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BookDagg, Anne Innis (Canadian)(1933- ) (2006)
Pursuing Giraffe: A 1950s Adventure
Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 281p.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Edith Cecil-Porch - A Suffragette on Safari
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 292-294.

BookCapstick, Fiona Claire (2004)
The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller through History
Johannesburg, South Africa: Rowland Ward Publications. 363p.

Periodical articleBerlyn, Philippa (2003)
On Ethel Colquhoun Tawse Jollie
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #22. p. 126-128.

BookMetcalf, Charlotte (British) (2003)
Walking Away: A Film-Maker's African Journal
Bridgnorth, Great Britain: TravellersEye. 256p.

BookShaffer, Tanya (American) (2003)
Somebody's Heart is Burning: A Woman Wanderer in Africa
New York: Vintage Books. 324p.

BookTomlins, Jacqueline (British/Australian)(1962- ). (2003)
A Girl's Own Adventure: Across Africa Any Way Any How
Sydney: New Holland Publishers. 352p.

BookCzech, Kenneth P. (2002)
With Rifle and Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunter
New York: Derrydale Press. 189p.

BookFeader, Barbara L. (American) (2001)
Self-Flying the African Bush: A South and East African Journal
Philadelphia: Xlibris Corp. 203p.

BookFuller, Alexandra (British/American) (2001)
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood
New York: Random House. 301p.

BookLedger, Fiona Sax (2000)
Mr. Bigstuff and the Goddess of Charm: Parties, Cars, Love and Ambition South of the Sahara
London: Picador. 290p.

BookKistner, Alzada Carlisle (American) (1998)
An Affair with Africa: Expeditions and Adventures across a Continent
Washington, DC: Island Press. 246p.

BookAllin, Jessica (British) (1997)
A Breath of Africa
Edinburgh, Scotland: Pentland Press. 231p.

BookBlakemore, Christine Korol (German)(1943- ) (1997)
The People from the Pit: A Trans-African Journey
London: Minerva. 246p.

BookHurst, Una (British) (1997)
Memories of Africa
London: Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. 78p.

BookJackson, Hazel (British) (1997)
Into Africa
London: Minerva. 281p.

BookLessing, Doris May (British)(1919-2013) (1997)
Walking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography, 1949-1962
New York: Harper Collins Publishers. 404p.

BookResnick, Laura (1997)
A Blonde in Africa
Alexander, North Carolina: Alexander Books. 351p.

Periodical articleEarly, Julie E. (1995)
Unescorted in Africa: Victorian Women Ethnographers Toiling in the Fields of Sensational Science
Journal of American Culture. Volume 18 #4. Winter. p. 67-75.

BookLessing, Doris May (British)(1919-2013) (1994)
Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949
New York; London: HarperCollins Publishers. 419p.

BookFox, Patricia (British) (1993)
Among My Souvenirs
Cirencester, Great Britain: Flame Lily Publishers. 157p.

BookMurphy, Dervla (Irish)(1931-) (1993)
The Ukimwi Road: from Kenya to Zimbabwe
London: J. Murray. 276p.

Book chapterBlake, Susan L. (1992)
A Woman's Trek: What Difference Does Gender Make?
In: Chaudhuri, Nupur and Strobel, Margaret (eds.). Western Women and Imperialism. Manchester/New York: Manchester University Press. p. 19-34.

BookDibble, L. Grace (British)(1902- ) (1992)
Return Tickets to Africa
Ilfracombe, Great Britain: Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. 312p.

BookLessing, Doris May (British)(1919-2013) (1992)
African Laughter. Four Visits to Zimbabwe
New York: Harper Collins. 442p.

Book chapterMelchett, Sonia (1992)
Christina Dodwell
In: Melchett, Sonia. Passionate Quests: Five Modern Women Travellers. London/Boston: Faber and Faber. p. 89-133.

Book chapterMelchett, Sonia (1992)
Dervla Murphy
In: Melchett, Sonia. Passionate Quests: Five Modern Women Travellers. London/Boston: Faber and Faber. p. 7-55.

