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Periodical articleBishku, Michael B. (2021)
South Africa and the Arab States of Mediterranean North Africa
Maghreb Review. Volume 46 #4.

Periodical articleBishop, Michael (2021)
See this publicationAsserting Customary Fishing Rights in South Africa
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 47 #2. p. 291-308.

Periodical articleBlum, Françoise; Chomentowski, Gabrielle; Katsakioris, Constantin (2021)
See this publicationAu cœur des réseaux africano-soviétiques: archives et trajectoire de l'écrivain-cinéaste sénégalais Ousmane Sembène
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 3. p. 99-135.

Periodical articleBoamah, Frederick (2021)
See this publicationDiplomacy and the challenges of resolving maritime boundary disputes in West Africa: Weighing the options in the case of Ghana and its immediate neighbours
International Journal of Maritime History. Volume 33 #4. p. 773-790.

Periodical articleBolton, Caitlyn (2021)
See this publication'Useful' Knowledge and Moral Education in Zanzibar Between Colonial and Islamic Reform, 1916-1945
Islamic Africa. Volume 12 #1. p. 27-54.

Periodical articleBoma, Alvine Longla (2021)
See this publicationThe Legal Framework for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Cameroon by Non-Governmental Organisations
Abstract presentRecht in Afrika = Law in Africa = Droit en Afrique. Volume 24 #1. p. 29-45.

Periodical articleBonacci, Giulia (2021)
See this publicationLa promesse de l'Afrique. Chief M. K. O. Abiola et les réparations pour l'esclavage et le colonialisme, 1990-1993
Esclavages & Post-esclavages. Volume 5.

Periodical articleBonciani, Rodrigo Faustinoni; Baierle, Verônica (2021)
See this publicationA Vida de um soldado no Atlântico, fim do século XVI: o processo inquisitorial contra Gaspar da Cunha
Revista de Fontes. Volume 8 #14. p. 1-17.

Periodical articleBonciani, Rodrigo Faustinoni; Silveira, Amanda Santos (2021)
See this publicationUm pombeiro nas origens do Atlântico:: o processo contra Aires Fernandes, o Dinga Dinga
Afro-Ásia. Volume 64. p. 520-591.

Periodical articleBonnecase, Vincent (2021)
See this publicationDemocracy and Adjustment in Niger: A Conflict of Rationales
International Review of Social History. Volume 66 #S29. p. 181-214.

Periodical articleBoscariol, Mariana (2021)
See this publicationSão Jorge da Mina and Macao: a comparative reappraisal of European encounters
Journal of the British Academy. Volume 9 #4 Supplement. p. 32-57.

Periodical articleBosibori, Catheline Nyabwengi (2021)
See this publication'The Men Watching Our Borders': The Evolution, Identity, and Tenacity of Chinkororo in Gusii, Kenya
Les Cahiers d'Afrique de l'Est / The East African Review. Volume 56.

Periodical articleBoubrik, Rahal (2021)
Terre des saints itinérants: la Sâqiya al-Hamra
Maghreb Review. Volume 46 #2.

Periodical articleBouchmal, Fatima (2021)
Dix ans après l'inscription de la Diète méditerranéenne de Chefchaouen au patrimoine culturel immatériel de l'UNESCO: Bilan, contraintes et perspectives
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #1. p. 351-369.

Periodical articleBoudouhou, Nouzha (2021)
Le matériel de mouture du site d'El-Mekam (Maroc oriental) première approche
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #1. p. 273-285.

Periodical articleBouguedra, Abdelmadjid (2021)
See this publicationThe challenges to the democratic shift in Algeria: Before and after Bouteflika
Al-Andalus Magreb: Estudios árabes e islámicos. Volume 28. p. 1-16.

Periodical articleBoussaid, Farid (2021)
See this publicationBrothers in Arms: Morocco's Military Intervention in Support of Mobutu of Zaire During the 1977 and 1978 Shaba Crises
The International History Review. Volume 43 #1. p. 185-202.

