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Periodical articleMwihia, J.T. and Straetmans, M. and Ibrahin, A. and Njau, J. and Muhenje, O. and Guracha, A. and Gikundi, S. and Mutonga, D. and Tetteh, C. and Likimani, S. and Breiman, R.F. and Njenga, K. and Lewis, L. (2008)
See this publicationAflatoxin levels in locally grown maize from Makueni District, Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 85 #7. July. p. 311-317.

Periodical articleOkoth, F.A. (2008)
Health hazards of aflatoxin in cereals
East African Medical Journal. Volume 85 #7. July. p. 309-310.

Periodical articleSifuna, A.W. and Njagi, E.N.M. and Okemo, P. and Munyalo, A. and Orinda, G.O. and Kariuki, S. (2008)
See this publicationMicrobiological quality and safety of rastrineobola argentea retailed in Kisumu town markets, Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 85 #10. October. p. 509-513.

Periodical articleAdeniyi, A.A. and Oyem, C.F. (2007)
See this publicationDetermination of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and heavy metals in Tilapia (Hemichromis spp.) and Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in Lagos markets
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 19 #4. December. p. 60-63.

Periodical articleKitaka, J. and Muganwa, M. and Sasanya, J.J. (2006)
Bacterial contaminants in selected cooked foods vended in Kampala
Makerere University Research Journal. Volume 1 #2. September. p. 163-170.

Periodical articleNketsia-Tabiri, J. and Adu-Gyamfi, A. and Owusu-Biney, A. (2006)
See this publicationIrradiation of ready meals for microbiological safety and shelf-life extension. Pt. 1. Microbiological quality of waakye and other ready-to-eat meals
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 39 #1. p. 19-24.

Periodical articleKelbessa U. and Asfaw D. and Yeshi W.M. and Agata N. and Abebe B. and Wubalem Z. (2002)
See this publicationLaboratory studies on the outbreak of gangrenous ergotism associated with consumption of contaminated barley in Arsi, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 16 #3. December. p. 317-323.

Periodical articleMuleta D. and Ashenafi M. (2001)
See this publicationSalmonella, shigella and growth potential of other food-borne pathogens in Ethiopian street vended foods
East African Medical Journal. Volume 78 #11. November. p. 576-580.

Periodical articleOmbui, J.N. and Kagiko, M.M. and Arimi, S.M. (2001)
See this publicationFoodborne diseases in Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 78 #1. January. p. 40-44.

Periodical articleRavaonindrina, N. and Andriamaso, T.H. and Rasolofonirina, N. (2001)
Intoxication après consommation de poisson globe à Madagascar: à propos de 4 cas
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 67 #1-2. p. 61-64.

Periodical articleGetachew F. and Yemane B. and Gebre-Emmanuel T. (1999)
Food handling practice in public caterings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 37 #1. January. p. 1-10.

Periodical articleOsano, O. and Arimi, S.M. (1999)
Retail poultry and beef as sources of campylobacter jejuni
East African Medical Journal. Volume 76 #3. March. p. 141-143.

Periodical articleSiwela, A.H. and Nziramasanga, N. (1999)
See this publicationRegulatory aspects of aflatoxin control in Zimbabwe: a review
Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa. Volume 5 #2. p. 141-147.

Periodical articleGopo, J.M. and Banda, G.N. (1998)
Occurrence of salmonella on meat and products in an ostrich abattoir with a DNA probe
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 63 #6. June. p. 35-36.

Periodical articleMezgebu T. and Mogessie A. (1998)
Microbial load and incidence of salmonella spp. in 'kitfo', a traditional Ethiopian spiced, minced meat dish
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #2. August. p. 135-140.

Periodical articleWolde-Aregay E. and Mogessie A. (1998)
Microbial load and microflora of weaning foods obtained from pediatric outpatients in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #2. August. p. 141-147.

Periodical articleMaeda, G.E. and John, P. and Mtenga, L.A. and Nnko, S.M. (1997)
Significance of condemnation of edible offal from sheep and goat slaughtered at Vingunguti Abattoir, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 17 #supplementary no. 3. p. 98-109.

