj43: An Early Stone Age Locality in Northern Kenya
Antiquity. Volume 76 #294. October. p. 925-926.

Periodical articleHuysecom, Eric (2002)
Palaeoenvironment and Human Population in West Africa: An International Research Project in Mali
Antiquity. Volume 76 #292. June. p. 335-336.

Periodical articleBuckland, P.C.; Panagiotakopulu, E. (2001)
Rameses II and the Tobacco Beetle
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 549-556.

Periodical articleCopley, Mark S.; Evershed, Richard P.; Rose, Pamela J.; Clapham, Alan; Edwards, David N.; Horton, Mark C. (2001)
Processing Palm Fruits in the Nile Valley - Biomolecular Evidence from Qasr Ibrim
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 538-542.

Periodical articleReeves, Nicholas (2001)
An Amarna-Period Ostracon from the Valley of the Kings
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 501-502.

Periodical articleBarton, R.N.E.; Bouzouggar, A.; Stringer, C.B. (2001)
Bridging the Gap: New Fieldwork in Northern Morocco
Antiquity. Volume 75 #289. September. p. 489-490.

Periodical articleD'Andreal, A.C.; Klee, M.; Casey, J. (2001)
Archaeological Evidence for Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum) in Sub-Saharan West Africa)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 341-348.

Periodical articleD'Errico, Francesco; Henshilwood, Christopher; Nilssen, Peter (2001)
An Engraved Bone Fragment from c. 70,000-Year-Old Middle Stone Age Levels at Blombos Cave, South Africa: Implications for the Origin of Symbolism and Language
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 309-318.

Periodical articleHerries, Andy I.R.; Latham, Alf G.; Kuykendall, Kevin L. (2001)
The Use of 'SRT' in Sampling the Makapansgat Limeworks Hominid Palaeocave, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 75 #288. June. p. 251-252.

Periodical articleStocks, Denys A. (2001)
Testing Ancient Egyptian Granite-Working Methods in Aswan, Upper Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 89-94.

Periodical articleHuyge, D.; Watchman, A.; De Dapper, M.; Marchi, E. (2001)
Dating Egypt's Oldest 'Art': AMS 14C Age Determinations of Rock Varnishes Covering Petroglyphs at El-Hosh (Upper Egypt)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 68-72.

Periodical articleMacEachern, Scott; Bourges, Claire; Reeves, Maureen (2001)
Early Horse Remains from Northern Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 62-67.

Periodical articleShaw, Ian; Bloxa, Elizabeth; Graham, Angus; Bunbury, Judith; Lee, Richard; Darnell, Deborah (2001)
Survey and Excavation at the Gebel el-Asr Gneiss and Quartz Quarries in Lower Nubis (1997-2000)
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 33-34.

Periodical articleSnape, Steven (2001)
Neb-Re and the Heart of Darkness: The Latest Discoveries from Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham
Antiquity. Volume 75 #287. March. p. 19-20.

Periodical articleHaour, Anne (2000)
The Former Kano? Ethnoarchaeology of Kufan Kanawa, Niger
Antiquity. Volume 74 #286. December. p. 767-768.

Periodical articleInsoll, Timothy (2000)
The Origins of Timbuktu
Antiquity. Volume 74 #285. September. p. 483-484.

Periodical articleSmith, Benjamin (2000)
Archaeology and Symbolism in the New South African Coast of Arms
Antiquity. Volume 74 #285. September. p. 467-468.

Periodical articleReid, Andrew; Segobye, Alinah K. (2000)
An Ivory Cache from Botswana
Antiquity. Volume 74 #284. June. p. 326-331.

Periodical articleKeenan, Jeremy (2000)
The Theft of Saharan Rock-Art
Antiquity. Volume 74 #284. June. p. 287-288.

Periodical articleReid, Andrew; Young, Ruth (2000)
Pottery Abrasion and the Preparation of African Grains
Antiquity. Volume 74 #283. March. p. 101-111.

Periodical articleLambert-Zazulak, Patricia (2000)
The International Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank at the Manchester Museum
Antiquity. Volume 74 #283. March. p. 44-48.

Periodical articleVermeersch, P.M.; Paulissen, E.; Van Peer, P.; Stokes, S.; Charlier, C.; Stringer, C.; Lindsay, W. (1998)
A Middle Palaeolithic Burial of a Modern Human at Taramsa Hill, Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 72 #283. March. p. 475-484.

Periodical articleWasylikowa, Krystyna; Mitka, Joazef; Wendor, Fred; Schild, Romuald (1997)
Exploitation of Wild Plants by the Early Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers of the Western Desert, Egypt: Nabta Playa as a Case-Study
Antiquity. Volume 71 #274. December. p. 932-942.

Periodical articleOuzman, Sven; Wadley, Lyn (1997)
A History in Paint and Stone from Rose Cottage Cave, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 71 #272. June. p. 386-404.

