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Periodical articleCarton, Benedict (2020)
See this publication'My Husband is No Husband to Me': Divorce, Marriage and Gender Struggles in African Communities of Colonial Natal, 1869-1910
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 46 #6. p. 1111-1125.

Periodical articleKeefe, Susi (2016)
See this publicationWomen, work, and (re)marriage: entrepreneurship among Swahili women in coastal Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 62 #3. p. 111-131.

BookFuller, Alexandra (2015)
Leaving before the rains come
New York: Penquin Press. 258p.

BookStiles, Erin E.; Thompson, Katrina Daly (eds.) (2015)
Gendered lives in the western Indian Ocean: Islam, marriage, and sexuality on the Swahili Coast
Abstract presentAthens, OH: Ohio University Press. Indian Ocean studies series. 406p.

BookStockreiter, Elke (2015)
Islamic law, gender and social change in post-abolition Zanzibar
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 279p.

Periodical articleFortier, Corinne (2010)
Le droit au divorce des femmes (khul?) en islam: pratiques différentielles en Mauritanie et en Égypte
Droit et cultures. #59. p. 59-83.

Periodical articleRude-Antoine, Edwige (2010)
Le mariage et le divorce dans le Code marocain de la famille: le nouveau droit à l'égalité entre l'homme et la femme
Droit et cultures. #59. p. 43-57.

Dissertation / thesisDial, Fatou Binetou (2008)
Mariage et divorce à Dakar: itinéraires féminins
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 204p.

Periodical issueAnonymous (2007)
See this publicationLes femmes, le droit et la justice
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 47 #187-188. p. 445-806.

Periodical articleAshiru, M.O.A. (2007)
Gender discrimination in the division of property on divorce in Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 51 #2. p. 316-331.

Periodical articleBotha, Melodi; Nieman, Gideon; van Vuuren, Jurie (2007)
Measuring the Effectiveness of the Women Entrepreneurship Programme on Potential, Start-Up and Established Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa
South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences. Volume 10 #2. June. p. 163-183.

Periodical articleChatty, C.M.; Fourie, L.; Molteno, C.; Viljoen, D.L. (2007)
The Pattern of Maternal Depression amongst Women with a FASD Infant within a Community in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Volume 31 #6. June. p. 183.

Periodical articleLydon, Ghislaine (2007)
See this publicationDroit islamique et droits de la femme d'après les registres du Tribunal Musulman de Ndar (Saint-Louis du Sénégal)
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 41 #2. p. 289-307.

Periodical articleMsweli-Mbanga, P.; Mkhize, H. (2007)
The Risk-Adjusted Performance of Companies with Female Directors: A South African Case
South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences. Volume 10 #2. June. p. 207-213.

BookSender, John; Oya, Carlos (2007)
See this publicationDivorced, Separated and Widowed Female Workers in Rural Mozambique
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #70. 34p.

Conference paperStein, Susanne (2007)
So That Her Son Will Not be a Burden Upon Her: Divorce, Migration, and Child Custody in Cairo, 1941-1946
Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 17-20, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tucson.

Periodical articleTakyi, Baffour K.; Gyimah, Stephen O. (2007)
Matrilineal Family Ties and Marital Dissolution in Ghana
Journal of Family Issues. Volume 28 #5. May. p. 682-705.

Periodical articleBarsoum, Ghada F. (2006)
See this publicationWho Gets Credit? The Gendered Division of Microfinance Programs in Egypt
Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 27 #1. p. 51-64.

Dissertation / thesisBeetge, Janine (2006)
Attitudes of Married Men and Women towards Divorce in the Nelson Mandela Metropole
M.A. Thesis: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 242p.

Book chapterRusimbi, M. (2006)
Financing the Protocol: Considerations for Influencing Budgets from Experiences in Tanzania
In: Musa, Roselynn and Mohammed, Faiza J. and Manji, Firoze M. (eds.). Breathing Life Into the African Union Protocol on Women's Rights in Africa. Nairobi/Oxford: Solidarity for African Women's Rights/African Books Collective.

Book chapterSchlyter, Ann (2006)
Esther's House: One Woman's 'Home Economics' in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
In: Bryceson, Deborah F. and Potts, Deborah (eds.). African Urban Economies: Viability, Vitality or Vitiation. Basingstoke, Great Britain/New York: Palgrave Macmillan. p. 254-277.