Periodical articleMarobhe, N.J. (1997)
The use of fatty acid analysis and morphological characteristics for the identification of strains of bacillus cereus group isolated from board producing machines, packaging boards and packaged dairy products
Journal of Building & Land Development. Volume 4 #1. January. p. 16-22.

Periodical articleMpuchane, Sisai F. and Taligoola, H.K. and Gashe, B.A. and Zinzombe, I. and Matsheka, M. (1997)
See this publicationA Mycological Study of Stored Maize and Sorghum Grains
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 29. p. 81-91.

Periodical articleOdeyemi, O.O. (1997)
See this publicationInterspecific competition between the beetles dermestes maculatus Degeer and necrobia rufipes Degeer in dried fish
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 17 #2. April-June. p. 213-220.

Periodical articleOdunola, O.A. (1997)
Individual and combined genotoxic response of boric acid and aflatoxin B1 in escherichia coli PQ37
East African Medical Journal. Volume 74 #8. August. p. 499-502.

Periodical articleZeleke W.T. and Aschalew M. (1997)
Indigenous weaning foods: hygiene and diarrhoeal diseases in rural Ethiopian setting, Jimma Zone
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 11 #2. August. p. 149-156.

Periodical articleMpuchane, S. and Taligoola, H.K. and Gashe, B.A. (1996)
See this publicationFungi associated with imbrasia belina, an edible caterpillar
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 28. p. 193-197.

Periodical articleYusufu, S.D. (1996)
Behaviour of starlings (sturnus vulgaris) eating food treated with insecticide methiocarb
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 8 #1. March. p. 69-72.

Periodical articleDaw, Z.Y. and El-Baroty, G.E. and Mahmoud, E.A. (1995)
See this publicationInhibition of aspergillus parasiticus growth and aflatoxin production by some essential oils
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 3 #4. December. p. 507-517.

Periodical articleAseffa, A. and Getahun M. and Moges T. (1994)
Salmonella newport: outbreak of food poisoning among college students due to contaminated undercooked eggs
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 32 #1. January. p. 1-6.

Periodical articleBabu, S.C. and Subrahmanyam, P. and Chiyembekeza, A.J. and Ng'ongola, D. (1994)
Impact of aflatoxin contamination on groundnut exports in Malawi
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 2 #2. June. p. 215-220.

Periodical articleMogessie A. (1994)
The aerobic microflora and lactic acid bacteria of market ayib
Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 14 #1-2. June. p. 104-111.

Periodical articleFerro, C.M. and Asmerova, D. (1993)
Contaminaçao por salmonella spp em carcaças de frangos
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 4 #2. maio. p. 27-28.

Periodical articleRibot, J.J. (1993)
Le role du vétérinaire dans la prévention des toxiinfections alimentaires
Terre malgache. #23. November. p. 47-52.

Periodical articleAli, M.A.K. (1992)
An effective food control system
Medicus (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 11 #11. November. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleAsefa A. and Aberra G. (1992)
An outbreak of acute toxicity caused by eating food contaminated with datura stramonium
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 6 #1. June. p. 25-31.

Periodical articleKazwala, R.R. (1992)
The epidemiology of emerging bacterial zoonoses associated with foods of animal origin: a brief review
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 12 #2-3-4. p. 71-82.

Periodical articleMosha, R.D. (1992)
Tick control using acaricides in Tanzania: the problem of pesticide residues in edible products
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 12 #2-3-4. p. 103-111.

Periodical articleOmbui, J.N. and Arimi, S.M. and Kayihura, M. (1992)
Beef and dressed chickens as sources of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in Nairobi
East African Medical Journal. Volume 69 #11. November. p. 606-608.

Periodical articleSimango, C. and Dindiwe, J. and Rukure, G. (1992)
Bacterial contamination of food and household stored drinking water in a farmworker community in Zimbabwe
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 38 #4. April. p. 143-149.

Search: su=Food contamination
Found: 36 Record 1-36

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