Periodical articleBradshaw, Joseph M. (2021)
See this publicationRace and military coalitions in the Middle Niger during the second half of the 19th century
Afriques. Volume 12.

Periodical articleBranch, Daniel (2021)
See this publicationPublic letters and the culture of politics in Kenya, c.1960-75
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 15 #2. p. 339-357.

Periodical articleBravo Lozano, Cristina; Quirós Rosado, Roberto (2021)
See this publicationEvangelizzare nella tempesta. Fra' Bonaventura d'Alessano, la 'Restauração' in Portogallo e le origini della Missione del Congo
RiMe. Rivista dell'Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea. Volume 8 #3. p. 163-183.

Periodical articleBrennan, James R. (2021)
See this publicationThe Secret Lives of Dennis Phombeah: Decolonization, the Cold War, and African Political Intelligence, 1953-1974
The International History Review. Volume 43 #1. p. 153-169.

Periodical articleBrennan, James R. (2021)
See this publicationPrint Culture, Islam and the Politics of Caution in Late Colonial Dar es Salaam: A History of Ramadhan Machado Plantan's Zuhra, 1947-1960
Islamic Africa. Volume 12 #1. p. 92-124.

Periodical articleBrichs, Ferran Izquierdo; Feliu Martínez, Laura; Camps Febrer, Blanca (2021)
See this publicationCumulación y resistencias en el norte de África y Oriente Medio: colonialismo, poscolonialismo y neoliberalismo
Ayer. Volume 124. p. 25-51.

Periodical articleBrown, Marie Grace (2021)
See this publication'Get along Without It': Negotiating Domesticity in Imperial Sudan
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 49 #2. p. 201-222.

Periodical articleBruin, Karen de (2021)
See this publicationFrom Viticulture to Commemoration: French Huguenot Memory in the Cape Colony (1688-1824)
Journal of the Western Society for French History. Volume 47.

Periodical articleBucarelli, Massimo (2021)
See this publicationMediterranean Security Challenges, Terrorist Threats and Energy Issues Italy and the Libyan Crisis of the 1980s
Journal of European Economic History. Volume 50 #1. p. 140-164.

Periodical articleBudlender, Geoff (2021)
See this publicationAfterword Searching for the Constitutional Living Customary Law
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 47 #2. p. 327-332.

Periodical articleBueno, Natália (2021)
See this publicationDifferent mechanisms, same result: Remembering the liberation war in Mozambique
Memory Studies. Volume 14 #5. p. 1018-1034.

Periodical articleBurguet, Delphine; Legrip-Randriambelo, Olivia (2021)
See this publicationAncêtres du proche et esprits du lointain: Ethnographies comparatives d'imaginaires religieux à Madagascar
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 241. p. 141-167.

Periodical articleBurrill, Emily (2021)
See this publicationSorting and Seeing: Digitization and Ways of Reading the Archives of French West Africa
Journal of World History. Volume 32 #2. p. 199-217.

Periodical articleBussotti, Luca (2021)
See this publicationReescrevendo a história. A contranarrativa sobre Moçambique contemporâneo a partir do Macuablogs (2004-2018)
Tempo e Argumento. Volume 13 #34. p. 1-37.

Periodical articleBychou, Otman (2021)
See this publicationIrregular Moroccan Units in a Regular War: Second World War Franco-American Views of the Moroccan Goums Revisited
Journal of African Military History. Volume 5 #1. p. 31-57.

Periodical articleBélair, Joanny (2021)
See this publicationNegotiating inclusion by exclusion, or how to secure 'eating' from farmland investments in Tanzania
Canadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 55 #1. p. 183-202.

Periodical articleCahen, Michel (2021)
See this publicationUne source précieuse pour l'étude d'une guérilla de droite: les Cadernos de Gorongosa de la Renamo (Mozambique, 1983-1985)
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 2. p. 143-166.

