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Periodical articleGodin, Marie (2016)
See this publicationTheatre and photography as new contentious repertoires of Congolese women in the diaspora: towards another politics of representation of rape
Abstract presentAfrican Diaspora: a Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World. Volume 9 #1-2. p. 101-127.

Periodical articleFaï, Gilbert Tarka (2014)
Female representation and gender dynamics in Commonwealth drama: African and Caribbean perspectives
Abstract presentRhumsiki: revue scientifique de la Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines de l'Université de Maroua. #1. p. 69-82.

Periodical articleMehta, Brinda (2014)
See this publicationCommemorating the 'disappeared': maternal activism and the Algerian civil war in Fatima Bourega-Gallaire's 'La beauté de l'icône'
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 45 #2. p. 26-45.

Periodical articleNkealah, Naomi (2014)
See this publicationWomen's contribution to the development of Anglophone Cameroonian drama: the plays of Anne Tanyi-Tang
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 45 #2. p. 122-134.

BookTobrise, Mabel (2014)
Nigerian feminist theatre: essays on female axes in contemporary Nigerian drama
Ibadan: Wits Publishing Ltd. 208p.

Periodical articleOjukwu, Chinyelu (2012)
The politics of power and the struggle for self-assertation: Tess Onwueme's 'The reign of Wazobia'; Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo's 'Hands that crush stone' and Julie Okoh's 'Edewede'
JALA: the Journal of the African Literature Association. Volume 7 #2. p. 147-163.

Periodical issueUdengwu, Ngozi; Ukaegbu, Victor (eds.) (2012)
Women in Nigerian theatre
Abstract presentAfrican Performance Review. Volume 6 #1. 128p.

Periodical articleChivandikwa, Nehemia (2010)
Dialects and dynamics of religion in theatre: reflections on gender and sexuality in selected Zimbabwean theatrical performances
Abstract presentJournal for the Study of Religion. Volume 23 #1-2. p. 131-149.

BookConteh-Morgan, John; Almeida, Irène Assiba d' (eds.) (2010)
'The original explosion that created worlds': essays on Werewere Liking's art and writings
Abstract presentAmsterdam: Rodopi. Francopolyphonies #8. 363p.

Periodical articleKasule, Sam (2010)
'Your experience is your only truth': Elvania Namukwaya Zirimu 1939-1980
Abstract presentAfrican Performance Review. Volume 4 #2. p. 7-22.

Periodical articleUdengwu, Ngozi (2010)
Cultural literacy and educational empowerment of women in the 21st century: a study of 'Into the world', 'Nneora: an African doll's house' and 'Our wife is not a woman'
Abstract presentAfrican Performance Review. Volume 4 #1. p. 35-50.

Periodical articleAkyea, Gladys Mansa F.; Asante, Comfort (2009)
Women in the works of two Ghanaian dramatists: Fiawoo F.K. and Danquah J.B.
Drumspeak: international journal of research in the humanities. Volume 2 #2. p. 72-92.

Periodical articleMwangi, Evan (2009)
See this publicationAmandina Lihamba's gendered adaptation of Sembene Ousmane's 'The money-order'
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 40 #3. p. 149-173.

Periodical articleAbomo-Maurin, Marie-Rose (2007)
Destins de la femme: entre fiction et réalisme, Werewere Liking et Tanella Boni
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #79. p. 41-56.

Periodical articleUkaegbu, Victor I. (2007)
Written over, written out: the gendered misrepresentation of women in modern African performance
Abstract presentAfrican Performance Review. Volume 1 #1. p. 7-23.

Periodical articleDelisle, Jennifer (2006)
See this publicationFinding the Future in the Past: Nostalgia and Community-Building in Mhlophe's 'Have You Seen Zandie?'
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 32 #2. June. p. 387-401.

Periodical articleMule, Katwiwa (2004)
Theatre and development: modern East African women playwrights and a critique of development
Kiswahili. Volume 67. p. 49-80.

Periodical articleOgunleye, Foluke (2004)
21st Century Image of Women: A Womanist Reading of Two Nigerian Plays
Abstract presentResearch Review. Volume 20 #1. p. 33-47.

Periodical articleEvwierhoma, Mabel I. (2002)
Hagher and Women: A Gendered Excursion into Aishatu and Antipeople
Abstract presentHumanities Review Journal. Volume 2 #1. p. 22-29.

Periodical articleGovender, Krijay (2001)
See this publicationSubverting Identity after 1994: The South African Indian Woman as Playwright
Abstract presentAgenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #49. p. 33-43.

Periodical articleMojola, Ibiyemi (2001)
La femme, bourreau du soi, dans le théâtre d'Oyono Mbia
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #163-164. p. 190-198.

Periodical articleSmuts, J.P. (2001)
Dramakroniek: Reza de Wet se oeuvre
Tydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 41 #3. p. 226-236.

Periodical articleUko, I.I. (1996)
African feminism and the theatres of Zulu Sofola and Tess Onwueme: a celebration
Abstract presentAfricana Marburgensia: Sonderheft. Volume 16. p. 4-10.

Periodical articleObafemi, Olu (1994)
Towards feminist aesthetics in Nigerian drama: the plays of Tess Onwueme
Abstract presentAfrican Literature Today. #19. p. 84-100.

Periodical articleThies-Torkornoo, S. (1987)
Die Rolle der Frau in der afrikanischen Gesellschaft: eine Betrachtung von Ama Ata Aidoos 'Anowa' und Efua T. Sutherlands 'Foriwa'
Abstract presentMatatu: Journal for African Culture and Society. Volume 1 #1. p. 53-67.

Periodical articleNwankwo, Chimalum (1985)
Women in Ngugi's Plays: From Passivity to Social Responsibility
Abstract presentUfahamu. Volume 14 #3. p. 85-92.

Periodical articleMelamu, M. (1978)
Prophets and Women in Nigerian Tragedy
Abstract presentPula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 1 #1. p. 43-88.

Search: su=drama
Found: 27 Record 1-27

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