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Book chapterBirkett, Deborah J. (2004)
The Mysterious Miss Benham
In: Birkett, Deborah J. (ed.), Off the Beaten Track: Three Centuries of Women Travellers. London: National Portrait Gallery. 144p.

BookBoisseau, Tracey Jean (2004)
White Queen: May French-Sheldon and the Imperial Origins of American Feminist Identity
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 258p.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Diana Strickland - from Matadi to Mombasa
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 283-287.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Marguerite Roby - Alone through the Congo
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 275-283.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Mary Hastings Bradley - Gorillas, Game and Glory
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 265-275.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Osa Johnson - Memsahib of the Movies
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 257-265.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Delia Akeley - Homage to a Huntress
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 240-246.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Vivienne de Watteville - Bravery in the Blue
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 233-240.

BookCapstick, Fiona Claire (2004)
The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller through History
Johannesburg, South Africa: Rowland Ward Publications. 363p.

Periodical articleMcDonald, Christie (2004)
See this publicationEthnography, Literature, and Art in the Work of Anne Eisner (Putnam): Making Sense of Colonial Life in the Ituri Forest
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 35 #4. p. 1-16.

BookOldham, Martha (American) (2004)
Africa: Lord Hang Onto Me and Don't Let Go
Enumclaw, Washington: Pleasant Word. 195p.

BookSharp, Marjorie (American)(1927- ) (2004)
Adventures in Africa: Letters to My Grandchildren
North Richland Hills, Texas: Smithfield Press. 250p.

Book chapterCzech, Kenneth P. (2002)
With Arsenic, Rifle, and Camera: Delia Akeley and Osa Johnson
In: Czech, Kenneth P. With Rifle and Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunter. New York: Derrydale Press. p. 161-172.

BookCzech, Kenneth P. (2002)
With Rifle and Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunter
New York: Derrydale Press. 189p.

BookDallemagne-Cookson, Elise Camille Cookson (American)(1933-2005) (2002)
The Red-Eye Fever: Adventures in the Belgian Congo
Philadelphia: Xlibris Corp. 190p.

BookKennedy, Pagan (2002)
Black Livingstone: A True Tale of Adventure in the 19th-Century Congo
New York: Viking. 237p.

Dissertation / thesisTata, Fabian T. (2002)
Blessed Mothers: African-American Missionary Women in English-Speaking Colonial Africa, 1850-1950. Their History, Their Work and Their Impact
Ph.D. dissertation: Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. 510p.

BookJones, Ann (American) (2001)
Looking for Lovedu: Days and Nights in Africa
New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 268p.

BookAllen, Margaret (British)(1931- ) (2000)
Through an Open Door
Bedale, North Yorkshire, Great Britain: Blaisdon Publishing. 190p.

Dissertation / thesisFraney, Laura E. (1999)
'The Devil's Own Tatoo': Violence, Sovereignty and Gender in Victorian Travel Narratives about Africa
Ph.D. dissertation: University of California, Los Angeles, California. 230p.

BookWatson, Pamela (Australian) (1999)
Esprit de Battuta: Alone Across Africa on a Bicycle
London: Aurum Press. 342p.

BookKistner, Alzada Carlisle (American) (1998)
An Affair with Africa: Expeditions and Adventures across a Continent
Washington, DC: Island Press. 246p.

BookMolyneux, Joy (British) (1998)
Look Back with Joy!: Memories from a Full Life in Africa - and beyond
Stoke-on-Trent, Great Britain: Tentmaker Publications. 97p.

BookSteele, Audrey (British) (1998)
Only Half Way: The Diary of an African Journey
Berkshire, Great Britain: Astel Publishing. 309p.

BookHenry, Alice Cobble (American) (1997)
Congo Kaleidoscope
Penney Farms, Florida: A.C. Henry. 250p.

BookJackson, Hazel (British) (1997)
Into Africa
London: Minerva. 281p.

BookKopper, Dorothy Louise (American); Enlow, David R.; Hardaway, Gary (1997)
Assignment Congo
Bakersfield, California: Nlemvo Publishing. 304p.

BookResnick, Laura (1997)
A Blonde in Africa
Alexander, North Carolina: Alexander Books. 351p.

BookRussell, Beryl J. (1997)
Strange Victory: 'Mama' Hall: The Life and Work of Elizabeth Garland Hall, 1867-1933
Kingston, Jamaica: Beryl J. Russell. 98p.

Dissertation / thesisBoisseau, Tracey J. (1996)
The African Adventures of May French-Sheldon: A Critical Cultural Study of an Imperial Feminist
Ph.D. dissertation: State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton, New York. 445p.

Dissertation / thesisRussell, Beryl J. (1996)
A Biographical Study of the Life and Work of Elizabeth Garland Hall
M.A.T.S. Thesis: Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. 116p.

BookDallemagne-Cookson, Elise Camille Cookson (American)(1933-2005) (1995)
The Bearded Lion Who Roars 'Simba Mandefu Mabe'
Santa Barbara, CA: Fithian Press. 286p.