Periodical articleTakyi, Baffour K.; Broughton, Christopher (2006)
Marital Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do Women's Autonomy and Socioeconomic Situation Matter?
Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Volume 27 #1. April. p. 113-132.

Dissertation / thesisWeert, Frank H.A. v. (2006)
Gender Mainstreaming Activities of Simavi at Partner Organisation Level in Bangladesh and Tanzania
MSc. Thesis: Larenstein University, Wageningen, Netherlands. 95p.

Book chapterAsemota, A.; Iganiga, B.O.; Omorogbe, V.O. (2005)
The Impact of Microfinance on Economic Development of Women in Edo State, Nigeria
In: Longe, John B. (ed.). Taxation, Natural Resources, the Environment and Economic Development. Benin City, Nigeria: Amoni Publishers.

Dissertation / thesisBart-Plange, Adwoa (2005)
Divorced and Dangerous: The Threat of Independent Women and the Ashanti and Zulu Societies of Pre-Colonial and Post-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa
B.A. Honors Thesis: Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts. 139p.

Dissertation / thesisBoon, Christine (2005)
Women after Divorce: Exploring the Psychology of Resilience
D.Litt. Dissertation: University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa. 151p.

BookBosch, Andree (2005)
One Woman Walking: Love, Loss and Liberation: A Journey through Divorce
Bellevue, South Africa: Jacana. 186p.

Periodical articleChapman, Rachel R. (2005)
Chikotsa - Secrets, Silence, and Hiding: Social Risk and Reproductive Vulnerability in Central Mozambique
Medical Anthropology Quarterly. Volume 20 #4. p. 487-515.

Periodical articleDomingo, Wesahl Agherdien (2005)
Marriage and Divorce: Opportunities and Challenges Facing South African Muslim Women with the Recognition of Muslim Personal Law
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #Special issue. p. 68-77.

Periodical articleEdwige, Kamitewoko (2005)
See this publicationWomen's Labor Force Participation and Introduction of Economic Reforms in China and Congo-Brazzaville
Gender and Behaviour. Volume 3. p. 373-382.

Periodical articleGray, Leslie C. (2005)
See this publicationWhat Kind of Intensification? Agricultural Practice, Soil Fertility and Socioeconomic Differentiation in Rural Burkina Faso
The Geographical Journal. Volume 171 #1. March. p. 70-82.

Periodical articleHeaton, Jacqueline (2005)
See this publicationStriving for substantive gender equality in family law: selected issues
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 21 #4. p. 547-574.

Dissertation / thesisJean-Baptiste, Rachel (2005)
Une Ville Libre? Marriage, Divorce, and Sexuality in Colonial Libreville, Gabon, 1849-1960
Ph.D. dissertation: Stanford University, Stanford, California. 300p.

Conference paperKrehbiel, Susi (2005)
Beyond Infertility: Marriage and Divorce among Swahili Muslims of Kigombe, Tanzania
Paper presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), November 17-November 20, 2005, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University.

Conference paperKrehbiel, Susi L. (2005)
Marriage and Divorce: Gendered Relationships and Localized Islam among the Swahili of Coastal Tanzania
Paper presented at the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 30-December 4 2005, Washington, D.C. Arlington, Virginia.

Periodical articleMashhour, Amira (2005)
Islamic Law and Gender Equality: Could There be a Common Ground? A Study of Divorce and Polygamy in Sharia Law and Contemporary Legislation in Tunisia and Egypt
Human Rights Quarterly. Volume 27 #2. May. p. 562-596.

BookMontgomery, Mark R.; Hewett, Paul C. (2005)
See this publicationPoverty and Children's Schooling in Urban and Rural Senegal
New York: Population Council. Policy Research Working Paper Series #196. 35p.

Dissertation / thesisMosaka, Seodi B. (2005)
Post-Divorce Rights of the South African Women to the Accrued Estate
L.L.M. Thesis: North West University, Bloemfontein, South Africa. 58p.

Book chapterMusisi, Nakanyike B. (2005)
Baganda Women's Night Market Activities
In: Readings in Gender in Africa. p. 132-140.

Book chapterMutyaba, Regina L. (2005)
Comparative Study of the Status of Women under the Law of Divorce and Their Economic Status in Uganda, Britain and Bangladesh
In: Voices of African Women: Women's Rights in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania. p. 219-231.