Periodical articleCaldas, Maria de Lurdes Martins (2021)
See this publicationEntre os interesses (longínquos) da Coroa e as querelas (próximas) entre parentes: a Guiné como assunto de família
Mátria Digital. Volume 9. p. 407-443.

Periodical articleCaldeira, Arlindo (2021)
See this publicationThe Island Trade Route of São Tomé in the 16th Century: Ships, Products, Capitals
RiMe. Rivista dell'Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea. Volume 9 #2. p. 55-76.

Periodical articleCalhaço, Nuno Rosa (2021)
See this publicationUma Perspetiva Sobre o 'Teatro de Operações' de Moçambique
Revista Portuguesa de História Militar. Volume 1.

Periodical articleCaligiuri, Vittorio; Sabatini, Gaetano (2021)
See this publicationFrom Political Independence to Economic Dependence. The Different Trajectories of Stabilisation and Adjustment in Morocco and Tunisia During the 1980s
Journal of European Economic History. Volume 50 #1. p. 235-314.

Periodical articleCann, John P. (2021)
See this publicationBaixa do Cassange
Revista Portuguesa de História Militar. Volume 1.

Periodical articleCanto, Paulino Oliveira do; Gomes, Davidson Arrumo (2021)
See this publicationO legado de Amílcar Cabral reproduzido em jovens líderes comunitários cabo-verdianos
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. Volume 35. p. 131-144.

Periodical articleCapel, Chloé (2021)
See this publicationAuthority Beyond State and Tribe in the Early Medieval Maghrib: The Impact of Climate on the Economic, Social and Political Reorganisation of the Maghrib al-Aqsa in the Eighth-Ninth Centuries: The Case of Sijilmasa (Morocco)
Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean. Volume 33 #1. p. 47-65.

Periodical articleCardina, Miguel; Rodrigues, Inês Nascimento (2021)
See this publicationThe mnemonic transition: The rise of an anti-anticolonial memoryscape in Cape Verde
Memory Studies. Volume 14 #2. p. 380-394.

Periodical articleCarnevale, Alessia (2021)
See this publicationRecording another History: Songs, Martyrs, and the Cultural Memory of the Tunisian Left
Studi Magrebini. Volume 19 #2. p. 266-292.

Periodical articleCarvalho, Marina Bueno de (2021)
See this publicationA poligamia em Une si longue lettre e Niketche: uma história de poligamia
África: Revista do Centro de Estudos Africanos. Volume 42. p. 142-152.

Periodical articleCassidy-Welch, Megan (2021)
See this publicationWild lands and the southern sun: claims to north Africa during the thirteenth-century crusades
Journal of Medieval History. Volume 47 #3. p. 381-393.

Periodical articleCastelo, Cláudia (2021)
See this publicationColonatos e aldeamentos no Niassa, Moçambique: processos e impactos sociais em tempo de guerra (1964-1974)
Tempo. Volume 27 #3.

Periodical articleChachia, Houssem Eddine; Baskins, Cristelle (2021)
Ten Hafsid Letters (1535-1536) from the General Archive of Simancas (Spain). Respecting the Politic Situation in Tunisia after the 1535 Defeat of the Ottoman and the Restoration of Hafsid Rule
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #1. p. 427-438.

Periodical articleChatri, Abdellatif; Chahbi, Otman; Snihji, Mustapha (2021)
See this publicationThe multilevel analysis of students' achievement: Evidence from Morocco
African Development Review. Volume 33 #1. p. 117-129.

Periodical articleChaviano Pérez, Lizbeth J. (2021)
See this publicationCuba, agent formel ou informel de l'impérialisme espagnol dans le Golfe de Guinée?
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 410-411. p. 169-183.

Periodical articleChebli, Denia (2021)
Comment la violence politique pénètre-t-elle l'intimité d'un foyer? Conversations sur une terrasse bamakoise (mai 2016)
20 & 21: Revue d'histoire. Volume 151. p. 35-48.