Periodical articleEarly, Julie E. (1995)
Unescorted in Africa: Victorian Women Ethnographers Toiling in the Fields of Sensational Science
Journal of American Culture. Volume 18 #4. Winter. p. 67-75.

BookLagerborg, Mary B. (1995)
Though Lions Roar: The Story of Helen Roseveare, Missionary Doctor to the Congo
Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade. 110p.

BookCampbell, Ffyona (British)(1967- ) (1994)
On Foot through Africa
London: Orion Books Ltd. 349p.

BookKempers, Anne Grimshaw (American) (1993)
Heart of Lightness
Portsmouth, NH: Peter E. Randall Publisher. 258p.

BookAscanio, Jennifer H. (1992)
White Men Don't Have Juju: An American Couple's Adventure through Africa
Chicago: Noble Press. 345p.

BookImperato, Pascal J.; Imperato, Eleanor M. (1992)
They Married Adventure, the Wandering Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 313p.

BookJoris, Lieve (Belgian)(1953- ) (1992)
Back to the Congo
New York: Atheneum. 250p.

BookMacDonald, Dolly (British); Fry, Hazel (1992)
Love Finds a Way: The Inspiring True Story of a Zaire Missionary
London: Marshall Pickering. 149p.

BookBertram, C. Kate Ricardo (British); Trant, Janet Owen (British) (1991)
Letters from the Swamps East Africa, 1936-1937
Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Great Britain: Gas Street Print Centre Limited. 128p.

BookAckerman, Susan Yoder (American)(1945- ) (1990)
Copper Moons
Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press. 263p.

BookBatchelor, John; Batchelor, Julie (1990)
In Stanley's Footsteps: Across Africa from West to East
London: Blandford. 176p.

BookCrowther, Dawn-Starr (1989)
Mary L. Jobe Akeley
Tempe, Arizona: Arizona State University, School of Art. 28p.

BookPage, Robin (British)(1932- ) (1989)
Dust in a Dark Continent
London: Claridge Press. 348p.

BookRicciardi, Lorenzo; Ricciardi, Mirella (Kenyan)(1933-) (1989)
African Rainbow: Across Africa by Boat
New York: William Morrow. 335p.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
May French Sheldon, 1847-1936
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 255-263.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dame Margery Freda Perham, 1895-1982
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 217-223.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Osa Leighty Johnson, 1894-1953
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 141-148.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Christina Dodwell, 1951--
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 113-118.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Delia Denning Akeley, 1875-1970
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 9-15.

BookPoole, Edna (1988)
The Time of Flying Butterflies
Oklahoma City; Baltimore, Maryland: Oklahoma Christian Women's Fellowship; Gateway Press. 224p.

BookBartsch, Anna (1987)
The Hidden Hand in the Story of My Life
Nelson, Winnipeg, Canada: Christian Press. 234p.

BookHepburn, Katharine (American)(1909-2003) (1987)
The Making of the African Queen or How I Went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind
New York: New American Library. 129p.

BookWinternitz, Helen (American) (1987)
East along the Equator: A Congo Journey
London: Bodley Head. 274p.

Periodical articleHouston, D. (1986)
The Boy and Girl Next Door Made Movies Far Away
Smithsonian. Volume 17. November. p. 144-148.

Periodical articleMoore, Jeanne M. (1986)
Bebe Bwana (May French Sheldon)
American History Illustrated. Volume 21 #6. October. p. 36-42.

BookRussell, Mary (1986)
The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt: Women Travelers and Their World
London: Collins. 239p.

BookVanderwerff, Corrine (American) (1986)
Ten Days
Boise, ID: Pacific Press Publishing Association. 96p.

Periodical articleAlden, Evelyn V. (1985)
A Bibliography of Books Written by Osa Johnson
The Johnson Wait-a-Bit News. Volume 6 #2. p. 1-7.

Book chapterOlds, Elizabeth F. (1985)
Delia J. Akeley, 1875-1970
In: Olds, Elizabeth F. Women of the Four Winds. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin Company. p. 71-153.

BookOlds, Elizabeth F. (1985)
Women of the Four Winds
Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 318p.

Book chapterRobeson, Eslanda (Essie) Cardoza (Goode)(American)(1896-1965) (1985)
Eslanda Robeson
In: Culley, Margo (ed.). A Day at a Time: The Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present. New York: Feminist Press at the City University of New York. p. 226-247.

BookDyck, Susie Brucks (Canadian)(1909-1983) (1983)
To God Be the Glory!: My Life as God's Servant in Africa
Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada: Christian Press. 91p.

BookGoertzen, Anna Rose (American) (1982)
Mama Nlundi - Our Adopted Mother
New York: Vantage. 155p.

Book chapterJacobs, Sylvia M. (1982)
Their 'Special Mission': Afro-American Women as Missionaries to the Congo, 1894-1937
In: Jacobs, Sylvia M. (ed.). Black Americans and the Missionary Movement in Africa. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies #66. p. 155-176.