Periodical articleMitchell, Peter J. (1996)
The Late Quaternary Landscape at Sehonghong in the Lesotho Highlands, Southern Africa
Antiquity. Volume 70 #269. September. p. 623-638.

Periodical articleLyons, Diane (1996)
The Politics of House Shape: Round versus Rectilinear Domestic Structures in Dela Compounds, Northern Cameroon
Antiquity. Volume 70 #268. June. p. 351-367.

Periodical articleEddy, Michael R. (1995)
Politics and Archaeology in the Canary Islands
Antiquity. Volume 69 #264. September. p. 444-448.

Periodical articleInsoll, Timothy (1995)
A Cache of Hippopotamus Ivory at Gao, Mali; and a Hypothesis of its Use
Antiquity. Volume 69 #263. June. p. 327-336.

Periodical articleShaw, Ian (1994)
Pharaonic Quarrying and Mining: Settlement and Procurement in Egypt's Marginal Regions
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 108-109.

Periodical articleMitchell, Peter (1994)
The Archaeology of the Phuthiatsana-ea-Thaba Bosiu Basin, Lesotho, Southern Africa: Changes in Later Stone Age Regional Demography
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 83-96.

Periodical articleSealy, Judith; Yates, Royden (1994)
The Chronology of the Introduction of Pastoralism to the Cape, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 68 #258. March. p. 58-67.

Periodical articleLewis-Williams, David; Dowson, Thomas A.; Deacon, Janette (1993)
Rock Art and Changing Perceptions of Southern Africa's Past: Ezeljagdspoort Reviewed
Antiquity. Volume 67 #255. June. p. 273-291.

Periodical articleLenoble, Patrice; Shari, Nigm e.D.M. (1992)
Barbarians at the Gates? The Royal Mounds of El Hobagi and the End of Meroe
Antiquity. Volume 66 #252. September. p. 626-635.

Periodical articleBonnet, Charles (1992)
Excavations at the Nubian Royal Town of Kerma: 1975-91
Antiquity. Volume 66 #252. September. p. 611-625.

Periodical articleKrzyzaniak, Lech (1991)
Early Farming in the Middle Nile Basin: Recent Discoveries at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Antiquity. Volume 65 #248. September. p. 515-532.

Periodical articleConnah, Graham (1991)
The Salt of Bunyoro: Seeking the Origins of an African Kingdom
Antiquity. Volume 65 #248. September. p. 479-494.

Periodical articleKrause, Richard A. (1990)
Ceramic Practice and Semantic Space: An Ethnoarchaeological Inquiry into the Logic of Bantu Potting
Antiquity. Volume 64 #245. December. p. 711-726.

Periodical articleClose, Angela E. (1990)
Living on the Edge: Neolithic Herders in the Eastern Sahara
Antiquity. Volume 64 #242. March. p. 79-96.

Periodical articleBaines, John (1989)
Communication and Display: The Integration of Early Egyptian Art and Writing
Antiquity. Volume 63 #240. September. p. 471-482.

Periodical articleMcHugh, William P.; Schaber, Gerald G.; Breed, Carol S.; McCauley, John F. (1989)
Neolithic Adaptation and the Holocene Functioning of Tertiary Palaeodrainages in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan
Antiquity. Volume 63 #239. June. p. 320-336.

Periodical articleRowling, J. Thompson (1989)
The Rise and Decline of Surgery in Dynastic Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 63 #239. June. p. 312-319.

Periodical articleParkington, John (1989)
Interpreting Paintings without a Commentary: Meaning and Motive, Content and Composition in the Rock Art of the Western Cape, South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 63 #238. March. p. 13-26.

Periodical articleSchrire, Carmel (1988)
The Historical Archaeology of the Impact of Colonialism in 17th-Century South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 62 #235. June. p. 214-225.

Periodical articleSmith, H.S.; Jeffreys, D.G. (1986)
A Survey of Memphis, Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 60 #229. July. p. 88-95.

Periodical articleRoe, Derek A.; Olsen, John W.; Underwood, James R.; Giegengack, Robert F. (1982)
A Handaxe of Libyan Desert Glass
Antiquity. Volume 56 #217. July. p. 88-92.

Periodical articleHarrison, R.G.; Connolly, R.C.; Ahmed, Soheir; Abdalla, A.B.; El Ghawaby, M. (1979)
A Mummified Foetus from the Tomb of Tutankkhamun
Antiquity. Volume 53 #207. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleMellart, James (1979)
Egyptian and Near Eastern Chronology: A Dilemma?
Antiquity. Volume 53 #207. March. p. 6-18.

Periodical articleKemp, Barry J. (1977)
The Early Development of Towns in Egypt
Antiquity. Volume 51 #203. November. p. 185-200.