BookSpark, Muriel (Sarah) Camberg (Scottish)(1918-2006) (1992)
Curriculum Vitae
London: Constable and Company. 213p.

Periodical articleSpark, Muriel (Sarah) Camberg (Scottish)(1918-2006) (1992)
Personal History, Venture into Africa
New Yorker. Volume 68 #2. March 2. p. 73-80.

BookBatchelor, John; Batchelor, Julie (1990)
In Stanley's Footsteps: Across Africa from West to East
London: Blandford. 176p.

Periodical articleBlake, Susan Louise (American)(1946-2009) (1990)
A Woman's Trek: What Difference Does Gender Make (Mary Hall)?
Women's Studies International Forum. Volume 13 #4. p. 347-355.

BookClark, June Vendall (Kay) (British) (1990)
Starlings Laughing: A Memoir of Africa
Also Published Books Under the Name June V. Kay. New York: William Morrow. 304p.

BookPillman, Naka (American) (1990)
African Diary: The Day-to-Day Account of an Incredible Adventure
Brandon, Mississippi: QRP (Quail Ridge Press) Books. 287p.

BookTeede, Fiona; Teede, Jan (1990)
The Zambezi: River of the Gods
London: Andre Deutsch. 187p.

BookAnderson, Daphne (British) (1989)
The Toe-Rags: The Story of a Strange Up-Bringing in Southern Rhodesia
London: Andre Deutsch Limited. 373p.

BookDove, John T. (1989)
Luisa: Dr. Luisa Guidotti 1932-1979
Abstract presentGweru, Zimbabwe: Mambo Press. 115p.

BookPage, Robin (British)(1932- ) (1989)
Dust in a Dark Continent
London: Claridge Press. 348p.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dame Margery Freda Perham, 1895-1982
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 217-223.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dervla Murphy, 1931--
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 189-195.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Christina Dodwell, 1951--
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 113-118.

Periodical articleSider, E. Morris (1987)
Hannah Frances Davidson: Pioneer Brethren in Christ Missionary
Studies in Third World Societies. #40. June. p. 53-78.

BookBaker, Carroll (American)(1931- ) (1986)
To Africa with Love: A True Romantic Adventure
New York: D.I. Fine. 205p.

BookHamilton, Genesta Health (British)(1899-1990) (1986)
A Stone's Throw: Travels from Africa in Six Decades
London: Hutchinson. 373p.

BookGordon, Rene (British) (1980)
Africa: A Continent Revealed
London; Cape Town: Country Life Books; C. Struik. 280p.

BookHatch, Olivia Stokes (American) (1980)
Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo, 1932
Washington, DC: Distributed by A.C.E. Distribution Center. 162p.

BookDodwell, Christina (British)(1951-) (1979)
Travels with Fortune: An African Adventure
London: W.H. Allen. 316p.

BookLloyd, Jessie M. (1974)
Rhodesia's Pioneer Women (1859-1896)
Bulawayo: Rhodesian Pioneers and Early Settlers Society. 65p.

BookPerham, Margery Freda (British)(1895-1982) (1974)
African Apprenticeship: An Autobiographical Journey in Southern Africa, 1929
New York; London: Africana; Faber. 268p.

BookEmbree, Esther (American) (1973)
Chikombedzi: A Missionary Wife Writes Home
Winona Lake, Indiana: Light and Life Press. 191p.

BookStrauss, Frances (Bell Wiley)(American)(1904- ) (1969)
My Rhodesia
Boston: Gambit. 206p.

BookNolan, Cynthia (Australian)(1917- ) (1965)
One Traveller's Africa
London: Methuen. 254p.

BookTruepenny, Charlotte (British) (1965)
Our African Farm
London: V. Gollancz. 190p.

BookDouglass, Lillie Bernard (American) (1964)
Cape Town to Cairo
Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers. 348p.

BookGelfand, Michael (1964)
Mother Patrick and Her Nursing Sisters, Based on Extracts of Letters and Journals in Rhodesia of the Dominican Sisterhood, 1890-1901
Cape Town: Juta. 281p.