BookBrown, Zella M. (1981)
Trail-Blazers in Livingstone Country. The Story of Ronald and Margaret Collett
Winona Lake, Indiana: Light and Life Press. 144p.

BookGordon, Rene (British) (1980)
Africa: A Continent Revealed
London; Cape Town: Country Life Books; C. Struik. 280p.

BookHatch, Olivia Stokes (American) (1980)
Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo, 1932
Washington, DC: Distributed by A.C.E. Distribution Center. 162p.

Periodical articleStott, Kenhelm W. (1980)
Martin and Osa Johnson: Exploration Was Their Way of Life
Explorers Journal. Volume 58 #3. p. 106-109.

BookDodwell, Christina (British)(1951-) (1979)
Travels with Fortune: An African Adventure
London: W.H. Allen. 316p.

BookRoseveare, Helen (Irish)(1925-2016) (1979)
Living Sacrifice
London; Chicago: Hodder and Stoughton; Moody Press. 125p.

BookStott, Kenhelm W. (1978)
Exploring with Martin and Osa Johnson
Chanute, Kansas: Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum Press. 133p.

BookRoseveare, Helen (Irish)(1925-2016) (1976)
He Gave Us a Valley
Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press. 188p.

BookChavis, Grace L. (American) (1975)
Reflections on Africa
Hicksville, New York: Exposition Press. 70p.

BookCole, Mary (Irish) (1975)
Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. 246p.

BookVass, Winifred Kellersberger (American)(1912- ) (1975)
Thirty-One Banana Leaves
Atlanta: John Knox Press. 64p.

BookPerham, Margery Freda (British)(1895-1982) (1974)
African Apprenticeship: An Autobiographical Journey in Southern Africa, 1929
New York; London: Africana; Faber. 268p.

Periodical articleStott, Kenhelm W. (1974)
In the Footsteps of Martin and Osa Johnson
Zoonooz. #57. July. p. 4-11.

Periodical articleMiddleton, Dorothy (1973)
See this publicationSome Victorian Lady Travellers
The Geographical Journal. Volume 139 #1. February. p. 65-75.

BookKenny, Lona B. (Polish/American)(1921- ) (1972)
Mboka; A Congo Memoir
New York: Crown Publishers. 264p.

BookWilliamson, Glenn (1972)
Frank and Hazel: The Adamsons of Kibogora
Winona Lake, Minnesota: Light and Life Press. 124p.

BookHarrison, Mary (American)(1893- ) (1969)
Mama Harri - and No Nonsense: Missionary Memories of a Congo Casualty
Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade. 128p.

BookBrown, Zola (1967)
Only One Life: The Life and Martyrdom of Phyllis Rine
Cincinnati: Rine Memorial Press. 166p.

BookRoseveare, Helen (Irish)(1925-2016) (1967)
Doctor Returns to Congo
London: Lutterworth Press. 112p.

BookHayes, Margaret (British) (1966)
Captive of the Simbas
British Edition Published as: Missing - Believed Killed. New York: Harper and Row. 191p.

Periodical articleImperato, Pascal J. (1966)
The Martin Johnsons in Africa
Africana. Volume 2 #9. September. p. 18-20.

BookLaw, Virginia (American)(1923- ) (1966)
Appointment Congo
Chicago: Rand McNally. 289p.

BookRoseveare, Helen (Irish)(1925-2016) (1966)
Give Me This Mountain; An Autobiography
Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. 166p.

BookHege, Ruth (American) (1965)
We Two Alone, Attack and Rescue in the Congo
New York; London: Thomas Nelson and Sons. 192p.

Book chapterMiddleton, Dorothy (1965)
May French Sheldon, 1848-1936
In: Middleton, Dorothy. Victorian Lady Travellers. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. p. 90-103.

BookMiddleton, Dorothy (1965)
Victorian Lady Travellers
London: Routledge. 182p.

BookRoseveare, Helen (Irish)(1925-2016) (1965)
Doctor among Congo Rebels
London; Fort Washington, Pennsylvania: Lutterworth Press; Christian Literature Crusade. 104p.

BookHahn, Emily (American)(1905-1997) (1964)
Africa to Me: Person to Person
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 277p.

BookBrom, Olga John (French) (1961)
A Woman in Africa
London: Oldbourne. 222p.

BookClark, Dora Jane Armstrong (American) (1961)
Congo Trails
New York: Vantage Press. 127p.

BookDugauquier, D.P. (1961)
Congo Cauldron
London: Jarrolds. 239p.

BookToy, Barbara (British) (1961)
In Search of Sheba: Across the Sahara to Ethiopia
London: Travel Club. 242p.

BookIsham, Mary Otis (American)(1874-1971) (1960)
Moonlight in the Congo
Privately printed. 24p.

BookRogers, Mirabel (1960)
When Rivers Meet: The Story of the First Trans-African Waterway Expedition
London: Hutchinson. 191p.

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