Dissertation / thesisMwambene, Lea (2005)
Divorce in Matrilineal Customary Law Marriage in Malawi: A Comparative Analysis with the Patrilineal Customary Law Marriage in South Africa
LL.M. Dissertation: University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa. 40p.

Conference paperNewcomb, Rachel (2005)
Outside Civil Society: Women's NGOs and the Moroccan Nation-State
Paper presented at the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 30-December 4 2005, Washington, D.C. Arlington, Virginia.

Periodical articleOpare, Service (2005)
See this publicationEngaging Women in Community Decision-Making Processes in Rural Ghana: Problems and Prospects
Development in Practice. Volume 15 #1. February. p. 90-99.

BookRoberts, Richard (2005)
Litigants and Households: African Disputes and Colonial Courts in the French Soudan, 1895-1912
Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Heinemann. Social History of Africa Series. 309p.

Book chapterSam, Bernice (2005)
Discrimination in the Traditional Marriage and Divorce System in Ghana: Looking at the Problem from a Human Rights Perspective
In: Voices of African Women: Women's Rights in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania. p. 205-217.

Conference paperStiles, Erin (2005)
Khul in Context: Strategies of Divorce in the Islamic Courts of Zamzibar
Paper presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), November 17-November 20, 2005, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University.

Periodical articleStiles, Erin (2005)
See this publication'There is No Stranger to Marriage Here!': Muslim Women and Divorce in Rural Zanzibar
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 75 #4. p. 582-598.

Periodical articleBaker, Bruce (2004)
See this publicationPost-Conflict Policing: Lessons from Uganda 18 Years On
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance. July. 27p.

Periodical articleDeif, Farida (2004)
Egypt, Divorced from Justice: Women's Equal Access to Divorce in Egypt
Human Rights Watch. Volume 16 #8(E). December. 68p.

Periodical articleDrucker-Brown, Susan (2004)
See this publicationDivorce in the Mamprusi King's Court: The Case of Zanjiili's Daughter
The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology. Volume 24 #2. p. 18-29.

Periodical articleElegbeleye, O.S.; Okeke, J.M.O. (2004)
Influence of Parental Divorce on Self-Esteem: A Case Study of Nigerian Adolescents
African Symposium: An On-Line African Educational Research Journal. Volume 4 #3. September. p. 63-65.

Periodical articleMakinde, Taiwo (2004)
See this publicationMotherhood as a Source of Empowerment of Women in Yoruba Culture
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 13 #2. p. 164-174.

BookMingat, Alain (2004)
Magnitude of Social Disparities in Primary Education in Africa: Gender, Geographical Location, and Family Income in the Context of Education for All (EFA)
Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Sustainable Development Department. October.

Periodical articleOverbosch, G.B.; Nsowah-Nuawah, N.N.N.; Van den Boom, G.J.M.; Damnyag, L. (2004)
See this publicationDeterminants of Antenatal Case Use in Ghana
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 13 #2. June. p. 277-301.

Periodical articlePorter, Laura E.; Hao, Lingxin; Bishai, David; Serwadda, David; Wawer, Maria J.; Lutalo, Thomas; Gray, Ronald (2004)
See this publicationHIV Status and Union Dissolution in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Rakai, Uganda
Demography. Volume 41 #3. August. p. 465-482.

Dissertation / thesisRobinson, Amara (2004)
Neighbourhood, Poverty, and Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Ph.D. dissertation: Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. 172p.

BookTallontire, Anne; Smith, Sally; Njobvu, Chosani (2004)
See this publicationEthical Trade in African Horticulture: Gender, Rights and Participation: Final Report on Zambia Study
Greenwich, Great Britain: University of Greenwich, Natural Resources Institute (NRI), Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme (NRET). NRI Report #2775. May. 70p.

BookVerwimp, Philip; Van Bavel, Jan (2004)
See this publicationChild Survival and the Fertility of Refugees in Rwanda after the Genocide
Sussex, Great Britain: University of Sussex, Department of Economics, Poverty Research Unit at Sussex (PRUS). PRUS Working Paper #26. 30p.

BookVon Struensee, Vanessa M.G. (2004)
See this publicationThe Domestic Relations Bill in Uganda: Addressing Polygamy, Bride Price, Cohabitation, Marital Rape, and Female Genital Mutilation
Social Science Research Network. 193p.