Periodical articleCheta, Omar Youssef; Schwartz, Kathryn A. (2021)
See this publicationA Printer's Odd Plea to Reform Legal Pluralism in Khedival Egypt
Past and Present. Volume 252 #1. p. 179-211.

Periodical articleChinchilla, Julieta (2021)
See this publicationLa construcción de una 'nueva' mujer argelina: diario de una guerrillera
Revista Paginas. Volume 13 #32. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleChipman, Leigh (2021)
See this publicationCollapse, affluence, and collapse again: contrasting climatic effects in Egypt during the prolonged reign of al-Mustansir (1036-1094)
Mediterranean Historical Review. Volume 36 #2. p. 199-215.

Periodical articleChirwa, Themba G.; Odhiambo, Nicholas M. (2021)
See this publicationBinding constraints to productive investment in Malawi: A modified HRV framework
African Development Review. Volume 33 #1. p. 130-153.

Periodical articleChloé, Capel (2021)
See this publicationHistoire hydraulique et histoire urbaine: Lorsque les pratiques d'irrigation renseignent les dynamiques de peuplement des villes. L'exemple de Sijilmassa
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #4. p. 177-206.

Periodical articleCiarcia, Gaetano (2021)
See this publicationLes mondes poétiques et anthropologiques d'un évadé. Notes en mémoire d'Émile Désiré Ologoudou (1935-2019)
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 244. p. 859-873.

Periodical articleCigar, Norman (2021)
Female Education in Pre-Protectorate Morocco: Obstacles, Opportunities and Implications
Maghreb Review. Volume 46 #4.

Periodical articleClaassens, Aninka; O'Regan, Catherine (2021)
See this publicationEditorial Citizenship and Accountability: Customary Law and Traditional Leadership under South Africa's Democratic Constitution
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 47 #2. p. 155-172.

Periodical articleClark, Hannah-Louise (2021)
See this publicationThe Islamic origins of the French colonial welfare state: hospital finance in Algeria
European Review of History: Revue européenne d'histoire. Volume 28 #5-6. p. 689-717.

Periodical articleClay, Dean (2021)
See this publication'David vs Goliath': The Congo Free State Propaganda War, 1890-1909
The International History Review. Volume 43 #3. p. 457-474.

Periodical articleCoghe, Samuël (2021)
See this publicationBetween colonial medicine and global health: protein malnutrition and UNICEF milk in the Belgian Congo
Medical History. Volume 65 #4. p. 384-402.

Periodical articleCohen, Zelinda (2021)
See this publicationPara lá dos túmulos e da herança patronímica: práticas judaicas nas ilhas Cabo Verde
Hamsa. Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies. Volume 7.

Periodical articleCressier, Patrice (2021)
See this publicationAvant Le Caire: Les premières capitales fatimides: Perspectives archéologiques
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #2. p. 277-307.

Periodical articleCresti, Federico (2021)
'Trabelsiyya': une minorité coloniale: les 'sujets italiens de Libye' en Tunisie (1911-1944)
Maghreb Review. Volume 46 #2.

Periodical articleCurimenha, Marcelino Mendes (2021)
See this publicationCurrículo e cultura nas relações sociais do ensino primário em Angola
Revista de História da UEG. Volume 10 #1.

Periodical articleCórdova Miralles, Álvaro Fernández de (2021)
See this publicationLa empresa norteafricana durante la crisis dinástica: del proyecto tunecino a la cruzada de Felipe I de Castilla (1504-1506)
Historia. Instituciones. Documentos. Volume 48. p. 105-138.

Periodical articleDaimon, Anusa (2021)
See this publicationSettling in Motion as Consciousness: Nyasa (Malawian) Informal Transit across Southern Rhodesia towards South Africa from the 1910s to the 1950s
African Studies. Volume 80 #1. p. 1-20.