BookHahn, Emily (American)(1905-1997) (1964)
Africa to Me: Person to Person
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 277p.

BookHuxley, Juliette (Baillot) (British) (1963)
Wild Lives of Africa
New York; London: Harper and Row; Collins. 254p.

BookHallowell, Dorothy Saylor (American) (1962)
Letters from Africa
Kutztown, Pennsylvania: Kutztown Pub. Co. 123p.

BookKay, June (British) (1962)
London: Hutchinson. 189p.

BookLippert, Marie Hahn (German)( -1893) (1960)
The Matabeleland Travel Letters of Marie Lippert, September 21-December 23, 1891
Edited by Eric Rosenthal. Cape Town: Friends of the South African Public Library. 56p.

BookBoggie, Jeannie Marr Manson (British)(1876- ) (1959)
A Husband and a Farm in Rhodesia
Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia: Catholic Mission Press. 372p.

BookWordsworth, Jill (British) (1958)
Follow the Sun
London: Hale. 224p.

BookLessing, Doris May (British)(1919-2013) (1957)
Going Home
London: M. Joseph. 252p.

BookRogers, Dorothy (American)(1914-1986) (1957)
Jeopardy and a Jeep: Africa Conquered by Two Women Professors
Louis Ostberg. Rindge, New Hampshire: R.R. Smith. 301p.

BookRees, Coralie (Clarke)(Australian) (1956)
Westward from Cocos: Indian Ocean Travels
London: G.G. Harrap. 268p.

BookPacker, Joy (Petersen)(South African)(1905-1977) (1953)
Apes and Ivory
London: Eyre and Spottiswoode. 400p.

BookKrippner, Monica (British) (1952)
African Way: Seven Months' Journey from Cape Town to Algiers
London: G. Bles. 224p.

BookMcConnell, Dorothy Frances (American) (1952)
Along the African Path
New York: Methodist Church, Board of Missions and Church Extension. 109p.

BookRichards, Hylda M. (British)(1898- ) (1952)
Next Year Will Be Better
London; Cape Town: Hodder and Staughton; H.B. Timmins. 230p.

BookAlston, Madeline (1951)
Sunbirds and Jacarandas: A Bird-Lover in Rhodesia
Cape Town: Juta. 178p.

BookMoffat, John S.; Moffat, Emily (British); Livingstone, David (1945)
The Matebele Mission: A Selection from Correspondence of John and Emily Moffat, David Livingstone and Others (1858-1878)
Edited by John P.R. Wallis. London: Chatto and Windus. 268p.

BookLawyer, Zelma Wood (American) (1943)
I Married a Missionary
Abilene, Texas: Abilene Christian College Press. 261p.

BookSpringer, John M. (1940)
I Love the Trail: A Sketch of the Life of Helen Emily Springer
Methodist Publishing House. 176p.

BookBigland, Eileen (British)(1898-1970) (1939)
The Lake of the Royal Crocodiles
New York; London: Macmillan; Hodder and Stoughton. 299p.

BookBoggie, Jeannie M. (1938)
Experiences of Rhodesia's Pioneer Women, Being a True Account of the Adventures of the Early White Women Settlers in Southern Rhodesia
Sister Patrick, Annie Fletcher, Mary Waterson, Ethel Rickman (Mrs. Marshall Hole), Rose Blennerhassett, Lucy Sleeman, Emily (Hewitt) Blatch, Mary Sanders (Mrs. Randolph Nesbitt), Mrs. Rogers (Australian), Lizzie Hewitt (Mrs. Massie), Mary Haines, A. Letitia Foster, Else Goodwin Green, Mrs. Tapsell (Blann), Mrs. James Lamb, Mrs. Dan Judson, Mrs. Delphie Fleming. Bulawayo: Philpott and Collines. 263p.

BookAlston, Madeline (1937)
Wanderings of a Bird Lover in Africa
London: H.F. and G. Witherby. 255p.

BookSpeed, Maude (1933)
A Scamper Tour to Rhodesia and South Africa
London; New York: Longmans Green. 148p.