Periodical articleVan Noten, Francis (1977)
Excavation at Matupi Cave
Antiquity. Volume 51 #201. March. p. 35-40.

Periodical articleSutton, J.E.G. (1977)
The African Aqualithic
Antiquity. Volume 51 #201. March. p. 25-34.

Periodical articleGilman, Antonio (1974)
Neolithic of Northwest Africa
Antiquity. Volume 48 #192. December. p. 273-282.

Periodical articleMori, Fabrizio (1974)
The Earliest Saharan Rock-Engravings
Antiquity. Volume 48 #190. June. p. 87-92.

Periodical articleVinnicombe, Patricia (1972)
Motivation in African Rock Art
Antiquity. Volume 46 #182. June. p. 124-133.

Periodical articleFairman, H.W. (1972)
Tutankhamun and the End of the 18th Dynasty
Antiquity. Volume 46 #181. March. p. 15-18.

Periodical articleHarrison, R.G.; Abdalla, A.B. (1972)
The Remains of Tutankhamun
Antiquity. Volume 46 #181. March. p. 8-14.

Periodical articleShaw, Thurstan (1969)
Archaeology in Nigeria
Antiquity. Volume 43 #171. September. p. 187-199.

Periodical articleKemp, Barry J. (1967)
The Egyptian 1st Dynasty Royal Cemetery
Antiquity. Volume 41 #161. March. p. 22-32.

Periodical articleParadisi, Umberto (1965)
Prehistoric Art in the Gebel el-Akdar (Cyrenaica)
Antiquity. Volume 39 #154. June. p. 95-101.

Periodical articleGraziosi, Paolo (1964)
New Discoveries of Rock Paintings in Ethiopia, Part Two
Antiquity. Volume 38 #151. September. p. 187-190.

Periodical articleCaton-Thompson, Gertrude (1964)
Zimbabwe, All Things Considered
Antiquity. Volume 38 #150. June. p. 99-102.

Periodical articleGraziosi, Paolo (1964)
New Discoveries of Rock Paintings in Ethiopia, Part One
Antiquity. Volume 38 #150. June. p. 91-98.

Periodical articleSmith, H.S. (1964)
Egypt and C14 Dating
Antiquity. Volume 38 #149. March. p. 32-37.

Periodical articleLeakey, L.S.B. (1962)
The Olduvai Discoveries
Antiquity. Volume 36 #142. June. p. 119-122.

Periodical articleNapier, J.R.; Weiner, J.S. (1962)
Olduvai Gorge and Human Origins
Antiquity. Volume 36 #141. March. p. 41-47.

Periodical articleVita-Finzi, Claudio (1961)
Roman Dams in Tripolitania
Antiquity. Volume 35 #137. March. p. 14-20.

Periodical articleGoodchild, Richard (1960)
A Byzantine Palace at Apollonia (Cyrenaica)
Antiquity. Volume 34 #136. December. p. 246-258.

Periodical articleBowen, Richard L. (1960)
Egypt's Earliest Sailing Ships
Antiquity. Volume 34 #134. June. p. 117-131.

Periodical articleReynolds, J.M.; Brogan, Olwen; Smith, David (1958)
Inscriptions in the Libyan Alphabet from Ghirza in Tripolitania
Antiquity. Volume 32 #126. June. p. 112-115.

Periodical articleMalan, B.D. (1957)
Old and New Rock Engravings in Natal, South Africa: A Zulu Game
Antiquity. Volume 31 #123. September. p. 153-154.

Periodical articleBovill, E.W. (1956)
The Camel and the Garamantes
Antiquity. Volume 30 #117. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleSummers, Roger (1955)
The Dating of the Zimbabwe Ruins
Antiquity. Volume 29 #114. June. p. 107-111.

Periodical articleMathew, Gervase (1953)
Recent Discoveries in East African Archaeology
Antiquity. Volume 27 #108. December. p. 212-218.

Periodical articleSummers, Roger (1952)
Inyanga: A Preliminary Report
Antiquity. Volume 26 #102. June. p. 71-75.

Periodical articleGoodchild, R.G. (1951)
'Libyan' Forts in South-West Cyrenaica
Antiquity. Volume 25 #99. September. p. 131-144.

Periodical articleArkell, A.J. (1951)
Possible Magdalenian Survivals in Africa
Antiquity. Volume 25 #97. March. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleClark, W.E. Le Gros (1950)
'Ape-Men' of South Africa
Antiquity. Volume 24 #96. December. p. 179-186.

Periodical articleAddison, F. (1950)
Archaeological Discoveries on the Blue Nile
Antiquity. Volume 24 #93. March. p. 12-24.

Periodical articleMatthews, Derek H. (1949)
The Restoration of the Monastery Church of Debra Damo, Ethiopia
Antiquity. Volume 23 #92. December. p. 188-200.

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