Periodical articleDakhli, Leyla (2021)
See this publicationThe Fair Value of Bread: Tunisia, 28 December 1983-6 January 1984
International Review of Social History. Volume 66 #S29. p. 41-68.

Periodical articleDaly, Samuel Fury Childs (2021)
See this publicationThe Portable Coup: The Jurisprudence of 'Revolution' in Uganda and Nigeria
Law and History Review. Volume 39 #4. p. 737-764.

Periodical articleDe Luca, Tania Regina (2021)
See this publicationEurafrica. Vital Space, Demographic Planning and the Division of Labour in the Italian Empire The Legacy of Fascist Autarky
Journal of European Economic History. Volume 50 #1. p. 79-34.

Periodical articleDele-Adedeji, Ini (2021)
See this publicationScarcity in the Study of Boko Haram in Nigeria: Notes from the Field (2013-2016)
Sources. Matériaux & Terrains en études africaines. Volume 2. p. 201-220.

Periodical articleDelius, Peter (2021)
See this publicationChiefly Succession and Democracy in South Africa: Why History Matters
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 47 #2. p. 209-227.

Periodical articleDell'Omo, Augusta (2021)
See this publicationInfernal Handiwork: Trinity Broadcasting Network Aids Apartheid South Africa, 1980-1994
Diplomatic History. Volume 45 #4. p. 767-793.

Periodical articleDelpechin, Jacques (2021)
See this publicationOn how not to write about being colonized
África: Revista do Centro de Estudos Africanos. Volume 42. p. 123-141.

Periodical articleDennerlein, Bettina (2021)
The Gender of Sainthood: Moroccan Hagiography at the End of the XIXth Century
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #1. p. 153-170.

Periodical articleDiagayété, Mohamed (2021)
See this publicationA note on Mawlay 'Abd al-Qadir b. Muhammad al-Sanusi and his relationship with the Caliphate of Hamdallahi
Afriques. Volume 12.

Periodical articleDiandy, Idrissa Yaya; Seck, Alioune Badara (2021)
See this publicationInfrastructures physiques et croissance économique en Afrique de l'Ouest: Le rôle des institutions
African Development Review. Volume 33 #1. p. 154-165.

Periodical articleDias, Alexandra Magnólia (2021)
See this publicationAscensão e resistência do movimento militante islamista no Norte de Moçambique
Relações Internacionais. Volume 69. p. 107-119.

Periodical articleDiko, Nqophisa; Sempijja, Norman (2021)
See this publicationDoes participation in BRICS foster South-South cooperation? Brazil, South Africa, and the Global South
Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 39 #1. p. 151-167.

Periodical articleDireito, Bárbara (2021)
See this publicationLivestock and veterinary health in southern Mozambique in the beginning of the twentieth century: the case of the fight against East Coast fever
História, Ciência, Saúde - Manguinhos. Volume 28 #4. p. 939-959.

Periodical articleDomingos Jr., Manuel (2021)
See this publicationInício da Guerra em Angola 1961. Uma Visão Angolana
Revista Portuguesa de História Militar. Volume 1.

Periodical articleDoyle, Shane (2021)
See this publicationChronology and Causality in Africa's HIV Pandemic: The Production of History between the Laboratory and the Archive
Past and Present. Volume 252 #1. p. 249-290.

Periodical articleDupuis, Xavier; Kasdi, Zheira (2021)
See this publicationRemarques sur quelques gouverneurs de Maurétanie césarienne de la période sévérienne
Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome. Antiquité. Volume 133 #1. p. 249-263.

Periodical articleDème, Alioune; Sall, Moustapha; Thioub, Maguèye (2021)
See this publicationMaritime Cultural Landscape, Social Organization, and Shell Midden Archaeology in Senegambia
Antrope. Volume 13. p. 65-81.