BookMorgan, Faith Cope (British) (1932)
The Stout Effort: An Account of a Motor Journey in Africa of 8500 Miles, Told in the Form of Letters to Her Daughter, Hilary
London: Burns, Oates and Washbourne. 312p.

BookLang, Sarah McCune (Rice)(American) (1931)
Critters in Africa
Written under pseud. of Lady Jack. Del Monte, California: Privately printed. 109p.

BookMacdonald, Sheila Scobie (British)(1880-1971) (1930)
Susan Outside
London: Cassell. 247p.

BookMott-Smith, May (British)(1879-1952) (1930)
Africa from Port to Port
New York: Van Nostrand. 424p.

BookNess, Elizabeth Wilhelmina (British)( -1962) (1929)
Ten Thousand Miles in Two Continents
London: Methuen. 278p.

BookCave, Ann Estella (British) (1928)
Three Journeys
London: T. Butterworth. 286p.

BookMacdonald, Sheila Scobie (British)(1880-1971) (1928)
My African Garden
New York; London: Century. 279p.

BookWhitehouse, Selma (British) (1928)
Moonlight, Giraffes, and Frying-Pans
London: John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd. 240p.

BookChown, Daisy M. (British) (1927)
Wayfaring in Africa: A Woman's Wanderings from the Cape to Cairo
London: Heath Cranton Ltd. 223p.

BookCourt Treatt, Stella (British) (1927)
Cape to Cairo: The Record of a Historic Motor Journey
Boston; London: Brown Little; G.G. Harrap. 250p.

BookMacdonald, Sheila Scobie (British)(1880-1971) (1926)
Sally in Rhodesia
London: Heath Cranton Ltd. 224p.

BookStatham, J.C.B.; Statham (1924)
With My Wife across Africa by Canoe and Caravan
London: Simkins, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co. 324p.

BookCurrie, Jessie Monteath (British) (1918)
With Pole and Paddle Down the Zambesi
London: G. Routledge and Sons. 159p.

BookLoud, Mary F. (1917)
Minnie Clarke: Silinda, Africa
Boston; Detroit: Woman's Board of Missions; Cellar Book Shop. 12p.

BookDavidson, Hannah Frances (American)(1860-1935) (1915)
South and South Central Africa: A Record of Fifteen Years Missionary Labors among Primitive Peoples
Elgin, Illinois: Brethren Publishing House. 481p.

BookMaturin, Edith (Sylvia)(Money) Cecil-Porch (British)(1865?- ) (1913)
Adventures beyond the Zambesi, of the O'Flaherty, the Insular, the Soldier Man, and the Rebel-Woman
London; New York: Eveleigh Nash; Brentano's. 391p.

BookLowth, Alys (American) (1912)
Doreen Coasting
London: Longmans, Green. 294p.

BookColville, Olivia (Spencer-Churchill) (British) (1911)
1000 Miles in a Machilla: Travel and Sport in Nyasaland, Angoniland and Rhodesia with Some Account of the Resources of These Countries
By Mrs. Arthur Colville. London; New York: Walter Scott. 311p.

BookMansfield, Charlotte (British)(1881-1936) (1911)
Via Rhodesia: A Journey through Southern Africa
London: Stanley Paul. 430p.

BookWoods, Margaret L. (1911)
Pastels under the Southern Cross
London: Smith, Elder and Co. 291p.

BookSpringer, Helen Emily (Chapman)(American)(1868-1949) (1909)
Snapshots from Sunny Africa
New York; Chicago: F. H. Revell. 194p.

BookHall, Mary (British)(1857-1912) (1907)
A Woman's Trek from the Cape to Cairo
London: Methuen. 424p.

Periodical articlePage, Gertrude (British) (1907)
Life in Rhodesia
Empire Review. Volume 11. August-October. p. 561-565.

Periodical articlePage, Gertrude (British) (1905)
A Lady's First Impressions of South Africa
Empire Review. Volume 9 #53. June. p. 461-471.

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