BookVon Struensee, Vanessa M.G. (2004)
See this publicationAchieving Gender Balance in Ghanaian Politics: The Need for Governmental Action on the Struggle of Queen Mothers for Equality in Ghana: Women's Political Participation in Traditional Governance
Social Science Research Network. July. 81p.

Periodical articleBorghi, J.; Hanson, K.; Adjei Acquah, C.; Ekanmian, G.; Filippi, Veronique G.A.; Ronsmans, Carine; Brugha, R.; Browne, E.; Alihonou, Eusebe (2003)
See this publicationCosts of Near-Miss Obstetric Complications for Women and Their Families in Benin and Ghana
Health Policy and Planning. Volume 18 #4. December. p. 383-390.

Periodical articleCoquery-Vidrovitch, Catherine (2003)
The African Woman, from Submissiveness to Emancipation
African Geopolitics. #10. Spring. p. 123-134.

Periodical articleDong, H.; Kouyate, B.; Snow, R.; Mugisha, F.; Sauerborn, R. (2003)
Gender's Effect on Willingness-to-Pay for Community-Based Insurance in Burkina Faso
Health Policy. Volume 64 #2. May. p. 153-162.

Periodical articleEloundou-Enyegue, Parfait M.; Davanzo, J. (2003)
Economic Downturns and Schooling Inequality, Cameroon, 1987-1995
Population Studies. Volume 57 #2. July. p. 183-197.

Conference paperHough, Carolyn A. (2003)
Performing Public Infertility: The Gambia's Kanyaleng Women
Paper presented at the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 19-November 23, 2003, Chicago. Illinois. Arlington, Virginia.

Book chapterIrwin, Leslie (2003)
Gender Inequities in Technology in Developing Nations: Females and Computers in Traditional Cultures
In: Falola, Toyin (ed.). Ghana in Africa and the World: Essays in Honor of Adu Boahen. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press.

Book chapterKishindo, Emma C. (2003)
Women and Housing Insecurity in Malawi: A Study of Two Low-Cost Housing Projects in Zomba District in Malawi
In: Larsson, Anita and Mapetla, E.R.M. and Schlyter, Ann (eds.). Gender and Urban Housing in Southern Africa: Emerging Issues. Roma, Lesotho: University of Lesotho, Institute of Southern African Studies.

Conference paperLydon, Ghislaine (2003)
The Qadi of Nadr as a Go-Between: Islamic Law, Divorce and Intermediating in Colonial Senegal
Paper presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), October 30-November 2, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts. New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rutgers University.

Periodical articleLyon, F. (2003)
Trade Associations and Urban Food Systems in Ghana: Institutionalist Approaches to Understanding Urban Collective Action
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Volume 27 #1. March. p. 11-23.

Periodical articleMagwaza, Thenjiwe (2003)
Perceptions and Experiences of Motherhood: A Study of Black and White Mothers of Durban, South Africa
Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies. #4.

Periodical articleMaundeni, Tapologo (2003)
See this publicationProperty issues in the dissolution of marriages: experiences of some divorced mothers in Botswana
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 35. p. 79-87.

Periodical articleMcCormick, Dorothy; Munguti, Kaendi (2003)
Microfinance and Behavior Change among Nairobi's Commercial Sex Workers
Small Enterprise Development. Volume 14 #2. June. p. 56-65.

Book chapterMurphy, Emma C. (2003)
Women in Tunisia: Between State Feminism and Economic Reform
In: Doumato, Eleanor A. and Posusney, Marsha P. (eds.). Women and Globalization in the Arab Middle East: Gender, Economy and Society. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Periodical articleOverå, Ragnhild (2003)
Gender Ideology and Manoeuvring Space for Female Fisheries Entrepreneurs
Abstract presentResearch Review. Volume 19 #2. p. 49-66.

Dissertation / thesisPahary, Mohammad Y. (2003)
Marriage and Divorce among Muslims in Mauritius
M.A. Thesis: University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.

Periodical articleShehata, Samer (2003)
See this publicationIn the Basha's House: The Organizational Culture of Egyptian Public-Sector Enterprise
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 35 #1. February. p. 103-132.

Dissertation / thesisStoszek, Sonia K. (2003)
Hepatitis C and E Virus in Rural Egyptian Women and Children
Ph.D. dissertation: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. 212p.