Periodical articleDème, Alioune; Sall, Moustapha; Ba, Mariama; Thiam, Aissata; Sow, Oumar (2021)
See this publicationArtifacts, Heritage, Identity, and Site Protection: A Journey into Public Archaeology in the Middle Senegal Valley
O Ideário Patrimonial. Volume 15. p. 184-203.

Periodical articleDíez Rioja, Ramón (2021)
See this publicationLos proyectos de desembarco en Alhucemas: una estrategia recurrente como solución a la 'rebeldía' en el Rif (1921-1925)
Studia historica. Historia contemporánea. Volume 39. p. 155-187.

Periodical articleEhigiamusoe, Kizito Uyi; Guptan, Vinitha; Narayanan, Suresh (2021)
See this publicationRethinking the impact of GDP on financial development: Evidence from heterogeneous panels
African Development Review. Volume 33 #1. p. 1-13.

Periodical articleEkomene, Genèse Bibi (2021)
See this publicationLa notion de dommage exceptionnel comme base pour la réparation du préjudice subi par les femmes exerçant le petit commerce informel durant la période de l'état d'urgence sanitaire dans la ville de kinshasa
Abstract presentKAS African Law Study Library. Volume 8 #1. p. 135-148.

Periodical articleEkomene, Genèse Bibi (2021)
See this publicationL'éligibilité des femmes aux droits miniers en République Démocratique du Congo (rdc). défis et perspectives
Abstract presentKAS African Law Study Library. Volume 8 #4. p. 575-589.

Periodical articleEl Bouhsini, Latifa (2021)
Les rescapées de l'oubli dans les écrits et dans l'historiographie du Maroc entre le XIème et le XIVème siècle
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #1. p. 17-33.

Periodical articleEl Hilali, Mina; Lissaneddine, Abdelilah (2021)
See this publicationImpact du tourisme sur le patrimonie culturel immatériel: cas de la place Jamaa El Fna à Marrakech
O Ideário Patrimonial. Volume 15. p. 204-224.

Periodical articleElbourne, Elizabeth (2021)
See this publicationRights, Interpersonal Violence and Settler Colonialism in Early Nineteenth-Century South Africa: Thomas Pringle and Scottish Colonialism at the Cape, 1820-1834
Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies. Volume 5 #2. p. 185-214.

Periodical articleElliot, Alice (2021)
See this publicationTrickster hospitality: A Moroccan escalation act
History and Anthropology. Volume 32 #1. p. 129-141.

Periodical articleElliott, Colin P. (2021)
See this publicationThe Ecology of Exchange: The Monetization of Roman Egypt
The American Historical Review. Volume 126 #3. p. 900-921.

Periodical articleEngels, Bettina (2021)
See this publicationPeasant Resistance in Burkina Faso's Cotton Sector
International Review of Social History. Volume 66 #S29. p. 93-112.

Periodical articleEttahiri, Ahmed Saleh; El Kacimi, Asmae (2021)
See this publicationL'art dans la ville: Les décors sur plâtre de la mosquée al-Qarawiyyin de Fès
Hesperis Tamuda. Volume 56 #2. p. 309-336.

Periodical articleEyang, José Luís Bibang Ondo (2021)
See this publicationLa II República y el estatuto orgánico de los Territorios Españoles del Golfo de Guinea
Historia constitucional: Revista Electrónica de Historia Constitucional. Volume 22. p. 93-524.

Periodical articleEyenga, Georges Macaire (2021)
See this publicationLes nouveaux yeux de l'État? L'introduction de la télésurveillance dans l'espace public à Yaoundé
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 244. p. 753-776.

Periodical articleFageol, Pierre-Éric (2021)
See this publicationAdrien Berget et la question de l'adaptation des contenus d'enseignement en histoire à La Réunion sous la Troisième République
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 410-411. p. 185-204.

Periodical articleFanoli, Francesco (2021)
See this publicationQuelle est ta force et qu'est-ce que tu crois? Stratégies de distinction et tactiques 'mystiques' dans la lutte avec frappe à Dakar
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 243. p. 533-557.

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