BookWalsh, Janet; Jefferson, LaShawn R; Saunders, Joseph (2003)
See this publicationKenya, Double Standards: Women's Property Rights Violations in Kenya
New York: Human Rights Watch. March. 51p.

Conference paperAdomako Ampofo, Akosua (2002)
From Distant Shores - Technology and Role Salience: Conversations with Women from around the World in Ghana
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Conference paperAndam, Aba (2002)
African Women in Science: Bringing in the Invisible Half
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Periodical articleAnnecke, Wendy (2002)
See this publicationThe Rich Get Richer and the Poor get Renewables: The WSSD, Energy and Women: A Malevolent Perspective
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #52. p. 8-16.

Periodical articleBayat, Asef (2002)
See this publicationActivism and Social Development in the Middle East
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 34 #1. February. p. 1-28.

Conference paperBritton, Hannah E. (2002)
From Conservative Militancy to Critical Collaboration: Women's Groups in the New South Africa
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Book chapterCreevey, Lucy E. (2002)
Structural Adjustment and the Empowerment (or Disempowerment) of Women in Niger and Senegal
In: Datta, Rekha and Kornberg, Judith (eds.). Women in Developing Countries: Assessing Strategies for Empowerment. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Conference paperCuno, Kenneth M. (2002)
Divorce and the Fate of the Family in Egypt
Paper presented at the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 23-26, 2002, Washington, D.C. Tucson, University of Arizona.

Periodical articleDe Klerk, H.M.; Ampousah, L. (2002)
The Physically Disabled South African Female Consumer's Problems in Purchasing Clothing
International Journal of Consumer Studies. Volume 26 #2. p. 93-101.

Conference paperDe Luna, Kathryn (2002)
Gendered Properties: The Changing Content of Women's Wealth in Early Colonial Mombasa
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Periodical articleDougherty, Michael (2002)
See this publicationGendered Scripts and Declining Soil Fertility in Southern Ethiopia
African Studies Quarterly. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 111-156.

Periodical articleFafchamps, Marcel; Quisumbing, Agnes R. (2002)
See this publicationControl and Ownership of Assets within Rural Ethiopian Households
Journal of Development Studies. Volume 38 #6. August. p. 47-82.

Periodical articleFasola, T.R. (2002)
The Contribution of Women Herb Sellers to Health Care Delivery in Ibadan
Nigerian Field. Volume 67 #1. p. 59-66.

Book chapterGrubbs, Judith E. (2002)
Divorce in Egypt and the Near East
In: Grubbs, Judith E. Women and the Law in the Roman Empire: A Sourcebook on Marriage, Divorce and Widowhood. New York: Routledge.

Periodical articleGysels, Marjolein; Pool, Robert; Nnalusiba, Betty (2002)
See this publicationWomen Who Sell Sex in a Ugandan Trading Town: Life Histories, Survival Strategies and Risk
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 54 #2. January. p. 179-192.

Conference paperHadari, Zeinabou (2002)
Niger Muslim Women in the Information Age
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Conference paperHernlund, Ylva (2002)
'Videorizing' New Ritual in the Gambia: The Gaze and Women's Agency
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

BookJay, M.; Kelly, S (eds.) (2002)
Courage and Consequence: Women Publishing in Africa
Oxford: African Books Collective. 128p.

Dissertation / thesisKalunga, Elizabeth K. (2002)
Perceptions and Experiences of Women Regarding Postnatal Care in Ndola-Zambia
M.Cur. Thesis: University of Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa. 103p.

Book chapterLema, E. (2002)
Light beyond the Bend: Experiences of Women Publishing in Africa
In: Jay, M. and Kelly, S. (eds.). Courage and Consequence: Women Publishing in Africa. Oxford: African Publishing Collective. p. 37-53.

Conference paperLondon, Scott B. (2002)
'Dear Monsieur le Juge': The Transformation of Dispute Narratives in Senegalese Family Court Documents
Paper presented at the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 20-November 24, 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana. Arlington, Virginia.

Conference paperMakhubu, Lydia P. (2002)
Science and Technology Education in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
Paper presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA), December 5-8, 2002, Washington, DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Periodical articleMalama, C.; Chen, Q.; De Vogli, R.; Birbeck, G.L. (2002)
User Fees Impact Access to Healthcare for Female Children in Rural Zambia
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. Volume 48 #6. p. 371-372.

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